2010-2019 International MW DX Logbook

AM broadcast stations received from beyond the U.S. and Canada
(All dates/times UTC)

Bruce Conti WPC1CAT, Nashua NH, USA (42º43'N 71º31'W); WiNRADiO Excalibur, Intona USB 2.0 Hi-Speed Isolator, MWDX-5, 15 x 23-m variable termination Super/Ewe antennas at 60° and 180°.

Transatlantic DX

kHz   Miles (km) 
531  ALGERIA Jil FM, F'kirina Wilaya d'Oum El Bouaghi  12Jan13 2220 - Good; techno pop parallel 549 kHz. 3Jul15 0400 - Fair; time signal, ID and jingle parallel 549 kHz.  12Oct17 2259 - Fair; a quick Jil FM ID into a techno music bed, then canned time marker and Jil FM ID followed by show intro with 20th Century Fox movie sounder, parallel 549 kHz.4102 (6600)
531  FAROE ISLANDS Kringvarp Føroya Utvarpid, Akraberg  7Feb10 0155 - Good, over Spain; continuous pop/folk music without announcements through the hour.  Reported inactive, June 2017.2892 (4654)
531  IRAN IRIB R.Iran, Hamadan  27Sep13 0235 - Over Jil FM during transmitter site dawn enhancement; alternating between speaker and Koran, parallel 936 kHz.5895 (9488)
531  SPAIN RNE5 synchros  16Sep13 0300 - Fair in 530 CIAO splatter; time marker and fanfare into news.  13Oct 0200 - Under Algeria; time marker and servicios informativos parallel 585 kHz.
549  ALGERIA Jil FM, Sidi Hamadouche  7Feb13 0559 - Good; marching band national anthem, then woman in French.  6Dec13 0100 - Good; time marker, Jil FM ID and jingle into an urban contemporary Mideast vocal, parallel a weak 531 signal.  29Sep14 0400 - Good; techno Jil FM jingle, African-influenced techno pop music. Listen to mp3 audio clip. 3Jul15 0400 - Good; time signal with Jil FM ID followed by Jil FM jingle into contemporary Arabic vocal. Listen to mp3 audio clip.  14Oct17 0100 - Good; canned time marker and ID, Jil FM jingle, and "King of Pain" by The Police, parallel 531 kHz.3741 (6021)
585  SPAIN RNE1 Madrid  3Oct17 0300 - Fair; usual marker and time checks into "Radio Nacional de España, servicios informativos."
595  MOROCCO SNRT Oujda  16Oct10 2330 - Measured 594.998 kHz, s3 signal strength not enough for audio, producing a het against 594 kHz. WRTH and the latest mwoffsets data indicate Morocco on 595 kHz.  17Mar14 0300 - Loud het against unID 594 kHz.
603  FRANCE France Info, Tramoyes  12Jan13 2200 - Good; France Info mentioned into fanfare and news.  France Info MW radio stations all closed 31 Dec 2015.3648 (5870)
603  SPAIN RNE5 Palencia//Sevilla  25Sep15 0549 – Poor; news/talk parallel 585 and 855 kHz.  13Jan18 0600 - Fair; time marker and checks, "Radio Nacional de España, servicios informativos."
611  MOROCCO SNRT Sebaa-Aioun  27Oct13 2250 - Noted after reading CapeDX/mwoffsets report from Mark Connelly. Measured 610.999 kHz. Presumed Spain 612 also observed on spectrum analyzer. 612 Spain noted dominant with loud 611 het on Netherlands WebSDR. 611 presumed Morocco based on various reports.3354 (5719)
639  CZECH REPUBLIC Ceský rozhlas, Liblice//Svinov  19Jan18 2259 - Poor; orchestral national anthem.
639  SPAIN RNE1 La Coruña et al.  12Jan13 2225 - Good; sports commentary parallel 585 kHz.3117 (5015)
648  UNITED KINGDOM BBC World Service, Orfordness  27Feb10 0130 - Good; web promo and BBC news in English. Very rare! Off the air.3340 (5375)
657  ITALY Rai Radiouno, Pisa  26Jan18 2300 - Poor through Spain; sign-off test tones.
666  PORTUGAL RDP Antena 1 synchros  9Dec12 0300 - Poor; distinct RDP time signal.
675  LIBYA Libyan Jamahiriya/R.Libya, Benghazi  7Mar10 2335 - Excellent! Koranic recitations parallel 828 kHz.  27Aug16 0100 - Fair, solid signal; speaker in Arabic through the hour without a break. October 2016 - Drifted high, offset frequency 677.5 kHz.  3Oct17 0300 - Het against local 680 WRKO Boston; measured 677.496 kHz.4808 (7737)
675  NETHERLANDS R.Maria, Lopik  13Jan13 0124 - Good; church music.  Off the air, radio station closed.3480 (5599)
684  SPAIN RNE1 Sevilla  23Oct13 0400 - Good; time marker and Spain/Canaries time checks, then electronic fanfare into news, "Las mañanas de Radio Nacional de España, Alfredo Menéndez."3416 (5497)
693  SPAIN RNE1 synchros  28Oct11 2307 - Fair; woman in Spanish parallel 855 kHz.  OCT 13 0100 - Good; marker and time check, "Son las tres, las dos en Canarias," into news, "Radio Nacional de España, servicios informativos," parallel 585, 639, 729, 738, 855, 1107 kHz. This frequency noted in particular because co-channel BBC Five Live is typically dominant.
693  AZORES RDP Açores Antena 1, Terceira  12Sep10 0259 - Under BBC5; flute instrumental and time marker parallel RDP 666 and 720 kHz.
693  UNITED KINGDOM BBC Radio 5, Droitwich et al.  12Jan13 0330 - Good; discussion ending with announcement of phone number 8-500-909-693.  13Mar13 0100 - Fair; "...BBC Radio Five Live" and 1 o'clock time check into Five Live News.  24Sep17 0001 - Fair; promo by presenter, "...on the Five Live website right now," and ID, "This is BBC Five Live," time check into news.  11Feb18 0500 - Good; canned ID, "The best live sport, this is BBC Five Live," and 5 o'clock time check into news.3187 (5128)
702  IRAN VOIRI Rasht-Kiashahr  27Feb10 0145 - Fair to good; talk and Koranic recitations. Went into a deep fade on the hour of course. 0235 Koranic recitations. 0310 Russian program, unequivocally parallel 9510 kHz.  22Sep13 0000 - Briefly good before fading to barely audible; woman in unID language and Mideast or African flute instrumental.  27Sep13 0000 - Koranic recitation through the hour. 0058 guitar instrumental, then Koranic recitation, unequivocally parallel "Studio 110 worldservice" Aztabriz stream of VOIRI at worldservice.irib.ir. 0220 transmitter site dawn, signal still going strong, a solid s9 with Koranic choral vocal.  18Mar14 0040 - Fair; speaker parallel worldservice.irib.ir Aztabriz stream.  11Feb18 0000 - Fair; music with poetic speaker or storyteller in non-Arabic (Farsi?) language, parallel 1512 kHz. "Could also be Talysh or other Ardabil province language, but according to my respective clips definitely parallel 1512 kHz Ardabil," said Mauno Ritola in RealDX, "Seems, that Kiashahr has expanded their hours and starts before 0000 with this Ardabil relay and then at 0100 goes to VOIRI Azeri parallel 1323 kHz." Later heard heated discussion, sounded like a radio drama, still parallel 1512 kHz.5800 (9335)
711  FRANCE France Info, Rennes  23Nov11 2038 - 40 minutes before receiver sunset. Poor to fair, but easily separated from nulled 710 WOR; man and woman in French.  26Oct13 2300 - Good over hum of 711.11 Western Sahara het; "...France Info" into fanfare and "Le journal" news.  France Info MW radio stations all closed 31 Dec 2015.
711  WESTERN SAHARA SNRT Laayoune  9Dec12 0206 - Loud het against 711 France Info. Measured 711.111 kHz. Calibration checked against 710.000 WOR and 711.000 France Info.  6Nov15 0500 - Fair; choral Morocco national anthem. Measured on-frequency at 711.0 kHz with no het.
738  SPAIN RNE1 Barcelona  25Sep14 0400 - Good, the strongest signal from Spain at this moment; time marker, "Son las seis, las cinco en Canarias... las mañanas de Radio Nacional de España" into news, parallel fair 585 and 855 kHz.
747  CANARY ISLANDS//SPAIN RNE5 synchros  28Oct11 2318 - Fading up to excellent level; discussion in Spanish.  27Nov11 2200 - Good, over unID; time marker, fanfare, "Radio Nacional de España, Informativos," parallel 1098 and 1152 RNE5, not parallel 774 or 855 RNE1 which had sports coverage.
747  NETHERLANDS Radio 5 Nostalgia, Zeewolde  12Jan13 2226 - Excellent; pipe organ instrumental, 2230 woman in Dutch, then more organ music.  13Mar13 0200 - Fair; canned ID with "Radio Vijf, Nostalgia" jingle, then time marker and news.  Off the air, radio station closed.3485 (5607)
756  GERMANY Deutschlandfunk, Braunschweig//Ravensburg  11Jan13 2256 - Good; woman in German. 2300 usual "Deutschlandfunk" backed by electronic fanfare, then time signal and news.  31Dec15 - Off the air, radio station closed.
756  SPAIN R.Euskadi, Ganguren  17Apr10 0038 - Good with talk, no sign of Germany although 6190 Deutschlandfunk was strong.  Off the air, radio station closed.
765  SWITZERLAND RSR Option Musique, Sottens  12Feb10 0100 - Fair, over unID Koranic vocals; Option Musique jingle and RSR ID into news in French.  6Sep10 0045 - Good; Option Musique jingle, adult contemporary vocals.  10Dec10 2125 - Good; repeating message by a woman in French with piano instrumental. This message had been running all week with the transmitter to be retired permanently. Option Musique held its on-air farewell party and signed off MW on December 5.  26Dec10 2200 - Fair; still broadcasting a repeating message with piano background music.  Off the air, radio station closed.3701 (5956)
774  EGYPT ERTU Abis  20Feb17 2300 - Drifting high, measured at 774.170 kHz. Reports in the mwoffsets group varied from 774.165 to 774.169 kHz. Previously measured as high as 774.38 kHz. Iran at 773.968 kHz also observed.
783  GERMANY MDR Info, Leipzig-Wiederau  26Mar10 0000 - Fair, over unID time pips; time marker and MDR Info with fanfare into news.  Off the air, radio station closed.
783  MAURITANIA R.Mauritanie Chaine 1, Nouakchott  6Sep10 0030 - Good; speaker parallel 4845 kHz.  7Jan13 0035 - Good; speaker parallel a weak 7245 kHz.  1Jan16 2240 - Fair; discussion between a man and woman parallel R.Mauritanie 93.3 FM streaming audio.
783  SYRIA Radio of Syrian Arab Republic, Tartus  27Feb10 0215 - Good; Koranic vocals and string music. 0300 over unID; several cycles of interval signal.  28Nov11 0055 - Under R.Mauritanie talk program; wailing vocal accompanied by drumming and strings parallel 828 kHz.  21Mar14 0501 - Fair; guitar interval signal of R.Damascus and national anthem. Listen to mp3 audio clip of interval signal and anthem opening.  24Oct15 0200 - Fair; Middle Eastern vocal, brief announcement, and several reps of guitar interval signal.5400 (8691)
810  SCOTLAND BBC R.Scotland synchros  27Nov11 2300 - Synchro echo, over WGY; "BBC Radio Scotland," then ID with fanfare, "...and on digital, BBC Radio Scotland," and news.
819  EGYPT ERTU Batrah  28Nov11 0140 - Good; speaker with flute and string interludes, then a female Arabic vocal, parallel R.Cairo and ERTU News Talk streams on Delicast.5393 (8680)
828  LIBYA Libyan Jamahiriya/R.Libya, Sabha  7Mar10 2335 - Good; Koranic recitations parallel 675 kHz.4791 (7710)
828  SYRIA Radio of Syrian Arab Republic, Deir-el-Zawr  28Nov11 0040 - Good; vocal accompanied by drumming and strings, parallel 783 kHz.5550 (8932)
837  FRANCE France Info, Nancy  13Mar13 0240 - Good; jazz scat vocal, then man and woman in French, parallel 945 and 1206 kHz.  31Dec15 - Off the air, radio station closed.
837  IRAN IRIB R.Iran, Isfahan  18Sep13 0000 - Poor; co-channel France Info intro music to news, then the choral national anthem popped up, identical to an Iran anthem on the interval signals website.
837  SPAIN COPE Sevilla  9Feb18 2259 - Poor in 840 WRYM splatter; woman with promo/ID ending "...Cope Sevilla."  10Feb18 2300 - Over unID Koran (likely Iran); ad string to time marker, "Cope, estar informado."
855  ROMANIA România Actualitati, Tancabesti  17Oct10 0213 - Fair; choral music parallel 1152 and 1179 kHz.  18Sep13 0156 - Over Spain; long version of choral national anthem.
855  SPAIN RNE1 Murcia et al.  24Jan12 0200 - Good with synchro echo; time marker, fanfare, "Radio Nacional de España, Informativos."  24Oct15 0500 - Fair; bumper music, time marker, "Radio Nacional de España, servicios informativos," 6:00 a.m. Saturday in Spain. "Las Mañanas de Radio Nacional, España a las seis" heard weekday mornings at this time.
864  ARMENIA R.Free Europe/R.Liberty, Gavar  28Nov11 0159 - Through France Info; "This is Radio Free Europe, Radio Liberty... (Gavar?)," beep... repeated several times up to the hour. Listen to mp3 audio clip.5482 (8822)
864  EGYPT Holy Koran Program, Santah  18Sep13 0300 - Fair; Koranic recitation through the hour.5398 (8688)
864  FRANCE France Bleu, Villebon-sur-Yvette  27Dec13 1000 - Weak signal noted at 864.006 kHz, phased antennas aimed north. Most likely this as the mwoffsets database lists France Bleu on the high side.  31Dec15 - Off the air, radio station closed.
873  SPAIN SER synchros  2Jan12 0400 - Fair; time marker, "Cadena Ser, servicios informativos," parallel 1116 kHz.
882  UNITED KINGDOM BBC R.Wales, Washford et al.  23Nov11 2058 - Fair with synchro echo, music leading up to the hour but ID lost in a burst of domestic splatter.  28Nov11 0158 - Good; classical music, R.Wales promo and BBC World Service promo into news.  4Jan14 0020 - Fair; mix of instrumentals and pop oldies, telephone talk between selections. Audio sounded hollow due to slight synchro delay.  11Feb18 0200 - Good; promo, "...on the BBC World Service, the world's radio station," and time marker into news.
891  ALGERIA R.Algerienne, Ouled Fayet 18Feb17 0400 - Fair; continuous 1 kHz tone.
909  UNITED KINGDOM BBC Radio 5 synchros  23Nov11 2042 - Talk parallel 693 kHz; barely readable audio squeezed between local 900 WGHM modulation and 910 domestics with 1.8 kHz filter engaged.  27Nov11 2300 - Good, solid s9; "...taking your calls live here 'til one o'clock," then hourly ID, "On digital and online, this is BBC Radio, Five Live" into more phone calls, "...about the life and career of Gary Speed, he's died at the age of 42."
917  NIGERIA R.Gotel, Yola  31Dec15 2300 - Het against a weak unID 918 kHz.  12Aug17 0400 - Solid s5 signal, enough to observe over the noise floor on the SDR spectrum analyzer but not enough for audio.5491 (8837)
927  BELGIUM RVInfo, Wolvertem  28Feb10 0512 - Fair; pop music parallel RVInfo (RVi) streaming audio.
936  IRAN IRIB R.Iran/R.Urmia, Urumiyeh  8Dec12 2355 - Fair; instrumental music and talk parallel live.irib.ir R.Iran stream.  17Sep13 2330 - Good to excellent; vocal with setar, brief announcement in Farsi, mentioned "Radyoe Iran" and "Sedaye Jomhuriye Islamiye Iran," then back to setar music.  17Mar14 0100 - Fading in/out all evening; apparent regional program not parallel R.Iran web stream.  18Mar14 0000 - Fair; string instrumental, parallel urmia.irib.ir/radio web stream.
936  ITALY Rai Radiouno synchros  23Dec11 0050 - Over presumed Iran; test tones parallel 1062 and 1116 kHz.
936  SAUDI ARABIA BSKSA Riyadh  6Sep15 2340 – Observed off-frequency signal at 935.978 kHz along with cluster at 936 kHz. Mauno Ritola checked this via the Qatar Perseus, "Looks like it is Saudi Radio, most probably Riyadh, because there was another signal with same program but with delay and much weaker on 936.000 kHz."
936  SPAIN RNE5 synchros  28Nov11 0000 - Through strong open carrier; time marker and fanfare into news.  4Dec11 0120 - Good; talk parallel 1107 kHz.
945  ANGOLA R.N'gola Yetu, Mulenvos  31Dec15 2200 - Huge signal but very weak modulation; African-sounding music and talk. By 2300 the signal faded to the noise floor. Suspect Angola if still active.
945  FRANCE France Info, Toulouse  12Jan13 0050 - Good; in-studio discussion in French with piano interludes.  31Dec15 - Off the air, radio station closed.3564 (5734)
954  CZECH REPUBLIC Ceský rozhlas synchros  9Dec12 2258 - Fair; news/talk in Czech, orchestral national anthem.
963  FINLAND Radio 86, Pori  27Feb10 0358 - Good; CRI contact info, time marker, and the now familiar "Mezhdunarodnoye Radio Kitaya" ID.  12Jan13 0500 - Good; R.Kitaya ID with Chinese music, then pop music.  Off the air, radio station closed.3793 (6103)
963  TUNISIA R.Tunisienne Cultural, Tunis  9Dec12 0340 - 1 kHz test tone popped up while listening for a R.Kitaya ID from Finland. Test tone continued until 0500 UTC. "I can hear the test tone under CRI and then start of a national anthem, which I believe is from Tunisia," reported Mauno Ritola on RealDX.4201 (6761)
972  GERMANY NDR Info, Hamburg  10Dec12 0200 - Good; musical time marker, "ARD Info" and woman in German with news.  16Sep13 0300 - Fair; "ARD Info, Nachtricten" into news in German.  Off the air, radio station closed.
972  LIBYA Libyan Jamahiriya/R.Libya, Sirte  19Sep10 0020 - Good; female speaker over "Chariots of Fire" music bed, then rustic vocals. Later in the hour heard what sounded like a radio drama with James Bond style music interludes.4725 (7604)
999  MOLDOVA VOR Maiac  12Jan12 2140 - Fair; man in Russian.  27Oct13 2200 - Fair; "Golos Rossii" with what sounded like mention of the frequency, distinctive time marker into news.4587 (7380)
999  SAUDI ARABIA SBC R.Quran, Tabuk  8Oct11 2250 - Presumed; briefly strong with Koranic recitations, unable to establish parallel with streaming audio before sinking under COPE Spain.  27Nov11 2258 - Fair; Koranic recitation through the hour.5750 (9254)
999  SPAIN COPE Madrid  10Feb18 2200 - Good; time marker and checks, "Ultima hora en Cope, estar informado."
1017  GERMANY SWR Cont.Ra, Wolfsheim  2Mar10 2310 - Fair; man and woman with MDR Info news/talk in German.  Off the air, radio station closed.
1017  SPAIN RNE5 synchros  30Jan14 2159 - Fair; new age instrumental bumper, marker and Spain/Canaries time check, "24 Horas, Radio Nacional de España, Miguel Angel Domínguez."
1035  PORTUGAL Star FM, Belmonte  12Nov11 0213 - Through 1030 WBZ analog splatter; Santana "Black Magic Woman" parallel http://starfm.clix.pt streaming audio and online playlist.  Off the air, radio station closed.
1044  SPAIN SER R.San Sebastián, San Sebastián 13Oct17 0059 - Fair; promo for Radio San Sebastián punto com, fanfare into "Cadena Ser, servicios informativos."
1053.1 LIBYA Libyan Jamahiriya/R.Libya, Tripoli  9Dec12 0109 - Loud het against 1052.998 TalkSport. Measured 1053.101 kHz. Calibration checked against 1049.998 WEPN which matches mwoffsets data.
1053  ROMANIA R.Iasi, Iasi  19Sep10 0250-0255 - Loud 1 kHz test tone, obliterating TalkSport. 0255 choral national anthem.4523 (7279)
1053  UNITED KINGDOM TalkSport synchros  29Jan14 0257 - Fair; telephone talk, "Good morning mate..." and talk about Merseyside, then promo for next hour about World Cup into news headlines.
1062  DENMARK Danmarks Radio, Kalundborg  26Feb10 0438 - Excellent; pre sign-on open carrier first noted at this time. 0440 began alternating between two cycles of interval signal and ID. Listen to mp3 audio clip.  27Jun11 - Off the air, radio station closed.3613 (5815)
1062  IRAN IRIB R.Iran, Kerman  9Dec12 0040 - Brief good fade ins; Middle Eastern music parallel 936 and 1503 kHz.
1062  ITALY Rai Radiouno synchros  25Jan12 2300 - Signing off as usual with test tones, carrier off at 2301 UTC.  3Jan14 2300 - Het against 1060 WQOM, off by 2301 UTC.
1089  RUSSIA Vesti FM, Tbilisskaya  13Mar14 0300 - Fair, over TalkSport; time marker, canned ID, "Radio, Vesti FM," into news. Listen to mp3 audio clip. Dawn enhancement; Tbilisskaya sunrise 0336 UTC.5059 (8141)
1089  UNITED KINGDOM TalkSport synchros  11Jan13 2348 - Good; "...on TalkSport" into ad string.  1Feb13 2145 - Good; Jackson 5 "Rockin' Robin" bumper music and Manchester United football game summary.  12Mar13 2359 - Fair; presenter with what's coming up in the last hour of The Sports Bar program, "Good morning" into news.  24Sep17 0500 - Fair; presenter, "...here on TalkSport extra time."
1098  CHINA CNR Golmud, Qinghai  11Feb18 2300 - Weak but alone in domestic splatter with no sign of Spain; orchestral fanfare and announcement by woman. "This is certainly the Chinese superpower station located in Qinghai," said Mika Makelainen in RealDX. Listen to noisy audio clip.
1098  SPAIN RNE5 synchros  28Feb13 2300 - Fair with synchro echo; time signal and fanfare, "Radio Nacional de España, informativos."
1107  SPAIN RNE5 synchros  13Mar13 0000 - Fair with synchro echo; "Radio Nacional de España, informativos."
1116  IRAN IRIB R.Iran, Bandar Lengeh  9Dec12 0005 - Over/under Spain; Middle Eastern music and talk parallel 936 kHz.
1116  SPAIN SER R.Pontevedra, Pontevedra  28Dec10 0157 - Fair, over unID; telephone talk, quick "Radio Pontevedra" ID into break, 0200 time marker, fanfare, "Cadena Ser, servicios informativos."
1134  CROATIA Hrvatske Radio, Zadar  12Jan13 2142 - Good; pop/rock vocals.  26Oct13 2200 - Good; 'slow' time marker, fanfare, "Hrvatski Radio, Prvi programa," and news.  1Jan14 - Off the air, radio station closed.4143 (6666)
1152  ROMANIA R.România Actualitati, Cluj  9Dec12 0300 - Fair; solemn vocal interrupted for time marker and brief announcement, then vocal continued, parallel 1179 kHz.  12Jan13 0425 - Fair; man and woman with news/feature piece, then pop music, parallel 1332 kHz.  14Oct17 0158 - Good; choral national anthem, "Hora exacta" and time marker into news. Parallels logged at 1179, 1332, 1422, and 1458 kHz.4387 (7059)
1152  SPAIN RNE5 synchros  25Jan12 2300 - Fair with synchro echo; time marker and fanfare into news.
1179  ROMANIA R.România Actualitati, Galbeni-Bacau et al.  1Jan12 2248 - Good; Romanian or more likely the Russian version of Mary Hopkin's "Those Were the Days."  12Jan13 0426 - Fair but with deep fade outs; pop music parallel 1152 kHz.4521 (7274)
1179  SWEDEN R.Sweden International, Sölvesborg  9Jan10 2225 - Excellent; Swedish program, 2230 interval signal, "You're listening to Radio Sweden, broadcasting to Europe on medium wave 1179 kilohertz. Stay tuned for half hour programs in English."  13Feb10 2240 - Good; English program, feature story about national identity. 2300 into foreign language, Romany program per WRTH. Suddenly disappeared at 2359, leaving Romania with a fair signal in 1180 WHAM slop.  31Oct10 - Off the air, radio station closed.3732 (6007)
1206  FRANCE France Info, Bordeaux  30Mar12 0510 - Good; news/talk parallel 1557 kHz.  9Dec12 2145 - Good; break during football coverage, France Info music and ID.  31Dec15 - Off the air, radio station closed.3449 (5551)
1215  ALBANIA CRI Fllakë  6Oct13 2159 - Offset het against 1215 Absolute Radio, measured 1215.107 kHz. Signed off at 2200 UTC.  26Oct13 2135 - Loud het against 1215 Absolute Radio. Measured 1215.132 kHz.  28Jan14 2300 - Loud het against 1215 Absolute Radio, measured 1215.182 kHz; off promptly a few seconds past the hour.  Off the air, radio station closed.
1215  KALININGRAD VOR/Vesti FM Bolshakovo  4Sep10 0500 - Under Absolute Radio; signature "Bells of Kiev."  20Feb12 2300 - Fair but alone on the frequency; classical instrumental with announcement for Voice of Russia World Service in English, then gone.  18Mar14 0100 - Good, over Absolute Radio; time marker and check, canned ID, "Radio, Vesti FM," parallel 1089 kHz.
1215  UNITED KINGDOM Absolute Radio synchros  12Jan13 2135 - Good; Van Halen "Jump," woman presenter, and Thin Lizzy "Cowboy Song."  28Feb13 2252 - Fair; canned Absolute Radio promo/ID, Harry Chapin "Cat's in the Cradle," then a promo for the morning show and festival ticket giveaway into ad string, absoluteradio.co.uk promo.  18Dec13 2005 - Bits of rock music heard; among a number of transatlantic signals at 3:00 p.m. EST including 693, 882, 936, 1098, 1134, 1143, 1206, 1413, 1521, and 1557 kHz. Absolute Radio the only signal with readable audio this early.  24Sep17 0301 - Good; canned ID, "Online, on mobile, and on digital radio, where real music matters, this is Absolute Radio," and news, "The main stories this hour..."
1242  FRANCE France Info, Marseille  12Jan13 0501 - Good; fanfare into "le journal" news.  31Dec15 - Off the air, radio station closed.3745 (6026)
1251  LIBYA Tripoli  4Nov11 2300 - Presumed with huge signal, no audio, either an open carrier or extremely weak modulation.4483 (7215)
1269  GERMANY Deutschlandfunk, Neumunster  7Dec12 0100 - Fair; "Deutschlandfunk" with electronic fanfare, time marker and news parallel 756 and 1422 kHz.  31Dec15 - Off the air, radio station closed.3612 (5813)
1287  SPAIN SER Burgos//Lleida//Lugo  23Apr16 0458 - Poor to good; talk, bumper music, time marker on the hour and SER music into news in Spanish.
1296  SPAIN COPE Valencia  25Mar12 0030 - Fair; talk in Spanish, time marker on the bottom of the hour with Cadena Cope mention, then back to talk.
1296  SUDAN SNBC Reiba  6Sep10 0240 - Fair, over 1296.31 Spain; Koranic recitations, parallel 7200 kHz.  9Oct11 0100 - Good; Koranic vocals through the hour. 0109 now loud with talk in Arabic, 0125 distinctive Koranic vocals with drumming. SNBC 91.0 FM streaming audio via tunein.com parallel but delayed by a couple minutes.
1296  UNITED KINGDOM Radio XL, Birmingham  5Oct17 0300 - Poor; "...this is Radio XL" into news.
1305  IRAN IRIB Bushehr  17Oct10 0238 - Noted offset measured at 1305.087 kHz, listed in mwoffset data as Iran, producing a weak het against 1305 Spain.
1305  SPAIN RNE5 synchros  24Feb12 2228 - Good; talk parallel 1413 kHz.
1314  UNITED ARAB EMIRITES R.Farda, Al Dhabbaya  9Oct11 2240 - Good; Kansas "Dust in the Wind" parallel www.radiofarda.com streaming audio.  24Feb12 2220 - Good; music and talk parallel good 7520 kHz.
1314  unID  12Jan13 0359 - Through co-channel Spain; test tone up to the hour. Armenia?
1323  GERMANY VOR Wachenbrunn  27Mar11 0500 - Poor in 1320 WDER splatter; time marker and fanfare into news.  17Dec11 0520 - Fair; English program.  Off the air, radio station closed.
1323  ROMANIA R.România Tîrgu-Mures, Tîrgu-Mures  12Jan13 0440 - Poor to fair, over/under unID; nostalgic vocals parallel www.radiomures.ro stream.4430 (7129)
1332  IRAN R.Tehran, Tehran  2Oct10 2335 - Fair to good; Koranic vocals and contemporary Middle Eastern music parallel streaming audio.5951 (9577)
1332  ROMANIA R.România Actualitati, Galati  12Jan13 0420 - Fair; pop music parallel www.romania-actualitati.ro stream.  14Oct17 0158 - Good; choral national anthem, "Hora exacta" and time marker into news, parallel 1152 kHz.4612 (7421)
1341  NORTHERN IRELAND BBC R.Ulster, Lisnagarvey  27Mar11 0400 - Fair in 1340 splatter; "On digital and online, this is BBC Radio, Five Live" into news.  9Oct11 2248 - Fair; Irish folk music parallel www.bbc.co.uk/radioulster streaming audio.  18Nov11 2325 - Fair; Irish folk music.  26Nov11 2100 - Fair; fanfare, "...this is BBC Radio Ulster" into news.
1377  FRANCE France Info, Lille  14Mar13 0500 - Fair; fanfare, "Le journal sur France Info... bonjour."  31Dec15 - Off the air, radio station closed.
1386  LITHUANIA R.Baltic Waves, Viesintos  13Aug17 0158 - Briefly good signal at tune-in, then faded out; woman in Russian.
1386  SPAIN Euskadi Irratia, Bilbao  30Mar12 0524 - Fair; woman with news/talk parallel 1476 kHz.  May 2013 - Off the air, radio station closed.
1394.85ALBANIA TWR Fllakë  11Nov11 2125 - Fair; slow deliberate speaker, then announcement by a woman, 2130 one cycle of TWR interval signal and off. Measured 1394.850 kHz.  23Nov11 2123 - Weak audio, and weak het against unID 1395 kHz, measured 1394.853 kHz. 2130 one cycle of TWR interval signal and off.  26Nov11 2050 - Good; preacher in Slavic language and acoustic vocal. One cycle of TWR interval signal on the hour. 2130 one cycle of interval signal and off. Measured 1394.856 kHz with a weak het against unID 1394.998 kHz likely Armenia per mwoffsets list.  8Dec12 2110 - Poor; Croatian program, measured 1394.858 kHz with a weak rumbling het against 1395 unID. Signed off promptly at 2130 UTC.  31Mar17 - Off the air, radio station closed.
1413  MOLDOVA Vesti FM, Grigoriopol 27Nov15 0500 - Fair to poor; time marker, sounder and woman with news in Russian. Also heard at 0600 but much weaker.  28Nov15 0300 - Fair to poor; "Radiokanal Vesti FM" ID, time marker, and choral Russian national anthem.  14Oct17 0200 - Fair; Vesti FM ID's, time marker and touchtone sound effects into news in Russian.
1413  SPAIN RNE5 synchros  8Dec12 1930 - Presumed; weak signal observed on spectrum analyzer. Receiver sunset 2112 UTC.
1422  ALGERIA R.Algérienne, Algiers  9Mar10 0305 - Good, no sign of Germany; man and woman in French, parallel 252 kHz.  18Dec11 2250 - Good; discussion in French. No sign of anything on 252 kHz for a parallel.
1422  GERMANY Deutschlandfunk, Heusweiler  12Jan13 0310 - Good; choral music parallel 756 kHz.  31Dec15 - Off the air, radio station closed.3628 (5837)
1422  ROMANIA R.România Actualitati, Olanesti OCT 14 0158 - Poor; choral national anthem, time pips and news intro, parallel 1152 kHz.
1431  DJIBOUTI R.Sawa, Arta  1Aug10 0050 - Good s8, equal to nulled 1430 WKOX but with deep fades; contemporary vocals, 0059 R.Sawa ID.
1431  GERMANY VOR Wilsdruff  11Feb11 2258 - Marginally fair; presumed this with choral music, fading out or off at 2300 leaving a very weak Djibouti signal.  Station closed, off the air.
1431  UKRAINE Radio 3/R.Kultura, Kopani  23Jan10 2158 - Fair; choral music, off at 2200. Receiver sunset approaching 2200 UTC.
1440  LUXEMBOURG RTL Marnach  10Nov11 2300 - Fair, over unID domestics; announcements in English for crienglish.com, fanfare, "CRI, from Beijing."  31Dec15 - Off the air, radio station closed.3574 (5752)
1457.64 ALBANIA CRI Fllakë  8Dec12 1930 - Weak signal observed on spectrum analyzer, identified by offset at 1457.636 kHz.  21Feb13 2240 - Het vs. 1458, measured 1457.636 kHz, off at 2330 UTC.  31Mar17 - Off the air, radio station closed.4457 (7172)
1458  ROMANIA R.România Actualitati, Constanta 14Oct17 0258 - Poor; choral national anthem, time pips into news, parallel 1152 kHz.
1458  UNITED KINGDOM Lyca Radio, Brookmans Park 13Oct17 2240 - Fair to poor during receiver dusk enhancement; contemporary subcontinental Indian music. Receiver sunset 2206 UTC.
1467  FRANCE TWR Roumoules  15Jan12 2340 - Good; English program. 2345 one cycle of TWR interval signal, open carrier until off at 2347 UTC.  24Feb12 2300 - Poor to good with antenna pattern switch; Rendezvous program in English.  28Jan14 2242 - Fair; conclusion of English program with a gospel vocal. 2245 one cycle of TWR interval signal and off.  19Feb17 2243 - Good, weak het from 1467.363 Iran; end of Arabic program with contact info, 2245 one cycle of interval signal and off as listed for Sunday per online program schedule, leaving a weak unID 1467 along with offset Iran.3766 (6061)
1467  FRANCE R.Maria, Le Col de la Madonne  27Mar11 0500 - Good; church music, woman in French.  23Apr16 0400 - Poor; woman in French and religious music.
1467  IRAN IRIB R.Iran, Isfahan  16Jan12 0020 - Poor; occasional bits of audio with Koranic vocal parallel 1503 kHz. Measured offset at 1466.9965 kHz with an unID signal observed at 1467.000 kHz. TWR France was off.  25Mar12 0050 - Poor on brief fade ins; music and talk parallel 1503 kHz. Measured 1466.986/7 kHz as listed in mwoffsets data. unID 1467.000 kHz also observed on spectrum analyzer without readable audio.
1467.355 IRAN IRIB R.Qom, Qom  20Nov15 2305 - Noted signal at offset frequency after TWR France signed-off; offset confirmed by Franck Baste F4LKC via mwoffsets group.  27Nov15 2240 - Weak het against TWR France.
1476  SPAIN Euskadi Irratia, Biribilondo  2Apr11 0213 - Fair; talk parallel 1386 kHz.  27Mar12 0341 - Fair; music parallel 1386 kHz.  May 2013 - Off the air, radio station closed.
1485  SPAIN SER synchros  2Apr11 0227 - Fair with synchro echo; nostalgic vocal and talk parallel 1116 kHz.
1494  CORSICA France Bleu, Bastia  27Mar12 0338 - Fair; talk in French not parallel 1557 France Info.  31Dec15 - Off the air, radio station closed.3943 (6346)
1494  FRANCE France Info synchros  12Jan13 0501 - Fair; fanfare into "le journal" news parallel 1557 kHz.  31Dec15 - Off the air, radio station closed.
1503  IRAN IRIB R.Iran, Bushehr  16Jan12 0010 - Fair but dominant; Middle Eastern/Koranic vocals. Measured 1502.999 kHz, with another signal observed at 1502.993 kHz which is RNE5 La Línea according to the mwoffsets list, and a weak third signal at about 1502.996 kHz likely the other Spain synchro.  18Mar14 0132 - Fair; distinctive Koranic recitations parallel live.irib.ir R.Iran 'sarasari' stream.6293(10128)
1503  SPAIN RNE5 La Línea de Concepción & Piñeira  28Mar12 0508 - Fair; man and woman in Spanish.
1512  GREECE ERA Khania 13Oct17 0058 - Fair; flute jazz instrumental through the hour.
1512  IRAN IRIB Ardabil 11Feb18 0020 - Fair; heated discussion, sounded like a radio drama, parallel 702 kHz.
1512  SAUDI ARABIA SBC R.Quran, Jeddah  24Jan14 0225 - Good signal with weak modulation; measured 1511.991/2 kHz as listed in online mwoffsets data. Also observed 1511.930 Greece, confirmed by Wolfgang Bueschel and Mauno Ritola as drifting lower than listed 1511.935 offset.  28Nov15 2150 - Good; Koranic recitations, continued through the hour.  17Apr16 0258 - Good; Koranic recitations, then brief open carrier until off at 0301 UTC.
1521  SAUDI ARABIA SBC R.Riyadh, Duba  16Jan12 2015 - Loud het against 1520 WIZZ. At 2035 fading up with talk parallel 9555 and 9870 kHz.  24Jan14 0215 - Excellent, s9+20; Koranic recitations.
1530  SAO TOME E PRINCIPE VOA Pinheira  27Nov15 0259 - Under WCKY; Yankee Doodle interval signal.
1530  VATICAN R.Vaticana, Santa Maria di Galeria  27Mar11 0500 - One cycle of interval signal under WCKY.  1Jul12 - Off the air, radio station closed.4097 (6593)
1539  GERMANY Evangeliums Rundfunk, Mainflingen  27Mar11 0458 - Good; light instrumental music, contact info with Deutschland mention, and "ERF Radio" ID.  17Apr11 0420 - Fair; woman in German, choral music. Station closed end of 2011.
1548  KUWAIT R.Sawa, Kuwait City  12Jan13 0314 - Good; contemporary Mideast vocal, 0315 R.Sawa ID into news.6162 (9915)
1548  MOLDOVA VOR Grigoriopol  12Jan13 0354 - Good over Kuwait; pre sign-on test tones at 5-second intervals, 0400 Golos Rossii ID into news.4586 (7379)
1548  UNITED KINGDOM BBC R.Bristol, Mangotsfield  27Mar12 0400 - Poor; talk in British-accented English, heard BBC Radio 5 theme music on the hour.  29Jan14 0245 - Bits of talk, otherwise just a het against 1548, measured 1547.854 kHz.
1557  FRANCE France Info, Fontbonne  12Jan13 0400 - Fair; fanfare and France Info mention. 0501 excellent; fanfare into "le journal" news.  31Dec15 - Off the air, radio station closed.3822 (6150)
1566  BENIN TWR Parakou 28May16 0400 - Poor; hints of African highlife-style music.
1566  UNITED KINGDOM BBC R.Bristol & Somerset Sound, Taunton  27Mar12 0320 - Poor in CJLV slop with WQEW nulled; talk by woman seemed parallel BBC Radio 5 but only caught bits of audio.
1575  ITALY Rai Radiouno, Genova  12Jan13 0500 - Good; time signal, "Rai, Radiouno" with classical harp flourish into news.  20Apr16 0358 - Fair; pre sign-on clock tones.  20Jan18 0700 - Fair; time marker, Rai sounder, announcement and another sounder into news by woman in Italian.
1575  UNITED ARAB EMIRATES R.Farda, Al Dhabiya  24Feb12 2223 - Good; U2 "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For" parallel 1314 and 7520 kHz.6682(10754)
1602  SPAIN SER synchros  24Sep17 0500 - Fair with synchro echo; marker and time check, then heard weak local insert over the news intro music, possibly "Radio Ontinyent, Cadena Ser."
1712  INTERNATIONAL WATER 4ONW unID location  3Dec12 1100 - Fading in while listening to 1710 kHz; a couple cycles of repeating "4ONW" Morse code with an extended tone between each. Apparently a Class 4b CW beacon for a fishing driftnet somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean.

Kp index during March 2015 auroral event.

Pan-American DX

kHz   Miles (km) 
530  CUBA R.Enciclopedia, Villa María  6Dec13 0100 - Good; canned ID with theme music, "Transmite CMBQ Radio Enciclopedia, desde la Habana, Cuba," time check, and "Radio Enciclopedia presenta..."  28Dec14 0500 - Over/under CIAO and R.Rebelde; canned ID, "Transmite CMBQ Radio Enciclopedia, desde la Habana, Cuba," and music program intro, "Interlude, un programa de Radio Enciclopedia..." 21Mar15 0500 - Over R.Rebelde; "Radio Enciclopedia presento Interludio..."
530  CUBA R.Rebelde, Guantánamo  14Feb13 0500 - Over R.Enciclopedia; "...en Rebelde" and choral national anthem, while the anthem on R.Enciclopedia was already in progress.1572 (2529)
539.85 NICARAGUA R.Corporación, Managua  9Oct12 1000 - Loud het against 540, no audio. Nicaragua listed on the high side in mwoffsets data, but later confirmed moved to the low side of 540 kHz.  18Oct13 0500 - Loud het against WLIE R.Adonai. Off at 0501 UTC. Measured 539.864 kHz.  13Feb14 0500 - 539.85 kHz, loud het against 540 WFLF; choral national anthem, then off. Listen to mp3 audio clip of anthem closing.  19Mar15 0458 - Good on low side to avoid 540 WFLF het; sign-off with choral national anthem, then open carrier through the hour, measured 539.864 kHz.  26Aug17 0200 - Good; excited sports commentary. Other unID offsets noted at 539.980 and 539.992 kHz. Also observed a steady signal at 539.739 kHz; not sure if it was a real carrier or noise. At 0400, jingle with time check, "Diez en punto." At 0501 sign off with choral national anthem. Sample audio clip (end of anthem).2284 (3675)
540  CUBA R.Rebelde, Maisí//Sancti Spíritus  4Jan12 0100 - Fair; organ theme music, "Rebelde la Habana, emisora de la revolución," and news "Ahora, a las ocho de la noche..." parallel fair 550, fair 560, loud 600, weak 620, 670 WWFE mix, 710 over WOR, and 770 WABC mix.  23Feb14 0500 - Receiving both stations with a couple seconds of delay between them, creating double splash attention signals during news, then an echoed national anthem.
540  DOMINICAN REPUBLIC Radio ABC, Santo Domingo  20Mar15 1001 - Over/under WLIE R.Adonai and Nicaragua het; "Esta es Radio ABC... Santo Domingo..."  30Dec16 0900 - Under WLIE; sign-on with choral national anthem and "Buenos dias..."1670 (2688)
540  MEXICO XEWA San Luis Potosí  24Jan12 0400 - Fair; chimes, "XEWA 540 AM... Cadena W transmitiendo desde las oficinas centrales de MG Radio, palabra que vende."  27Feb14 0401 - Fair; Los 40 Principales contemporary hit music, hyper female DJ and jingle.2208 (3553)
550  COLOMBIA HJHF Señal R.Colombia, Marinilla  20Mar13 0600 - Over/under R.Rebelde; "Escucha Radio Nacional," time signal, "Radio Nacional... de Colombia," and nostalgia/folk music.  21Mar15 0500 - Over WSJW and R.Rebelde; tropical vocal through the hour parallel 680 kHz, ex-R.Nacional.
550  CUBA R.Rebelde, Pinar del Río  3Mar13 0600 - Good; baseball play-by-play, "primera out" parallel 600 and 1620 kHz.
550  PUERTO RICO WPAB Ponce  9Oct15 0100 - Noisy signal with het from 549 Jil FM, Algeria, notched out; ad for Restaurante La Guardarraya with phone number 856-4222 and address in Guayanilla.
550  VENEZUELA YVKE Mundial, Caracas  31Jan12 0200 - Atop WBZS and others; "Radio Mundial, en todo Venezuela" and slogan, "Radio Mundial... de la mano con el pueblo."  14Feb13 1000 - Fair; "Mundial... emisora de Venezuela, presenta... de Mundial."2234 (3595)
555  ST. KITTS & NEVIS ZIZ Basseterre  12Nov11 0327 - Good; soca party music.  21Feb12 0340 - Normally good signal not received over the past few nights. Off the air? In response to an email inquiry, Vere Galloway of ZIZ replied, "Yes, for some urgent maintenance."  29Nov12 0100 - Back on the air after being off since February for maintenance. Not enough signal for audio, but a definite carrier observed on the spectrum analyzer. April 2013 noted off the air again. Vere Galloway at ZIZ confirmed that 555 kHz is off the air (again); "The tower is corroded. We have to take it down. Should be back up later in the year." Never returned to the airwaves.
570  COLOMBIA HJND Señal R.Colombia, Bogotá  25Mar15 0500 - Over WMCA and R.Reloj; folk music featuring flute through the hour, parallel 550 and 680 kHz.
570  DOMINICAN REPUBLIC R.Cristal, Santo Domingo  9Oct15 0100 - All mixed up with R.Reloj Cuba and Colombia fútbol coverage; ad for Lavanderia R & H, 809-570-0463, Prolongación 27 de Febrero.
580  PUERTO RICO WKAQ San Juan  16Sep14 0400 – Under WTAG; multi-station ID.
590  CUBA R.Musical Nacional, Santa Clara  19Mar13 0500 - Under WEZE, over R.Rebelde; announcement with address, "Apartado 6600... Habana," and harp 'interval signal'.
590  CUBA R.Rebelde, Guantánamo  21Feb13 0100 - Under WEZE; Rebelde sounder parallel 600 kHz.  21Mar15 0500 - Under local WEZE Boston; end of "Portada Rebelde," canned ID, time marker and nostalgic music intro to "música nuestra" program, the distinctive time marker easy to parallel with 530, 540, 550, 560, 600, 620, 670, 710, 1140, 1180, 1210, 1550, and 1620 kHz.1572 (2529)
590  MEXICO XEPH Sabrosita 590, México DF  9Feb13 0900 - Under WEZE open carrier; "590, la estación... bailando... por salsa, por cumbia... desde la ciudad de México..." 19Mar15 1001 - Under local WEZE Boston; Sabrosita 590 promo.2274 (3659)
600  CUBA R.Rebelde, San Germán  25Jan12 0345 - Good; sounder during baseball coverage.  9Feb12 0100 - Good; "Rebelde la Habana, emisora de la revolución," parallel 670 and 710 kHz.
600  PUERTO RICO WYEL Mayagüez  19Mar15 0500 - Under R.Rebelde; canned multi-station network ID.  30Dec16 0601 - Under WICC and R.Rebelde; network multi-station ID, parallel 580 WKAQ which was weak under local WTAG.1710 (2752)
600.1 unID  9Oct12 0900 - Het against 600.000 WICC, measured 600.104 kHz.
610  CUBA R.Rebelde, Bueycito//Cienfuegos//Guane  1May11 0258 - Under WGIR; contemporary vocals parallel 600, 620, 670, and 710 kHz.
620  COLOMBIA Colmundo, HJEL Cali//HJVP Cartegena  22Mar15 1000 - Noisy signal through an unID domestic; choral national anthem.
620  CUBA R.Rebelde, Colón  9Feb12 0100 - Good over WSNR; "Rebelde FM, la Habana," not parallel 600, 670 nor 710 kHz. Listen to mp3 audio clip.  11Oct12 0300 - Excellent; sounder, "Las noticias," and news with digital splash between items. Signal better than 600 and 670 parallels.1481 (2383)
620  MEXICO XENK México, DF  29Oct16 0459 - Under WSNR and R.Rebelde; choral national anthem. The anthem is often readable, presumed XENK, not strong enough for positive ID.
630  CUBA R.Progreso, Camagüey-Isábel Hortensia  20Mar13 0559 - Over/under WPRO; contact info, "Radio Progreso, Infanta 105, La Habana Cuba, coreo postal 10300," and web address, "rprogreso.icrt.cu," parallel 640 and 690 kHz.  9Sep17 0800 - Under WPRO; "Su reportero RP" parallel 640 kHz.
640  CUBA R.Progreso, La Habana-Guanabacoa//Jobabo (Las Tunas)  16Jan13 1000 - Good; "Transmite Radio Progreso cadena nacional desde la Habana Cuba," chime, "Las cinco en punto," into "A Primera Hora, el programa de la familia cubana."  3Mar12 0600 - Good; "Radio Progreso, cadena nacional, la onda de la alegría, transmitiendo desde la Habana Cuba, primer territorio libre en América."  28Oct13 1000 - Fair; Primera Hora program, receiving both stations with significant delay between them.
640  CUBA R.Rebelde, unknown location  14Feb13 0600 - Good but with loud wobbling noise; "Rebelde la Habana, emisora de la revolución" with organ music, parallel 600 kHz.
640  GUADELOUPE Guadeloupe Première, Pointe-à-Pitre  31Aug15 0200 - Fair; French vocal, La Guadeloupe Première ID by a man, then a woman, "Bon soir," into news with Première mention.1917 (3085)
640  VENEZUELA YVQO Unión Radio, Puerto la Cruz  27Dec15 0159 - Poor to fair; "Deportes... Unión Radio" and talk.2280 (3669)
650  CUBA R.Progreso, Ciego de Avila  26Jan12 0100 - Under WSM; melancholic jazz vocal through the hour parallel 640 and 690 kHz.  28Jan12 0500 - At even level with co-channel R.Rebelde over WSM; trumpet opening to choral national anthem parallel 640 kHz, dueling with R.Rebelde anthem already in progress.
650  CUBA R.Rebelde, Santiago de Cuba  28Jan12 0459 - At even level with co-channel R.Progreso over WSM; choral national anthem parallel 600 kHz and starting a minute before R.Progreso anthem.
660  CUBA R.Progreso, Jovellanos  18Dec13 0900 - Under WFAN; "Su reportero, RP" parallel 640, 690, and 880 kHz.  24Jan14 1000 - Under WFAN; chime, 'A Primera Hora' intro and theme song, parallel 640 and 690 kHz.
660  MEXICO XEAR La Mexicana, Tampico, Tamps. AUG 29 1000 - Under WFAN; canned La Mexicana ID by shouting man with reverb into banda music.2070 (3331)
670  CUBA R.Rebelde, multiple sites  22Jun13 0700 - Fair; sounder and news with significant echo from delay between stations.
670  CUBA CMHW Doblevé, Santa Clara et al.  30Sep17 0900 - Fair, over/under R.Rebelde; canned ID, "Esta es Doblevé, desde Santa Clara, en el centro de Cuba." Likely using R.Rebelde facilities in Santa Clara (listed 50 kW) and perhaps other co-channel sites due to hurricane damage at the 840 transmitter site.
670  CUBA R.Reloj, unknown location  22Jun13 0300 - Under R.Rebelde; RR code IDs. First time logged on this frequency.
671  CUBA R.Rebelde, unknown location  5Dec11 0150 - Off-frequency signal noted over the past couple weeks, strongest on the south antenna.  21Dec11 0050 - Strong signal, no audio. Measured 671.020 kHz.
680  COLOMBIA Señal R.Colombia, Barranquilla  21Mar15 0500 - Under local WRKO Boston; tropical vocal through the hour parallel 550 kHz.
690  COLOMBIA HJCZ W Radio, Bogotá  2Feb12 0100 - Good; nostalgia, "En Radio Recuerdos, son las ocho de la noche, en punto" time check, "Radio Recuerdos, la popular de Colombia."  24Feb14 1000 - Under R.Progreso; 'W Radio' theme music into news, ex-R.Recuerdos.  20Mar15 0901 - Over R.Progreso; "La W..." mentioned several times in canned promo/ID.  21Mar15 0500 - Over R.Progreso; echoing "W Radio, W Radio, W Radio... un momento muy especial, muy especial, muy especial," and '70s pop music clips (Temptations, Stevie Wonder, Seals & Crofts), "En la W, la W, la W."2628 (4229)
690  CUBA R.Progreso, Santa Clara  17Jan12 0102 - One second delay between two R.Progreso signals here creating noticeable echo; Cuban big band music through the hour, theme song and ID at 0130 UTC.  24Jan12 0000 - Good; "Exactamente las siete" time check, "A Río Revuelto, la voz de los jovenos cubanos a traves de la frecuencia de Radio Progreso, la onda de la alegría," parallel also good 640 kHz.  8Apr13 0900 - Good; end of political speech about the revolution with cheering crowd, then live network ID, "Transmite Radio Progreso, cadena nacional desde la Habana Cuba," chime with time check, "Cinco en punto," into "A Primera Hora, el programa de la familia cubana," parallel an excellent 640 kHz signal.
690  MEXICO XEN La 69, México DF  1May11 0300 - Under R.Progreso Cuba; "XEN... desde la ciudad de México."  5Feb12 0100 - Under R.Progreso Cuba; choral national anthem.  27Dec14 1000 - Good; telephone news/sports reports, "Está usted escuchando Lo Mejor de la Semana, de una a tres, con Jacobo Zabludovsky." While the XEN website doesn't provide a program schedule, it shows Zabludovsky on 1 to 3 p.m. The Zabludovsky program is also carried on Red FM and other Grupo Centro stations.  18Dec15 0600 - Over/under CKGM; "XEN, 690 de amplitud modulada, con cien mil wats (100 kW) de potencia desde la ciudad de México, Constituyentes 1154, colonia Lomas Alta, una estación de Grupo Radio Centro," and choral national anthem.  8Sep17 0602 - Over/under R.Progreso, over XEMA; news/talk through the hour, then Grupo Radio Centro ID.  16Sep17 0400 - Through CKGM dead air; "...una estación de Grupo Radio Centro."2277 (3665)
690  MEXICO XEMA La Mejor, Fresnillo, Zac.  8Sep17 0600 - Over/under R.Progreso and XEN; long promo/ID in slow deep voice, "Aquí nomás" slogan and many "La Mejor" mentions. At 0800 a better signal with same ID.
700  COLOMBIA HJCX W Radio, Cali  22Mar15 0231 - Fair; tropical music concert, "Nueve en la noche, treinte uno minutos, sistema... en Colombia," parallel 690 kHz.2726 (4387)
700.5VENEZUELA YVMH R.Popular, Maracaibo  25Nov12 0300 - Briefly over WLW; "...bailar, Radio Popular."  21Mar15 0900-1000 - Strong het against 700.000 WLW; measured 700.546 kHz. Mark Connelly (Cape Cod) noted YVMH unstable, previously measured at 700.53 kHz.   24Mar15 0400 - Loud het against 700 WLW; tropical music, measured 700.614 kHz.2208 (3554)
710  CUBA R.Rebelde, multiple sites  24Oct12 2300 - Excellent with synchro echo; organ theme, "Rebelde la Habana, emisora de la revolución," time check, "Aquí Rebelde, siete en punto," and noticiero, parallel 1210 kHz.
720  COLOMBIA HJAN Emisoras Unidas, Barranquilla  20Mar15 0100 - Over/under R.Progreso; choral national anthem.  21Mar15 0100 - Under R.Progreso; choral national anthem.  9Oct15 0100 - Good on strong fade in; sign-off with "Unidas... himno nacional de la república de Colombia" intro to national anthem, then signal was cut in the middle of the anthem, leaving an unintelligible jumble of Latin American signals.  31Dec16 1101 - Fair; "Escuchan cadena radial la libertad... estación Emisoras Unidas HJAN, treinta mil watios de potencia... 720 kilohertz, desde Barranquilla, puerto de oro de Colombia."  29Jul17 0059 - Fair; carrier off in the middle of the national anthem.
720  CUBA R.Progreso, Mabujabo  4Jan12 0100 - Under WGN; romantic vocal through the hour parallel strong 640, 690, 880 under WCBS, and 900 under WGHM.  21Mar15 0500 - Good; canned ID, "Radio Progreso, cadena nacional, la onda de la alegría, transmite desde la Habana, Cuba, primer territorio libre en América," parallel 640, 660, 690, 730, 750, 760, and 810 kHz.
720  NICARAGUA R.Católica, Managua  7Feb15 1001 - Under WGN; national anthem, sign-on time as listed in WRTH.  9Sep17 0300 - Fair and all alone through lightning noise; announcement by woman including ID, "Radio Católica de Nicaragua..." 0400 lively Spanish choir music.
720  VENEZUELA YVQE Porlamar  26Dec14 1000 - Under R.Progreso Cuba; "Gloria al Bravo Pueblo" choral national anthem. Presumed YVQE (typical), but online program schedule lists 5:00 a.m. start which would be 0930 UTC.  22Mar15 0159 - Noisy, no sign of WGN; "La hora de Venezuela" time check.
730  COLOMBIA HJCU Melodía Stereo, Bogotá  19Mar15 0500 - Fair; long multi AM and FM station ID, "En Bogotá, Melodía 730 AM... en Cali, Radio Viva 1290 AM... La cadena Melodía de Colombia..." and easy listening music.
730  CUBA R.Progreso, La Fé, Isla de la Juventud  28Jan12 0600 - Fair in R.Circulation Montreal null; "La onda de la alegría" jingle.
730  MEXICO XEX, W Deportes, México, DF  26Feb12 0900 - Fair; "Tiempo Fuera" promo, "TDW" Morse code ID.  10Oct12 - "El Larguero, José Ramón de la Morena," and theme song of this SER Spain sports program.  16Jan13 0300 - Under CKAC; promo with W mentions and TDW Morse code repeated several times.  9Feb13 0900 - Fair; TDW Morse code and voice ID's, "...desde la ciudad de México."  19Mar15 0900 - Over R.Progreso; rapid-fire sports headlines including "fútbol americano," TDW Morse code ID, and "la mejor de W."  4Feb17 0600 - Under CKAC; choral national anthem, then "W Deportes" announcement.2276 (3662)
730  MEXICO XEHB Ke Buena, Hidalgo del Parral, Chih.  13Feb13 0501 - Under CKAC; Mexican music, "Nombre: Ke Buena, frecuencia: (FM and AM), potencia..."  19Feb13 0959 - Fair; slogan ID with MST time check, "Ke Buena, 107.1 FM, son las dos cincuenta nueve," and Mexican music. Listen to mp3 audio clip.2208 (3553)
740  CUBA R.Angulo, Sagua de Tánamo  9Oct15 0000 - Fair; canned ID with spacey music, "Radio Angulo, transmitiendo... Cuba," and clock chimes marking the hour.
750  CUBA R.Progreso, Palmira  25Jan12 0340 - Good, over WSB and YVKS; theme song with ID, "Radio Progreso, cadena nacional... la onda de la alegría..."
750  VENEZUELA YVKS RCR Caracas  27Jan12 0210 - Briefly over WSB and R.Progreso; "...por RCR" and "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" organ instrumental.  16Jan13 1001 - Under WSB; RCR Deportes promo.  21Mar15 0100 - Good; promos, "...por RCR, 750 AM."  3Sep16 2359 - Fair; "RCR presenta Radio Universidad... la Universidad Nacional Abierta... a través de la emisora RCR 750 AM."  29Jul17 0058 - Fair; "RCR, 750 AM, porque lo bueno une," into promo string.  10Sep17 0358 - Over WSB; operatic choral national anthem, then gone. Signed-off? 19Sep17 0000 - Good; RCR Deportes coverage of los Navegantes de Magallanes baseball.  1Oct17 0358 - Over WSB; "Marcha a Caracas" instrumental anthem, announcement, then operatic vocal national anthem.2237 (3599)
760  COLOMBIA HJAJ RCN Radio, Barranquilla  26Jan12 1100 - Over/under WJR; "RCN, la radio."  14Feb12 0200 - Under WJR; "Radio Barranquilla" in ad/promo string.  31Dec15 1058 - Good; "RCN la radio... a continuación, el himno nacional de la república de Colombia," and choral national anthem, then RCN noticias.  4Mar17 0959 - Over WJR; promo, "RCN Radio, nuestra radio."2195 (3532)
760  CUBA R.Progreso, Guane  10Oct12 2300 - Through WJR and HJAJ; nostalgic vocal parallel 640 kHz.  21Feb13 1000 - Under WJR; canned ID with theme song and chime into "A Primera Hora" program, parallel 640 kHz. 26Dec14 1000 - Under WJR; theme song, chime marking the hour, and "A Primera Hora" intro parallel 640, 690, 720, and 750 kHz.  13Sep16 0501 - Fair, with WJR off the air; "Reportero RP" followed by canned ID with theme song parallel 640, 690, and 730 kHz.
770  CUBA R.Artemisa, Artemisa  2Jan17 1100 - Under WABC; choral national anthem.
770  CUBA R.Rebelde, Victoria de las Tunas  17Jan12 0100 - Fair, over/under WABC; organ theme music, "Rebelde la habana, emisora de la revolución" into deportivos report, parallel 560, 600, 670, 710, 1180 kHz.
770  VENEZUELA YVKK RNV Valencia  19Mar15 0900 - Under WABC; llanera jingle, singing "...por Radio Nacional," and llanera music through the hour.  21Mar15 0500 - Over WABC; llanera music through the hour. Distinctive rhythmic 'cuatro' guitar plucking is prominent in Venezuelan llanera music.
780  BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS ZBVI Road Town, Tortola  26Dec14 0959 - Fair; instrumental national anthem and sign-on announcement, "This is Zed BVI... Zed BVI is owned and operated by Virgin Islands Broadcasting Company Limited with 10 thousand watts of power... licensed by the government of the British Virgin Islands..."
780  COLOMBIA HJFV R.Viva Pasto, Pasto  9Sep17 0400 - Weak but essentially alone in lightning noise; "Radio Viva Pasto..." and news promo with jingles.
780  VENEZUELA YVMN R.Coro, Coro  5Feb12 0100 - Good over WBBM; R.Coro 780 jingle with "patrimonio de la comunidad" then salsa music.  9Oct12 1000 - Good; choral national anthem.  2Mar13 0500 - Over/under WBBM; R.Coro 780 jingle and "patrimonio de la comunidad" slogan.  4Mar17 0958 - Fair, over/under WBBM; choral national anthem, then R.Coro announcements.
790  CUBA R.Reloj, Pinar del Río and Holguín  28Jan12 0310 - Good with one-second delay between stations resulting in double time markers and RR code IDs.  28Feb13 0059 - Over/under WPRV; double RR code with a second of delay between them indicating reception of both stations.  20Mar13 0600 - Good and dominant; "Dos de la madrugada," and "En año 55 de la revolución, transmite Radio Reloj desde Habana Cuba."
810  BAHAMAS ZNS3 Freeport  13Oct13 0901 - Under WGY; faded up with multi-station ID mentioning FM 104.5 ZNS3 and, "...Inspiration 107.9 FM, the station of the nations, all gospel all the time 24/7."  Listen to mp3 audio clip.
810  CUBA R.Progreso, Guantánamo-Burene  28Jan12 0500 - Under WGY; choral national anthem.  16Jan13 0300 - Under WGY; ballad through the hour, parallel 690 and 750 kHz.1572 (2529)
820.183  COLOMBIA HJAD R.Vigía, Cartagena  12Jun16 0400 - Het against 820.004 WNYC, occasional Spanish audio. Reported by Bill Whitacre while DX'peditioning on the coast of Virginia a week earlier.
820  CUBA R.Ciudad de la Habana, Arroyo Arenas  7Jul13 0800 - Musical signature heard through WGGM and WHAS.  22Mar15 1000 - Over/under WNYC; Ciudad jingle.  3Jan16 0600 - Interval signal-like melody through WNTW.  Listen to mp3 audio clip.
820  CUBA R.Reloj, Ciego Avila  4Jan12 0200 - RR code and heavy wobbling noise through WNYC.
819.549 unID  1Feb12 0050 - Het against 820.0035 WNYC and 820.010 TBN/R.Paradise. HJAD Colombia at 819.5282 kHz per mwoffsets list.
840  CUBA CMHW Doblevé, Santa Clara  20Feb13 0500 - Over WHAS; choral national anthem, theme music, "Esta es Doblevé, desde Santa Clara, en el centro de Cuba," and "Al Ritmo de la noche" program.  20Apr16 0400 - Over WHAS; bienvenidos message, choral national anthem, canned ID, "Esta es Doblevé, desde Santa Clara, en el centro de Cuba," and program intro, "Doblevé... transmitiendo por 840 AM y 93.5 FM se presenta, al Ritmo de la Noche... de madrugada en Doblevé."  Listen to mp3 audio clip.1482 (2385)
840  CUBA R.Revolución, Palma Soriano  30Jan12 0400 - Under WHAS; "Desde Santiago... CMKC Radio Revolución, cadena..."  20Mar15 0400 - Choral national anthem, "CMKC Radio Revolución..." then CMHW Doblevé faded up with choral national anthem and canned ID.  1Oct17 0400 - Good; choral national anthem, ID, "Desde Santiago, ciudad héroe de la república de Cuba, CMKC Radio Revolución, cadena provincial," into media noche exitos. Listen to mp3 audio clip.
840  HAITI Radio 4VEH, Cap Haitien  31Jan12 0200 - Over WHAS; loud Jingle Bells "dashing through the snow" interval signal and ID, "...Cap Haitien, ecoutez Radio 4VEH," time check, "Radio 4VEH Voix Evangelique..." and "info" program.  OCT 2 0202 - Fair; interval signal and ID, "Vous écoutez Radio 4VEH..." Signal prevalent with Doblevé Cuba off the air. Listen to mp3 audio clip.1584 (2550)
850  CUBA R.Reloj, Nueva Gerona  28Jan12 0500 - Under WEEI; 'doorbell' chimes with worldwide time checks, parallel 570, 860, 870, and 950 kHz.
859.945 CUBA R.Reloj, Jovellanos  8Oct13 0140 - In CJBC null; usual news accompanied by syncopated clock, minute marker and RR code, noted drifting low. unID 859.977 kHz (Venezuela?) also observed.
860  MEXICO XEUN Radio UNAM, México, DF  24Oct15 0501 - Under R.Reloj; children's choral national anthem, preceded by classical music which matched online program schedule.
860  MEXICO XECCN R.Caribe, Cancún, Q.Roo  30Jan12 0500 - Under CJBC Toronto and R.Reloj Cuba; presumed this signing off with choral national anthem. 2012 WRTH lists XECCN 1100-0500 UTC.1728 (2781)
860  MEXICO XECTL R.Chetumal, Chetumal, Q.Roo  31Jan12 0440 - Surprised to find this under CJBC while checking for XECCN; R.Chetumal and 860 AM IDs into ad string, romántica and light tropical vocals including an Aventura bachata, music continued through 0500 UTC. 1 kW per WRTH listing.1941 (3123)
860  MEXICO XENL R.Recuerdo, Monterrey, NL  7Feb15 0600 - Over/under CJBC; children's choral national anthem, then R.Recuerdo jingle and XENL ID.
860  ST. KITTS & NEVIS VON Radio, Charlestown  22Dec11 0245 - Over/under R.Reloj with CJBC nulled; continuous Christmas vocals: pop standards and Caribbean. 0300 "Powerhouse" ID with Merry Christmas jingle into Christmas reggae song.  2Sep15 0000 - Poor; "VON Radio" with powerhouse slogan.
870  CUBA R.Reloj, Baracoa//Bueycito//Sancti Spíritus  3Jan12 2301 - At least two stations received with double RR code heard through WWL and WPWT.  23Jan12 2350 - Over WWL and others; alternating man and woman, syncopated clock, minute marker and RR code.  16Jan13 0300 - Fair to good; "En el año 55 de la revolución... Radio Reloj desde Habana Cuba."  13Dec13 0900 - Heavy wobbling causing distorted RR code and audio.  20Mar15 0101 - Successive RR Morse code from delay between three stations.  21Mar15 0100 - Excellent; "Radio Reloj, (beep), nueve de la noche, en el año 57 de la revolución transmite Radio Reloj desde la Habana, Cuba." Syncopated clock, time marker, and RR Morse code also noted on 570, 790, 820, 860, 930, 950, and 960 kHz.
880  CUBA R.Progreso, Pinar del Río  10Oct12 0400 - Under WCBS; "...de Radio Progreso" and news headlines with musical punctuation, parallel 640, 690, and 750 kHz.  26Dec14 0600 - Over/under WCBS; easy listening instrumental, 0601 canned ID with theme song, "Radio Progreso, cadena nacional, la onda de la alegría, transmitiendo desde la Habana Cuba, primer territorio libre en América."
890.1 DOMINICAN REPUBLIC Radio 890/La Consentida, Valverde  17Sep17 0200 - Het against 890 WAMG, but too much interference from local 900 WGHM Nashua to copy. Offset identified by Bill Whitacre at RealDX. Measured 890.114 kHz.
900  CUBA R.Progreso, San Germán-Urbano Noris  24Oct12 0030 - Good with WGHM nulled out; canned ID with theme song, "Radio Progreso, cadena nacional, la onda de la alegría, transmitiendo desde la Habana, Cuba, premier territorio libre en América," and chime with time check, "Ocho treinte minutos," parallel 640, 690, and 750 kHz.  16Mar15 0900 - Under local WGHM Nashua; canned ID into 'A Primera Hora' parallel 640, 690, 750, 810, and 880 kHz.
900  MEXICO XEW Iztapalapa, México, DF  24Oct12 0400 - In WGHM null; "W Radio," descending chimes, "W Radio... la ciudad de México, W Radio" and informativos.
910  CUBA R.Cadena Agramonte, Camagüey  7Feb12 0100 - Good; talk about library at "la casa de la universidad cultural de la ciudad de Camagüey," slogan, "La radio camagüeyana en el corazón de pueblo," and ID, "Desde la cuna de el mayor transmite Radio Cadena Agramonte, Camagüey, Cuba." Listen to mp3 audio clip.  21Feb13 1000 - Fair; four ascending notes marking the hour, canned ID, "Desde la cuna de el mayor, transmite Radio Cadena Agramonte, Camagüey, Cuba."1516 (2439)
910  VENEZUELA YVRQ AM Center, Caracas  15Dec13 0301 - Mostly under WBZU and R.Cadena Agramonte; signature descending notes of doorbell attention signals.  19Mar15 0902 - Over R.Cadena Agramonte; llanera folk vocal, doorbells with 4:32 time check.
939.88 MEXICO XEQ Bésame, México, DF  9Oct12 0300 - Good; "La radio apasionada de compañia, Bésame 940."  16Dec13 0400 - Ascending chimes on the hour, alternating man and woman with Hora Nacional mentions. 0500 end of program with choral national anthem, announcement and chimes, then contemporary vocals, parallel delayed www.xeqradio.mx/player streaming audio. 0600 chimes and "La Q Radio" jingle into ad string, then chimes again and choral national anthem followed by ID/announcement and "La Q Radio" jingle (ex-Bésame). 0620 mentioned "XEQ radio punto mx" during break. Among a cluster of signals between 940.0 and 940.009 kHz, so XEQ is no longer at 939.88 offset frequency.  18Dec13 0220 - Noted return to offset on low side, measured 939.851 kHz.  10Jan14 0900 - Noted back on frequency (again); Q Radio jingle and talk.  24Jan14 1100 - Off-frequency, het against WMAC; measured 939.877 kHz.  29Sep14 1000 - Good; "La Q Radio" jingle, "La Q Mexicana, música con tradición," into orchestra bumper and announcer with La Q Mexicana mention. Listen to mp3 audio clip.  26Dec14 0600 - Fair and on frequency; choral national anthem, Q Radio jingle.  27Dec14 1001 - Good; morning prayer, "Gracias Señor," then ID, "Presenta... XEQ radio, 940 amplitud modulada... Colonia Espartaco, México, Distrito Federal, con 50 mil wats de potencia..."  2Jan15 1000 - Noted back off-frequency at 939.88 kHz producing a loud het against WMAC.
940  MEXICO XEQ Ke Buena, México, DF  10Jul15 0300 - On frequency, over/under WIPR and WMAC; Ke Buena jingle and canned ID, "940 AM... 50 mil wats de potencia... Ke Buena, 940 AM." 8Aug15 0800 - Fair and on-frequency; "940," Ke Buena jingle, "940 AM," and tropical music.  10Sep17 0159 - Fair; canned ID alternating between man and woman, "XEQ AM, dos cincuenta mil wats" (250 kW), and Ke Buena jingle.2276 (3662)
940  CUBA R.Progreso, Sancti Spíritus  11Feb13 1000 - Fair while tuned to high side to avoid XEQ het; chime with time check into "A Primera Hora" program.  9Dec13 1000 - Under WMAC and others; chime with time check, theme music, parallel 640, 690, and 880 kHz.1504 (2420)
940  PUERTO RICO WIPR Máxima, San Juan  16Jul13 0300 - Fair; canned ID, "Esta es WIPR AM San Juan, Máxima 940..." and classic salsa music.  20Mar15 1002 - Over/under an unID Latin American; nostalgia, canned ID, "Escuchas WIPR AM San Juan, Máxima 940, la cultura... Máxima 940 porque somos..."
950  CUBA R.Reloj, Arroyo Arenas//Camagüey-Isábel Hortensia  21Feb11 0400 - Syncopated clock, minute marker, and RR code under WIBX and WPEN.
960  CUBA R.Reloj, Guantánamo  21Feb11 0400 - Syncopated clock, etc. through unIDs and hum of sub-audible het.
970  CUBA R.Guamá, Los Palacios-Andresia  16Oct14 0400 - Under domestic jumble; chimes and choral national anthem, then four-note chimes, parallel 1070 kHz.  21Mar15 0100 - Under WNYM; 4-note chimes marking the hour, parallel 990 kHz.
970  CUBA R.Rebelde, Trinidad  21Feb13 0100 - Under WFUN; Rebelde sounder. First time logged on this frequency.1522 (2449)
980  CUBA COCO, La Habana-La Cruz  9Dec13 0500 - Under domestic jumble; presumed this with the choral national anthem. R.Reloj, the only other Cuban listed on the frequency, was ticking away as usual on parallel frequencies and doesn't broadcast the anthem at midnight.
990  CUBA R.Guamá, Pinar del Río  11Feb13 0500 - Under WDCX open carrier; choral national anthem and ID with chimes parallel 1070 kHz.  3Mar13 0500 - Under WDCX sign-off; canned ID with theme music, "Esta es Guamá, la señal sonora de la familia pinareña," choral nation anthem, then another ID with slogan.  20Mar15 0359 - Under WDCX; choral national anthem, then signature 4-note chimes.  21Mar15 0100 - Fair; chimes, canned ID, "Esta es Guamá, la señal sonora de la familia pinareña."1566 (2504)
990  MEXICO XET La T Grande, Monterrey, NL  18Mar13 0800 - Under WNTP; canned ID, "XET La T Grande de Monterrey... con 50 mil wats de potencia... todo México... todo México..." with a flourish of tones in the middle. Later heard the same canned ID on XET streaming audio.
1000  COLOMBIA HJAQ RCN La Radio, Cartagena  22Mar15 0200 - Good; fútbol coverage, Copa América promo, parallel 760 kHz.
1000  CUBA R.Granma, Media Luna  10Oct12 0400 - Fair; "Radio Granma" by a woman and music box chimes.  12Jan13 1100 - Under WMVP; R.Granma jingle and 'interval signal'.  20Mar15 0959 - Melodic music box time marker breaking through a jumble of signals.  21Mar15 0100 - Over unID Spanish; "La... Radio Granma" canned ID by a woman and time marker.1593 (2563)
1000  MEXICO XEOY R.Mil, México, DF  24Oct12 0400 - Over Cuba; nostalgic romántica, "Estamos XEOY AM... w punto com..." and jingle, "Radio Mil, vive México."  19Mar15 0900 - Over/under WMVP; jingle with announced "Radio Mil," and nostalgia.
1020  CUBA R.Reloj, Victoria de las Tunas  25Aug13 0801 - Under KDKA, over unID Spanish vocal; ticker and RR Morse code.
1020  CUBA Cadena CMKS/R.Trinchera AntiImperialista, Baracoa  3Oct13 0900 - Under KDKA; Guantanamera chimes.
1040  CUBA R.Mayabeque, Güines  20Dec15 1100 - Over/under WHO and WCHR; melody of canned hourly ID, then choral national anthem.  3Jan16 0300 - Over/under WCHR; "Esta es Radio Mayabeque... 104.7 FM... la voz de Mayabeque..."
1060  CUBA Radio 26, Jovellanos  16Jan13 2300 - Over/under KYW; canned ID with piano music, "Esta es Radio 26, desde Matanzas, Cuba," and distinctive time signal.  9Dec13 1100 - Over/under KYW; piano theme music, distinctive time marker, "Exactamente las seis en la mañana," and news, "...información en Radio 26."  13Dec13 0500 - Over KYW; piano instrumental theme, "Esta es Radio 26, desde Matanzas, Cuba," time signal, and choral national anthem.  5Feb14 1059 - Good, over KYW; canned ID and time check into news. Listen to mp3 audio clip.1480 (2381)
1060  MEXICO XEEP R.Educación, México DF  5Feb12 0600 - Under KYW and Radio 26 Cuba; choral national anthem.  3Mar13 0601 - Under KYW; children's choral national anthem.  13Oct13 0901 - Over KYW; flute folk music, ID, "Radio Educación, 1060 de AM, desde la ciudad de México, cien mil wats de potencia, en internet radio educacion punto edu punto mx, Radio Educación." Listen to mp3 audio clip.
1060  MEXICO XERDO Reynosa, Tamps.  26Dec14 1000 - Weak rumble against KYW. Observed offset frequency, measured at 1060.076 kHz, along with an unID offset at 1060.021 kHz. XERDO moved from 1450 kHz.
1070  CUBA R.Guamá, Guane  25Oct12 0100 - Poor; "...la señal sonora de la familia pinareña" which matches www.rguama.icrt.cu slogan.  11Feb13 0500 - Over/under CHOK; chimes marking the hour, choral national anthem, and canned ID by a woman accompanied by distinctive 4-note chimes, parallel 990 kHz.  19Oct14 0359 - Briefly good over CHOK; choral national anthem, then canned ID with chimes, "Con la... nuevo día, Radio Guamá, la señal sonora de la familia pinareña..." Listen to mp3 audio clip.
1070  CUBA Cadena CMKS, Guantánamo 21Mar15 0500 - In jumble including CHOK, WNCT, and off-frequency HJCG; Guantanamera chimes.
1080  CUBA R.Cadena Habana/R.Ciudad de la Habana, Villa María  10Oct12 2300 - Over/under WTIC; "Radio Cadena Habana, emisora de la música cubana," into a nostalgic vocal.  22Jun13 0501 - Under WTIC; distinctive hourly musical signature. R.Cadena Habana carrying R.Ciudad.  26Aug13 0801 - Under WTIC; Michael Jackson "I Just Can't Stop Loving You," then signature R.Ciudad piano theme music marking the hour, parallel 820 kHz.  26Dec14 0600 - Under WTIC; R.Ciudad de la Habana jingle.  27Dec14 2301 - Under WTIC; ID and singing "Radio Cadena Habana."  16Mar15 0900 - Under WTIC; Ciudad jingle.
1080  CUBA R.Surco, unknown location  4Jan15 4 0500 - Under WTIC; choral national anthem and familiar canned ID, parallel 1140 kHz. Then at 0502 heard choral national anthem from R.Ciudad de la Habana parallel 820 kHz.  25Jan15 1100 - Under WTIC; canned ID parallel 1140 kHz.
1090  VENEZUELA YVSZ Deportes Unión Radio, Caracas  21Mar15 0100 - Over/under WBAL; coverage of Caracas sports event.
1100  BRAZIL ZYK694 R.Globo, São Paulo  25Aug13 0700 - Under WTAM open carrier; "Rádio Globo" promo in Portuguese. Listen to mp3 audio clip.4827 (7768)
1100  COLOMBIA HJAT Caracol Radio, Barranquilla  10Oct12 2300 - Fair; choral national anthem, "Caracol Radio... hora Caracol... Diana Calderón."2205 (3549)
1100  COLOMBIA HJCN BBN Radio, Bogotá  30Jun13 0800 - Under WTAM dead air; canned ID followed by "las buenas noticias" news from BBN.2622 (4220)
1100  CUBA R.Angulo, Mayarí  21Mar15 0400 - Under WTAM; choral national anthem parallel 740 kHz.
1110  CUBA R.Angulo, Holguín  28Feb13 1000 - Under/over WBT; canned R.Angulo ID by a man, doorbells marking the hour, then Cuban folk music.  21Jun13 0800 - Fair, over WBT; canned ID with "La Bella Cubana" violin instrumental and reverb, then doorbell chimes.  21Mar15 0059 - Under WBT; urban contemporary music clip and reverb, 0102 female R&B vocal, parallel 1100 kHz.  9Oct15 0000 - Under WBT; spacey music of canned ID and chimes parallel 740 kHz.
1110  MEXICO XERED Formato 21, México, DF  JUL 17 0900 - Under WBT; talk in Spanish, Formato 21 jingle and music bed, México mentions.
1110  VENEZUELA YVQT R.Carúpano, Carúpano  1Feb12 0016 - Fair over WBT; contemporary tropical music, Venezuela ¡Carúpano! IDs.  22Mar15 0130 - Good; "La hora de Venezuela" time check and nostalgic llanera.2262 (3641)
1140  CUBA R.Bayamo, Media Luna  26Aug13 0700 - In co-channel jumble; signature doorbells parallel 1150 and 1620 kHz.
1140  CUBA R.Surco, Morón  15Jan13 2300 - Over/under WRVA; familiar CMIP R.Surco canned ID with synth instrumental.  6Jun13 0300 - Fair; canned ID with electric organ/synth, "Transmite CMIP Radio Surco, desde Ciego de Avila, capital de la locución cubana."  5Jun16 0400 - Fair; choral national anthem, then canned ID, "Transmite CMIP Radio Surco..." Listen to mp3 audio clip.1479 (2380)
1140  CUBA R.Cadena Agramonte, Camagüey-Isábel Hortensia  24Oct12 1000 - Over WRVA; ascending chimes, canned ID with theme song, "Desde la cuna de el mayor, transmite Radio Cadena Agramonte, Camagüey, Cuba," parallel 910 kHz. Also heard weak chimes at 0900 through co-channel R.Rebelde.  21Feb13 1000 - Under WRVA, over R.Rebelde; four ascending notes marking the hour, then canned ID, parallel 910 kHz.1516 (2439)
1140  CUBA R.Mayabeque, La Salud  20Dec11 0200 - Over/under WRVA; piano/synth theme music, "Esta es Radio Mayabeque... tu emisora amiga."  25Jan15 1100 - Over/under WRVA, WQBA, and R.Surco; theme music and choral national anthem, possibly signing on at this time, listed 1000 sign on.
1140  CUBA R.Musical Nacional, Santa Clara  10Oct12 0300 - Over R.Surco; "Esta es CMBF Radio Musical Nacional, transmitiendo desde... Cuba" and classical harp instrumental theme music.  22Jul13 0300 - Fair; announcement of "concierto n° 1 en re menor para piano y orquesta... por la Orquesta Sinfónica de la Radiodifusión de la Unión Soviética..." and classical music.  21Dec13 2300 - Fair; "Escucha CMBF Radio Musical Nacional, transmitiendo desde la Habana Cuba" and classical harp instrumental theme.
1140  CUBA R.Rebelde, Circunvalación//Aguada//Caribe//Guantánamo-La Piña  2Jan12 0501 - Fair; choral national anthem, then organ theme, "Rebelde la Habana, emisora de la revolución," parallel 600 kHz.  19Sep17 0800 - Over/under WRVA; double sounders indicating reception of at least two of the four Rebelde signals on 1140 kHz.
1140  CUBA R.Ciudad de la Habana, unknown location 4Mar17 1100 - Under WRVA; melody of hourly canned jingle/ID. The canned ID of R.Surco poked through a minute later. There used to be a 5 kW Loma de la Cruz, Habana station listed here that broadcast R.Cadena Habana and R.Enciclopedia; reactivated as R.Ciudad?
1140  MEXICO XEMR R.Esperanza, Monterrey NL  9Feb13 0900 - Under WRVA; woman with Esperanza and México mentions. Relatively good Mexico reception conditions this morning.  22Mar15 0130 - Fair; "Escuchas de Radio Esperanza, 1140 AM, la estación..."2008 (3231)
1140.25  PERU OCY4C R.Programas del Perú, Pilcomayo-Huancayo  21May16 0900 - Het against WRVA, WQBA, R.Rebelde, and R.Surco; presumed this one listed at 1140.251 kHz.
1150  CUBA R.Bayamo, Bueycito  3Mar13 0600 - Under WWDJ; doorbells marking the hour, parallel 1620 kHz.  6Jun13 0400 - Over/under WWDJ; choral national anthem and doorbell chimes.  26Mar15 0500 - Through momentarily quiet WWDJ Boston; chimes parallel 1620 kHz.
1160  BERMUDA VSB3 Hamilton  18Mar11 0244 - Poor; BBC World Service through WVNJ.  Signed off the air May 2015 due to transmitter maintenance issues and lack of sponsorship.
1170  COLOMBIA HJNW Caracol Radio, Cartegena  17Jan12 2359 - Surprised to find this on top; "Caracol Radio" IDs and titulares.  3Jan15 0600 - Under WWVA; Caracol Christmas jingle.  8Oct15 2359 - Fair; fútbol promo for selección Colombia, "Caracol Radio, más compania."2235 (3597)
1170  CUBA Cadena CMKS, Maisí  27Sep14 0401 - Through WWVA open carrier; Guantanamera chimes.  8Oct15 2302 - Under WWTR; Guantanamera chimes.
1170  MEXICO XEZS R.Hit, Coatzacoalcos, Ver.  8Feb14 0900 - Poor but briefly readable with WWVA off the air; "En Radio Hit, son las tres en punto..." Listen to mp3 audio clip.2164 (3483)
1179  CUBA R.Rebelde, unknown location  6Jun13 0800 - Presumed one of the R.Rebelde outlets off-frequency, producing a loud het against 1180 R.Rebelde and WHAM.
1200  COLOMBIA HJIJ Medellín  29Mar17 1000 - Het against CFGO and WXKS; measured 1200.174 kHz corresponding with listed offset frequency.
1210  CUBA R.Rebelde, Jobabo  10Oct12 0400 - Under WPHT; "Rebelde" ID and announcement by a woman, then choral national anthem, parallel 1180 kHz.
1210  CUBA R.Sancti Spíritus, Sancti Spíritus  2Jan16 1100 - Under WPHT; chimes marking the hour, woman in Spanish.  16Jul16 0900 - Under WPHT; tropical guitar, "Radio Sancti Spíritus" by a man and announcement by a woman. Listen to mp3 audio clip.  13Aug17 0501 - Under WPHT; instrumental segment of "Winchester Cathedral" into canned ID with fanfare, "En el centro de Cuba... CMGL Radio Sancti Spíritus..."
1220  CUBA R.Caribe, La Fe  18Oct15 0359 - Under WHKW; choral national anthem. This is the only Cuban listed on 1220 kHz.1603 (2580)
1290  VENEZUELA YVLF Puerto Cabello  14Oct12 0100 - Briefly over jumble; "Por RCR Deportes..." in sports commentary, parallel 750 YVKS.2232 (3592)
1309.68 COLOMBIA HJAK La Voz de la Patria Celestial, Barranquilla  23Jun16 0900 - Het against CIWW; coinciding with listed 0900 sign-on, measured 1309.679 kHz.
1520  COLOMBIA HJLI Libertad, Bogotá  18Mar13 0859 - Under WWKB open carrier; "La palabra de Dios..." and "la comunidad manantial" with Bogotá and Colombia mentions. Per Henrik Klemetz at RealDX, this was a plug for meetings of the Comunidad Manantial de Vida at "Diagonal 46A No. 51-40 en Bogotá, Colombia, Centro Comercial Venecia Plaza, 2o. piso, Barrio Venecia, Comunidad Manantial."2621 (4218)
1540  BAHAMAS ZNS1 Nassau  17Feb12 0500 - Over/under WDCD and KXEL; instrumental national anthem.  11Oct12 0400 - Over KXEL; "The views and opinions expressed on this show or program are not a reflection of the Bahamas Radio Network and as an extension the Broadcasting Corporation of the Bahamas," then "The Broadcasting Corporation of the Bahamas presents News and Views, Immediate Response."  Listen to mp3 audio clip ending with KXEL ID.  4Oct15 1000 - Believed to be the source of open carrier spurs at 1521 and 1559 (+/-19 kHz) producing hets against 1520 WWKB and 1560 WFME.  18Dec15 1059 - Good; "You're tuned in to Radio Bahamas 1540 AM, 107.9 FM, this is the voice of the Bahamas," then lost to WDCD sign-on. Also noted strong hets from ZNS1 spurs at 1521 and 1559 kHz.  27Jan17 1100 - Loud hets from spurs at 1521 and 1559 kHz; only WDCD and CHIN heard on 1540 kHz.1266 (2037)
1540.5 PERU OCU2X R.Turbomix, Cajamarca  28May16 0858 - Good het against 1539.999 KXEL Waterloo and 1539.984 CHIN Toronto. Measured 1540.500 kHz which is the offset for R.Turbomix. 0901 heard a Spanish ballad with light guitar music rising out of the domestic splatter; http://www.bamlog.com/turbomix.mp3. The second Peru offset found in a week, with 1140.251 OCY4C R.Programas found on May 21 at this same time.3462 (5571)
1550  CUBA R.Rebelde, multiple sites  14Feb12 0059 - Through 1560 WQEW HD digital noise; "Rebelde la Habana, emisora de la revolución" with organ theme music, then deportivamente intro, parallel 600, 620, 670, 710, 1180 kHz.
1570  MEXICO XERF La Poderosa, Cd. Acuña, Coah.  13Jan14 1000 - Brief fade over CJLV; Mexican music, "...aquí en la Poderosa."1878 (3023)
1610  ANGUILLA Caribbean Beacon, The Valley  14Oct12 0300 - Under CHHA; announced Los Angeles address in United States of America, then University Network ID with 800 phone number.
1620  CUBA R.Bayamo, Bayamo  3Mar13 0501 - Over/under R.Rebelde; choral national anthem, then música program intro with Bayamo mention. 0600 under R.Rebelde and unID; doorbells marking the hour, parallel 1150 kHz.  24Jan14 1100 - Under R.Rebelde; doorbells followed by six chimes marking 6 a.m.  12Oct14 0500 - Over R.Rebelde; canned ID, "Esta es CMKX, Radio Bayamo, cadena con... transmitiendo desde la cuna del himno nacional cubana, su emisora de siempre" and chimes with time check, "Uno en punto."  Listen to mp3 audio clip.1569 (2525)
1620  CUBA R.Rebelde, La Habana//Guantánamo  1Feb12 0100 - Fair over unID Spanish; organ theme music, "Rebelde la Habana, emisora de la revolución," and news.  5Mar12 0100 - Synchro echo; ID with organ, listen to mp3 audio clip.  17Sep17 0000 - Good; promo, "...en la FM Rebelde, antena música viva."
1620  U.S. VIRGIN ISLANDS WDHP Frederiksted  17Feb19 0058 - Over/under R.Rebelde and R.Bayamo; promo, "...103.5 The Reef" and edgy Caribbean rap. At 0159, promo ID, "...and you're listening to 103.5 The Reef."
1640  DOMINICAN REPUBLIC R.Juventus Don Bosco, Santo Domingo  18Feb14 1059 - National anthem faded over the pile of co-channel HAR/TIS stations. Listen to mp3 audio clip.
1700  MEXICO XEPE Tecate, BCN  3Feb14 1000 - Atop the frequency; muddled ID in Spanish by a woman followed by promo, "...and you're listening to ESPN Radio 1700 ...at 7:00 a.m., ESPN Radio 1700." Listen to mp3 audio clip.2543 (4092)

Transpacific DX

kHz   Miles (km) 
 864  INDIA AIR Shillong  24Jan15 1100 - Clearly visible signal but only 10 dB above the noise floor, not enough for audio. Measured 864.000 kHz. Not observed an hour earlier.  25Jan15 1249 - Noted again this morning, still visible at this time. Faded out by 1320. Receiver sunrise 1208 UTC.  27Jan15 1200 - Signal observed but not as strong. Research has narrowed it to either South Korea or Shillong, India. I'm leaning toward India via grayline enhancement arriving from the northeast transpolar path rather than the northwest. Shillong transmitter sunset and Nashua receiver sunrise line up almost too nicely. Also, South Korea is listed at 839.999 kHz, and no other South Korea signals such as 972 and 1566 were observed.  31Jan15 1200 - Tentative. Weak signal at 864.000 kHz, still not strong enough for audio. Presumed Shillong, India, grayline enhancement arriving from the northeast rather than transpacific. Also found a weak 4970 Shillong signal. Shillong transmitter sunset 1135, Nashua receiver sunrise 1202 UTC. 4970 kHz faded out by 1315, while the 864 signal remained visible above the noise floor until 1430 UTC. Mauno Ritola confirmed 864.000 kHz measurement via remote subcontinental SDR.7616 (12257)
1548  AUSTRALIA 4QD Emerald  1Feb15 1100 - Tentative. Het against 1550 CBEF and R.Rebelde. Measured 1548.010 kHz. Not there earlier at 1000 UTC. Per Tim Tromp in Michigan, offset frequency matches 4QD Emerald, also received there.9821 (15805)

  MW Radio Countries Received = 68 (including Canada and U.S.)

  Albania = 3,  Algeria = 4,  Anguilla = 1,  Armenia = 1,  Australia = 1,  Azores = 1,
  Bahamas = 2,  Belgium = 1,  Benin = 1,  Bermuda = 1,  Brazil = 1,  British Virgin Islands = 1,
  China = 1,  Colombia = 15,  Corsica = 1,  Croatia = 1,  Cuba = 64,  Czech Republic = 2,
  Denmark = 1,  Djibouti = 1,  Dominican Republic = 4,  Egypt = 2,
  Faroe Islands = 1,  Finland = 1,  France = 8,
  Germany = 8,  Guadeloupe = 1,  Haiti = 1,
  India = 1,  Iran = 11,  Italy = 3,  Kaliningrad = 1,  Kuwait = 1,  Luxembourg = 1,  Libya = 5,
  Lithuania = 1,  Mauritania = 1,  Mexico = 20,  Moldova = 3,  Morocco = 2,
  Netherlands = 2,  Nicaragua = 2,  Nigeria = 1,   Northern Ireland = 1,
  Peru = 2,  Portugal = 2,  Puerto Rico = 3,  Romania = 5,  Russia = 1,
  São Tomé = 1,  Saudi Arabia = 3,  Scotland = 1,  Spain = 21,  St.Kitts & Nevis = 2,
  Sudan = 1,  Sweden = 1,  Switzerland = 1,  Syria = 2,  Tunisia = 1,
  Ukraine = 1,  United Arab Emirates = 2,  United Kingdom = 8,  U.S. Virgin Islands = 1,
  Vatican = 1,  Venezuela = 10,  Western Sahara = 1

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