2016 'Listening H2O' Prince Edward Island DXpedition

Murray Harbour North, Prince Edward Island, Canada
Buffalo, Turkey, and some Magic
(All dates/times UTC)

     Bruce Conti WPC1CAT; WiNRADiO Excalibur, MWDX-5 phasing unit, ICE 112A 4-way active splitter
     Nick Hall-Patch; RFSpace SDR-14 driving DX Fishbarrel, RFSpace Net SDR
     Walter Salmaniw; Perseus (2), Delta-4 antenna switch
     Brent Taylor VY2HF/AC1BF; SDRplay with SDRuno, RFSpace SDR-IQ, Wellbrook 4-way active splitter
     Niel Wolfish; WiNRADiO Excalibur, Delta-2 antenna switch

     D-Kaz, 140-ft base x 31-ft apex, at 60° (NOV 6), moved to 30°with base lengthened to 147-ft (NOV 9 1600+ UTC)
     Beverage at 80°: 1500-ft (NOV 6 0000+ UTC), extended to 2000-ft (NOV 7 1200+ UTC)
     Reversed-direction BOG, 500-ft at 60° (NOV 7 1400+ UTC)
     Variable termination Delta, 100-ft base x 31-ft apex, at 0° (NOV 8 1600+ UTC), moved to 15° (NOV 9 1600+ UTC)
     Variable termination SuperLoop, 16 x 50-ft at 60° (NOV 10-11)


Brent Taylor
     As the only 'local' participant in the DX'pedition, I was beset with work commitments that took me off site for much of the week. Still, I had three nights at Listening Waters and was able to get my DX fix. Nick's DKaz antenna was very impressive, as was Bruce's 2000-ft Beverage and his new variable termination system that used a motorized potentiometer. Despite the sun throwing some extra particles Earth's way during the week, conditions were surprisingly non-auroral.
     DXing is usually done solitary, but the fellowship and shared resources available at a DX'pedition make the hobby so much more fun and informative. Instead of cruising through pages of internet information to try to identify a station, it's a real treat to just lean sideways and say, "Niel, what is usually on 918 with English news at 2130?" And his answer (Slovenia) is instantaneous. Each DX'er brought distinct and needed skills to the table. Best of all, they are great guys.
     I'll close with an anecdote: George Dewar, VY2GF, dropped by to see the setup and lend a hand with antennas. A few days after the Expedition wrapped up he called me on the phone and marveled at the technical knowledge and antenna expertise he saw at Listening Waters. He was also surprised that, with the exception of Nick VE7DXR, the team was devoid of ham operators.
     I'm looking forward to the next event, and will re-live it through the winter as I listen to my SDR spectrum captures!

Niel Wolfish
     Bruce's planning webpage for this year's DX'pedition was entitled Assignment Africa. From Bruce's list we managed to hear Djibouti, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Sudan, Tanzania, Angola, Sao Tome, Benin, Nigeria, Mauritania, Morocco, Algeria, Libya, Egypt, and of course, South Africa. I'd say that we handled the assignment quite well. Too bad that Liberia on 630 or Sierra Leone on 1206 (now a wide-open frequency) couldn't have reactivated for us this year.
     It was great to be back in PEI after a year off and great to spend a week DX'ing and hanging out with Brent, Bruce, Nick and Walt. Too bad that Brent couldn't spend the entire week with us. It was the first time I had DX'ed in a world without all those French and German stations being on the dial. Instead I have the Romanian national anthem stuck in my head.
     Thank you to Walt for his assistance with Slavic languages, European pirates and the merits of the various seafood chowders to be had in Montague PEI. Thank you to Nick for his antenna expertise, spotting some great DX and keeping me amused every time he remarked how strong the TA's were. Thank you to Bruce for his expertise too, as well as his tips and for keeping the webpage up-to-date. And of course, thank you to Brent for organizing the event, supplying the SuperLoop (and leaving behind the jar of dry roasted peanuts). Looking forward to 2017, I hope!

Nick Hall-Patch
     My first DXpedition to PEI was four years ago, and I've been looking forward to returning ever since, just to be able to sit in front of a computer and SDR with a goofy grin on my face, marveling, as Niel puts it, at how STRONG all the TA's were. And they were. In addition, this time I could marvel at how WEAK most of the domestics were barring those in Nova Scotia and Newfoundland. Last time I listened on a SuperLoop and ALA100 Delta, this time, a DKaz and 2000-ft (eventually) Beverage were added. The domestics didn't stand a chance; I suspect it was like DX'ing in Newfoundland. But really, once the SuperLoop was beefed up with a FLG100 and Vactrol... well heck, we heard South Africa... and we still don't know what was on 1206. The BOG that was used heard a number of TA's also but was underpowered, though really it was an experiment in having a feedline and BOG in the same package... and it did succeed in that. TP stations had not been reported from PEI since that expedition in 2012, but we did hear one for sure this time, the Korean jammer on 1053, no need to wait for an ID on the hour (see accompanying illustration; we too need to get some uniformed helpers to keep our loggings straight). The one that got away was 4QD-1548... the frequency offset was correct, just not enough oomph for decent audio. Next time; Australia would be a real catch from PEI. Whoever ordered the static, perhaps dial it back a bit in future... and I don't remember British and Spanish interference on the sunrise TP's from the last time. That's a serious daylight path.
     Thanks especially to Brent for putting this all together, and then suffering through hearing the stories of what went on while he was at work. At least we saved South Africa for him. It was great company, a fine location, and a memorable time.

Walt Salmaniw
     I was thrilled to be invited again to PEI to experience MW DX'ing (although, I snuck in some SW DX in addition!) from an east coast perspective. It always astounds me how strong the signals can be, compared to the west coast, and the hours are SO civilized. I really enjoyed starting DX'ing around 2 or 3 p.m. in the afternoon! Compare that to 4:00 a.m. in the morning during our summers on the west coast! Thanks to excellent internet access, I was very impressed with the ability to immediately look for internet feed parallels. Without that, we would never have been able to log Magic 828 from South Africa, as we could only ID them based on the (Canadian) songs being played in succession! Wish I'd have the same capability in Masset! I was not let down by bringing my two Perseus SDR's. When things were hot, I'd launch Perseus #2 with Mestor, which is very easy on my high end (but old) Dell laptop, collecting 1600 kHz of spectrum (the entire LW and MW bands), while DX'ing live on my main Perseus. Worked like a charm, and the captures were excellent! I treasured the ability to immediately ask my extremely knowledgeable fellow DXers: Niel, Bruce, Brent and Nick. Thank you, Gentlemen! I look forward to future east coast DX'peditions, for sure! Finally, I'm extremely impressed with Bruce's ability to immediately uploading our DX results. I'm aware of no other DX'peditions that do this, and makes it so relevant to others, who can virtually follow us live!

Bruce Conti
     Some random notes: Iran was more challenging to identify than in past DX'peditions. Instead of being able to use the reliable 1503 kHz parallel for quick ID, it seemed like more stations were broadcasting programs independent of each other, although many still used the familiar IRIB Radio Iran chimes at the top of the hour (our bottom of the hour). What about that noise on 1062 kHz? A jammer or a defective transmitter? Reception of Europe was amazing with signals received a few hours before sunset until sunrise. 720 Greenland was huge, and 531 Faroe Islands a nice surprise. The 1521 Saudi Arabia blowtorch was off the air for much of the DX'pedition. No sign of India on 1071 or 1566 kHz. Good signals from 917 Nigeria, 1359 Ethiopia, 1377 Tanzania, 1530 S„o Tome, 1566 Benin, and Eritrea was easy to spot on the old-plan frequency of 845 kHz. Tropical DX could be summarized in one word: Disappointing. Not much beyond the Radio Progreso, Radio Rebelde, and Radio Reloj regulars. Active antenna splitter problems: The ICE 4-way splitter died early in the DX'pedition, and then the Wellbrook splitter dropped out. Perhaps the abnormal-for-this-time-of-year intense lightning noise from an ocean storm was too much signal for the buffer amplifiers to handle? I worried that the lightning bursts would damage my receiver too, but it survived.
     Not much time for tourist activities. Other than quick visits to Panmure Lighthouse and Buffaloland, it was immediately back to work for this hardcore group after our daily lunch in-town. Many thanks to all for a great DX'pedition; Brent the Tool Man, Walt the Splitter Guy, Transpacific Nick, and RNE Niel, hi! Already formulating plans for the next one. Targeting India and Africa with Beverages at 50 and 100 degrees, maybe. In the meantime, enjoy the following DX'pedition logbook. Visit the website at www.bamlog.com/2016pedx.htm for log updates and sample audio files as DX'peditioners review SDR RF spectrum captures to warm the ears over the winter.

Despite beautiful weather on the Gentle Island, an Atlantic storm caused frequent lightning noise during the DXpedition.


Transatlantic DX

 531 ALGERIA Jil FM, F'kirina Wilaya d'Oum El Bouaghi  NOV 8 0500 - Over/under Spain; marching band national anthem. [Conti] NOV 11 0315 - Man and woman talking light-heartedly in combination of French and Arabic. Strong signal. [Taylor]

 531 FAROE ISLANDS Kringvarp Føroya, Akraberg  NOV 10 0500 - Over Algeria anthem; woman in Faroese with piano music through the hour. Indicative of reception conditions, 720 Greenland was strong tonight. Thanks to RealDX yg for help with language identification. [Conti]

 531 SPAIN RNE5 Pontevedra  NOV 7 0625 - Parallel 585, then ID: "Radio Nacional de España Galicia," followed by man and woman talking. [Wolfish]

 549 ALGERIA Jil FM, Les Trembles  NOV 10 0500 - Good; marching band choral national anthem parallel 531 kHz. NOV 11 0558 - Good; marching band national anthem parallel 531, time marker, woman with Jil FM ID and news over music bed. [Conti]

 549 IRELAND Spirit Radio, Carrickroe  NOV 7 0659 - "It's almost 7 o'clock... across your city now, Spirit Radio news!" followed by ID, news read by woman. [Wolfish] NOV 7 1950 - Looking for UR 1 on this channel, normally completely dominated by Jil FM from Algeria, I can easily hear a co-channel, which matches the on-line link. Sometimes dominating, too (at 19:52). [Salmaniw]

 558 IRAN IRIB R.Iran, Gheslagh  NOV 6 2100 - Good; R.Iran ID, vocal with flute parallel 1278 and 1503 kHz. NOV 7 0000 - Good, over Spain; flute music parallel 1503 kHz. [Conti]

 585 SPAIN RNE1 Madrid  NOV 7 0625 - "Radio Nacional de España, Madrid," followed by woman with news. [Wolfish]

 594 SAUDI ARABIA SBC R.Riyadh, Duba  NOV 6 0100 - In 590 VOCM splatter while tuned to low side to avoid 595 Morocco het; rapid-fire news items parallel 1440 kHz. NOV 8 0100 - Fair; news parallel 1440 kHz. [Conti]

 595 MOROCCO SNRT Oujda  NOV 6 0100 - Fair; female North African vocal parallel 612 kHz. [Conti] NOV 9 0019 - Man singing Arabic, slightly better on Beverage, fair strength, strong carrier, seemed parallel 612 kHz. [Hall-Patch]

 603 ROMANIA R.România Actualitati, Botosani//Oradea  NOV 11 0258 - Over/under Spain; choral national anthem, "hora exacta" ID on the hour into news. [Conti]

 612 MOROCCO SNRT Sebaa-Aioun  NOV 11 0501 - Excellent signal, low modulation near open carrier; choral national anthem parallel 595 kHz. [Conti]

 621 BELGIUM La Première, Wavre  NOV 11 0400 - Fading up over RNE1; canned "La Première" and man in French, "Bonjour..." into news. [Conti]

 621 CANARY ISLANDS RNE1 Las Mesas  NOV 7 0625 - "Radio Nacional de España, Canarias" followed by man with presumed local news as there were several mentions of Canarias. [Wolfish]

 630 PORTUGAL RDP Antena 1, Miranda do Douro//Montemoro Velho  NOV 6 0600 - Good inbetween 620 CKCM and 640 CBN splatter; piano instrumental leading up to Antena 1 ID, time marker and news, parallel an echoey 666 kHz. [Conti]

 630 TUNISIA RTT Tunis  NOV 11 0459 - Good; Mideast style music with female announcement, time marker and news over music bed, parallel 684 kHz. [Conti]

 630 UNITED KINGDOM BBC R.Cornwall, Redruth  NOV 10 0052 - Under Tunisia; pop music parallel 657 kHz. [Conti]

 639 CZECH REPUBLIC Ceský Rozhlas Dvojka, Praha//Ostrava-Svinov  NOV 6 2300 - Over Spain; orchestral national anthem. NOV 10 2100 - Over Spain; "Ceský Rozhlas Dvojka." [Conti]

 648 SPAIN RNE1 Badajoz  NOV 6 2200 - Good; marker and Spain/Canaries time check, "24 horas, fin de semana, en Radio Nacional de España," parallel 639 kHz. [Conti]

 657 IRAN IRIB R.Iran, Kiashahr//Zahedan  NOV 7 0224 - Man intoning soulfully parallel 1503, but don't know which of the listed stations this might be, fair strength at best. [Hall-Patch]

 657 ITALY Rai Radiouno, Pisa  NOV 6 0459 - Over Spain; orchestral national anthem, databurst, time marker, and Rai news, parallel 900 kHz, while 1062 had pre sign-on tones leading up to the data burst and time marker. [Conti]

 657 SPAIN RNE5 Madrid  NOV 11 0500 - Good; "Radio Cinco, todas noticias," marker and time checks into news, "En las Mañanas de Radio Nacional, España en las Seis, Alfredo Menendez." [Conti]

 657 UNITED KINGDOM BBC R.Cornwall, Bodmin  NOV 10 0045 - Over/under Spain; music not parallel 882 BBC R.Wales, and couldn't get internet stream working, but found parallel 630 kHz. [Conti]

 666 IRAN IRIB R.Iran, Shushtar  NOV 6 2101 - Fair, over Portugal and Spain; announcements with reverb effects, discovered to be parallel 1062 IRIB R.Kerman and 1512 IRIB R.Ardabil (under Saudi Arabia) but not parallel a strong 1503 kHz. [Conti]

 666 SPAIN SER R.Barcelona, Barcelona  NOV 6 0100 - Good, over echoey Portugal; in-studio discussion through the hour parallel 1044 kHz. NOV 11 0300 - Over Portugal; time marker, "Cadena Ser, servicios informativos." [Conti]

 675 QATAR QMC R.Qatar, Al Arish  NOV 9 0226 - Man chanting in parallel with www.qatarradio.qa/Live.aspx, very little delay. Fair to good, dominating channel. [Hall-Patch] NOV 11 0100 - Good; distinctive musical interlude, then announcement including ID, "Idhaat Qatar," and fanfare into news. Listen to mp3 audio clip. Thanks to John Faulkner and Chuck Hutton at RealDX for help with ID. [Conti]

 675 SAUDI ARABIA SBC R.Riyadh, Abha//Afif  NOV 6 0100 - Fair with loud echo of delay between the two stations; rapid-fire news items parallel 1440 kHz. [Conti]

 677.5 LIBYA Libya al Wataniya, Benghazi  NOV 6 0000 - Good; Arabic vocal through the hour, measured 677.497 kHz. Not parallel 1053.1 Libya. [Conti] NOV 9 0204 - Thanks to Wolfgang Bueschel for the reminder about Libya. Tonight on measured 677.496 at good/very good level but with significant static crashes. We also see 1053.1 mixing with a UK station. I note that the MW List gives a schedule of 05-23:50. [Salmaniw]

 684 SPAIN RNE1 Sevilla  NOV 7 0625 - "Radio Nacional de España Andalucia" ID into news with woman and man announcers. Lead item about U.S. elections. Parallel 603, but not parallel 585 during newscast. [Wolfish]

 684 TUNISIA RTT Medenine  NOV 11 0459 - Under Spain; music and news parallel 630 kHz. [Conti]

 693 ALGERIA R.Algérienne, Reggane  NOV 10 1949 - Two stations at poor strength heard under monster strength Radio 5 Live, one was Algeria parallel 981 and delayed by a little over a second, woman talking, then man. [Hall-Patch]

 693 UNITED KINGDOM BBC5, Droitwich et al.  NOV 7 0500 - Good; "The best live sport, this is BBC Five Live," and news, "It's 5 o'clock, this is Morning Report on Five Live..." parallel 909 kHz. [Conti]

 702 ALGERIA R.Algérienne/R.Laghouat, Laghouat  NOV 6 0058 - Fair, over unID's; male speaker and choral chants, pips marking the hour, then program intro with windy sound effects, parallel 1422 kHz. NOV 6 2301 - Fair; marching band choral national anthem parallel 1422 kHz. NOV 9 2300 - Fair; time marker and marching band choral national anthem, not parallel 1422 or other frequencies at this time. NOV 10 2300 - Fair; Algeria time pips, then marching band national anthem. Again no parallels found, so presume R.Laghouat at this time. NOV 11 0559 - Good; marching band national anthem. [Conti]

 702 IRAN VOIRI Kiashahr  NOV 6 1930 - Poor; three chimes of IRIB R.Iran marking the hour. NOV 7 0100 - Fair, over Saudi Arabia; choral national anthem, then Koranic recitations. [Conti]

 702 SAUDI ARABIA SBC R.Riyadh, Bisha//Duba  NOV 9 2100 - Over/under co-channel Mideast/North African stations; rapid-fire news with attention signal/flourish between each item, parallel 1440 and 1521 kHz. 702 is listed as SBC R.Jeddah. [Conti]

 711 SPAIN COPE Murcia  NOV 6 0100 - Fair, over unID's; Spain/Canaries time checks into news, "Ultima hora en Cope, estar informado," parallel 837 kHz. [Conti]

 711 WESTERN SAHARA SNRT Laâyoune  NOV 7 0200 - North African tribal vocal parallel 595 and 612 kHz. Weak het from unID 711.176 kHz. NOV 11 0100 - Over/under Spain; Koran up to the hour, then instrumental Morocco national anthem, not parallel 595 and 612 kHz. [Conti]

 720 CANARY ISLANDS RNE5 Santa Cruz de Tenerife  NOV 11 0600 - Over/under Greenland; rock vocal bumper music parallel leading up to the hour, then time marker and fanfare into "Las Mañnas de Radio Nacional." A third station in the mix probably Portugal. [Conti]

 720 GREENLAND KNR Simiutaq  NOV 7 0440 - Excellent reception in Greenlandic. Almost sounded a bit like south Pacific islands music for a bit! Parallel internet feed found at http://tunein.com/radio/Kalaallit-Nunaata-Radioa-720-s102522/. A little later, was replaced by the BBCWS, likely from Lisnagarvey with listed 10 kW. Latter at fair/good level. [Salmaniw] NOV 8 2250 - Good in lightning noise; pop music parallel webstream via mwlist link. [Conti]

 738 SPAIN RNE1 Barcelona  NOV 8 2200 - Fair through 740 CHCM (VOCM relay) slop; time checks, "24 Horas, Radio Nacional de España." [Conti]

 756 IRAN IRIB R.Iran, Shahr-e Kord  NOV 6 2200 - Poor in 750 CBGY splatter; Koran parallel 936, 1035, 1278, and 1512 kHz. [Conti]

 756 ROMANIA România Actualitati, Lugoj NOV 11 2005 - World Cup qualifying soccer between Poland and Romania. Parallel 1593, etc. [Wolfish] NOV 11 2021 - Excited male announcer for soccer game parallel 855, 1152, 1179, 1332, 1404, 1422, 1530, and 1593, poor under unID flute and plucked string music. [Hall-Patch]

 756 UNITED KINGDOM BBC4 Redruth  NOV 7 0400 - Poor; time pips and BBC news intro. NOV 8 0359 - Fair; BBC World Service promos. [Conti]

 756 UNITED KINGDOM BBC R.Cumbria, Carlisle  NOV 8 2341 - Pop music poor to fair under Radio 4, parallel www.bbc.co.uk/radio/player/bbc_radio_cumbria webstream. [Hall-Patch]

 765 SAUDI ARABIA SBC R.Quran, Al Aflaj//Al Hufuf//Qurayyat  NOV 7 0100 - Fair; Koran parallel 1512 kHz. NOV 11 0200 - Under presumed Sudan; distinctive Koran parallel 1512 kHz. Three stations listed. [Conti]

 765 SUDAN SRTC Sudan Radio, Omdurman NOV 6 2100 - Good; announcement with instrumental segments of "Theme from Shaft" parallel 1296 kHz. [Conti] NOV 7 0310 - Very good reception and parallel 1296 during local dawn enhancement. Very nice! Horn of Africa type of chanting. Faded down within a few minutes. [Salmaniw]

 765 UNITED KINGDOM BBC Essex, Chelmsford  NOV 10 2143 - Song, "Brown Eyed Girl", faint but dominant on Beverage www.bbc.co.uk/radio/player/bbc_radio_essex with some delay. [Hall-Patch] NOV 11 0558 - Poor; "That's Just the Way it Is" by Bruce Hornsby, "...this is BBC Essex" on the hour into news. [Conti]

 774.38 EGYPT ERTU Abis  NOV 7 0100 - Over Spain; dramatic Egyptian orchestra fanfare into news. NOV 8 2000 - Solid het against 774 Spain. At 2300, choral Koranic vocal and time pips barely audible. NOV 10 0100 - Over/under Spain and on-frequency tonight. [Conti]

 783 ALGERIA R.Algérienne, Djanet//El Oued  NOV 8 0558 - Under Mauritania and Spain; tubby marching band national anthem, not parallel other Algeria frequencies, so it must be one of the local broadcasts: R.Illizi, Djanet, or R.Souf, El Oued. [Conti]

 783 MAURITANIA R.Mauritanie, Nouakchott  NOV 6 2300 - Good; guitar interlude, announcement with Mauritania mention, then news intro guitar flourish same as on Interval Signals Online main programme clip. [Conti] NOV 7 0458 - Very strong reception with presumed call to Prayer. Parallel to www.radiomauritanie.mr on-line feed. Nothing at the TOH, just continued with same. [Salmaniw]

 783 SAUDI ARABIA SBC Call of Islam, Ras al-Khair  NOV 7 0100 - Good; quick ID, "...al Arabiyah t'il Saudia," into Mideast instrumental. [Conti] NOV 10 2309 - Woman talking fading in and out with Spain, Saudi per http://apps.sbc.sa/channel/index/11, better on D-Kaz vs. Beverage which tended to emphasize Spain, at 2315 briefly with news and mentioning Saudiya; very good strength 2318-19 UTC. [Hall-Patch]

 783 SPAIN COPE Barcelona  NOV 8 0600 - Under Mauritania; time marker, "Cadena Cope, estar informado." [Conti]

 783 SYRIA SRTV Tartus  NOV 6 0301 - Through presumed Mauritania; several repeats of interval signal. [Conti]

 791.9 IRAN IRIB R.Iran, Sohravard  NOV 10 2300 - Loud het against 792 Spain, measured 791.889 kHz; unable to get audio in the tight squeeze between 790 WAXY and WPRV, and 792 SER, so presumed Iran based on offset. [Conti]

 792 SPAIN SER R.Sevilla, Sevilla  NOV 11 0158 - Fair; local insert, "Radio Sevilla, 792 onda media y internet Radio Sevilla..." and another insert just before top of the hour. [Conti]

 810 SCOTLAND BBC R.Scotland, Burghead//Redmoss//Westerglen  NOV 6 1941 - Strong with fiddle music. Matching webstream. Something else behind it. [Wolfish] NOV 10 0900 - 810 MW mentioned followed by BBC R.Scotland ID. Good reception. Into news. 3 transmitters listed here. Two at 100 kW at Burghead and Westerglen, and a 5 kW sender at Aberdeen. [Salmaniw] NOV 11 2147 - Dominant over co-channel domestics with two despondent Scots-accented announcers discussing the aftermath of Scotland's 3-0 loss to England in FIFA World Cup qualifying. [Taylor]

 819 EGYPT ERTU Batra NOV 6 2100 - Good; Big Ben chimes. NOV 10 2100 - Good; Big Ben chimes, announcement, and short Egyptian orchestral piece. [Conti]

 828 ETHIOPIA EBC R.Ethiopia, Arba Minch  NOV 6 2100 - Through Iran; male choral national anthem parallel 873 kHz. [Conti]

 828 IRAN IRIB R.Iran, Tabas  NOV 6 1930 - Fair but alone; three chimes of IRIB R.Iran marking the hour, but not parallel a strong 1503 kHz. [Conti] NOV 10 2217 - A presumed logging. I was told that the TOH in Iran is on the half-hour, but no time pips or anything heard, but clearly mentions of Iran, and the modulation 'sounds like Iran'. Learning fast out here! Fair reception. Entertaining hopes of hearing Magic 828 out of South Africa. About an hour ago, I was hearing someone in English who might have said Magic FM, but more likely one of the UK stations. [Salmaniw]

 828 RUSSIA R.Gazeta Slovo, St. Peterburg  NOV 10 0200 - Poor; interval signal (mp3 audio clip) same as R.Gazeta Slovo St. Peterburg on Interval Signals Online, then two bells and monk-like religious chants. [Conti]

 828 SOUTH AFRICA Magic 828, Klipheuwel/Blaauw Blomme Kloof Farm  NOV 11 2132 - Celine Dion song "My Heart Will Go On" and Dan Hillís "Sometimes When We Touch" parallel to web stream. Poor. Faded out to Smooth Radio. [Wolfish] NOV 11 2137 - Fair to poor in 830 splatter, with Celine Dion's "My Heart Will Go On" followed by "Sometimes When We Touch" by Dan Hill. Matched with web stream. Thanks to Nick for finding it and alerting the DX team at the table. [Taylor] NOV 11 2138 - Thanks to Nick Hall-Patch for alerting all of us to Celine Dion singing, and sure enough, parallel to the internet feed, and followed by Dan Hill's Sometimes When We Touch. A difficult copy, but the songs are readily copyable. I tried very hard yesterday to hear this one, and thought at one point that I might have had them, but not conclusively. Here's the proof! Thanks again, Nick! By 21:45 faded down to be replaced by UK's Smooth Radio. [Salmaniw]

 828 SPAIN Hit FM Cataluña, Terrassa  NOV 10 0150 - Briefly good; Spanish rock vocals by the same female artist. Lost to Russia on the hour. [Conti]

 828 UNITED KINGDOM Smooth Radio, Bournemouth//Luton  NOV 8 2019 - Poor to fair strength, and nothing co-channel at this time playing Dan Hill's "Sometimes When We Touch". Lots of static, though. Thank goodness for the internet feed to confirm. Not bad for 270 watts. [Salmaniw]

 837 IRAN IRIB R.Iran, Esfahan  NOV 11 2029 - Happened to be parked on the channel (looking for Ukraine), and a choral anthem started. Followed by the infamous gong at 20:30, confirming this to be Iran. Very strong. [Salmaniw]

 837 SPAIN COPE Sevilla  NOV 10 2100 - Good; "98.4 y 99.6 FM, la onda media 837, Cope Sevilla." Listen to mp3 audio clip. [Conti]

 837 UKRAINE Ukrainian Radio 1, Kharkiv  NOV 6 0359 - Under COPE; choral national anthem. Likely UR1 (150 kW) morning broadcast of the anthem at listed 0400 UTC sign-on (6:00 a.m. local) if not 24h, rather than the Chernivetska (25 kW) regional station which is listed with 0600 UTC sign-on. NOV 10 0358 - Under COPE; choral national anthem. [Conti]

 837 UNITED KINGDOM BBC Asian Network, Freeman's Common  NOV 10 2203 - Interview of woman by man parallel www.bbc.co.uk/radio/player/bbc_asian_network, some delay, not ever particularly strong, and battling with one other unID. [Hall-Patch]

 845 ERITREA Dimtsi Hafash 2, Asmara NOV 7 0318 - A very nice dawn enhancement noted over east Africa with typical Horn of Africa music. Not as strong as Sudan on 765 (and 1296) but still very listenable. [Salmaniw] NOV 11 0258 - Huge signal, equal to adjacent 846 kHz, but little if any audio. Faded briefly, then returned by 0302 with a woman and heavy reverb effect. [Conti]

 846 IRAN IRIB R.Iran, Mianeh  NOV 6 2200 - Fair; impassioned Koran with audience response, parallel 936, 1035, 1278, and 1512 kHz. [Conti]

 846 IRELAND R.North, Redcastle  NOV 6 2100 - Good; Irish folk/country music. [Conti] NOV 9 1909 - Weak, but in the clear playing C&W music. Parallel to their internet stream at www.radionorth.net. Ads at 19:23. Rechecked at 09:00, and much better with Insight for Living (a U.S. based Gospel program). Quite a lot of splatter, though. [Salmaniw]

 855 ROMANIA R.România Actualitati, Tâncăbesti NOV 7 0100 - Over Spain; "Radio România Actualitati, hora exacta." NOV 11 0258 - Under Spain; choral national anthem. [Conti]

 855 SPAIN RNE1 Santander  NOV 7 0625 - Two RNE stations in here, but I clearly hear a "Radio Nacional de España, Cantabria" ID the break. [Wolfish]

 855 SPAIN RNE1 Pontevedre  NOV 8 0650 - Today I have a "Radio Nacional de España, Galicia" ID here. [Wolfish]

 855 UNITED KINGDOM unID BBC  NOV 10 0900 - Not an easy channel. Co-channel RNE Spain, but able to make out British accented announcer with BBC Radio ID, but not until :28 sec past the TOH. Two BBC channels listed. BBC R.Lancashire and BBC R.Norfolk, both with 1 kW. At 09:02 the BBC dominated over RNE. [Salmaniw]

 864 EGYPT ERTU Santah  NOV 6 2100 - Good, over Spain; "Min... al-qahira" ID, time pips, further announcements. [Conti] NOV 9 1935 - Non-stop Quran recitations across the BOH, so presumed not Iran. Very strong. Just a hint of co-channels. [Salmaniw]

 873 ETHIOPIA EBC R.Ethiopia, Addis Ababa  NOV 6 2100 - Through co-channel Spain and 870 CFSX (VOCM relay) splatter; male choral national anthem parallel 828 kHz. [Conti]

 873 SPAIN SER R.Galicia, Santiago de Campostela  NOV 7 0621 - "En Radio Galicia Cadena Ser hoy por hoy, las noticias del Santiago con Jaime López." Local spot mentioning Santiago de Campostela at 0623. The other SER station with different program could be heard underneath. [Wolfish]

 882 UNITED KINGDOM BBC R.Wales, Washford et al.  NOV 7 0459 - Good; "This is BBC Radio Wales, Wales' English language radio station, broadcasting on FM, AM, DAB digital radio... digital TV, and on your mobile, with news, sport and entertainment..." [Conti] NOV 9 1936 - Very strong with sports news. COPE is audible co-channel, but weaker. Static crashes more manageable today compared to yesterday! Rechecked at 0900 with time check for 09:00. No time pips or ID at TOH, but local Wales programming including weather and road conditions. Full ID into news only at 09:01:30. [Salmaniw]

 891 NETHERLANDS Radio 538, Emmaberg  NOV 9 1952 - Looped announcement noted, including in English. Realized it had to be Holland, but also co-channel impassioned talk ongoing. By 20:00 had faded back to the Dutch loop. When rechecked at 20:14, much stronger again, but so is the co-channel at times. [Salmaniw] NOV 9 2235 - Fair; repeating "This is Radio 538..." with jingle. At 2350 still repeating the same ID and jingle. [Conti]

 891 PORTUGAL R.Sim, Vilamoura  NOV 8 2000 - Poor; signature ascending notes, fanfare, and high-pitched time pips. [Conti]

 891 TURKEY TRT Antalya  NOV 11 0258 - Good through 890 WAMG splatter; several cycles of interval signal, then choral national anthem fading to Radio 538. Listen to mp3 audio clip. Faded back atop 0302 with news by a woman. [Conti]

 900 ITALY Rai Radiouno, Milano  NOV 8 0245 - Over Spain; pre sign-on continuous test tone parallel 1062 and 1575 kHz. [Conti] NOV 9 2020 - Strong reception with usual animated Italian. Only a hint of domestics at this time. [Salmaniw] NOV 10 2358 - Over unID Koran; "Rai, Radiotelevisione Italiano, Radiouno..." and frequencies. [Conti]

 909 ROMANIA R.România Actualitati, Timisoara  NOV 7 0100 - Under BBC5; "Radio România Actualitati, hora exacta," parallel 855 kHz. NOV 8 0259 - Under BBC5; choral national anthem. [Conti]

 909 ROMANIA R.Cluj, Jucu  NOV 7 2000 - Under BBC5, mixed with R.România Actualitati; sign-off test tone. NOV 8 2000 - Under BBC5; sign-off test tone. [Conti]

 909 UNITED KINGDOM BBC5 synchros  NOV 6 0900 - Nice ID at TOH, as 'BBC 5 Live'. No 'Radio' mentioned. Numerous transmitters up to 400 kW listed. Parallel 693 was stronger. [Salmaniw]

 917 NIGERIA R.Gotel, Yola  NOV 6 2158 - Fair; urban contemporary vocals, announcements, and African highlife music. [Conti]

 918 SLOVENIA R.Slovenija, Domzale  NOV 7 2024 - Nice signal with local vocal, parallel to http://mp3.rtvslo.si/ra1 internet feed. But within a minute had disappeared and replaced by someone else, but then it got confusing. Pausing the internet feed caused things to be out of sync. At 20:30, could hear week time pips (? Iran). Continues at very good level, and confirmed Slovenia. NOV 8 0300 - Nice ID in Slovenian after time pips. Best to use notch to remove Nigeria on 917 kHz. [Salmaniw] NOV 8 2200 - Fair in squeeze between 917 Nigeria and 920 WHJJ; "Radio Slovenija, Prvi Programa." [Conti] NOV 9 2026 - Very strong reception of RS 1. EZL talk. I see that they list English at 21:30. I'll have to see if that happens! Checked back at 21:30. Before was a lovely rendition from Zemphir. English started about 30 seconds late, but good reception, although co-channel now with R.Inter, 50 kW from Madrid. Still, Slovenia dominates. Also a het from the Nigerian on 917. Weather at 21:35, with highs between 3 and 8 deg C. Into German. [Salmaniw]

 927 IRAN IRIB R.Iran, Dorud  NOV 6 1930 - Fair in 930 CJYQ splatter; three-note gong interval signal and "Iran Radio" ID parallel 1503 kHz. [Conti]

 936 IRAN IRIB R.Iran, Urumiyeh//Miandoab  NOV 6 1930 - Good; choral national anthem, not parallel 927 nor a strong 1503 kHz signal. NOV 6 2159 - Fair; announcement into impassioned Koran with audience response, parallel 1035, 1278, and 1512 kHz. [Conti]

 936 SAUDI ARABIA SBC Quran, Riyadh  NOV 7 1925 - Man chanting parallel 1512 briefly fair to good before being replaced by RNE5 synchros. [Hall-Patch]

 945 ANGOLA Rádio N'Gola Yetu, Mulenvos  NOV 6 2045 - Good; Angola mentions in African language. [Conti] NOV 7 2042 - Bruce heard this one yesterday at this time, so I thought I'd try for it. I did find an internet feed at www.rna.ao/radio-n-gola-yetu. So far, not what I'm hearing, but the language present is a bit strange to me. By the top of the hour, no luck with Angola. Instead it was SBC R.Riyadh with just 5 kW from Ha'il, but by 21:09, started to hear Rod Stewart, with "Tonight's the Night". Confirmed to be Smooth Radio from Bexhill-on-Sea with listed 0.7 kW. Nick heard the Saudi earlier today, parallel 1467 kHz. [Salmaniw]

 945 IRAN IRIB R.Kordestan, Kordestan  NOV 6 2100 - Fading up over Romania; woman mentions Iran, choral national anthem, then Koranic recitations. At 2200 over Smooth Radio; "Islam Iran" ID by woman. NOV 10 2000 - Telephone talk by women parallel 1476 IRIB R.Kordestan. [Conti]

 945 ROMANIA R.România Actualitati, Miercurea Ciuc  NOV 8 0259 - Over/under Smooth Radio; choral national anthem parallel 1152, 1179, etc. [Conti]

 945 SAUDI ARABIA SBC R.Riyadh, Hail  NOV 7 0100 - Under Iran, over Romania; rapid-fire news with attention signal between items, parallel 1071 and 1440 kHz. [Conti]

 945 UNITED KINGDOM Smooth Radio, Bexhill  NOV 6 2003 - Playing Jennifer Rush's "The Power of Love". Mixing with Iran. [Wolfish] NOV 6 2201 - Faded up over Iran; "This is Smooth Radio..." and "Your Song" by Elton John. [Conti] NOV 8 0300 - Nice ID after some ad spots, and into Gladys Knight and the Pips. Fair with atmospheric crashes. [Salmaniw] NOV 8 0400 - Good; "On FM, online, on your mobile, and on digital radio, this is Smooth," and Global news. NOV 11 0458 - Good; ad string including British Airways, "Visit one of a kind Orlando." [Conti]

 954 CZECH REPUBLIC Ceský Rozhlas, Brno//Ceské Budejovice  NOV 7 2209 - Briefly very good reception, then faded a bit allowing Onda Cero in Madrid to co-channel. Talk between a woman and male, and parallel to their internet feed, although delayed somewhat. [Salmaniw] NOV 8 2200 - Good; nostalgic vocal through the hour parallel a poor 1332 signal, no sign of 639 parallel. NOV 10 2159 - Good with synchro echo; "Ceský Rozhlas Dvojka" promos. [Conti]

 954 SPAIN Onda Cero, Ctra Humera (Madrid)  NOV 6 0200 - Fair; pips and Spain/Canaries time checks into news, "Noticias, de Onda Cero." [Conti]

 954 TURKEY TRT Trabzon  NOV 11 0257 - Parallel 954 kHz, no interval signal, but same national anthem, time pips and news. [Salmaniw] NOV 11 0258 - Under Czech Republic; choral national anthem, running a minute or so ahead of 891 kHz parallel. [Conti]

 963 CYPRUS CyBC-RIK Proto, Nicosia  NOV 8 1948 - Confirmed by parallel website http://riknews.com.cy/index.php/radio-main/proto-live, and playing Adele, which made it easy to ID. Briefly dominated the frequency, before having Radio Tunis Chaine Internationale taking over in Spanish (at very good level). I can still hear Cyprus in the background, though. By 19:57, I can hear English (either Sunrise Radio or Asian Sound Radio). Quickly faded. Tunis switched to French at 20:00. Thanks to Vlad Titarev for pointing this one out for me! [Salmaniw] NOV 9 2100 - Under Tunisia in lightning noise; CyBC interval signal. [Conti]

 963 IRAN IRIB R.Iran, Birjand  NOV 6 2030 - Sung anthem, then ascending 3-notes chimes, then march music with shouted vocals, parallel 1503, fair level but soon descending into the murk. [Hall-Patch] NOV 11 2030 - Fair, under presumed Sunrise Radio (UK) with woman singing regional music. Easily ID'ed by flipping to 972 for the parallel from Ilam. [Taylor]

 963 TUNISIA RTT Tunis  NOV 6 0600 - Good; Janis Joplin song into canned RTT ID's, time marker and news. [Conti] NOV 6 2120 - A really difficult and frustrating channel. I was pretty sure I heard Cyprus earlier, but with so many fades, it was hard to keep the stations straight. Finally, I definitely found Tunis on line feed working, so at one point it was them (the give away was a French announcement just now), and the on-line site www.rtci.tn/streamplayer. Cyprus I found at www.riknews.com.cy/index.php/radio-main/proto-live. [Salmaniw] NOV 7 0358 - Good; "quatre-vingt-dix FM" (90 FM) into pop vocal. NOV 7 0458 - Good; "Without You" by Nilsson, then national anthem. NOV 11 0500 - Good; instrumental national anthem, then woman with ID, "Ici Radio Tunis International..." and canned RTT in French. [Conti]

 963 UNITED KINGDOM Sunrise Radio, East London  NOV 8 2023 - Mostly poor to fair under Tunisia, but heard oboe-based lively music parallel webstream found at www.buzzasiaonline.com/#sthash.X3K7N0vX.dpbs with little delay. [Hall-Patch]

 972 ETHIOPIA EBC R.Ethiopia, Robe  NOV 6 0300 - Under Spain; choral national anthem, then chimes marking the hour. NOV 7 0258 - Sign-on with R.Ethiopia interval signal and announcement (Listen to mp3 audio clip), then choral national anthem and chimes marking the hour lost to Spain. [Conti]

 972 IRAN IRIB R.Iran, Ilam  NOV 7 0159 - Under Spain; wailing Koranic vocal parallel 936 and 1071 kHz. [Conti] NOV 11 2030 - Fair, with parallel programming to 963, woman singing regional music. [Taylor]

 972 UNITED KINGDOM Sunrise Radio, West London  NOV 8 2025 - After hearing 963, checked 972, and under Spain this was heard weakly parallel webstream. [Hall-Patch]

 981 ALGERIA R.Algérienne, Algiers  NOV 8 0358 - Good; marching band national anthem parallel 1422 kHz, then Koran. At 0600 still parallel 1422 kHz. NOV 11 0200 - Good; time marker, "Radio Isnath" ID by woman, then fanfare into news in French, all parallel 1422 kHz. [Conti] NOV 11 2045 - Loud, and presumed with man singing and typical traditional string-plucking music. Unable to verify parallel 693 Chaîne 2 due to strong UK BBC5 synchros. [Taylor]

 981 IRAN IRIB R.Iran, Hamadan  NOV 6 1930 - Under Algeria; three note gong interval signal parallel 1503 kHz. NOV 6 2100 - Under Algeria; flute music and vocal parallel 1503 kHz. [Conti]

 990 SPAIN SER Bilbao//Cádiz  NOV 7 2000 - Under CBY; marker and Spain/Canaries time check, "En la Cadena Ser, Hora 25..." [Conti]

 999 ITALY Rai Radiouno, Torino  NOV 9 2100 - Clear Rai databurst through COPE Madrid with Rock 2 UK under. [Conti]

 999 MOLDOVA TWR Grigoriopol  NOV 10 2000 - Over COPE; TWR ID in Russian. Listen to mp3 audio clip. [Conti]

 999 SAUDI ARABIA SBC Quran, Duba  NOV 6 2358 - Fair; Koranic recitations parallel 1512 kHz. [Conti]

 999 SPAIN COPE Madrid  NOV 9 2259 - Fair in CBY splatter; "Cope Madrid" leading up to the hour, "Cope, estar informado." [Conti]

 999 UNITED KINGDOM Rock FM 2, Preston  NOV 9 2116 - Under Spain; Soft Cell's "Tainted Love". ID by woman at 2119. [Wolfish]

Dawn on the antenna farm while a big storm continued to churn over the North Atlantic midweek during the DXpedition.

1008 CANARY ISLANDS esRadio, Las Palmas  NOV 6 0100 - Fair, over SER Spain; many esRadio ID's, "Cowboys de Medianoche" program intro with Nilsson "Everybody's Talkin'" bumper music. NOV 8 0559 - Good; "Radio las Palmas," rapid-fire items, then "Es la mañana de Federico, esRadio" on the hour. NOV 10 2201 - Over Netherlands; promo, "Radio Las Palmas punto com."[Conti]

1008 NETHERLANDS Groot Nieuws Radio, Zeewolde  NOV 10 0155 - Female vocal and guitar, fair to good, parallel webstream. [Hall-Patch]

1017 IRAN IRIB R.Iran, Bandar Abbas  NOV 6 2100 - Under Spain; flute music parallel 972 and 1503 kHz. [Conti]

1017 SPAIN RNE5 Burgos  NOV 8 0650 - ID: "Radio Nacional de España, Castilla y León," then news by woman. [Wolfish]

1026 IRAN IRIB R.Iran, Asarshahr  NOV 6 2200 - Under Spain and unID; Koran parallel 936, 1278, 1035, and 1512 kHz. [Conti] NOV 10 0130 - Pips on half hour, melismatic male vocal, parallel 1503 but not aligned at all, fair to good strength sometimes over Spain. [Hall-Patch]

1026 NORTHERN IRELAND Downtown Radio, Belfast  NOV 9 2056 - Matches the website, but the feed is down. C&W music. Program now is Downtown Country with Big T. Fits. Co-channels present which come and go, especially SER. Earlier, I could hear another English speaker, so either BBC R.Jersey or BBC R.Cambridgeshire. NOV 10 0900 - Local ads before the TOH including for Belfast International Airport. Downtown Radio ID at the TOH, and into news. 09:00 TC. Irish accented male. Northern Ireland air ambulance service announced. Good reception at times. [Salmaniw] NOV 10 2100 - Well under Spain; Downtown Radio ID. [Conti]

1026 SPAIN SER R.Vigo, Vigo  NOV 6 1930 - Over co-channel SER stations; "Radio Vigo, Cadena Ser." NOV 8 0858 - Good; "Cadena Ser, servicios informativos," and "Radio Vigo, Cadena Ser." [Conti]

1035 ESTONIA R.Eli/TWR, Tartu  NOV 9 0300 - Through lightning noise and co-channel signals; one cycle of TWR interval signal. NOV 10 0225 - Good; religious program, mentioned "ecclesiata," contemporary Christian vocals parallel internet stream via mwlist. NOV 10 2000 - Under Northsound 2; one cycle of TWR interval signal. [Conti]

1035 IRAN IRIB R.Yazd, Yazd  NOV 6 1929 - ID by man. Then talk by a young girl. [Wolfish] NOV 6 2159 - Good; announcement into impassioned Koran with audience response, parallel 936, 1278, 1035, and 1512 kHz. [Conti] NOV 11 2002 - Nice ID heard for Radio Yazd. Sounds like a children's program or a story told to a young child. Was very strong! Not bad for a SuperLoop antenna, the sole remaining antenna at our DXpedition site, now that the fabulous DKAZ and Beverage have been taken in. [Salmaniw]

1035 SCOTLAND Westsound, Symington-Ayr  NOV 8 0653 - "Make Me Smile (Come Up and See Me)" by Steve Harley and Cockney Rebel. Also the same Genesis song that was as on 1107, 1152 and 1161 kHz. Various commercials before hourtop, including one for Scottish Water. Then, "This is Westsound, with the latest news." [Wolfish]

1035 UNITED KINGDOM Dilse Radio, London  NOV 7 0005 - Hindi pop music. Commercial for window dealer. Matches webstream. [Wolfish] NOV 8 0300 - Fair; "1035 AM, online, on DAB digital radio... the latest news update from Dilse Radio." [Conti]

1035 UNITED KINGDOM Northsound 2, Aberdeen  NOV 9 1900 - Fair; "...online, and on your mobile phone, this is Northsound 2, news." [Conti]

1035 unID  NOV 9 0359 - Under Northsound 2; Big Ben chimes. [Conti]

1044 SPAIN SER R.San Sebastián, Donosti  NOV 7 0621 - "Hoy por Hoy," local commercials, sports report. They said, "Hoy por Hoy San Sebastián" at 0624 followed by news. [Wolfish] NOV 11 0158 - Over SER R.Valladolid; "Radio San Sebastián, Cadena Ser," with Euskadi mentions, "Radio San Sebastián, Cadena Ser," into network, "Cadena Ser, servicios informativos." [Conti]

1053.1 LIBYA R.Libya, Tripoli  NOV 6 0000 - Good; in-studio discussion in Arabic, measured 1053.102 kHz. [Conti] NOV 11 2131 - Under TalkSport; solo acapella male vocal prayer. Then announcer in Arabic at 2135 and into what sounded like news highlights. Presumed due to language and also being listed off-frequency. [Taylor]

1053 ROMANIA R.Iasi, Uricani  NOV 9 1958 - Over/under TalkSport; woman in Romanian, 2000 sign-off test tone. NOV 10 2000 - Good, over TalkSport; "Radio Iasi..." and sign-off test tone. Listen to mp3 audio clip. Measured slightly high at 1053.029 kHz, with Libya at 1053.101 kHz. [Conti]

1062 CZECH REPUBLIC Country Radio, Praha  NOV 7 0500 - Fade up over Italy; sign-on beginning with country music segment and Country Radio ID, orchestra segment, cuckoo clock time marker. [Conti]

1062 IRAN IRIB R.Kerman, Kerman  NOV 6 2100 - Fair, over Italy; "Islam... Iran" in announcement by a woman, then Middle Eastern orchestra music. [Conti]

1062 ITALY Rai Radiouno synchros  NOV 7 0458 - Pre sign-on tones, time marker, and announcements with synchro echo, then lost to Czech Republic. [Conti] NOV 9 1905 - Good reception with Italian news about the U.S. elections. 3 transmitter sites noted. The first with 60 kW, then Catania with 20 kW and Ancona with 6 kW. I can make out an echo, indicating slight out of sync transmitters. Another co-channel present, sounding very like IRIB R.Kerman with 50 kW. Sometimes almost as strong. [Salmaniw] NOV 10 2259 - Good, over unID jammer; orchestral national anthem, then sign-off tones. [Conti]

1062 unID jamming  NOV 6 2358 - Rapid motorboating jammer or defective signal. NOV 7 0100 - Jammer. NOV 10 0100 - Motorboating jammer. NOV 11 0100 - Dominant. [Conti]

1071 CZECH REPUBLIC CRo Plus, Ostrava//Ceské Budejovice  NOV 8 1936 - Man and woman talking fair signal, parallel stream http://prehravac.rozhlas.cz/plus with a very short delay. [Hall-Patch]

1071 EGYPT ERTU Cairo  NOV 9 0258 - Through co-channel TalkSport and others; continuous test tone, 0300 Big Ben chimes. Listed 0300 UTC sign-on. [Conti]

1071 IRAN IRIB R.Iran/R.Ma'aref, Alborz-Qom  NOV 6 2100 - Good; acapella vocal and R.Ma'aref ID. [Conti] NOV 7 1933 - A number of stations, so quite a mix-mash. I hear at least 3 stations, none of which is India (which I was looking for). Unfortunately, I can't get any of the links to work to verify parallel. Four carriers measuring 1070.990, .999, 1071.007, and .010. Submitted the mp3 to RealDX, and Jari Savolainen who confirms the main station to be in Farsi, and co-channel Czech. The latter have two listed with 5 kW only. Thanks, Jari! NOV 8 2030 - What a mish mash of stations. I was looking for India, but no luck today. Three co-channels are visible on 1071.000, 1071.006, and 1071.010. All similar strength. At 20:37, lot's of mentions of Iran, so presume the dominant one is Iran. Suspect another is SBC R.Riyadh, and unknown for the third. [Salmaniw] NOV 11 2104 - On top, with male singer performing worship music, accompanied by occasional music and other vocalists. [Taylor]

1071 SAUDI ARABIA SBC R.Riyadh, Bisha NOV 6 0100 - Fair, over Iran; rapid-fire news items parallel 1440 kHz. NOV 7 0100 - Fair, over Iran; rapid-fire news. [Conti]

1071 SYRIA Radio al-Nour, Tartus  NOV 7 2100 - Good; male choral jingle of sorts, "Radio Nour..." and choral Koranic vocals. [Conti]

1071 UNITED KINGDOM TalkSport, Clipstone//Newcastle  NOV 8 0055 - Poor to fair; English talk parallel 1089 kHz. [Conti]

1080 IRAN IRIB R.Iran, Bandar-e-Mahshahr  NOV 6 1930 - Good; three chimes of IRIB R.Iran marking the hour, but not parallel 1503 or others. [Conti] NOV 6 2020 - Parallel web stream; over Spain with woman talking and playing what sounded like Persian show tunes. [Wolfish]

1080 SPAIN SER R.Coruña, A Coruña  NOV 6 0031 - Over Iran; network talk running past bottom of the hour pips, then ad for Son Estrella Galicia. [Conti]

1080 unID NOV 9 2230 - No sign of domestics, Arabic sounded singing under Spain, pips on half hour, so IRIB world service likely, but not parallel website? 6060 was parallel website but 1080 was not. Not parallel Jeddah webstream either. Also seemed to be a jammer on the channel at this time. [Hall-Patch]

1089 UNITED KINGDOM TalkSport synchros  NOV 6 0500 - Stations broke away from network for local messages. On top was a message about Victoria Bus Station and navigating the streets of London. After more quick ads, returned to network with synchro echo, "...on TalkSport Talk Radio." [Conti] NOV 10 1903 - Already strong at 3:00 p.m. local, with multiple transmitters not quite in sync, so producing an interesting echo effect. 8 sites noted between 40 watts up to 400 kW. Parallel 1053 is marred by Libya off-frequency co-channel, 1071 is very weak, as is 1107 with co-channels. [Salmaniw] NOV 11 0859 - Good with loud synchro echo; Sport Breakfast on TalkSport. [Conti]

1098 IRAN IRIB R.Iran/VOIRI, Zabol  NOV 9 2300 - Over/under Spain and Slovakia; R.Iran ID by woman with heavy echo effect. [Conti]

1098 SAUDI ARABIA SBC R.Jeddah, Dammam  NOV 6 2100 - Good over Spain; news with with stingers between items, not parallel 1440 kHz which seemed to have a different news broadcast. [Conti] NOV 11 0050 - Soft voiced man in Arabic usually below Spain, but seemed parallel to http://apps.sbc.sa/channel/index/12, also at 0247 Arabic chanting parallel Jeddah webstream. [Hall-Patch]

1098 SLOVAKIA R.Patria/R.Devin, Nitra NOV 9 2300 - Under Spain and Iran; choral national anthem. [Conti]

1107 ITALY Rai Radiouno, Roma  NOV 8 0250 - Under Spain; pre sign-on test tone parallel 900, 1062, and 1575 kHz. [Conti]

1107 SCOTLAND MFR2 Inverness  NOV 8 0652 - Playing Genesis "Invisible Touch". This was also on the two Clyde 2 stations (1152 and 1161) at this time. [Wolfish]

1107 UNITED KINGDOM TalkSport synchros  NOV 10 0900 - I've noted on TalkSport channels local ads before the TOH and over the TOH local ads. Nothing to really ID. Noted the same on 1089 kHz. [Salmaniw]

1116 HUNGARY MR Danko Radio, Miskolc//Mosonmagyaróvár  NOV 7 1943 - Good reception with folk music, and confirmed by their 1251 parallel. Another station is listed on 1116 for this station, namely Mosonmagyarovar with 2.2 kW. Pick your station! [Salmaniw]

1116 ITALY Rai Radiouno synchros  NOV 7 2126 - Man speaking quickly, fair to good level, parallel 900, fading under Spanish talk, then woman singing. [Hall-Patch]

1116 SPAIN SER R.Pontevedra, Pontevedra  NOV 11 0158 - Fair; quick local insert, "Radio Pontevedre, onda media..." [Conti]

1116 UNITED KINGDOM BBC R.Guernsey, Rohais and BBC R.Derby, Burnaston Lane  NOV 10 0254 - Woman analyzing U.S. election parallel 909 BBC5; fair strength but no match for Spain, echoey, so likely hearing both BBC stations on the channel. [Hall-Patch]

1125 BELGIUM RTBF VivaCité, Houdeng NOV 7 0200 - Over Spain; VivaCité jingle, chime, and news in French. [Conti]

1134 KUWAIT R.Kuwait, Kabd  NOV 7 0258 - Quran, ID by woman and fanfare into newscast. Same fanfare that is on the Interval Signals Online webpage. Fair. [Wolfish] NOV 7 2100 - Good; time marker, announcement by woman, and fanfare same as Main Programme on Interval Signals Online. [Conti] NOV 9 2156 - Good reception, mostly well over COPE. Parallel to http://media.gov.kw internet feed. [Salmaniw] NOV 9 2209 - Western stringed music interludes parallel http://media.gov.kw Main Program with only a short delay. [Hall-Patch]

1143 SPAIN COPE Jaen  NOV 7 0624 - Commercials and "Cope Jaen" ID. [Wolfish]

1152 ROMANIA R.România Actualitati, Cluj  NOV 7 0255 - Over Spain; choral national anthem parallel 1593 kHz. [Conti]

1152 SCOTLAND Clyde 2, Glasgow  NOV 8 2001 - "Magic" by Pilot and "Labelled with Love" by Squeeze. Duking it out with Smooth Radio. [Wolfish] NOV 8 2100 - Through Spain and Romania; "...online and on your smart phone, this is Clyde 2, news," with pause for emphasis before saying news. [Conti] NOV 10 0900 - Nice ID and into news. Local ads up to the TOH. Good reception. [Salmaniw]

1152 SPAIN RNE5 Lleida  NOV 8 0650 - ID by woman, "Radio Nacional de España, Cataluña," and news. [Wolfish]

1161 EGYPT Mid Delta Radio, Tanta  NOV 9 0358 - Through Tay 2; continuous test tone until 0400, presumed Egypt listed with 0400 UTC sign-on. [Conti]

1161 IRAN VOIRI Qasr-e Shirin  NOV 10 2007 - Man holding forth in Arabic, good signal parallel http://arabic.irib.ir/?option=com_radio&view=player&radio=arabic&type=live with short delay. [Hall-Patch]

1161 UNITED KINGDOM BBC Sussex, Bexhill  NOV 9 0100 - Heard BBC news mention at 0103 and 0105, and was parallel 693 but offset enough to make it difficult to make the connection. Fair at times. [Hall-Patch]

1161 UNITED KINGDOM Tay 2, Dundee  NOV 8 2200 - Over another UK signal; "On AM, online, and on your smart phone, this is Tay 2, news," and then echoey news (Viking 2 delay echo?) parallel 1152 Clyde 2. [Conti] NOV 9 2217 - Excellent reception playing 'the greatest love songs until 1'. ID'd just now as Tay 2. Around the table, Nick mentions he heard Viking 2 last night, and I'm also hearing the BBC at times on this channel, with programming "across the south." So presumably BBC Sussex with 1 kW from Bexhill-on-Sea. [Salmaniw]

1161 UNITED KINGDOM Viking 2, Hull NOV 9 0102 - Pop music mostly under BBC Sussex seemed to be from Viking 2, per webstream http://radioplayer.viking2.co.uk/live, fair at times. Had checked Tay 2 webstream just before, and it had a man talking. [Hall-Patch]

1170 UNITED ARAB EMIRATES Abu Dhabi FM, Al Dhabbaya  NOV 6 2000 - Good; "...Abu Dhabi" ID's and dramatic vocals. [Conti] NOV 6 2216 - Arabic singing, good strength parallel www.adradio.ae/abudhabiradio/#. [Hall-Patch] NOV 9 2224 - Just picked up Arabic programming and confirmed parallel to webstream. But rapidly faded to be replaced by two UK stations; one with Celine Dion, and the other with an ad, mentioning web addresses in the UK. [Salmaniw] NOV 10 2100 - "Abu Dhabi FM," but also "Emarat FM" and other mentions by man and woman; fair strength, dominating channel. [Hall-Patch]

1170 UNITED KINGDOM Swansea Sound, Swansea  NOV 7 2000 - Over UAE; 8 o'clock time check and ID, "DAB digital radio, online at Swansea Sound dot co dot UK, and on 1170 medium wave across southwest Wales, this is Swansea Sound." [Conti] NOV 9 2232 - Confirmed by webstream, playing, "I'm Yours". Often dominating the channel. Not a sign of any domestics here! [Salmaniw]

1170 UNITED KINGDOM TFM 2, Stockton-on-Tees  NOV 8 2131 - Starship's "Nothings Gonna Stop Us Now" over R.Farda. [Wolfish] NOV 10 0100 - Atop; "Home of the greatest hits, on digital radio, on AM, online... this is TFM2, news," into Sky news. [Conti]

1179 ROMANIA R.România Actualitati, Bacau//Resita  NOV 8 2100 - Good, over SER; "Radio România Actualitati, hora exacta." [Conti] NOV 9 2236 - Dominating just now playing, 'Cold as Ice', at very good level. Well over co-channel SER stations. [Salmaniw] NOV 11 2108 - Dominant over SER with excited play-by-play from a FIFA World Cup qualifying match. [Taylor]

1179 SPAIN SER R.Valencia, Valencia  NOV 7 0622 - "Hoy por hoy Radio Valencia, Cadena Ser con Juan..." News and commercials. [Wolfish]

1188 HUNGARY Magyar Radio, various locations  NOV 11 1852 - Two men and woman carrying on, good strength parallel www.mediaklikk.hu/nemzetisegi-adasok-elo. [Hall-Patch]

1188 IRAN IRIB R.Payam, Tehran  NOV 6 2358 - Good; setar instrumental, signature ascending 3 notes and fanfare on the hour. [Conti] NOV 7 1939 - Male singing, good strength, single notes on a stringed instrument like a harp, plus flutes; sounded like a mix of classical western and Middle Eastern parallel http://webapp.iranseda.ir/Radio.aspx?CHID=12&t=b&auto=true&VALID=TRUE, about a 30 second delay. [Hall-Patch] NOV 9 2241 - Excellent reception with easy listening music, and a nice ID. What an evening! Superb reception, and the static is very manageable! [Salmaniw]

1197 IRAN IRIB R.Ardabil, Moghan  NOV 9 1959 - Under Absolute Radio; interval signal-like notes parallel 1512 kHz. [Conti]

1197 ROMANIA R.Târgu Mures, Brasov  NOV 7 2000 - Under Absolute Radio, over R.România Actualitati and presumed Iran; test tone parallel 1593 kHz. [Conti]

1197 UNITED KINGDOM Absolute Radio synchros  NOV 6 0215 - Almost strong as parallel 1215 with ID and Pulp's "Disco 2000". [Wolfish] NOV 7 1900 - Good; "Stuck in the Middle" by Stealers Wheel, "The Absolute Radio Ticket Store" into long ad string, parallel 1215 kHz. [Conti] NOV 9 2243 - Great reception in the clear, and parallel to 1215, of course. Many transmitters listed between 0.2 and 2 kW. No problem for TA propagation tonight! [Salmaniw] NOV 11 2120 - Fair to good, with rendition of "Suzanne" undoubtedly in recognition of the passing of Leonard Cohen the previous day. A low 20 Hz growl on the channel from someone slightly off frequency. Signal parallel to very loud Absolute transmission on 1215 kHz. [Taylor]

550  NEW YORK WGR Buffalo NOV 12 1000 - Hourtop ID and ESPN SportsCenter. [Wolfish]   (Buffaloland Park, Prince Edward Island)

1206 GREECE R.Babis, Athens  NOV 12 0233 - Highly tentative. We battled with this frequency all evening. Never very strong, but would occasionally rise. Mostly non-stop music, but with occasional speech, including a very brief mention a few minutes ago. The style to me of broadcasting is very much Greek pirate, but have no idea to be honest. I'll post the brief audio clip at RealDX and see if anyone has any ideas. I tried the UTwente SDR but nothing heard there on repeated attempts, and apparently also not heard on an Italian SDR site. A mystery! [Salmaniw]

1206 ISRAEL Kan Reshet Bet, Akko  NOV 7 2000 - Fair over unID; time marker and man reading news in Hebrew. NOV 8 0015 - Poor to fair; telephone talk between male host and female caller, parallel web stream. [Conti] NOV 8 0021 - A really tough copy, but thanks to Bruce Conti for pointing this one out. An overnight call-in show with a DJ named Jo-Jo parallel to the web feed. Also some nice vocals. Poor at best. [Salmaniw]

1215 UNITED KINGDOM Absolute Radio synchros  NOV 5 2257 - Spot for Go Drive Uber. Rock music by Guns ní Roses, Lenny Kravitz and R.E.M. [Wolfish]

1224 SPAIN COPE Huelva  NOV 11 0600 - Poor; "92... onda media, Cope Huelva," time marker and news. [Conti]

1233 CZECH REPUBLIC R.Dechovka synchros  NOV 6 2050 - Parallel to webstream with polka-style music. [Wolfish] NOV 9 2100 - Good with synchro echo; "Radio Dechovka... Radio Dechovka, Radio Dechovka, prvni dechovkové radio," and polka music. Listen to mp3 audio clip. [Conti] NOV 9 2302 - Weak but parallel to www.radiodechovka.cz web stream. Bruce Conti heard them earlier at strong level at 21:00 UTC. I'll need to look at my recordings from earlier today! Playing folk music. Five transmitters listed between 0.5, 2, 5 or 10 kW. Much stronger a few minutes later when rechecked at 23:06. [Salmaniw]

1242 UNITED KINGDOM Absolute Radio synchros  NOV 7 0323 - Joan Jett & The Blackheart's "I Love Rock 'n Roll". Parallel to 1215 kHz. [Wolfish]

1251 HUNGARY MR Dánko Rádío, Szombathely//Nyíregyháza  NOV 10 0342 - Fair to good reception with classical music, and parallel www.mediaklikk.hu/danko-radio-elo web stream. [Salmaniw]

1251 IRAN IRIB R.Iran, Kiashahr  NOV 6 2100 - Weak but alone; flute music parallel 972 and 1503 kHz. [Conti] NOV 9 2319 - A difficult catch due to splatter, but definitely parallel much strong 1503 kHz. Easy listening music, a female announcer. [Salmaniw] NOV 9 2325 - Fading up to fair signal with man singing, Middle Eastern instrumentals parallel 1503 with 1251 leading by a couple of seconds. [Hall-Patch]

1251 UNITED KINGDOM Smooth Radio, Bury St. Edmunds  NOV 7 2103 - Laid back vocals parallel 1359 poor strength, fading up to fair from under Iran. [Hall-Patch]

1260 SPAIN SER Algeciras//Murcia  NOV 8 2000 - Under/over CKHJ; "En Cadena Ser..." [Conti]

1278 IRAN IRIB R.Iran/R.Kermanshah, Kermanshah  NOV 6 0220 - Quiet piano music. Woman with two "Radio Kermansha" ID's. Then what sounded like a different woman ID'ing and introducing a program with more traditional sounding Middle Eastern music. [Wolfish] NOV 6 2100 - Fair in 1270 CJCB splatter; mentions of Tehran and R.Iran, vocal with flute accompaniment, parallel strong 1503 kHz. [Conti] NOV 9 2339 - Pretty sure this is Iran, but a difficult channel due to splatter. Mostly poor to fair, but did come up to good level with talk in presumed Farsi. I've been unable to find any decent on-line live feeds. Bruce earlier heard them parallel 1503, but not certain whether it's the case now or not. [Salmaniw]

1278 UKRAINE Ukrainian Radio 1, Odesa-Petrivka  NOV 8 2007 - Persha Prohama (1st program), finally audible on the third day. In PEI, it's a difficult channel due to splatter from 1270 CJCB Sydney, Nova Scotia. Lots of splatter, but clearly in Ukrainian. Much weaker than the blowtorch on 1431 kHz! [Salmaniw] NOV 10 2059 - Fair in 1270 CJCB splatter; sign-off announcement mentioned Ukraine and URL, light jazz instrumental, then off, leaving presumed Iran alone on the frequency. [Conti] NOV 11 2040 - The best heard during this DXpedition. 1270 is a local station which splatters a lot, but this afternoon, with our most modest antenna, reception is actually good at times, and clearly parallel to 1431 in Russian, so it's not the 1st domestic program, but the external service to Crimea in Russian. Vlad Titarev tells me as well that it's 1 minute out of sync with 1431, so not to be fooled. [Salmaniw]

1296 SPAIN COPE Valencia  NOV 7 0600 - Over low-level subaudible het; "92.6 y 93.4 FM, onda media 1296, Cope Valencia," and time marker. [Conti]

1296 SUDAN SNBC Reiba  NOV 6 2156 - Woman in Arabic parallel 765, fair level. [Hall-Patch]

1296 UNITED KINGDOM Radio XL, Birmingham  NOV 7 2200 - Fading up to good level over low-level subaudible het; "On 1296 AM, this is Radio XL," into news in brief, at end of news, "That's the latest..." and "1296 AM, Radio XL" jingle into ads. [Conti] NOV 7 2303 - Good reception with ID and travel ad for Canada, Dubai, etc. Co-channel off-channels. I do see 3 carriers on 1296.063 (causing the buzz, COPE transmitter?), 1296.002, and 1295.994 kHz. Very nice at 23:10, parallel to their internet feed. Seems a South Asian station. Using LSB makes it a lot easier to hear both stations (confirmed Spain the other one I'm hearing). By adjusting the bandwidth, I can minimize the Spaniard. [Salmaniw]

1305 SPAIN RNE5 Bilbao  NOV 8 0650 - ID by man: "Radio Nacional de España, Pais Vasco." [Wolfish]

1314 IRAN IRIB R.Iran, Ardabil  NOV 6 2100 - Under Spain with subaudible het; vocal with flute parallel 1278 and 1503 kHz. Measured offset frequency 1313.981 kHz, with RNE5 Cuenca at 1313.997 kHz. [Conti]

1314 ROMANIA R.Oltenia Craiova, Craiova  NOV 7 2000 - Under Spain; sign-off test tone. NOV 8 2000 - Under Spain; sign-off test tone, presumed Craiova rather than Antena Satelor which is listed 24h. [Conti]

1314 SPAIN RNE5 Castilla y León, Salamanca  NOV 7 0625 - ID: "Radio Nacional de España, Castilla y León." [Wolfish]

1323 ROMANIA R.Târgu Mures, Târgu Mures  NOV 8 2000 - Sign-off test tone parallel 1593 kHz. NOV 10 1959 - Good; "Radio Târgu Mures România... Programa Radio Târgu Mures..." frequencies in kilohertz and megahertz, then short test tone and off, parallel 1197 kHz. Listen to mp3 audio clip. [Conti]

1323 UNITED KINGDOM Smooth Radio, Brighton  NOV 6 2301 - Fair; "This is Smooth Radio..." and "Babe I Love You" by Styx, parallel 1359 kHz. [Conti] NOV 8 0038 - A pretty tough catch, but fair at times playing "How Long" by Ace. Confirmed by the website stream (although fibbed that I was located in the UK, or Gibraltar in my case!). Not bad for 0.5 kW. Many parallels listed. 1332 Peterborough at 0.6 kW immediately heard at same fair level, with 'Holding Back the Years' by Simply Red. 1359 with an ad listed as either Chelmsford (.28 kW) or Cardiff with 0.2 kW. NOV 10 0003 - A tough catch, but faded up to fair level, then down, but still able to ascertain parallel to online feed. Not bad at all! [Salmaniw] NOV 10 2200 - Fair; "On FM, online, on your mobile, and on digital radio, this is Smooth," into news. [Conti]

1332 CZECH REPUBLIC Ceský Rozhlas, Moravské Budejovice  NOV 9 2100 - Fair; "Ceský Rozhlas Dvojka" and brief musical interlude into news, parallel 954 kHz. [Conti] NOV 10 0009 - Fair reception in Czech, but faded down, and when next faded up I'm next hearing R.România Actualitati. I don't think I was mistaken about the Czech station, though. Checked for parallel on 639 and 954, but no luck. [Salmaniw] NOV 10 0259 - Parallel to 954 with Elton John's "Sacrifice". Then sounder, ID by woman and news read by woman. Over Romania. [Wolfish] NOV 10 1959 - Woman singing parallel 954 then fanfare on hour fair to good on both; soon taken over by Spain. [Hall-Patch]

1332 UNITED KINGDOM Smooth Radio, Peterborough  NOV 8 0653 - Playing Blondie's "The Tide Is High" parallel 1557 kHz. [Wolfish]

1341 EGYPT ERTU Cairo  NOV 9 2100 - Under BBC R.Ulster; Big Ben chimes. Three separate ERTU channels on four stations here, presumed Cairo with 100 kW, rather than Idfu/Siwa or Bawiti with 10 kW each. [Conti]

1341 KUWAIT R.Kuwait Quran, Magwa  NOV 7 0123 - Tentative; melismatic Arabic singing under BBC, fair; but with Spanish there as well... Egypt's al-Quran program not on until 0200, plus this was not parallel 864, nor parallel 1503 so unlikely to be Iran either. [Hall-Patch]

1341 NORTHERN IRELAND BBC R.Ulster, Lisnagarvey  NOV 6 0900 - Very good reception announcing 98 95 FM and 1341, "This is BBC Radio Ulster." NOV 7 1701 - Best of the MW already propagating before 17:00 UTC (1:00 p.m. local). The UK has just entered darkness, but we're 3-3/4 hours away from darkness. A good start! NOV 7 2355 - Very strong reception of 'News 5 minutes before midnight'. Local news. Tonight it's either UK stations or Spain which are dominating. Lots of atmospheric crashes, as there are thunder storms off the Atlantic seaboard to our southeast. Made things difficult today. End of programming at midnight, and went over to Radio 5 Live relay. [Salmaniw] NOV 8 1120 - Man talking, weak, but sounded English, fading up to solo trumpet music. This was 20 minutes after PEI sunrise, but more to the point, over 3 hours after Ulster sunrise. Audio also noted at various times in the hour before local sunrise from the Brits on 909, 1089, and 1215 and the Spaniard on 1413 kHz. [Hall-Patch] NOV 10 1000 - Good; telephone talk, host introduces news, "It's 10 o'clock, time for news from the BBC," canned ID, "On 92 to 95 FM and 1341 medium wave, this is BBC Radio Ulster," and news from the BBC newsdesk. [Conti] NOV 11 0359 - Strong; female announcer leading into news at 0400, with lead story about the death of Leonard Cohen. [Taylor]

1350 ITALY I Am Radio, Milano  NOV 7 1958 - Fair; "You're listening to I Am Radio, I Am Radio, I Am Radio," and disco music. NOV 9 2157 - Over/under CKAD and CBSI-14 (CBC French station); man in Italian, disco music through the hour including "Gloria" by Laura Branigan and the extended version of "Jungle Boogie" by Kool & the Gang. Read reports that this semi-pirate was to increase power to 50 kW. [Conti]

1359 ETHIOPIA Voice of the Tigray Revolution, Mekele  NOV 6 0258 - Interval signal noted. [Wolfish] NOV 9 1950 - Good in lightning noise; repetitive African vocals with guitar and drumming. NOV 10 1958 - Over/under Smooth Radio; Ethiopian flute music. [Conti]

1359 UNITED KINGDOM Smooth Radio, Cardiff//Chelmsford  NOV 6 2055 - Fair in lightning noise; light adult contemporary vocals, canned Smooth Radio ID's, ad string on the hour, "This is Smooth Radio..." and back to music. [Conti]

1359 UNITED KINGDOM Free Radio 80s, Coventry  NOV 10 0000 - Poor in lightning noise; "...on DAB, AM, and online, we are Free Radio 80s," into news. [Conti]

1368 EGYPT ERTU El Kharga  NOV 6 2100 - Poor through Manx Radio; Big Ben chimes parallel 819 kHz. [Conti]

1368 ISLE OF MAN Manx Radio, Foxdale-Douglas  NOV 6 0237 - Whitney Houston's "Saving All My Love For You", spot, ID: "Broadcasting... from Isle of Man, this is Manx Radio," into news. [Wolfish] NOV 6 0900 - Nice ID at 09:00, including 'Isle of Man'. Fair reception. Probably commonly heard, but still a thrill for me, a west coast DXer! [Salmaniw] NOV 8 0100 - Good; "Broadcasting from Douglas in Isle of Man... this is Manx Radio," into Sky news. [Conti] NOV 9 0200 - "Broadcasting from the Isle of Man, this is Manx Radio." Good reception if not for the static crashes here. NOV 10 0019 - Good reception, playing 'Party Like a Russian'. [Salmaniw]

1377 ARMENIA TWR Gavar  NOV 6 1957 - End of program in unID language. Man giving email address cut off by TWR interval signal. [Wolfish] NOV 8 2001 - Under Tanzania; TWR interval signal. NOV 10 2000 - Good; lively ethnic music cut to one cycle of TWR interval signal, then off. However, at 2001, the signal returned at a much weaker level with several repeats of the TWR interval signal. [Conti]

1377 TANZANIA R.Free Africa, Mwanza  NOV 5 2331 - Excellent reception; call in show with many mentions of the phone number, hip hop music, Radio Free Africa and RFA ID's. All this using Nick Hall-Patch's D-Kaz aimed 60°. Incredible reception. Lots of English, but with presumed Swahili otherwise? [Salmaniw] NOV 6 0100 - Fair in lightning noise; African highlife music, promo/announcements in Swahili with many "Radio Free Africa" ID's. [Conti] NOV 8 2044 - Nice ID at this time. Not the easiest channel, and a lot of static crashes today, but clear ID. [Salmaniw]

1386 EGYPT ERTU Al-Quran al-Karim, Luxor NOV 9 0151 - Quranic chanting parallel 864, under R.Svobooda (Lithuania), poor to fair. [Hall-Patch] NOV 9 2100 - In 1390 WEGP splatter; Koran parallel 864 kHz. [Conti]

1386 LITHUANIA R.Baltic Waves, Sitkunai  NOV 7 0014 - With Radio Svoboda (Liberty) relay at excellent level with program in Russian. A very nice variety program. Seems a lot more interesting compared to VOA Russian. [Salmaniw] NOV 8 0058 - Good; Radio Journal in unID language, then Radio Svoboda in Russian. [Conti] NOV 10 0026 - Very strong reception of Radio Liberty's Russian service. Excellent modulation. They punch much higher than their 75 kW! [Salmaniw]

1394.9 ALBANIA TWR Fllakë  NOV 7 2141 - Good; woman announced URL www.twr.org in unID language, at 2145 one cycle of TWR interval signal, then off. [Conti] NOV 11 2116 - Very strong reception in listed Serbian, with a certain amount of splatter from adjacent channels. Clearly religious in nature. Clean audio. No co-channel interference at all. Measured on slightly off frequency of 1394.950 kHz. [Salmaniw]

Nick works on moving the D-Kaz, and the rat's nest of wires at the monitoring post.

1404 GREECE ERA Komotini  NOV 6 0059 - Fair in 1400 CBG splatter; traditional Greek music. NOV 7 0400 - Poor; jazz instrumental up to the hour, signature "Tsopanakos Imouna" flute music of ERT/Voice of Greece followed by choral national anthem, parallel 1512 kHz. [Conti] NOV 8 0202 - Nice Greek music up to the TOH, then time pips and brief Greek announcements, followed by piano music. Good reception. NOV 10 0039 - Unable to find an internet feed but Nick confirms this to be Greek. Initially with bag-pipes like instrument, then ongoing talk. Not their Proto program in any case. Good level at times. Nick confirms that it is the Voice of Greece. [Salmaniw]

1404 ROMANIA R.România Actualitati, Sibiu  NOV 9 2100 - In 1400 CBG splatter; "Radio România Actualitati, hora exacta..." [Conti]

1404 ROMANIA R.Cluj/R.Sighet, Sighetu Marmatiei  NOV 7 1959 - Through Greece and others; "Alternative Muzicale," announcement by woman, then sign-off test tone, parallel 1593 kHz. [Conti]

1413 MOLDOVA Vesti FM, Grigoriopol  NOV 7 0045 - Dominating now for some time, with weather and an ad for an upcoming fishing program. At 00:57 now hearing Spain co-channel. Good to very good at times. [Salmaniw] NOV 7 0100 - Over/under Spain; touchtone phone sound effects and "novosti." NOV 9 2100 - Over/under Spain; choral national anthem. [Conti] NOV 10 0042 - Very strong, but a minute or two ago, there was a music segment, which was likely from RNE5. Not so fast. At 00:44, music (in English) faded back up. Yes, confirmed RNE5 from 00:45. [Salmaniw] NOV 10 2000 - Through Spain; choral Russia national anthem. [Conti]

1413 OMAN BBC A'Seela  NOV 7 0000 - Co-channel, just before the TOH with Grigoriopol in Russian, but soon dominated with BBC gongs and into listed Dari. Vesti back to dominate as I type this at 00:45. [Salmaniw]

1413 SPAIN RNE5 Vigo  NOV 7 0625 - ID: "Radio Nacional de España, Galicia." [Wolfish]

1413 UNITED KINGDOM BBC R.Gloucestershire, Berkeley Heath//Bourton-on-the-Water  NOV 10 2200 - Under Spain; "BBC Radio Gloucestershire" with music bed. [Conti]

1422 ALGERIA R.Algérienne, Algiers  NOV 6 2301 - Fair; marching band choral national anthem, parallel 702 kHz. [Conti] NOV 10 0049 - Good reception, with a buzzy transmitter. Occasionally also hearing Romania. [Salmaniw]

1422 ROMANIA R.România Actualitati, Olanesti  NOV 6 0259 - Under Algeria; choral national anthem, then "hora exacta" time marker and news fanfare parallel 1593 kHz. NOV 7 2200 - Under Algeria; time marker and news fanfare. [Conti]

1431 DJIBOUTI R.Sawa, Arta  NOV 7 2124 - With Ukraine having signed off, Sawa is dominating the channel with a powerful signal, although co-channel others. Several times there were some girls chatting in what sounded a bit like a south Asian language. No time pips heard at the BOH, which I gather should be present with Iran. [Salmaniw]

1431 UKRAINE R.Ukraine International, Mykolaiv  NOV 6 2000 - Excellent reception in Russian to Crimea, with occasional fade-ups from R.Sawa in Djibouti. Impressive signal. No luck this afternoon on Ukrainian Radio's 1278 transmitter yet. Continues to 21:00 sign-off. NOV 7 1712 - Already heard at fair to good level in Russian, despite 3-1/2 hours still to our local sunset! Pretty impressive! Mentions of Debaltsyve (an important railway junction in Donbas where hundreds of Ukrainian soldiers died after being guaranteed an exit corridor by the Russian invaders immediately after the signing of the Minsk 2 aggreements). An hour later, at excellent level. [Salmaniw] NOV 8 1959 - Good; "www tochka (point)... tochka ua," instrumental interlude, "Radio Ukrainia... www tochka... tochka ua..." and "novosti" news. [Conti]

1431 UNITED KINGDOM Smooth Radio, Southend  NOV 8 0200 - Smooth Radio mention by man, fair to poor signal, listening on Beverage at this point. NOV 10 0104 - Pop music poor but parallel 1323 on peaks. [Hall-Patch]

1440 NIGERIA Adamawa BC, Yola  NOV 6 2059 - Clear through Saudi Arabia; choral national anthem. Listen to mp3 audio clip. First discovered by Niel on NOV 11 and unequivocally by Walt and Niel on NOV 8 before finding this upon review of spectrum captures. [Conti] NOV 8 2000 - Woman in heavy African-accented English through co-channel Saudi Arabia, 2101 sign-off with national anthem. [Salmaniw/Wolfish]

1440 SAUDI ARABIA SBC R.Riyadh, Ras al-Khair  NOV 6 0100 - Good; rapid-fire news items separated by attention signals, parallel 594, 675, 1071, and 1467 kHz. [Conti] NOV 6 0258 - Over WRED with man in Arabic talking over classical music. News at hourtop with bits of fanfare between headlines. Parallel to a weaker 1449 kHz. [Wolfish] NOV 7 2123 - What 1521 used to sound like, has been replaced by this mega kilowatt monster. Extremely strong, and totally dominating the channel! [Salmaniw]

1449 SAUDI ARABIA SBC R.Riyadh, Jeddah  NOV 6 0101 - Over/under unID UK; rapid-fire news items parallel 1440 kHz. [Conti] NOV 6 0301 - Poor with news, parallel to 1440 kHz. [Wolfish]

1458 GIBRALTAR R.Gibraltar, Wellington Front  NOV 5 2355 - Very nice reception, and parallel internet feed, but of course, fading down and now co-channel to several other stations. Time check for 12:00 in English, so likely a UK station. But came back with a nice 'Radio Gibralatar' jingle ID at 00:02. [Salmaniw] NOV 11 0001 - Atop with R.Gibraltar jingle and pop music. [Conti]

1458 ROMANIA R.România Actualitati, Constanta  NOV 10 2000 - Over/under Lyca Radio; "Radio România Actualitati, hora exacta," and time marker. [Conti]

1458 UNITED KINGDOM Lyca Radio, London  NOV 6 0200 - Over Romania; "From 1458 AM, online, on digital radio... the latest news update on Lyca Radio," into news, "From the Sky news center..." [Conti] NOV 10 0107 - Jingle ID, co-channel with Romania. Not terribly strong despite the 125 kW. Followed by Indian music, by 0110, R.România Actualitati dominated. [Salmaniw]

1458 UNITED KINGDOM BBC R.Cumbria, Whitehaven  NOV 6 0900 - A tentative logging. I could hear a BBC ID, and 'From the heart of Liverpool'. Three English BBC networks are listed, BBC R.Newcastle, BBC R.Devon, and BBC R.Cumbria. The latter is closest to Liverpool. [Salmaniw] NOV 7 1900 - Hourtop ID. Soon outfaded to Gold. [Wolfish]

1458 UNITED KINGDOM Gold, Ashton Moss  NOV 7 1903 - Upfaded over BBC R.Cumbria with Paul McCartney's "Jet". It in turn soon outfaded leaving behind Romania and Lyca Radio. [Wolfish] NOV 10 0900 - Jingle ID into news. Fair reception, co-channel with other UK stations. [Salmaniw]

1467 FRANCE TWR Roumoules  NOV 6 2300 - Good; one cycle of TWR interval signal, then off, leaving Saudi Arabia in clear. [Conti] NOV 7 2114 - Excellent reception with TWR interval signal, and into Kabyle. What brought me here was that Saudi Arabia is here parallel to 945, which I've been listening to for the past 1/2 hour. Easily heard co-channel. Sorry, I'm not sure what Kabyle is. Got it, looked it up: A Berber language spoken in the north and north-east of Algeria. SBC R.Riyadh is at Hafar al-Batin with 50 kW. [Salmaniw]

1467.37 IRAN IRIB R.Qom, Qom  NOV 6 0100 - Loud het against 1467 Saudi Arabia. [Conti] NOV 10 0114 - Way off channel, but still dominating. Measured tonight on 1467.370 compared to on-channel 1467.000 for the other station (Saudi Arabia?). Fair copy. [Salmaniw] NOV 10 2100 - Good; lively setar instrumental through the hour, parallel a strong 1278 kHz but not parallel 1503 kHz. [Conti]

1467 SAUDI ARABIA SBC R.Riyadh, Hafar al-Batin  NOV 7 0300 - Good; rapid-fire news with attention signal between items. [Conti]

1476.27 IRAN IRIB R.Kordestan, Marivan  NOV 10 0119 - Another way off channel. Measuring tonight on 1476.267 compared to another co-channel on 1476.000 kHz. [Salmaniw] NOV 10 2000 - Fair; telephone talk by women parallel 945 IRIB R.Kordestan. [Conti]

1485 SPAIN SER R.Santander, Soto de la Marina  NOV 7 0621 - End of phone interview. Then, "En la Cadena Ser, hoy por hoy," followed by "Hoy por hoy Santander." Local spots. At least one more SER outlet in behind this one. [Wolfish]

1485 UNITED KINGDOM BBC4 Carlisle  NOV 10 0132 - Relaying the BBC World Service, parallel 198, at fair level, but soon pushed out by Spain. Could still hear the BBC in the background, but then I checked and this time it was parallel to BBC Radio 5 Live feed, making it from either BBC R.Humberside in Hull with 2 kw, BBC R.Merseyside in Wallasey with 2 kw, or BBC Sussex in Brighton, with 1 kW. My head is spinning! [Salmaniw]

1485 UNITED KINGDOM BBC R.Merseyside, Wallasey  NOV 6 0258 - Radio 5 Live with Neil Diamond's "America". Parallel to 1341 kHz. Mixing with SER. NOV 7 0623 - Upfaded over Spain with ID, "BBC Radio Merseyside," after they had played Paul McCartney's "Another Day". [Wolfish] NOV 10 0900 - "From the heart of Liverpool, this is BBC Radio Merseyside," into the news. Good reception. [Salmaniw]

1494 MOLDOVA R.Moldova Actualitati, Cahul//Edinet  NOV 6 2000 - Good; fanfare and "Radio Moldova..." [Conti] NOV 8 1949 - Jazz fair to good parallel webstream www.trm.md/ro/actualitati-online, very short delay. [Hall-Patch]

1494 UNITED KINGDOM Laser Hot Hits  NOV 10 2000 - Poor in off-frequency subaudible het; "On short wave and online... hot hits dot co dot UK, this is the Short Wave Legend," into news. Laser Hot Hits short wave announced on its Facebook wall, "We are on 1494 kHz MW - Stewart Ross live after 9 p.m. tonight." [Conti] NOV 10 2052 - "Laser Hot Hits" jingle into "Midnight Train to Georgia" by Gladys Knight & the Pips. [Salmaniw] NOV 10 2200 - Good; "On shortwave and online at Laser Hot Hits dot co dot UK, this is the Short Wave Legend," into news headlines, "From... news in Washington," then promo and back to music, "Who plays the best variety of music and more of it? We do... This is Laser Hot Hits." Listen to mp3 audio clip. [Conti] NOV 11 2017 - ID and The Style Council's "Long Hot Summer". My reception was confirmed on their Facebook page. [Wolfish]

1503 EGYPT ERTU El Arish  NOV 6 2000 - Under Iran; instrumental marching band national anthem. [Conti]

1503 IRAN IRIB R.Iran, Bushehr NOV 6 1930 - Excellent; three chimes marking the hour, woman mentioned "Iran radio." [Conti] NOV 10 0141 - Good reception with Call to Prayer. Nick pointed out a weak parallel which sure enough was there. Earlier he had them on 1026 as well. [Salmaniw]

1512 GREECE ERA Proto Programma, Hania  NOV 7 0400 - Poorly modulated signal or through a strong open carrier; jazz instrumental up to the hour, "Tsopanakos Imouna" signature interval signal flute music of ERT/Voice of Greece followed by choral national anthem, parallel 1404 kHz. [Conti] NOV 9 2008 - Nick pointed out this very strange programming. After a search, we were able to conclude that it was from Greece, and likely the Proto Programma. Good to very good reception at times. Presumably the 1000 kW Saudi came up a few minutes later (1000 kW from Jeddah). [Salmaniw] NOV 9 2046 - Jazz below Iran turned out to be this. Followed by Greek talk, and different sorts of jolly Greek music parallel http://webradio.ert.gr/i-foni-tis-elladas; sometimes becoming quite good strength and dominant. [Hall-Patch]

1512 IRAN IRIB R.Ardabil, Ardabil  NOV 9 2000 - Over/under Saudi Arabia and Greece; interval signal-like music parallel 1197 kHz. [Conti]

1512 SAUDI ARABIA SBC R.Quran, Jeddah  NOV 10 0147 - Under-modulated, with Quranic chants. Some 1510 splatter, but otherwise pretty strong. [Salmaniw] NOV 11 0200 - Good; Koran parallel 765 kHz. [Conti]

1521 SAUDI ARABIA SBC R.Riyadh, Duba  NOV 9 2000 - Good over Spain; Middle Eastern music, news intro at 2001, parallel 1071, 1440, 1449, and 1467 kHz. First time received on 1521 during the DXpedition. [Conti] NOV 10 0100 - After an absence for a while, they are definitely back with news in Arabic. Not overwhelming, though, so wonder if on with a standby lower power transmitter? [Salmaniw]

1521 SPAIN SER R.Castellón, Ctra Valencia  NOV 6 0100 - Good; in-studio discussion continued through the hour, parallel 1044, 1080, 1485, 1539, 1584, 1602 kHz. [Conti] NOV 6 0257 - Good with promo for U.S. election coverage with clips of Clinton and Trump. ID and news on hourstop. Parallel 1602 kHz. [Wolfish] NOV 10 2147 - No sign of Saudi Arabia tonight. Instead, superb reception of SER R.Castellón with local programming. Radiocastellon.com, etc. Incredible signal for only 5 kW! [Salmaniw]

1530 ROMANIA R.România Actualitati, Radauti  NOV 11 0258 - Under VOA São Tome sign-on routine; choral national anthem. [Conti]

1530 SAO TOME E PRINCIPE VOA Pinheira  NOV 6 0258 - Yankee Doodle, and into VOA ID at 03:00 and English news. Co-channel 15 kW Romania. Sometimes one stronger, and sometimes the other, but mostly the edge to STP. Good reception. [Salmaniw] NOV 6 2000 - Over Romania and UK; "It's Music Time in Africa... This is the English Africa service... from the Voice of America in Washington." [Conti] NOV 7 0300 - Very strong reception tonight compared to last night with Yankee Doodle starting at 02:58, and into English with Daybreak Africa. Romania only weakly heard. NOV 7 2018 - Very nice African 'High Life' music, parallel to the VOA internet feed. Often at armchair level, with occasional co-channel(s), especially Romania and Madeira. The VOA feed is www.voanews.com/t/60.html. [Salmaniw] NOV 10 2200 - Over UK; "The home of the hits, the VOA One network," and sign-off, "This is the Voice of America, Washington DC, signing off. For information regarding the times and frequencies of VOA programs, write to Program Schedule, Voice of America, Washington DC 20547, or you may get a schedule from the nearest American cultural center or United States Information Service in your country." [Conti] NOV 11 2051 - Excellent reception with their English to Africa feed, confirmed online. Within a minute, faded down to be briefly replaced by Romania with the Poland/Romania soccer elimination match. [Salmaniw]

1530 UNITED KINGDOM Pulse 2, Huddersfield  NOV 6 0257 - Under Romania with ID: "The greatest hits of all time, this is Pulse 2," and Bob Marley's "No Woman No Cry". And then obliterated by VOA São Tome onsigning. [Wolfish] NOV 10 0150 - Playing Boy George's "Do you really want to hurt me?" Fair with co-channel probable Romania. [Salmaniw] NOV 10 2300 - Over Romania; "DAB digital radio, online at Pulse 2 dot co dot UK, 1278 and 1530 medium wave, across West Yorkshire, this is Pulse 2," into Sky news. [Conti]

1539 SPAIN SER R.Manresa, Manresa  NOV 6 1930 - Fair, over co-channel SER R.Elche; "Sintonisa Barranilla(?), un programa... Radio Manresa." Barranilla spelling probably incorrect. Unable to find local program schedules for SER affiliates on the internet to get correct program name. [Conti]

1548 IRAN IRIB R.Iran, various sites  NOV 6 2048 - Man talking, parallel 1503 though with delay, briefly rising to fair level above Gold, then back under. [Hall-Patch]

1548 MOLDOVA TWR Grigoriopol  NOV 7 1801 - Good reception at 18:00 with listed Bulgarian, but did fade a bit within a minute. On recheck at 18:32, R.Sawa (Kuwait), presumed, is very strong and totally dominating. Maybe not so fast. Not parallel to the internet feed, so perhaps Iran? But within a minute, TWR dominates again, this time in. [Salmaniw] NOV 8 2000 - Good; one cycle of TWR interval signal, then off. [Conti] NOV 10 1912 - Endtail of Romanian program with Bucharest address given, then TWR interval signal. Mixing with Gold. [Wolfish] NOV 10 2000 - Good; TWR interval signal and off. [Conti]

1548 SCOTLAND Forth 2, Edinburgh  NOV 9 2256 - Various spots, "Your greatest hits, Forth 2" ID. Mixing with Gold. [Wolfish] NOV 10 0900 - "This is Forth 2 with the latest news next." A tough copy. Into news. Fair with lots of splatter. Local ads before the TOH with mentions of Scotland. Local news after the TOH, with mentions of Edinburgh. [Salmaniw]

1548 UNITED KINGDOM Gold, London  NOV 6 0022 - "The greatest hits of all time, this is Gold," followed by Glen Frey's "The Heat Is On" and "Airport" by The Motors. [Wolfish] NOV 8 0200 - Good; "On AM, digital radio, digital TV, and on the mobile, playing the greatest hits of all time," and "This is Gold" jingle into news. [Conti] NOV 10 0201 - ID clearly as, "This is Gold from Global, 60s, 70s and 80s, all night long." Seems to be other co-channels, very much like TIS frequency of 1610 stateside. A real mish-mash. Fair reception. [Salmaniw]

1550 ALGERIA RASD Rabouni  NOV 8 2000 - Good; contemporary African vocal, time pips at 2001 into news. [Conti]

1557 IRAN IRIB R.Iran, Zabol  NOV 7 0001 - Over/under Smooth Radio; flute music parallel 1503 kHz. [Conti]

1557 UNITED KINGDOM BBC R.Lancashire, Oxcliff  NOV 6 0900 - Poor reception, but clear ID just after 09:00 UTC as, 'This is BBC Radio Lancashire'. [Salmaniw] NOV 10 2200 - Fair; "On radio, on TV, on your... (mobile options) the county's radio station, this is BBC Radio Lancashire," and "BBC news at 10 o'clock." [Conti]

1557 UNITED KINGDOM Smooth Radio, Northampton//Southampton  NOV 6 0026 - Billy Ocean's "Suddenly", ID and Harry Nilsson's "Without You". [Wolfish] NOV 6 0300 - Fair; "This is Smooth Radio... and we are live in the night, a very good Sunday morning to you..."

1566 BENIN TWR Parakou  NOV 6 2200 - Good; discussion in French through the hour. [Conti] NOV 6 2208 - Up to very good reception of TWR Africa in French with ID's and postal address at 22:09. Then an interesting sounding interval signal twice (not the usual TWR), and into an English ID as TWR Benin. Rapidly faded down into oblivion. [Salmaniw]

1566 NETHERLANDS Vahon Hindustani Radio, Den Haag  NOV 6 2001 - Fading over BBC Somerset; man in Dutch, then a nostalgic-sounding subcontinental vocal. [Conti]

1566 UNITED KINGDOM BBC Somerset, Taunton  NOV 6 0047 - Johnny Nash's "I Can See Clearly Now" and Bob Dylan song. [Wolfish] NOV 8 2234 - Heard BBC mentions so checked www.bbc.co.uk/radio/player/bbc_radio_somerset_sound 2236-7 and music indeed was parallel and a little offset from webstream, fair to good at times. [Hall-Patch]

1566 UNITED KINGDOM Premier Christian Radio, Guildford-Peasmarsh  NOV 6 0043 - Upfaded over BBC; "Premier Christian Radio" ID by man and Christian music. [Wolfish] NOV 7 2148 - Good reception briefly until TWR Africa regained dominance just before 21:50. English religious talk. [Salmaniw]

1575 IRAN IRIB R.Iran, Abadan  NOV 6 1930 - Over Italy; three chimes marking the hour, ID by woman, "Islam Radio Iran," not parallel 1503 or others. [Conti]

1575 ITALY Rai Radiouno, Genova  NOV 7 0459 - Over/under Spain; pre sign-on tones and data burst, "Rai" ID. NOV 8 0600 - Good; data burst, marker and time check into news. [Conti] NOV 7 2233 - Totally dominating for a few minutes, then back to a more Arabic sounding station. Good level while it lasted! Lively female announcer. NOV 9 2143 - Definitely the afternoon of Italian stations at very good level, totally dominating the frequency. [Salmaniw]

1575 UNITED ARAB EMIRATES R.Farda, Al Dhabiya  NOV 6 0258 - Over SER; man in Farsi talking over the hourtop with Pink Floyd music "Time" in the background. [Wolfish] NOV 8 1928 - Nice ID at 1928 for Radio Farda, and into a male vocal accompanied by a piano. Very good, but obvious there are a number of co-channels. [Salmaniw]

1584 CEUTA RadiOlé, Ceuta  NOV 6 0030 - Good, over SER Spain; Middle Eastern influenced vocal, brief dead air, time pips, and RadiOlé jingle. Listen to mp3 audio clip. [Conti]

1584 SPAIN SER R.Ourense, Ourense  NOV 6 1930 - Atop; "¡Carrusel Deportivo! Radio Ourense, Cadena Ser." [Conti]

1593 KUWAIT R.Sawa, Kuwait  NOV 6 0030 - Fair; end of news with canned announcement and fanfare parallel 1431 R.Sawa, then music separate from 1431 kHz. NOV 7 0315 - Fading up over Romania; R.Sawa ID into news brief. [Conti]

1593 ROMANIA R.România Actualitati, Ioan Corvin  NOV 6 0000 - Over Kuwait; time check, "Radio România Actualitati, hora exacta..." into news, parallel 1179 kHz. NOV 7 0254 - Good; Radio Romania ID with frequencies, then choral national anthem. [Conti] NOV 10 0213 - Good reception confirmed by website stream. Four sites listed in Romania between 10 and 15 kW. Modern Romanian music. [Salmaniw]

1593 ROMANIA R.Cluj, Oradea  NOV 6 2000 - Good; pop music cut to test tone. NOV 7 1959 - Good; "Alternative Muzicale," sign-off announcement, test tone and off. [Conti]

1602 SPAIN SER R.Ontinyent, Ontinyent  NOV 10 0259 - ID's by man and woman before hourtop as "Radio Ontinyente." Pips and SER news at 0300. [Wolfish] NOV 10 0259 - Fair over co-channel SER stations; woman, "Radio Ontinyent... la solución..." [Conti]

1625 NETHERLANDS unID  NOV 9 2245 - Fair in lightning noise; "To Love Somebody" by the Bee Gees, DJ said "Good evening to you," but otherwise speaking in presumed Dutch language. 2256 "Spirit in the Sky" by Norman Greenbaum. Spotvogel, R.Casablanca, and Pandora among the stations listed on 1625 recently. [Conti]

1633 GREECE unID  NOV 10 1947 - Ongoing music, at outstanding levels playing a Greek version of Sonny and Cher's I've got you Babe! [Salmaniw]

1635 NETHERLANDS Bluebird Radio, Oostwold  NOV 7 2300 - Good in lightning noise; DJ mentioned Bluebird Radio into accordion music. [Conti]

1635 NETHERLANDS Monte Carlo Radio  NOV 11 2320 - Just ID'd in Dutch at good level. [Salmaniw]

1647 NETHERLANDS De Witte Tornado  NOV 6 2100 - Polka instrumentals; measured 1646.85 kHz. [Conti]

1663 unID NOV 10 2010 - Strong open carrier, then into Neil Diamond's "Beautiful Noise". Very strong. [Salmaniw]

1677 SPAIN EAS Cabo de Peñas Radio  NOV 5 2307 - Woman with marine weather in Spanish. Places included Porto and Casablanca. Ended at 2312 UTC. [Wolfish]

1677 SPAIN La Coruña Coast Guard Radio  NOV 11 2311 - Just signing off in Spanish at good/very good level with maritime weather. I believe there is an error in the MWList, as it only list Cabo de Peñas Radio, but clearly the ID was for La Coruña, and verified by some online marine radio guides checked. [Salmaniw]

1696 FRANCE CROSS La Garde  NOV 10 2200 - Received in USB mode; announcements in French by a woman. Broadcasts daily at 2200 UTC on 1696 and 2677 kHz per the Meteo France website. [Conti]

1704 SPAIN EAC Tarifa Radio, Tarifa  NOV 10 2005 - In bilingual Spanish/English. Tarifa is located to the south west of Gibraltar. Very strong reception. [Salmaniw]

1718 unID  NOV 10 1947 - 1717.8 but with a variable transmitter. Drifted up to 1717.9 within a minute and 1717.96 a few minutes later. Seems identical to what I heard 3 years ago here! All of a sudden there must be at least 10 pirates above 1600 kHz! [Salmaniw]

1730 GREECE unID pirate  NOV 6 0124 - Fair reception playing American Pie, but with a lot of static crashes. At 01:31, playing The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down. [Salmaniw] NOV 7 0234 - "Smoke on the Water"; Scorpions "No One Like You" at 0236; Grand Funk Railroad's "We're an American Band" at 0239; Jethro Tull's "Aqualung"; gone with no announcement at 0045. [Wolfish] NOV 7 0246 - Non-stop music, sometimes at good levels, but in the 30+ minutes I monitored, not a word was spoken. Deep Purple's "Smoke on the Water" at 02:35, carrier cut at 02:46:19. NOV 9 2138 - Pirate, presumably Greek. On each evening, mostly with lots of music. Transmitter cut for about 5 seconds, then back, although I'm not certain it's the same op. [Salmaniw]

1743 SCOTLAND Stornoway Coastguard Weather  NOV 8 1919 - Good reception with Scottish accented English about marine hazards, etc. Still several hours until our local sunset. We're still experiencing a lot of static crashes today, like yesterday. [Salmaniw]

1755 SPAIN EAO Palma Radio, Mallorca  NOV 10 1942 - In bilingual Spanish and English. Latter ID at 19:43. Good reception. [Salmaniw]

1767 SPAIN EAO Cabo de Gata Radio  NOV 10 1937 - Fair reception in Spanish. Weather report. Located on the south coast of Spain. [Salmaniw]

Some things never change. From the 1911 logbook of PH (which became KPH). - LWBC The Lowdown via Nick Hall-Patch.

Transpacific DX

1053 SOUTH KOREA Jammer  NOV 8 1038 - The distinctive whooshing sound made it to the Maritimes, first time in maybe 4 years since a previous DXpedition. This started to show up weakly 1033, then faded up 1036-38 UTC. Only Asian found, but 9 kHz channels were still occupied by primarily British signals travelling across the pond in broad daylight. Those didn't quit until nearly 20 minutes after local sunrise in PEI. [Hall-Patch]

1548 unID  NOV 8 1109 - Man talking very weakly, but given there were British signals coming in, could it be UK? At 1111 Gold UK was running music per its webstream, and all the British stations are slightly below nominal per the MWoffsets list. The dominant signal on 1548, by 10dB, was at about 1548.010 kHz which aligns well with 4QD's offset. Although this offset was visible most mornings during the rest of the DX'pedition, the 8th had the closest to audio. [Hall-Patch]

1638 unID  NOV 8 1103 - Woman talking very weakly 1104-1105, also 1107 man talking, music 1109, and man talking again 1117 UTC. But, always very weak to near imaginary. One of the Aussies seems a possibility but nothing like an ID. Frequency offsets were observed at 6, 8 and 12 Hertz below nominal, and there are several Aussies that are somewhat low in frequency listed in MWoffsets. [Hall-Patch]

Pan American DX

 580 PUERTO RICO WKAQ San Juan  NOV 6 0900 - Poor; "...lo mejor es WKAQ" in noticias promo with multistation ID. [Conti]

 630 PUERTO RICO WUNO NotiUno, San Juan  NOV 6 0900 - Fair; "NotiUno 630, WUNO 630 AM San Juan, WPRP 910 AM Ponce, WORA 760 AM Mayagüez, WCMN 1280 AM Arecibo... NotiUno, primero con noticias," and "NotiUno 630 presenta..." [Conti]

 760 COLOMBIA HJAJ, RCN, Barranquilla  NOV 10 0959 - Over/under WJR; selección Colombia mentioned in talk, Banco Popular ad, and "Las noticias de RCN radio." [Conti]

 780 BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS ZBVI Road Town, Tortola  NOV 10 1000 - Over R.Coro Venezuela; arrival and departure schedules for Road Town island ferries. [Conti]

 780 VENEZUELA YVMN R.Coro, Coro  NOV 9 0400 - Fair; choral national anthem. [Conti]

 790 VENEZUELA YVXM R.Minuto, Barquisimeto  NOV 10 1000 - Under R.Reloj Cuba; choral national anthem followed by signature Big Ben doorbell chimes. [Conti]

 820 COLOMBIA HJAD R.Vigía, Cartagena  NOV 10 1000 - Popped up with a quick ¡Radio Vigía! into a rustic vocal with flute accompaniment. [Conti]

 840 HAITI Radio-Télé 4VEH, Cap Haitien-Petite Anse  NOV 10 1000 - Over CMHW Doblevé; French Christian vocals, 'Dashing through the Snow' interval signal. [Conti]

 860 CUBA R.Reloj, Jovellanos//Bolondrón  NOV 10 1001 - Under CJBC; time marker and RR Morse code. [Conti]

 900 CUBA R.Progreso, San Germán-Urbano Noris  NOV 10 0858 - Fair; 'Reportero RP' news, promo and canned ID, "Radio Progreso, cadena nacional, la onda de la alegría, transmitiendo desde la Habana, Cuba, primer territorio libre en América," and time check, "Cuatro en punto." [Conti] NOV 10 0900 - Fair to good reception with ID. Off the back end of our DKAZ, so an incidental logging! [Salmaniw]

 910 VENEZUELA YVRQ Caracas  NOV 6 1000 - Fair; non-stop llanera music mix through the hour. [Conti]

 920 VENEZUELA unID  NOV 10 1000 - Under co-channels; choral national anthem. [Conti]

 940 BRAZIL unID  NOV 11 2203 - Portuguese religion. [Wolfish]

 940 MEXICO XEQ Ke Buena, México, DF  NOV 8 0358 - Fair; ad string, mentioned "punto mx" URL. Signal still present and alone at 0900; canned ID with Ke Buena jingles. [Conti]

 940 PUERTO RICO WIPR San Juan  NOV 6 0858 - Fair in lightning noise; "Dos minutos para la poesía puertorriqueña," and 0901 ID, "Esta es WIPR San Juan, la emisora pública..." [Conti]

1040 COLOMBIA HJAI R.Tropical, Barranquilla  NOV 10 0958 - Fair through YVLB het; promo string with march music and Barranquilla references, "...de Radio Tropical." [Conti]

1100 BRAZIL ZYK694 R.Globo, São Paulo  NOV 10 2258 - Over/under CBSI-5 (CBC French); sports commentary in Portuguese with reverb effect. [Conti]

1100 CUBA R.Angulo, Mayarí  NOV 10 0600 - Under CBSI-5; Angulo doorbells. [Conti]

1110 CUBA R.Angulo, Holguín  NOV 10 0900 - Over/under WBT; canned ID with spacey music, and doorbells marking the hour parallel 1100 kHz. [Conti]

1130 VENEZUELA YVRL R.Ideal, Maiquetía  NOV 6 0902 - Over/under WBBR; what seemed to be a "Radio..." ID and time check in Spanish, but not matching any listed radio station names or slogans. Presumed R.Ideal, based on joropo music (Henrik Klemetz, RealDX) following the announcement, and offset frequency measured low at 1129.993 kHz causing a subaudible het against WBBR. [Conti]

1150 ARGENTINA LT9 R.Brigadier López, Santa Fé  NOV 12 0201 - LT9 and R.Brigadier López ID's with familiar theme music. [Wolfish]

1160 ANTIGUA Caribbean Radio Lighthouse, St. John's  NOV 6 0900 - Fair; "If you would like to listen to broadcasts in Spanish, please tune to 92.3 FM... Radio Lighthouse time is 5 o'clock." [Conti]

1170 COLOMBIA HJNW Caracol Radio, Cartagena  NOV 10 1000 - Over/under WWVA; "Hora Caracol." [Conti]

1550 CUBA R.Rebelde, multiple sites  NOV 8 0700 - Rebelde sounder audible under CBEF Windsor. [Wolfish]

 1.Albania139536.Libya677.5 1053.1
 2.Algeria531 549 693 702 783 981 1422 155037.Lithuania1386
 5.Argentina115040.Moldova999 1413 1494 1548
 6.Armenia137741.Morocco595 612
 7.Belgium621 112542.Netherlands891 1008 1566 1625 1635 1647
 8.Benin156643.Nigeria917 1440
 9.Brazil940 110044.Northern Ireland1026 1341
10.British Virgin Islands78045.Oman1413
11.Canada 46.Portugal630 666 891
12.Canary Islands621 720 100847.Puerto Rico580 630 940
14.Colombia760 820 1040 117049.Romania603 756 855 909 945 1053 1152 1179 1197 1314 1323 1404 1422 1458 1530 1593
15.Cuba860 900 1100 1110 155050.Russia828
16.Cyprus96351.São Tome1530
17.Czech Republic639 954 1062 1071 1233 133252.Saudi Arabia594 675 702 765 783 936 999 1071 1098 1440 1449 1467 1512 1521
18.Djibouti143153.Scotland810 1035 1107 1152 1548 1743
19.Egypt774 819 864 1071 1161 1341 1368 1386 150354.Slovakia1098
21.Estonia103556.South Africa828
22.Ethiopia828 873 972 135957.South Korea1053
23.Faroe Island53158.Spain531 558 585 648 657 666 684 711 738 783 792 828 837 855 873 954 990 999 1017 1026 1044 1080 1098 1107 1116 1143 1152 1179 1224 1260 1296 1305 1314 1413 1485 1503 1521 1539 1575 1584 1602 1677 1704 1755 1767
24.France1467 169659.Sudan765 1296
25.Gibraltar145860.Syria783 1071
26.Greece1206 1404 1512 1633 173061.Tanzania1377
27.Greenland72062.Tunisia630 684 963
28.Haiti84063.Turkey891 954
29.Hungary1116 1188 125164.Ukraine837 1278 1431
30.Iran558 657 666 702 756 792 828 837 846 927 936 945 963 972 981 1017 1026 1035 1062 1071 1080 1098 1161 1188 1197 1251 1278 1314 1467 1476 1503 1512 1548 1557 157565.United Arab Emirates1170 1575
31.Ireland549 84666.United Kingdom630 657 693 756 765 828 837 855 882 909 945 963 972 999 1035 1071 1089 1107 1116 1161 1170 1197 1215 1242 1251 1296 1323 1332 1359 1413 1431 1458 1485 1494 1530 1548 1557 1566
32.Isle of Man136867.United States of America
33.Israel120668.Venezuela780 790 910 920 1130
34.Italy657 900 999 1062 1107 1116 1350 157569.Western Sahara711
35.Kuwait1134 1341 1593

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