Boston Area Unlicensed AM/FM Radio Stations

July 30, 2013 - Updated April 19, 2014

Boston Metro Area
 720  WRVB Radio Verite, French/Haitian Catholic
1580 WRCB Radio Concorde, French/Haitian
1620 Radio Energy, French/Haitian
1620 Radio Liberte, French/Haitian
1630 Zumix, Variety/indie music - Off the air, internet-only?
1680 Radio Voix du Salut, French/Haitian Religion
1690 Radio Torrente de Vida (Lynn), Spanish
1710 Radio Celestial (Bronx NY), Spanish Religion
1720 Pirate Radio Boston, irregular schedule, rock music

 87.7  B87, Caribbean/Urban Contemporary - Signed on Nov 2013.
 87.7  French/Haitian - Moved to 87.9?
 87.7  WPOT Hot 97, Urban Contemporary - Off the air, FCC shutdown (again) in 2012.
 87.9  French/Haitian
 87.9  Radio Anna, Oldies.
 87.9  The Wave (Boxford) Oldies - Off the air, FCC shutdown in 2010. linked to Cool FM Worldwide.
 87.9  The Beat (Nashua), Urban Contemporary - Off the air, FCC shutdown in 2012.
 88.5  Radio Bel Top, French/Haitian - Off the air, FCC shutdown May 2013.
 88.9  WERS SCA Radio Echo Evangelique, French/Haitian Religion
 89.3  Radio Planet Compas, French/Haitian
 90.1  Radio Energy, French/Haitian
 91.3  Radio Bel Mizik, French/Haitian
 96.5  Caribbean Fyah, Caribbean/Soca
 98.9  Radio One, French/Haitian
 99.7  Datz Hits, - Off the air, FCC shutdown in 2011.
 99.9  French/Haitian - Off the air, FCC shutdown.
100.1 Radio Tele Boston, Everett-Mattapan - French/Haitian, shutdown April 17, 2014.
101.3 Big City, Caribbean/Urban Contemporary
102.1 Power, Caribbean
102.9 WCFM Choice FM, Caribbean
105.3 Vibe, Caribbean
106.1 WTCH Touch FM, Grove Hall - R&B/Urban Contemporary, shutdown by U.S. Marshals, April 17, 2014.
107.5 Radio Bel Top - French/Haitian; moved here from 88.5 MHz.


 87.9  Haiti FM, French/Haitian
 90.1  French/Haitian
 96.5  Brockton Heat, Cape Verdean and Haitian
100.1 Radio Tele Boston, Brockton - French/Haitian. Shutdown April 17, 2014.
102.1 Power, relays Power 102.1 Boston

Notes: Per the website, Power 102.1 appears to be part of a network of stations in Florida, Georgia, Massachusetts, Canada, and Europe. Big City 101.3 is reported to be part of a similar international network, headquartered in NYC. Ads on Big City often include events in NYC. Some off the air stations shutdown by the FCC continue operating internet streaming audio radio stations. Most the Boston metro Carribean/Haitian radio stations are located in the Dorchester/Mattapan neighborhoods. Signals from outside Boston or Brockton are noted with location in parenthesis.

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