2010-2024 Domestic AM Broadcast DX Logbook

U.S. and Canadian AM radio stations received in Nashua, New Hampshire
(All dates/times Eastern local)

Bruce Conti WPC1CAT, Nashua NH (42º43'N 71º31'W); WiNRADiO Excalibur, MWDX-5 phasing unit, 15 x 23-m variable termination Super/Ewe antennas at 60º and 180º, W6LVP terminated Delta.

529 Miles
WQHL966 TN Morrison - 25Aug2013 0300 - Loud het against 530; repeating LYQ in Morse code. Listed in FCC database as an aviation radio navigation station at Roseanne Airport.
CHLO ON Brampton - 14Sep2012 0400 - Mixed with R.Enciclopedia Cuba; "This is Ciao AM 530, multicultural radio for Brampton, Toronto..." and disclaimer into Indian program.  01May2019 0201 - Good; disclaimer, "The opinions expressed in the following program are those of the hosts and their guests, and do not reflect the views and opinions of the management and staff of CHLO AM 530," subcontinental Indian program, ex-CIAO.426
WFLF FL Pine Hills - 12Feb2012 0100 - Fair; "540 WFLA where the Florida Gators play," and Fox news.  14Sep2012 2300 - Fair; quick "News/Talk WFLA" into Fox news.  25Feb2014 0559 - Good; instrumental national anthem, "WFLF Pine Hills-Orlando, WMGF HD3 Mount Dora-Orlando, and W273CA Orlando" into WFLA local news, traffic, and weather.  17Sep2016 0500 - Over CBT; "WFLF Pine Hills-Orlando, WMGF HD3 Mount Dora-Orlando, Newsradio 102-5 WFLA, an iHeart radio station."1134
WGOP MD Pocomoke City - 10Sep2011 2001 - Fair; reading prices for local sponsor's grocery items, "You're listening to the oldies but goodies... on WBEY 97.9..."  13Mar2016 0500 - Over/under WLIE; "WBEY... home for Nascar, Bay Country 97.9," then a quick WGOP ID inserted going into country music, ex-oldies/nostalgia.386
WBWD NY Islip - 06Feb2012 2000 - Fair; promo, "...at wlie540am.com," and ID, "You're listening to WLIE International 540 AM... greater New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey."  14Jul2012 2359 - WLIM and WLIE ID's, Radio Adonai parallel 1580 WLIM.  01May2019 1600 - Fair; Bollywood music, "You're listening to Bolly 540 AM WBWD Islip, New York," ex-WLIE.  18Mar2022 1800 - Fair; subcontinental Indian pop music, "WBWD Islip, New York, Radio Zindagi 540 AM, you are listening to 1310 AM WXMC Parsippany, New Jersey, 96.7 FM W244DU Parsippany, New Jersey."162
WETC NC Wendell-Zebulon - 01Aug2015 0401 - Over WLIE; ID in Spanish-accented English, "This is WETC 540 AM Wendell-Raleigh-Cary and WRJD 1410 AM Durham-Chapel Hill, North Carolina, Radio Visión, siempre contigo." Listen to mp3 audio clip.  18Dec2015 0600 - Over WLIE; ID in Spanglish, "This is WETC cinco cuarenta AM, Wendell-Raleigh-Cary, WRJD catorce diez AM, Durham-Chapel Hill, and WRRZ ocho ochenta AM, Clinton, North Carolina, siempre contigo, Radio Visión network."  20Jan2024 0100 - Poor, under WWCS and XEWA; EWTN sounder.600
WWCS PA Canonsburg - 03Jan2015 0500 - Over/under CBT; "Pittsburgh's new home for... WWCS Canonsburg... Yahoo Sports Radio 540."  28Jun2015 - Over WLIE; "Welcome to Pittsburgh's new home for Yahoo Sports Radio, WWCS Canonsburg, Yahoo Sports Radio 540."  04Dec2016 0558 - Good; SB Nation Radio sports promos, ex-Yahoo Sports Radio.  19Mar2022 0300 - Under CBT; Overcomer Ministry.  23Dec2023 0300 - Good; ID interrupting Overcomer Ministry, "You're listening to WWCS 540 AM Canonsburg-Pittsburgh."
WKFN TN Clarksville - 03Oct2013 0600 - Over unID Spanish; "WKFN Clarksville-Hopkinsville... middle Tennessee high school and college sports..."943
WGTH VA Richlands - 13Jan2017 1700 - Poor, under CBT; "...and WGTH dot net around the clock," and SRN news.
CBGA-1 QC New Carlisle - 15Jan2013 1900 - Canned ID, "Vous écoutez la Première Chaîne de Radio Canada, Gaspésie, Les lles-de-la-Madeleine," then CBC French service with echo from co-channel CBEF.469
CBT NL Grand Falls-Windsor - 12Sep2012 0500 - Good; calendar of events in Newfoundland and Labroador, "As It Happens" promo, and CBC news.  01Oct2014 2159 - Good, over CBGA-1; "This is CBC Radio One, 540 AM in Grand Falls-Windsor, Canada lives here," into CBC promos and news.  04May2017 2059 - Over WLIE; promo for morning show, "...on 540 AM in Grand Falls-Windsor and 1400 AM in Gander."877
CBEF ON Windsor - 17Sep2012 0500 - Good; ID in French, "...Radio Canada, CBEF Windsor," and CBC news in French. (Moved to 1550 kHz.)592
CBK SK Regina - 19Mar2022 0100 - Echoing CBC news under CBT.  20Mar2022 0158 - Under CBT; promo's, "This is CBC Radio One, 94.1 FM in Saskatoon."
WDUN GA Gainesville - 10Oct2011 2100 - Over WSJW and R.Rebelde Cuba; "North Georgia's news talk, AM 550 and FM 102.9, WDUN..."880
KTRS MO St. Louis - 07Dec2019 0400 - Good; "We're St. Louis' biggest conversation, live and local, the Big 550 KTRS, depend on us," ID, "The talk of St. Louis, KTRS AM, FM 106-1 K291CW St. Louis," and ABC news. Listen to mp3 audio clip.  21Dec2019 0500 - Good; promo, "...right here on the Big 550, the talk of St. Louis," ID, "Merry Christmas from the Big 550 KTRS AM, FM 106.1 K291CW St. Louis," and ABC news. KTRS is operating ND nights during replacement of one nighttime tower per FCC STA to expire February 28, 2020.
WGR NY Buffalo - 30Apr2011 2100 - Good; "Let's pause 10 seconds for station identification on the Motor Racing Network. Sportsradio 550 WGR Buffalo and WKSE HD2 Niagara Falls-Buffalo."372
WIOZ NC Pinehurst - 05Sep2012 0000 - Over/under R.Rebelde; "WIOZ AM Pinehurst" and NBC Newsradio.  25Jul2013 0300 - Under WSJW; "...and 550wioz.com" into NBC news.  31Dec2016 0500 - Poor through WSVA; "America's Best Music continues following NBC radio news, 550 WIOZ... good morning, it's 5 a.m."675
WAME NC Statesville - 13Jan2017 0600 - Under WSVA; "Real Country 550 and 92.9 WAME Statesville, W225BD Statesville."  06Sep2022 0559 - Fair; "Real Country 550 and 92.9 WAME Statesville, Real Country."
KFYR ND Bismarck - 11Jan2014 0400 - Briefly over WSJW and R.Rebelde; promo, "...on K-Fyr 550, kfyr.com, and 99.7 FM," and ID, "KFYR AM 550 Bismarck..." into Fox news. Listen to mp3 audio clip.1447
WKRC OH Cincinnati - 05Dec2011 2100 - Fair, over WGR and R.Rebelde Cuba; promo/ID, "55 WKRC Cincinnati" and "55 KRC the news/talk station" into Fox news.  03Jan2016 0600 - Over WSJW and R.Rebelde; "55 WKRC Cincinnati" and callsign jingle into Fox news.723
WSJW RI Pawtucket - 21Feb2012 1800 - Fair; "We're all business, Business Radio 550 WBZS Pawtucket-Boston, part of the Wall Street Business Network, Business Radio 550," and Fox news.  01Dec2012 0600 - Good; "On air, online, on demand, listener supported talk radio for a Catholic life, WSJW Pawtucket-Providence, relevantradio.com and Relevant Radio 550 AM," ex-WBZS.  22Jan2022 1600 - Over WDEV; "Bringing Christ to the world through the media, WSJW Pawtucket-Providence, and W298DE Warwick, Relevant Radio, Relevant Radio 550 AM and 107-5 FM."57
WDEV VT Waterbury - 01Jan2012 2000 - Good; "You are listening to locally owned and operated 96.1 WDEV-FM Warren, FM 96.5 serving Barre, AM 550 WDEV Waterbury-Montpelier, and we are serving the Northeast Kingdom - FM 101.9 from Island Pond. World and national news coming up next right here on the stations of Radio Vermont." AP news.  22Jan2022 0600 - Good; "This is WDEV, Vermont's news station, owned and operated by the Radio Vermont Group, from the top of Sugarbush, 96.1 FM WDEV Warren and Wakefield, 96.5 W243(AT) Barre, 98.3 W252CU Montpelier, along with our founding station 550 WDEV Waterbury-Montpelier, streaming at WDEV radio dot com, 90 years of serving Vermont, the friendly pioneer WDEV," and CBS news.  23Jan2022 0558 - Over/under WSJW; instrumental national anthem and sign-on announcement, "Good morning, welcome to our broadcast day on WDEV FM and AM. WDEV operates on 96.1 megahertz with an effective radiated power of 20,000 watts from Lincoln Peak in Warren, WDEV AM operates on 550 kilohertz from Brush Hill in Waterbury with 5,000 watts..."128
WSVA VA Harrisonburg - 04Feb2012 1754 - Good; promo/ID, "...on Newsradio 550 WSVA."  10Oct2012 0559 - In briefly; WSVA Accuweather forecast.  19Sep2015 0600 - Fair; "Newsradio 550 and 92-1 WSVA Harrisonburg," into CBS news.  20Feb2023 0600 - Under WSJW; "Serving the Shenandoah Valley for 87 years, WSVA Harrisonburg-Luray-Woodstock, WMQR HD2 Broadway, a Harrisonburg Radio Group station."487
WQAM FL Miami - 30Jan2012 2200 - Fair; "This is 560 WQAM Miami-Fort Lauderdale, a south Florida original," and basketball coverage.  19Mar2013 0100 - Fair; "You're listening to your home for Miami Hurricanes basketball, 560 WQAM Miami-Ft. Lauderdale, and WPOW HD2 Miami."  12Jan2014 0000 - Over/under WFIL and R.Rebelde; CBS Sports Radio, "560 WQAM Miami-Fort Lauderdale, and WPOW HD2 Miami."1269
WGAI NC Elizabeth City - 19Feb2023 0601 - Fair; "560 AM WGAI Elizabeth City, Outer Banks, where gospel always inspires, online at Gregory Gospel dot com."
WGAN ME Portland - 15Sep2011 2000 - Good; "News updates 24/7, breaking news immediately, Newsradio 560 WGAN Portland" into headlines.  15Sep2016 1700 - Over WFIL; "Newsradio WGAN Portland, WGIN Biddeford, WMGX HD2 Portland is southern Maine's source for news, it's 7 o'clock and time now for ABC news."90
WFRB MD Frostburg - 04Feb2012 1800 - Fair; "Broadcasting worldwide on talkradio560.com, this is WFRB AM Frostburg."  13Dec2012 1700 - Over WFIL; "Left on the dial, right on the issues, Talk Radio 560 WFRB AM Frostburg."  10Dec2022 1700 - Under WFIL; "WFRB AM Frostburg, W294CF FM, your station for Real Country..."441
WHYN MA Springfield - 10Oct2012 1900 - Good; "WHYN Springfield, Massachusetts. Good evening, I'm Tom... from the WHYN newsroom," and live coverage of local political debate.  24May2013 2200 - Good; "Springfield's news and information leader, WHYN Springfield and whyn.com."70
WFIL PA Philadelphia - 06Feb2012 1800 - Good; "AM 560 WFIL, Philadelphia's Christian community, on the air, online, and on demand at wfil.com."  12Feb2012 0002 - DX test sweep tones received through R.Rebelde Cuba and WQAM sports radio, listen to mp3 audio clip. Heard Morse code, Stars & Stripes, vintage jingles, Beatles "I Wanna Hold Your Hand," telephone touch tones, pips, and announcements during test period.266
WVOC SC Columbia - 09Nov2021 0600 - Fair; "103.5 FM 560 AM WVOC Columbia, W278CY Columbia, available everywhere with the iHeart radio app," and Fox news.
WJLS WV Beckley - 30Aug2015 0400 - Over WFIL; "Your station for information and inspiration, 56 WJLS AM Beckley."  11Nov2023 0559 - Poor; caught part of ID, "WJLS... WJLS AM dot com," country music.
CFOS ON Owen Sound - 16Feb2012 1800 - Good; "The oldies you want, the info you need, a Bay Shore Broadcasting radio service," CFOS jingle, and news from the award-winning Bay Shore Broadcasting news center.487
WTBN FL Pinellas Park - 08Nov2021 0000 - Under WMCA open carrier; "570 WTBN Pinellas Park, 100.3 W262CP Bayonet Point, online at Lets Talk Faith dot com," and SRN news.
WMCA NY New York - 08Feb2012 1701 - Fair;"WMCA New York, a service of Salem Communications, AM 570 WMCA, New York's Christian talk."
WSYR NY Syracuse - 08Feb2012 1700 - Fair in WMCA null; "WSYR-FM Solvay, WSYR AM Syracuse, an iHeart radio station... Newsradio 102-9 and 570 WSYR Syracuse," traffic and weather together.
WKBN OH Youngstown - 04Feb2012 1759 - Good; promo/IDs, "Rush, weekdays at noon, on News/Talk 570 WKBN," and "Sports Rap, Sunday mornings at ten and Monday nights at six, on News/Talk 570 WKBN," then lost with switch to night facilities.  14Feb2013 0100 - Over WMCA; "It's one o'clock, time to call Baird Brothers, America's source for fine hardwoods since 1960, this is the Voice of the Valley, News/Talk 570 WKBN Youngstown and on FM WNCD HD2," and Fox news.  11Jan2014 0600 - Under WMCA, over R.Reloj; "It's 6 o'clock, time to call Baird Brothers, America's source for fine hardwoods since 1960, Youngstown-Warren's only news radio, 570 WKBN Youngstown," and Fox news.483
CFCB NL Corner Brook - 22Dec2013 0600 - Over/under WSYR and WMCA; weather with temperatures of -11 and -12 degrees (Celsius), "Serving the community for more than 50 years, CFCB," and country music.  19Dec2022 0600 - Under WSYR; promo for VOCM Cares, Newfoundland agriculture report.780
WIBW KS Topeka - 02Jan2017 0000 - Under local WTAG; weather, then heard WIBW callsign along with mention of FM into CBS news.
WTAG MA Worcester - 20Feb2012 2000 - Excellent; "This is News/Talk 580 and 94.9 FM, WTAG Worcester and wtag.com," and Fox news.31
WHP PA Harrisburg - 27Feb2012 0030 - Under WTAG; DX test Morse code. Listen to mp3 audio clip.  27Feb2012 0105 - Under WTAG with WKAQ; DX test Morse code. Listen to mp3 audio clip.  27Aug2016 1956 - Under WTAG; "...on WHP 580 and WHP 580 dot com," into Blaze network promo.  02Oct2021 0600 - Over WTAG; "Your first source for breaking news, Newsradio WHP 580 Harrisburg, an iHeart radio station, it's 6 o'clock."327
CFRA ON Ottawa - 27Feb2012 0005 - In WTAG null; "...news at the top of every hour ...News/Talk AM 580 CFRA."  02Sep2014 0000 - Under WTAG; "580 CFRA, Ottawa's 24 hour news center," into weather forecast.  13Nov2021 0000 - Good, over WTAG; cross-station promo, "Move 100 is Ottawa's Christmas music station," and ID, "You're listening to CTV News Live on News/Talk 580 CFRA."270
WEZE MA Boston - 26Feb2012 1800 - Good; "590 AM, The Word, WEZE Boston, a service of Salem Communications," and Christian program.31
WROW NY Albany - 26Feb2012 1800 - Under WEZE; jingle ID into CBS news.  30Jul2016 2300 - Mixed with WARM sports radio and local WEZE; "Now Richie Norris with Saturday Night at the Oldies," and jingle, "Magic 590 and 100.5 FM."  18Feb2017 0500 - Under local WEZE Boston; "590 on your radio, Albany Magic dot com on your digital devices, and now at 100.5 FM," and jingle into CBS news.  17Mar2021 0100 - Fair; "Magic 590 and 100.5, WROW Albany, W263CG Albany, WENU W245DA South Glens Falls, the greatest songs of all time on Magic 590 and 100.5," and CBS news.116
WARM PA Scranton - 31Aug2014 0000 - Over/under WEZE; jingle with ID, "WARM Scranton-Wilkes Barre, a Cumulus station," and oldies.  16Mar2015 0100 - Under WEZE; "...new home for sports 24/7, Sports Radio 590 WARM Scranton-Wilkes Barre-Hazleton, a Cumulus station," and CBS Sports Radio, ex-oldies.  24Sep2016 0600 - Over WEZE and Cuba; "Northern PA's sports leader, Sports Radio 590 WARM Scranton-Wilkes Barre-Hazleton, a Cumulus station, worldwide at Sports Radio 590 AM dot com," into CBS Sports Radio.
WMBS PA Uniontown - 07Mar2021 0500 - Poor; canned ID mentioning America's Best Music and 101.1 FM into CBS news.
CJCL ON Toronto - 30Apr2011 2059 - Under WEZE open carrier; The Fan 590 and Hockey Night in Canada promos.  01Jul2013 0200 - Good, over WEZE; CBS Sports Radio, ID, "CJCL Toronto, Sportsnet 590 The Fan."407
VOCM NL St. John's - 10Sep2018 1930 - Good with WEZE off the air; Phil Collins song, canned "590 VOCM," and "Carefree Highway" by Gordon Lightfoot, then VOCM News Update.
WICC CT Bridgeport - 06Feb2012 2000 - Good; "This is WICC Bridgeport, a Cumulus station, southern Connecticut's news and information leader, WICC 600," and IRN/USA news.137
WBOB FL Jacksonville - 15Jan2013 2200 - Over/under R.Rebelde Cuba; ad for San Marco Properties, ID, "Conservative talk radio... WBOB Jacksonville, online... wbob.com," and CBS news.  23Jan2014 1700 - Poor but momentarily alone on the frequency; "WBOB Jacksonville, online at wbobradio.com."  09Jan2015 1700 - Fair; "WBOB Jacksonville is AM 600 and FM 100.3 The Answer. The Answer, it's 5 o'clock," and SRN news. Listen to mp3 audio clip.  10Jan2016 0058 - DX test. In the previous hour, R.Rebelde Cuba was dominant. By 0100, propagation was more favorable with R.Rebelde fading out, leaving WBOB in clear over CKAT. Heard Morse code, sweep tones, test announcement/ID on the hour, and telephone sound effects.  Listen to mp3 audio clip.  04Feb2017 1800 - Poor; "WBOB The Answer... at 101.1... The Answer," and Town Hall news.1027
WMT IA Cedar Rapids - 13Mar2014 0700 - Poor but readable with synchronous detection engaged; promo for ticket giveaway in the 6 o'clock hour, ID, "600 WMT Cedar Rapids, and 95-7 KOSY-FM Anamosa," and Fox news. Listen to mp3 audio clip.  28Jun2015 0000 - Fair; "On air, online, and on demand, WMT radio dot com and 600 WMT AM Cedar Rapids," into Fox news.1023
WFST ME Caribou - 23Dec2012 0600 - Over/under CKAT; "Family Radio WFST" into "Hour of Decision."334
WCAO MD Baltimore - 13Feb2012 1800 - Over/under WICC; "You're listening to your Stellar Award winning station, WCAO Baltimore, Heaven 600 and heaven600.com."  20Feb2023 0601 - Over/under WICC; gospel music, "WCAO AM Baltimore, WQSR 102.7 HD2... Heaven 600, can be heard everywhere with the iHeart radio app..."355
WSNL MI Flint - 05Dec2011 1958 - Fair; promo, "This is a presentation of Victory in Grace... on Victory 600 AM WSNL." At 2058 now good; forecast from the WSNL Weather Watch Center.  09Dec2013 0600 - Over/under R.Rebelde Cuba; promo, "...here on Victory 600 AM WSNL."  30Oct2016 0700 - Fair; "There's more of your favorite Christian programming coming up here on Christian Talk WSNL serving Flint, Saginaw, Bay City, and Midland."625
WSJS NC Winston-Salem - 16Jan2013 0500 - Over R.Rebelde Cuba; "The triangle's news radio AM 600 WSJS Winston-Salem, Greensboro, High Point, streaming live at wsjs.com," and CBS news.  08Jan2017 0600 - Under WICC and R.Rebelde Cuba; caught tail end of ID, "...worldwide at WSJS dot com."656
WFRM PA Coudersport - 29Dec2017 1600 - Fair; "You're listening to 600 AM WFRM Coudersport, news is next, then we're back with more of America's best music." Domestic #1000 this decade.  08Nov2021 0000 - Fair; nostalgic vocals, "You're listening to 600 AM WFRM and 96.5 FM W243EB Coudersport."
CKAT ON North Bay - 22Dec2012 0700 - Fair; "North Bay's news leader, this is AM 600 CKAT," into local news.  10Feb2014 0601 - Good; "Today's best country, Country 600 CKAT North Bay," and "Today's best country, Country 600 CKAT, North Bay's news and sports leader," into local news.  13May2022 2259 - Good; promo, "Country 600, North Bay's number one for country."
CBNA NL St. Anthony - 08Feb2013 0500 - Under WFST; "This is CBC news."956
CFQR QC Montreal - 12Aug2017 0500 - Under WICC; contemporary hit music, no announcements between songs.  10Sep2021 2200 - Under CKAT; "CFQR, 600 AM, Montreal," and "Always on My Mind" by Willie Nelson.  14May2022 0001 - Over/under CKAT; "You're listening to CFQR" between songs.
WGIR NH Manchester - 05Mar2012 1900 - Excellent; "From the Bonneville and Son.com studios, AM 610 WGIR Manchester," and Fox news.20
WTEL PA Philadelphia - 14Sep2012 2300 - Under WGIR; "You're listening to the Nick and Arnie Show on Sportsradio 610 WIP AM HD Philadelphia."  27Mar2017 2200 - Under WGIR; "This is WTEL AM Philadelphia, a Beasley... station," into ESPN, ex-WIP.271
WDAE FL St. Petersburg - 02Mar2013 0000 - Over R.Rebelde Cuba; "Tampa Bay's sports radio... WDAE St. Petersburg, home of the Rays," and ESPN.  22Sep2014 0000 - Through WSNR and R.Rebelde Cuba; "Touchdown Tampa Bay!" and ID, "...on FM 95.3" into ESPN sports.
WZON ME Bangor - 25Sep2012 0500 - Good; promo, "Hear it first on The Pulse AM 620 and 103-1 FM."  16Sep2017 0158 - Good with Saturday night disco; "Shake Your Booty" by KC & the Sunshine Band, WZON jingle, "Heaven Must be Missing an Angel" by Tavares. From the WZON website, "Retro weekends are here to stay! Enjoy all the hits from the days of Z62 every weekend right here on The Pulse AM 620."  06Jan2024 0458 - Fair; "Retro Radio Z62 Bangor," "Jessie's Girl" by Rick Springfield, "Bangor's heritage radio station, Z62 WZON Bangor, WKIT HD3 Brewer, and worldwide at WZON AM dot com," CBS News Brief.200
WSNR NJ Jersey City - 27Apr2012 0500 - Good; WNYH ID, then WSNR disclaimer and ID, "This is AM 620 WSNR Jersey City," into Radio Cantico Nuevo.  06Nov2015 0600 - Over/under WVMT and others; promo, "...right here on 93.5 FM," announcement, "You're listening to WVIP with Trevor in the Morning on 93.5 FM New York," and Caribbean music.188
WHEN NY Syracuse - 21Mar2012 1900 - Good; R&B music, "iHeart radio station Power AM 620, is WHEN Syracuse and WSYR-FM HD3 Solvay."  14Aug2015 2000 - Over WSNR; "...WHEN Syracuse, Power 620, central New York's only R&B, available anywhere you go on the iHeart Radio app, download it now."238
WKHB PA Irwin - 04Feb2012 1800 - Briefly atop; "You're listening to Pittsburgh's favorites on 620," and singing KHB, '70s oldies.456
WRJZ TN Knoxville - 05Dec2011 1959 - Fair; pipe organ music, "Coming up at eight... right here on WRJZ," into local weather.  21Jan2023 0500 - Fair; "You're listening to Joy 620 WRJZ Knoxville."805
WVMT VT Burlington - 21Feb2012 1900 - Good over WZON; "The news, the country, only on News/Talk 620 WVMT Burlington-Plattsburg," and ABC news.  06Jan2024 0400 - Good, over WZON; "The news/talk leader for Vermont and New York, FM 96-3 and AM 620, WVMT Burlington," ABC news.151
WWNR WV Beckley - 30Aug2015 0400 - Caught ID through R.Rebelde Cuba; "News/Talk WWNR... W266AZ... 620 AM and 101.1 FM," into ABC news.  11Nov2023 0600 - Fair; "Serving southern West Virginia, you can depend on us, News/Talk 620 WWNR Beckley and W266AZ Beckley," into Townhall news.
WTMJ WI Milwaukee - 18Jan2013 0500 - Mostly under WSNR; 4 o'clock time check, mention of 24 hour newsroom and "Newsradio 620 WTMJ." Listen to mp3 audio clip beginning with WSNR disclaimer. Domestic log #600.  03Oct2015 2100 - Fair; pause for station ID during sports coverage, "Wisconsin's radio station, WTMJ, WTMJ HD Milwaukee."841
CKCM NL Grand Falls-Windsor - 28Oct2022 1859 - Good; promo for VOCM Haunted Hotline, PSA for Canadian Broadcast Standards Council, spot about VOCM signing on in 1936.  17Dec2022 0559 - Fair; Irish/Newfoundland music, "News Now on VOCM" and promo for VOCM Cares into news.
WMAL DC Washington - 05Feb2012 0100 - Under WPRO; "On 105.9 FM and AM 630, WMAL Washington" and ABC news.  05Sep2016 2200 - Under WPRO; "WMAL-FM Woodbridge, WMAL Washington, 105.9 FM and AM 630 WMAL, a Cumulus station, where Washington comes to talk."390
WMFD NC Wilmington - 16May2012 2200 - Under WPRO; "Broadcasting from the... studios... WMFD Wilmington," quick ad, and ESPN.  29Jan2023 0600 - Over WPRO; "Perry's Emporium, where Wilmington shops for diamonds, WMFD Wilmington, W269DF, WKXB HD3 Boiling Spring Lake, ESPN Wilmington."679
WEJL PA Scranton - 15Jan2013 1600 - Under WPRO; "Northeast PA's ESPN Radio is W241AZ Dunmore, W241BB Wilkes Barre, W263AL Avoca."  03Sep2016 2000 - Over/under WPRO; Phillies baseball, "WEGL Scranton, WBAX Wilkes Barre, WEGL-FM Forest City, Northeast PA's ESPN Radio..."  18Sep2021 0600 - Under WPRO; "WEJL Scranton, WEJL-FM Forest City, your local sports leader, Northeast PA's ESPN Radio."232
WPRO RI Providence - 06Feb2012 2000 - Good, over R.Progreso Cuba; "WEAN FM Wakefield-Peacedale, Rhode Island's station of record, News/Talk 630 WPRO Providence, a Cumulus station," and ABC news.66
CFCO ON Chatham-Kent - 28Oct2013 0600 - Under WPRO; country music, "92.9 FM, 630 AM, CFCO..." and local news.  14Jan2014 1801 - Equal to WPRO; "Country 92-9 FM, 630 AM, CFCO in Chatham-Kent, a Blackburn Radio Group station," and news, "Blackburn News dot com, your local news network."  22Dec2022 0559 - Over/under WPRO; "CFCO Chatham Kent's Country" and news update.549
WBIN GA Atlanta - 10Sep2017 0400 - Over R.Progreso Cuba; "An iHeart radio station, Atlanta's... news/talk, Talk Radio 640 WGST, WUBL HD3," and NBC news.  14Oct2021 2100 - Poor; "640 AM WBIN... HD3 Atlanta, the Black Information Network," and WBIN 640 iHeart Radio promo, ex-WGST.  19Feb2023 0601 - Fair, over R.Progreso Cuba; "640 AM WBIN Atlanta... BIN 640 on iHeart radio."
WMFN IL Peotone - 30Oct2020 1900 - Fair, over CBN; phone number and ID in English, "640 AM WMFN Peotone-Chicago," and Mexican music.
WOI IA Des Moines - 16Oct2016 0659 - Poor, over CFMJ; mentioned WOI, 24-hour news service online, Des Moines, and iowapublicradio.org.
WNNZ MA Westfield - 06Feb2012 1700 - Good; "This is New England's Public Radio, all news WNNZ Westfield and WNNZ-FM Deerfield, at UMass Amherst and nepr.net," into All Things Considered.  26May2013 0359 - Good; "This is New England Public Radio, AM 640 WNNZ Westfield, 91-7 WNNZ-FM Deerfield, and 89-5 FM WNNU Great Barrington, at UMass-Amherst and nepr.net."  01May2019 1600 - Fair; "This is the NEPR News Network, WNNZ AM 640 Westfield, WNNZ-FM 91-7 Deerfield, WFCR 88-5 HD3 Amherst, WNNU 89-5 Great Barrington, WNNI 98-9 Adams, WAIC 91-9 Springfield, and WAMH 89-3 Amherst, in partnership with Amherst College and UMass Amherst."  27May2023 0000 - Poor; NEPM dot org and NEPM News Network ID with 12 o'clock time check.73
WMFN MI Zeeland - 13Jan2014 0600 - Fair; Mexican music, "640 AM... la Poderosa," and news in Spanish.
WWJZ NJ Mount Holly - 18Mar2013 1900 - Good; R.Disney promos, "WWJZ Mount Holly, AM 640, Radio Disney."  04Jun2016 2300 - Fair; "Relevant Radio, talk radio for a Catholic life," ex-R.Disney.  15Sep2016 1700 - Under WNNZ; "WWJZ Mount Holly-Philadelphia, Relevant Radio 640 AM."
WFNC NC Fayetteville - 02Feb2012 2300 - Under R.Progreso Cuba; "From the Cape Fear Discount Drug studios, we're 640 News/Talk WFNC Fayetteville, a Cumulus station" and CBS news.  16Feb2012 1800 - Good; ID and CBS news. Listen to mp3 audio clip.661
WHLO OH Akron - 06Dec2011 2000 - Fair; "640 WHLO Akron, WRKQ-FM HD3 Canton, an iHeart radio station," into Fox news.  17Jan2013 1700 - Fair; "640 WHLO Akron can now be heard in crystal clear HD Radio at 106-9 WRQK-FM HD2 Canton and 98-1 WKDD FM HD2 Munroe Falls."534
WXSM TN Blountville - 13Feb2012 1900 - Over/under CFMJ; 10-second station ID during Bucaneers network basketball coverage, "You're listening to ETSU athletics on WXSM Blountville-Bluff City, WJCW Johnson City-Kingsport-Bristol and WGOC Kingsport," and "the Johnson City way" jingle.  03Jan2016 0500 - Over/under R.Progreso Cuba; "The extreme sports monster, WXSM..." and CBS Sports Radio.  04Feb2017 1801 - Fair; contest rules for tri-cities stations, "If you're a contest winner on WXSM..."721
WCRV TN Collierville - 14Jan2014 1759 - Over/under jumble; promo for Labor of Love program on Sunday, then AM 640 and FM 100.7 traffic and weather.
CBN NL St. John's - 09Feb2012 1859 - Good; "This is CBC Radio One, 640 AM in St. John's. Canada lives here." CBC promos, then hourly news.  06Dec2012 1800 - Good; St. John's Morning Show promo.970
CFIQ ON Richmond Hill - 16Feb2012 2300 - Fair; 640toronto.com promo, "...on the home of the Leafs, AM 640," and local news.  15Sep2012 0400 - "This is Talk Radio, AM 640 CFMJ" and "Here's what Toronto's talking about..."  13Jan2018 0601 - Fair; "This is CFMJ Global News Radio 640 Toronto, a Corus Entertainment company, you're listening to Global News Radio 640 Toronto."  14Aug2022 0000 - "We are CFIQ 640 Toronto, a Corus Entertainment station," ex-CFMJ.402
WSRO MA Ashland - 15Jan2013 1600 - Excellent; jingle in Portuguese, "Radio 650 AM... Brasil," and ID in English, "AM 650 WSRO Ashland," and news promo in Portuguese.  10Dec2016 1700 - Good; "FM 102.1 W271CU Framingham and AM 650 WSRO Ashland-Boston," Rede ABR jingle into Minuto News in Portuguese.30
WSM TN Nashville - 07Mar2012 2000 - Fair; "This is true country music with Eddie Stubbs, on the one and only," and singing "650 AM WSM Nashville," into country oldies.938
CKGA NL Gander - 09Mar2023 2000 - Fair with local WSRO HD off the air; "Last of the Red Hot Fools" by The Jitters, "...on your VOCM," into "I Guess That's Why They Call It the Blues" by Elton John.
WFAN NY New York - 14Mar2012 0600 - Excellent; wfan.com contest promo celebrating 25th anniversary, "...The Fan, Sports Radio 66 WFAN, WFAN HD, and WXRK HD3 New York."174
WAMO PA Wilkinsburg - 14Jan2014 1700 - Under WFAN; urban contemporary rap music.  29Oct2014 0701 - Under WFAN; "WAMO Wilkinsburg-Pittsburgh... a Martz Communications station," and urban contemporary music.
KAPS WA Mount Vernon - 09Oct2021 0559 - Under WFAN, popped up after CFFR ID; woman: "...AccuWeather for Saturday, October 9th, in Victoria the forecast is calling for showers..." Listen to mp3 audio clip.2450
CFFR AB Calgary - 28Oct2013 0600 - Under nulled WFAN; weather with negative Celsius temperatures, "CFFR, a division of Rogers Communications, 660 news time 4 o'clock."2064
WWFE FL Miami - 20Dec2011 2000 - Good over R.Rebelde Cuba; ID in Spanish, "WWFE seis-sesenta AM... al corazón del pueblo," and La Poderosa jingle into news.1269
WSCR IL Chicago - 15Sep2012 0500 - Fair over R.Rebelde Cuba; "This is Sportsradio 670 The Score... Chicago's original number one sports station, WSCR AM HD Chicago, WJMK HD2 Chicago," and Yahoo Sports Minute.848
WLUI PA Lewistown - 15May2012 2100 - Good; light oldies, "WIEZ Lewistown-Huntingdon-State College, AM 670," and ABC news.  27Aug2015 2000 - Fair; "ESPN 1050, ESPN 104.1, ESPN," cut off into promo for Penn State football, "...here on AM 670 WIEZ." ESPN 1050 and ESPN 104.1 belong to the ESPN Williamsport network.  27Aug2016 2000 - Fair; "WIEZ and W225CK Lewistown-Huntingdon-State College."  26Oct2020 1800 - Poor; oldies, ID's for WLUI Lewistown and WJUN Mexico, ex-sports. Next evening checked the online stream to confirm WJUN simulcast, top of the hour ID began "WJUN Mexico" followed by Big Lewie slogan ID for WLUI and the FM translator.346
WCBM MD Baltimore - 17Aug2014 0000 - Under WRKO; "Stimulating talk around the clock... on Talk Radio 680 WCBM Baltimore," and Fox news.  09Dec2023 0100 - Popped up over CFTR with local WRKO off the air; "WCBM Baltimore is Talk Radio 680 AM and 99.9 FM Hartford County-Baltimore," and Townhall news.
WRKO MA Boston - 17Feb2012 0000 - Excellent; "Your home for national radio hall of famer Howie Carr, this is Boston's talk station, AM 680 WRKO Boston," and ABC news.22
WDBC MI Escanaba - 26Nov2021 1901 - Under local WRKO, mixed with CFTR; USA news sounder. Again at 2001, so WDBC apparently broadcasts USA news delayed.
WINR NY Binghamton - 27Aug2016 2000 - Under WRKO; country music, "US 96-9... an iHeart radio station..."
WPTF NC Raleigh - 23Dec2013 0500 - Under WRKO; "Newsradio 680 WPTF..." and CBS news.  31Aug2015 0400 - Under local WRKO; "The Triangle's news, talk, traffic, and weather authority, Newsradio 680 WPTF Raleigh..." and CBS news.  22Dec2023 2359 - Under HJZO with local WRKO off the air; promo for The WPTF Morning Show.  23Dec2023 0100 - Over HJZO; promo, "FM 98-5, AM 680 WPTF news, talk, traffic," and WPTF News Center.
CFTR ON Toronto - 14Sep2012 0400 - Under WRKO; 680news.com promo, "680 News time 4 o'clock."  30Oct2016 0559 - Under WRKO; "More local news, 680 News. Now 680 News regional weather."  09Dec2023 0059 - Fair with local WRKO off the air; promo, "Listen anytime on our smart speaker by asking to play CityNews dot Toronto," and current weather conditions.411
WJOX AL Birmingham - 03Jan2012 1759 - Under WELD, over R.Progreso Cuba; promo, "...weekdays at noon on WJOX 690," and ID, "WJOX Birmingham, the voice of the... This is 690 The Fan, a Cumulus station." Apparently no longer parallel WJOX-FM.  16Jan2012 1759 - Fair; end of PSA string, "WJOX Birmingham, the voice of the fans, this is 690 The Fan, a Cumulus station," ESPN promo, then gone with apparent switch to night facilities leaving WELD in clear.1052
WADS CT Ansonia - 06Feb2012 1659 - Fair; end of Radio Transmundial program, Radio Amor ID in Spanish.  03Mar2017 1800 - Fair, over CKGM; sign-off, "WADS Ansonia, Connecticut, concludes broadcasting for today. WADS operates on a frequency of 690 kilohertz with a daytime power of 32 hundred watts. Please join us tomorrow morning for another day of broadcasting. God bless." Then ID in Spanish, "Sintonisa WADS... Radio Amor 690, la estación que unifica."125
WOKV FL Jacksonville - 06Feb2012 1800 - Fair over WELD; "WOKV AM Jacksonville, WOKV-FM Ponte Vedra Beach, AM 690 and 106.5 FM..." and top breaking news.  15Feb2014 1800 - Good; "WOKV AM Jacksonville, WOKV-FM Atlantic Beach."  25Jan2015 0559 - Good; "WOKV-FM Atlantic Beach, WOKV Jacksonville, listen live everywhere you go with the new 104-5 app, 104-5 WOKV," and United Way PSA.  10Mar2017 1759 - Fair; "Jacksonville's most frequent traffic," then "News 104-5" promo, "The home of the three big things you need to know every 15 minutes," into "Jacksonville's evening news."  28Oct2022 1900 - Fair; "WOKV Jacksonville, listen live everywhere you go on ESPN 690 dot com, ESPN 690, a Cox Media Group station," ex-news/talk.1035
WQNO LA New Orleans - 05Mar2021 0500 - Poor, under CKGM; "WQNO New Orleans, the Almighty 690," and Catholic radio.
WZAP VA Bristol - 18Jan2012 1700 - Through WELD and others; quick ID, "WZAP Bristol" into news.  04Feb2012 1800 - Through WJOX and WELD; "...gospel since 1981, we are the one to turn to on the internet at wzapradio.com."  10Dec2016 1659 - Under CKGM; "The one to turn to, clear channel 690 WZAP."705
WELD WV Fisher - 26Feb2012 1800 - Good; "Classic hits, WELD AM 690 Fisher, the local station," and '70s oldies.  28Aug2015 2200 - Good; "Your local station, WELD 690 AM, Fisher, West Virginia, the voice of the Potomac Highlands," and classic hits.  11Mar2017 1908 - Over/under CKGM, "Weld Radio, 690 AM WELD," and oldies.466
CKGM QC Montreal - 10Sep2012 0000 - Good; "50-thousand watts of go team go, CKGM 690 AM, CSN 690, a division of Bell Media," and ESPN Sports Center. (Signed on September 4, 2012.)
WDMV MD Walkersville - 13Feb2012 2155 - Over WLW; "La Jefa" and "La 700 AM" promo/IDs, high energy Mexican music.  21Feb2012 2000 - Over/under WLW; "Esta es WDMV 700 AM Walkersville, Maryland..." with Washington mentions, Mexican banda music.  12Mar2022 1740 - Fair; "La Jefe 700 AM," Mexican music.377
WPVQ MA Orange-Athol - 27Sep2012 1750 - Fair; "92-5 The River" slogan and alternative/adult rock music, relaying WXRV FM.  09Jun2014 0900 - Good; "Legends 700 WBZ," oldies music, ex-WTUB.  05Sep2014 0702 - Good; "The greatest hits of all time, WFAT Orange-Athol, the Big 700," and oldies music, ex-WWBZ.  01May2019 1530 - Fair; "92-3 The Outlaw" classic country, ex-WFAT oldies. 92.3 is translator W222CH Greenfield.  12Mar2022 1601 - Poor; "WPVQ Orange-Athol, WPVQ HD2 Greenfield, this is 92-3 The Outlaw," classic country.40
WZOO NC Asheboro - 11Dec2016 1700 - Under WLW; "WZOO Asheboro..." mentioned 99-9 then gone.
WLW OH Cincinnati - 28Mar2012 2301 - Good; "News, weather, and traffic, for March 28, 2012, Newsradio 700 WLW Cincinnati," and local news.707
WAQI FL Miami - 02Mar2014 0000 - Through R.Rebelde Cuba in WOR null; jingle into ID, "WAQI... aquí, Radio Mambí."  08Oct2015 1959 - Over/under R.Rebelde Cuba; "Radio Mambí, emisora" jingle, segment of "A Summer Place" instrumental with callsign ID in English followed by slogan ID in Spanish, then instrumental reprise and Spanish news/talk.
WOR NY New York - 28Mar2012 2300 - Excellent; "710 WOR and WOR HD New York, John Gambling mornings, Governor David Paterson afternoons," and CNN news.188
WEGG NC Rose Hill - 13Jan2017 1700 - Under WOR, over R.Rebelde Cuba; "WEGG... log on to Surge Radio dot org..."
WRZN FL Hernando - 30Aug2014 2100 - Fair; "Newsradio 980 WDVH AM Gainesville, 720 WRZN AM Hernando... the voice of north central Florida," and Fox news.  14May2023 0500 - Fair; "WRZN 720 AM Hernando and 103.5 FM W278CI Oxford, serving Ocala and The Villages, this is The Shepard," and SRN news.
WGST GA Hogansville - 05Mar2012 0000 - Presumed; suddenly popped up out of nowhere with Fox news under WGN, mixed with R.Progreso Cuba. No other Fox affiliates listed among the 10 stations on this frequency.  09Jan2015 1700 - Fair; "WVCC Hogansville, 720 The Voice," and the Fox Report.  25Mar2024 2300 - Under WGN moment of dead air; "720 The Voice, an iHeart radio station."989
WGN IL Chicago - 26Mar2012 2200 - Excellent; "The Cubs, Blackhawks, Northwestern Wildcats, they all play here, the voice of Chicago," fanfare, "720 WGN Chicago," and local news.  06Aug2017 0458 - Good; "Chicago's memorable music is back on the radio, at 87.7 FM... First on your dial at 87.7 FM, MeTV FM." Actually WRME-LP, a low power TV station broadcasting oldies music on 87.75 MHz, the carrier frequency for analog TV channel 6 audio.  12Mar2022 0600 - Good; "The voice of the great midwest now in our 100th year, this is WGN Chicago, 720 AM and on smart devices worldwide," WGN Chicago jingle, "A Nexstar Media Group station," and local news.845
WGCR NC Pisgah Forest - 04Feb2012 1800 - Fair; "You're listening to WGCR AM 720 Pisgah Forest, North Carolina, and over the worldwide web at wgcr.net," and weather for the mountains of western North Carolina.  30Oct2016 1900 - Poor in noise; full data sign off, instrumental national anthem.  13Jan2017 1700 - Under WGN; "WGCR AM 720 and 94.9 FM W235CA..."  18Feb2023 1759 - Fair; end of SRN news, "You're listening to WGCR AM 720 and 94.9 FM Pisgah Forest, online at WGCR dot net," and local weather forecast.790
WHYF PA Shiremanstown - 05Feb2014 1700 - Poor signal but all alone; promo, "...Catholic radio station in central Pennsylvania, this is AM 720," and ID, "This is Holy Seminary Radio, AM 720 WHYF Shiremanstown-Harrisburg-..." and a third unreadable location.
WJTO ME Bath - 06Feb2012 1800 - Fair; "This is the memories station, 730 WJTO Bath-Brunswick..."116
WACE MA Chicopee - 06Feb2012 1700 - Good but with poor audio; "The views expressed on this program are those of the hosts and guests and aren't necessarily those of the Information Radio Network," then "This is WACE Chicopee" and IRN/USA news.  25Feb2023 1700 - Fair; "This is The Station of the Cross, your central New England Catholic radio station, WNEB Worcester, WESO Southbridge, WACE Chicopee-Springfield and Hartford."68
WDOS NY Oneonta - 28Jan2018 0600 - Under CKAC; dead air to network feed, "Fox Sports trending now." WDOS reported carrying Fox Sports contrary to listings.  27Feb2021 2200 - Under CKAC; "WDOS AM 730 Oneonta, WCHN AM 970 Norwich, WDLA AM 1270 Walton," and Fox Sports.  11Mar2022 0200 - Fair; Red Eye Radio, "This is the news and talk leader, WDOS Oneonta, WCHN Norwich, WDLA Walton, a service of Townsquare Media," and Fox news, ex-sports talk.
WZGV NC Cramerton - 29Feb2012 1800 - Poor; "ESPN 730... WZGV AM... ESPN 730."  22Dec2013 0600 - Over CKAC; "This is Charlotte's home for sports talk, WZGV Cramerton-Charlotte, ESPN 730." Listen to mp3 audio clip.  24Nov2019 0600 - Over CKAC; "These are your teams and this is your town, 730 The Game, ESPN Charlotte, WZGV Cramerton."  05Nov2021 1800 - Good; "730 The Game, ESPN Charlotte, WZGV Cramerton, and W248CO 97.5 FM Charlotte," into local SportsCenter CLT live from Charlotte.726
WFMC NC Goldsboro - 21Aug2014 0400 - Over/under CKAC and R.Progreso Cuba; Black gospel music, "This is 730 WFMC Goldsboro..."
WPIT PA Pittsburgh - 2Apr2011 2000 - Fading up in CKAC null; wpitam.com promo, ID into religious program.  06Nov2021 0700 - In jumble; "Your home for Penn State football, 96.5 FM and 730 AM WPIT Pittsburgh."465
WGMF PA Nanticoke - 20Aug2016 0501 - Under CKAC; "The greatest hits of the '60s, '70s, and '80s, Gem 104 WZMF..."  04Feb2023 1659 - Under CKAC; "WGMF Nanticoke-Wilkes Barre-Scranton-Hazleton..." and jingle, ex-WZMF.
WLTQ SC Charleston - 13Mar2017 1900 - Under CKAC; "Catholic radio in South Carolina, WCKI 1300 AM Greer-Greenville-Spartanburg, and WLTQ AM 730 Charleston-Beaufort-Hilton Head."  04Nov2021 2000 - Fair; "You are listening to WCKI and W287DF Greer, WLTQ and W294CJ Charleston, 1300 AM and 105.3 FM Upstate, 730 AM and 106.7 FM Low Country."
WTNT VA Alexandria - 06Feb2012 1730 - Good; "And now metro traffic and weather on WTNT The Truth."  15Jan2013 1900 - Good; "WTNT AM 730 Alexandria-Washington, 102.9 FM northern Virginia, online at 730wtnt.com" and IRN/USA news.  09Dec2013 0601 - Fair over WZGV; ID in Spanglish, "This is WTNT 730 AM Alexandria... FM, Northern Virginia, Washington DC, La Capital," and Mexican music. Presume the FM is 102.9 per www.730wtnt.com, ex-news/talk.  10Dec2022 1801 - Fair; "WTNT W248BN Alexandria, W225CN Centreville... el poder de los éxitos."401
CKAC QC Montreal - 13Sep2012 0500 - Excellent; "Radio Circulation, c'est cinq heures."  12Mar2022 0000 - Excellent; "Radio Circulation 730, et Québec 511, la circulation en tout temps."228
WSBR FL Boca Raton - 31Dec2016 0559 - Poor through WNYH and unID infomercial; "740 AM, 103.9 FM, and 96.9 FM, Money Talk Radio on WSBR."
WYGM FL Orlando - 09Sep2017 2200 - Under WNYH; racing products ad, ID, "The home of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers..." and WJRR HD mention.
WJIB MA Cambridge - 22Feb2012 1700 - Over WNYH; "This is the memories station, 740 WJIB Cambridge-Boston," email contact info, and jingle into nostalgia.  12Mar2022 1559 - Fair; "It's 4 o'clock in the afternoon, celebrating 25 years of great music on WJTO in Maine, on March 12, 1997, Bob Bittner purchased WJTO and has been playing great music for the folks of Maine ever since," and ID, "These are the Memories stations, WJTO 730 Bath-Brunswick-Portland, WJIB 740 Cambridge-Boston, WBAS 1240 West Yarmouth-Hyannis," nostalgia.  25Mar2024 1900 - Memories Station ID and jingles. Listen to mp3 audio clip.30
WNYH NY Huntington - 06Feb2012 1730 - Good; "Informativo Cantico Nuevo" news in Spanish.  30Jun13 2300 - Under CFZM; "1440 AM is WNYG" and Cantico Nuevo.  23Dec2023 0001 - Good; Black gospel music, "You're listening to WNYH 740 AM covering New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut, download our radio app in your app store, look for it by name, Omega Radio, keep listening and let us bless you with the Word of God."163
WVCH PA Chester - 14Oct2016 1800 - Poor; promo for Bible program, "...here on AM 740 WVCH," then Christian Station slogan and Chester-Philadelphia ID.
CHCM NL Marystown - 06Dec2012 1800 - Under CFZM; VOCM radio service ID, island music. At 2000 in CFZM null; telephone talk, phone number 1-888-590-VOCM.852
CFZM ON Toronto - 26Mar2012 2200 - Excellent; "It's AM 740's Theater of the Mind... only on Zoomer Radio, AM 740," and old time radio show.  31Aug2015 0001 - Excellent; "Hi, this is Brian Peroff, host of Theatre of the Mind and Saturday Night Bandstand. If you're listening right now on AM 740, I've got some great news for you. Now you can also pick us up at 96.7 FM, CFZM-FM in downtown Toronto with way better sound and way better coverage in the downtown core. In fact if you're downtown right now, or on your way in, I'd like to ask for a favor. Can you punch over to 96.7 FM and tell us what you hear? Both the AM and the FM signal will be carrying exactly the same programming, but right now we're testing the FM signal. We'd love to know where you are, if it sounds ok, and if you're having any trouble picking us up. Send your comments to new FM at Zoomer Radio dot C A and thanks. And if you're already listening on FM, this is a test of the new Zoomer Radio CFZM-FM 96.7 in downtown Toronto, the home of timeless hits." 12Mar2022 0101 - Excellent; Stardust program, "This is Zoomer Radio Toronto, CFZM FM and CFZM AM owned and operated by MZ Media Incorporated."
WSB GA Atlanta - 17Feb2012 1900 - Good; "WSBB-FM Doraville. This is the station Atlanta turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news, AM 750 and now 95.5 FM, News/Talk WSB, Atlanta's news, weather, and traffic station. Depend on it."922
WBMD MD Baltimore - 10Sep2011 1859 - Fair; "We are listener supported Family Radio" and familyradio.com promo.352
WAUG NC New Hope - 16Feb2012 1800 - Fair over WSB; "WAUG AM, New Hope-Raleigh-Durham... WAUG," and IRN/USA news.  09Jan2014 1801 - Fair after WBMD s/off; "Power 750 AM" and promo for "We On the Radio" program.611
WQOR PA Olyphant - 26Jan2012 1800 - Good; "At this time WQOR Olyphant concludes its broadcast day. WQOR is owned and operated by JMJ Radio Incorporated operating on the assigned frequency of 750 kilohertz with an output power of 1500 watts during daytime hours as authorized by the Federal Communications Commission in Washington DC."  10Sep2013 1900 - Fair; "Make a leap of faith, listen, learn, and consider donating to listener supported Catholic radio, WQOR 750 AM Olyphant and 98.9 FM Scranton," into EWTN news. 98.9 is W255BO.  26Dec2015 1600 - Good; "You are listening to WQOR Olyphant, WAZL Hazleton, and 98.9 FM 24 hours a day," then live talk about a bank loan for purchase of 1490 WAZL.  04Feb2017 0700 - Fair; "You're listening to 750 AM and 98.9 FM WQOR Olyphant, 1490 AM WAZL Hazleton, we're JMJ Catholic Radio 24 hours a day."  04Feb2023 1659 - Fair; oldies/classic hits; "The music to pick you up and make you feel good, WGMF Nanticoke-Wilkes Barre-Scranton-Hazleton, WQOR Olyphant, WGMF-FM Dushore, and WGMM Tunkhannock," jingle, "Northeast PA's greatest hits, Gem 99 and 100."221
WPDX WV Clarksburg - 13Dec2012 1700 - Under WSB; country music, "...WPDX Clarksburg" into network news.  17Jan2014 1700 - Fair; promo/ID, "...favorites on WPDX Clarksburg-Fairmont-Morgantown."521
CBGY NL Bonavista Bay - 28Feb2013 1759 - Fair; promo, "From Bonavista to Baie Verte and everywhere in between... on 540 AM in Grand Falls-Windsor and 1400 AM in Gander, right here on CBC Radio One."  05Oct2014 1859 - Good; "This is CBC Radio one, 540 AM in Grand Falls-Windsor, Canada lives here."  13Dec2022 2259 - Good with WSB off the air; "This is CBC Radio One, 1400 AM in Gander," CBC promo's and CBC News The World This Hour.
CKJH SK Melfort - 21Nov2020 0459 - Over CBGY, WSB, and noise; "Stayin' Alive" by The Bee Gees, Beach Radio promo/ID, and "Georgia On My Mind" by Ray Charles.  24Sep2022 0200 - Under CBGY with WSB off; "Wherever you go, find us, listen online at Beach Radio SK dot ca."  14Dec2022 0200 - Over/under CBGY with WSB off; "CKJH AM, 750 AM Melfort, and streaming on Radio Player Canada, we are Saskatchewan's Beach Radio."
WEFL FL Tequesta - 23Oct2012 1900 - Through HJAJ Colombia; "...here on ESPN 760," and promo, "...on ESPN 760."  08Apr2013 0500 - Under WJR; "WEFL Tequesta, WUUB Jupiter... ESPN 106-3 FM."1189
WLCC FL Brandon - 09Sep2017 0200 - Fair; slogan, "Radio Luz... illuminando mente y corazón," into "Integrando a la Familia con Ivan Garcia."  10Sep2017 0400 - Through WJR; top of the hour ID in English with fake Morse code sound effects sandwiched between religious programming in Spanish, "WLCC Brandon-Tampa-St. Pete."  07Sep2022 0200 - Under WJR; "This is SRN news," and ID, "WTBN Pinellas Park, WTWD Plant City, WLCC Brandon."
WVNE MA Leicester - 03Mar2012 1800 - Good; "At this time WVNE must reduce its power as required by the Federal Communications Commission in Washington DC. Until tomorrow morning at 6 a.m. good night and may God bless you. We're Life Changing Radio, 760 WVNE. WVNE Leicester-Worcester."  13Jan2017 1700 - Under WJR; ID with mention of 101.5 FM.  01May2019 1600 - Excellent; "760 AM WVNE Leicester, and W293BN Leicester 101.5 FM," and SRN news.  12Mar2022 0559 - "Good morning, WVNE Leicester and WILD Boston now begin another day of broadcasting. WVNE and WILD are owned and operated by Blount Masscom Incorporated with studios and offices located at 8 Lawrence Road in Derry, New Hampshire. Stay tuned for a day filled with quality Bible teaching, informative discussion, and the latest news and information on 760 AM WVNE and 1090 AM WILD. 101.5 FM and 760 AM WVNE Leicester-Worcester, and new at 1090 AM WILD Boston," SRN news. The Derry address is the 1320 WDER transmitter site.43
WJR MI Detroit - 16Feb2012 2300 - Good; "This is the great voice of the Great Lakes, News/Talk 760 WJR Detroit, a Cumulus station," and ABC news.598
WCHP NY Champlain - 31Jul2013 2015 - Fair; promo for Fortress of Faith "...on WCHP."  05Sep2013 2100 - Fair after WVNE reduced power; alternating man and woman with sign-off, "WCHP Champlain now concludes this broadcasting day. WCHP radio is owned and operated by Champlain Radio Incorporated, with studios, transmitter, and offices located in Champlain, New York. WCHP operates on an assigned frequency of seven-hundred and sixty kilohertz by authority of the Federal Communications Commission in Washington, DC. We would like you to tune in tomorrow morning at 6:30 when WCHP will again sign on to broadcast today's good news of Jesus Christ."  29Jul2017 2000 - Fair; "Sorrow looks back, worry looks around, but faith looks up, a great thought from WCHP Champlain-Montreal," into Family Talk.
WCPS NC Tarboro - 13Dec2012 1700 - Good; NCN news, "AM 760 WCPS Tarboro-Rocky Mount," and R&B oldies.  09Oct2022 0559 - Under WJR; "We are... AM 760, 105.7 WCPS," and gospel music.569
WETR TN Knoxville - 20Feb2014 1800 - Under WJR; "W222BA Karns... WETR Knoxville."  27Dec2014 1700 - Fair; "News/Talk Radio 760, WETR Knoxville," and SRN news.
WABC NY New York - 16Feb2012 2300 - Excellent; "The number one talk station in the nation, 77 WABC New York," time check and ABC news.183
WLWL NC Rockingham - 25Dec2016 1935 - Under WABC; blues and Christmas music, heard "...in Rockingham, North Carolina."  10Dec2022 1701 - Under WABC; gospel music, "...WLWL Rockingham, North Carolina."
WAIS OH Buchtel - 03Jan2016 0500 - Under WABC dead air; "WAIS 770 AM Nelsonville, Ohio."
WKFB PA Jeannette - 29Oct2014 0701 - Under WABC; "You're listening to the sweetest sound... KFB Pittsburgh," and oldies music.
WYRV VA Cedar Bluff - 06Feb2014 1801 - Under WABC; sign-off announcement, "...right here on WYRV AM 770," mentioning 5000 watts power and P.O. Box 70 address, "WYRV is owned and operated by..." and "Kiss Him Goodbye" by Steam. Then heard "Atomic Dog" by George Clinton likely from WLWL.  13Jan2017 1700 - Under WABC; promo, "...on AM 940 WNRG."668
WBBM IL Chicago - 06Feb2012 2000 - Good; "Traffic and weather together on the eights, breaking news and weather alerts at anytime, this is Chicago's all news station, Newsradio 780 and now 105.9 FM WBBM," headlines, and CBS news.845
WEZR ME Rumford - 26Feb2012 2300 - Excellent; Ambrosia "Biggest Part of Me" briefly interrupted by ID, "The home of Laura Ingraham, Dave Ramsey, and Maine's 10,000 watt powerhouse, AM 780 WTME Rumford-Lewiston-Farmington, AM 1450 WKTQ South Paris."  03Mar2017 1800 - Fair; "Western Maine's new home for national and local sports, you're listening to 780 Sports Time WTME Rumford-Mexico-Dixfield," and NBC Sports Radio.  26Aug2017 2001 - Good; Portland Seadogs baseball, ID, "The stations of Gleason Media, WEZR Lewiston, WEZR-FM Norway, WOXO South Paris, WOXO-FM Mexico, and WTME Rumford."  08Oct2021 1900 - Fair; "WPNO South Paris, WEZR Rumford, W252DS Rumford, this is 96-9 and 98-3 The Patriot," and Fox news, ex-WTME.  13Mar2022 0100 - Subaudible het rumbling over/under WBBM; classic hits, "This is WIGY Lewiston, serving LA, Oxford Hills, and you, 105-5 and 95-7 WIGY." Measured 779.947 kHz. Apparently a split format, The Patriot conservative talk daytime and WIGY overnight.134
WXME ME Monticello - 29Nov2012 1700 - Poor; dot com ad, dead air, then ID, "WXME AM 780 Monticello-Houlton-Presque Isle."  15Sep2013 2300 - Over WBBM; "We are AM 780 WXME Monticello-Houlton-Presque Isle" and "All of your classic country hits, right here, AM 780 WXME."  12Mar2014 0700 - Fair; local ID interrupting a blues vocal, "WXME AM 780 Monticello-Houlton-Presque Isle," then simulcast ID, "The heart and soul of American music, WHVW Hyde Park" into "Cinnamon Girl" by Neil Young.  09Jul2015 2200 - Over/under WBBM; "WXME AM 780, Monticello-Houlton-Presque Isle" into SRN news.  01Sep2015 2200 - Good; "WXME AM 780 Monticello-Houlton-Presque Isle" into news from Town Hall dot com.  21May2022 2100 - Good; rock music, "W252DW Monticello 98.3 FM, AM 780 is WXME Monticello-Houlton-Presque Isle," and USA news.310
WCKB NC Dunn - 02Feb2012 1800 - Fair; "You're listening to the North Carolina News Network," weather, and sign-off, "WCKB is owned and operated by North Carolina Central Broadcasters Incorporated of Dunn, and operates with 7000 watts of power at 780 kilohertz on the AM dial..."  22Feb2012 1800 - Good with splatter from 770 WABC; sign off announcement. Listen to mp3 audio clip.  02Jan2016 1700 - Fair; "Homecoming Hour on Gospel 780," and ID, "Playing today's southern gospel music hits, this is WCKB Dunn-Fayetteville-Fort Bragg."  04Feb2017 1800 - Fair; "Thank you for listening to WCKB on 97.7 W249DE," and country gospel music.  19Feb2020 1759 - Good; sign-off announcement, "At this time WCKB radio's AM signal at 780 kilohertz and with 7000 watts will leave the air until local sunrise tomorrow. WCKB programming will continue on FM translator W274CA at 102.7 megahertz..."638
WWOL NC Forest City - 02Apr2011 1958 - Good; caught end of sign-off announcement, "...entire staff of WWOL, have a great evening," into a country gospel instrumental, off at 2000.  27Aug2015 2000 - Fair after WAVA and WCKB sign-offs; promo/ID, "...keep it right here on WWOL 780 AM Forest City," and USA news.754
WAVA VA Arlington - 18Jan2012 1700 - Good; "At this time WAVA AM must leave the air to comply with federal regulations... AM 780 WAVA Arlington, Washington, and everywhere on wavaam.com, a service of Salem Communications."  05Nov2021 1800 - Good; sign off announcement, "Tomorrow, when the sun comes up, we'll be back to begin another broadcast day," and ID, "WAVA AM 780 Arlington, Virginia, W244EB 96.7 FM Burke, Virginia, WAVA-FM 105.1 HD2, live on radio dot com," then off.391
WAXY FL South Miami - 01Oct2017 0400 - Over/under WPRV and unID oldies; "This is... The Ticket, WAXY AM South Miami, WSFS FM..." with weekday morning promo into ESPN Sports Center.  28Feb2021 0100 - Over/under R.Reloj Cuba and WETB Goat FM; "WAXY South Miami, WSFS HD2 Miramar... your radio home for every game of the Miami Heat..." and CBS Sports Radio.  05Feb2023 0001 - In the mix with WPRV and WAEB; promo/ID in Spanish, "...por Radio Libre 790 AM," and "Radio Libre 790 AM, WAXY... Miami..." ex-sports.
WQXI GA Atlanta - 19Feb2023 0601 - Fair; ballad through the hour, then woman in Korean and jingle.
WKRD KY Louisville - 12Feb2014 0600 - Fair; "Your dial's locked on Cards Radio 790 WKRD Louisville, available anywhere you go on the iHeart radio app, download it now," into Fox sports. Listen to mp3 audio clip.
WTNY NY Watertown - 01Nov2015 0700 - Over/under WPRV and R.Reloj Cuba; "WTNY Watertown, Fox news is next."  22Oct2021 0500 - Fair, over WPRV; "This is WTNY AM and W240EA FM Watertown, Fox News begins now."
WLSV NY Wellsville - 15Oct2016 0558 - Poor in the mix with WPRV, WAEB, and R.Reloj Cuba; country music, WLSV ID.  07Jan2023 0600 - Under WAEB; "Your home for Real Country, WLSV Wellsville."
WBLO NC Thomasville - 23Jan2014 1700 - Over/under WPRV; end of programa deportivo, canned ID for WGSP and WXNC, "...por internet en pepe charlotte punto com," into Mexican music.
WAEB PA Allentown - 21Feb2012 2000 - Fair over R.Reloj Cuba; "...WAEB election headquarters," and singing "News/Talk 790 WAEB Allentown," time check and Fox news.251
WPIC PA Sharon - 15Jan2013 1700 - Over/under unIDs; "Live from the... studios... this is News/Talk 790 WPIC Sharon-Hermitage," and ABC news.  10Dec2016 1700 - Through WPRV; "You are listening to News/Talk 790 WPIC Sharon-Hermitage..." with mention of Shenango Valley.  27Nov2021 1600 - Fair; "From the Legacy Financial Strategy studios online at leave a legacy dot com, News/Talk 790 WPIC Sharon-Hermitage, a Cumulus station."472
WPRV RI Providence - 21Feb2012 1800 - Good; "This is your station for Imus in the Morning, AM 790 WPRV Providence, a Cumulus station, online at 790business.com."62
WETB TN Johnson City - 28Feb2021 0101 - Briefly atop; "Lola" by The Kinks, "Goat FM... online at My Goat FM dot com... 93.7 Goat FM."
WNIS VA Norfolk - 15Apr2013 0500 - Under WAEB, over R.Reloj Cuba; "...790 WNIS Norfolk, it's 5 a.m." into Fox news.  04Oct2015 0600 - Fair; "Hampton Roads' news and information station, AM 790 WNIS Norfolk," into Fox news.
WAYY WI Eau Claire - 10Apr2021 0100 - Under/over WPRV; "790 WAYY... Fox News is next." Listen to mp3 audio clip.
WLAD CT Danbury - 16Sep2017 0500 - Over WNNW; "Now on 94.1 FM, greater Danbury's talk, sports, and local news station, 800 AM WLAD Danbury."
WNNW MA Lawrence - 21Feb2012 1900 - Good; "Esta es WNNW 800 AM, W275BH 102.9 FM Lawrence-Boston, Power 800 AM 102.9 FM, la número uno en música tropical."17
WTMR NJ Camden - 04Mar2017 1800 - Over unID country music and local WNNW; local religious talk by husband and wife team through the hour without ID, mentioned work by Brother Peter at Mega 1310.  30Aug2017 2201 - Under WNNW and CKLW; "WTMR... Where The Master Reigns, Camden-Philadelphia, a part of the Beasley Broadcast Group."
WSVS VA Crewe - 11Oct2013 1900 - Under WNNW; local ad for business in Farmville, "AM 800 WSVS," then lost to CKLW coverage of Windsor Spitfire hockey.  20Jan2023 1900 - Under local WNNW open carrier; ID ending "...WSVS AM FM dot com."
WVHU WV Huntington - 23Dec2022 1700 - Under CJAD with local WNNW off the air due to storm; "This is News Radio 800 WVHU Huntington, an iHeart radio station," and Fox news.
CKLW ON Windsor - 06Feb2012 2000 - Good, over WNNW; "AM 800 CKLW, a division of Bell Media, local news first" and AM 800 News.589
CJAD QC Montreal - 13Sep2012 0500 - Through WNNW; "This is the drive at five, Montreal's only live... news program... CJAD 800."201
WRSO FL Orlovista - 16Sep2014 0500 - Under WGY; "On 810 AM and now 93.1 FM, Orlando's first and only sports station on FM," and CBS Sports Radio. 93.1 is W226BT Orlando.
WYRE MD Annapolis - 05Mar2016 1800 - Fair; promo/ID, "KHZ TV dot com plays on WAMD Aberdeen, WKHZ Easton, and WYRE Annapolis-Baltimore," into Carolyn Fox's Hollywood Spotlight.
WGY NY Schenectady - 16Feb2012 2300 - Good; "The capital region's iHeart radio station for information, AM 810, 103-1 FM, WGY AM Schenectady, WGY-FM Albany," and Fox news.127
WEDO PA McKeesport - 04Feb2012 1800 - Under WGY; signing off, "WEDO McKeesport now concludes another day of broadcasting... WEDO operates on an assigned frequency of 810 kilohertz... 1000 watts..."459
WWOS SC St. George - 16Jul2012 2300 - Over/under WGY; "This is... of the Catholic diocese of Charleston, and you're listening to WQIZ 810 AM St. George-Charleston," and EWTN.  Listen to mp3 audio clip.  28Sep2014 0600 - Fair, over WGY; "Thank you for listening to WQIZ 810 AM Saint George," then heard multi-station ID for Covenant Network affiliates in Illinois, "WGMR Effingham, WHJR Murphysboro, WMSH Sparta, WIHM-FM Harrisburg." With nothing on 810 in Illinois, and WQIZ listed as an affiliate, must be a miscue or crossed connection.  27Dec2014 1701 - Fair; "You're listening to Catholic radio for South Carolina, 1300 WCKI Greer, 810 WQIZ St. George, and 730 WLTQ Charleston."  13Dec2015 1700 - Over/under WGY; "This is WWOS-FM 91.9 and WWOS AM 810 St. George, and WPOG 710 AM St. Matthews," ex-WQIZ.  03Nov2021 0600 - Popped up over WGY suddenly with sign-on announcement; "WWOS Walterboro, a ministry of Grace Baptist Church located at 4305 Columbia Road in Orangeburg... have a great day," into SRN news.  04Nov2021 1900 - Good; "Christian radio for the whole family, you're listening to 91.9 WWOS-FM St. George, 710 AM WPOG St. Matthews, and 810 AM WWOS Walterboro," and SRN news.823
WPIN VA Dublin - 02Feb2012 1800 - Under CJVA in WGY null; sign-off, "Real Country... WPIN Dublin-Blacksburg now concludes its broadcast day..."  18Jan2014 1700 - Over WGY; "WPIN Dublin-Blacksburg, Real Country, this is I-81 WPIN."  10Dec2016 1700 - Over WGY; "1430 WKEX Blacksburg and 810 WPIN Dublin, and 94.1 W231BC Christiansburg," and ESPN, ex-Real Country.  11Dec2020 1701 - Over/under WGY and unID oldies; "A big hello to our new listeners in Shawsville, thanks for tuning in to ESPN Blacksburg 93.1, 97.1, and online at ESPN Blacksburg dot com."  11Feb2022 0000 - Under WGY; "W226AT Christiansburg, WPIN AM Dublin, and W246CR Christiansburg," and ESPN.618
CJVA NB Caraquet - 07Feb2012 1700 - Good in WGY null; "CKLE CJVA Information..." ID into news in French.  26Dec2013 1759 - Good; promo in French for CKLE FM. Listen to mp3 audio clip.  13Feb2016 1758 - Good; "Souvenirs Souvenirs... de CJVA AM 810," and classic hits.470
WWFD MD Frederick - 13Sep2012 0500 - Mix with WVSG and WWLZ; multiple station ID, sports promo, "WFED broadcasts all the action of Washington Nationals baseball..." into NBC news.  20May2013 0100 - Over WNYC; "We are The Gamut... on 820 AM WWFD Frederick, 103.5 WTOP-FM HD3 Washington, and 107.7 WWWT-FM HD3 Manassas," no longer relaying WFED.  01Aug2015 0000 - Over/under WNYC; "The radio station you're listening to is The Gamut, WWFD Frederick, WTOP-FM HD3 Washington, WWWT-FM HD3 Manassas-Fredericksburg, WTLP HD3 Braddock Heights-Frederick, W283CD Sterling..." and "Don't Stop" by Yarborough & Peoples.385
WWLZ NY Horseheads - 17Dec2011 1659 - Heard through WNYC; solicitation for non-profits, "Talk Radio 820 AM WWLZ" with mention of wwlzam820.com, fax number, and College Ave., Elmira address.275
WNYC NY New York - 22Feb2012 1800 - Good; weather and time check, "This is WNYC AM, FM , and HD New York," and All Things Considered from NPR.190
WVSG OH Columbus - 17Dec2011 0100 - Fair over WNYC; "WVKO Columbus... AM 820, the new permanent home for listener supported Saint Gabriel Catholic Radio, WVSG Columbus, Ohio," into EWTN program, ex-WOSU.630
WBAP TX Ft. Worth - 25Jan2012 2100 - "WBAP Fort Worth" heard through WNYC.  29Feb2012 2000 - Fair over WNYC; "820 AM and 96.7 FM, wbap.com, WBAP Fort Worth-Dallas, WBAP-FM Flower Mound-Dallas-Fort Worth, a Cumulus station," and time check, "WBAP news time is 7 o'clock."  22Dec2013 0600 - Fair; "This is 820 AM, 99-5 FM HD2, wbap.com, WBAP Ft. Worth-Dallas, KPLX FM HD2 Ft. Worth, a Cumulus station," and WBAP 24/7 news. Listen to mp3 audio clip.  07Nov2021 2300 - Fair; promo, "...on News/Talk 820 WBAP," and ID, "News/Talk 820 AM WBAP Ft. Worth-Dallas, 99.5 FM KPLX-FM HD2 Ft. Worth, a Cumulus Media station, 99 years serving DFW."1561
WJFN VA Chester - 28Jan2012 0000 - Over/under WNYC; "WGGM Chester-Richmond-Petersburg" and lively Black gospel music.  09Jun2013 0400 - Rising over WNYC; "97.7 FM and AM 820, WGGM Chester-Richmond-Petersburg and W249CI Bellwood," and gospel music.  29Sep2014 1900 - Over WNYC; "AM 820 WNTW Chester is The Answer," and SRN news, ex-WGGM.  16Aug2015 0400 - Over WWFD; "Where's the best news and talk? AM 820 WNTW Chester is the answer," into SRN news.  29Dec2019 0400 - Fair, over WNYC and R.Reloj Cuba; "WNTW 820 AM Richmond-Chester, Virginia, and W224EB 92.7 FM."  12Sep2020 0600 - Under/over WBAP and WNYC; "WJFN Chester, 100.5 FM..." ex-WNTW.  15Oct2021 0500 - Caught part of ID, "WJFN W224EB on 92.7 FM Chester, W299... 107.7 FM... 100.5 FM," into Townhall news. 100.5 is WJFN-FM, 107.7 is W299DB Richmond, listed in the WTFDA database as a relay of 820 WJFN.483
CHAM ON Hamilton - 24Jan2013 0000 - Fair; "Hamilton's best sock hop dance party" promo, tickets at oldies1150.com, the stand-up comedy.  13Oct2013 0600 - Good; "Funny 820 is CHAM Hamilton, a division of Bell Media," disclaimer, and infomercial.  19Feb2022 0058 - Over WNYC; "CHAM AM Hamilton, the best standup comedy 24/7, Funny 820 AM, an iHeart radio station."419
WCRN MA Worcester - 16Feb2012 1800 - Excellent; Lou Dobbs Financial Report, "This is news and talk radio AM 830 WCRN Worcester-Boston" and CBS news.39
WCCO MN Minneapolis - 16Jan2013 0600 - Under WCRN; "WCCO and WCCO HD Minneapolis-St. Paul," and CBS sounder which was about 12 seconds behind CBS news on WCRN.  04Aug2013 0100 - Heard under WCRN dead air, after WCRN ID; "WCCO, WCCO HD Minneapolis-St. Paul..." Listen to mp3 audio clip.  21Dec2022 0000 - Under WCRN; "News/Talk Eight-Three-Oh WCCO KMNB HD2 Minneapolis-St. Paul," and CBS news.1098
WTRU NC Kernersville - 04Dec2021 1700 - Under local WCRN; Truth Network promo, "AM 830 WTRU Kernersville... Greensboro..."
WEEU PA Reading - 03Oct2012 0000 - Under WCRN; "We'll have the forecast and sports next on The Voice, 830 AM WEEU Reading."283
WRYM CT New Britain - 13Sep2012 0000 - Over WHAS; "Esta es WRYM... 840, número uno en varidad," Spanish tropical music.  23Oct2012 1900 - Good; "WRYM Ocho-Cuarenta AM, New Haven, Springfield, New Britain, Hartford, es La Gigante 840."95
WHAS KY Louisville - 16Feb2012 2300 - Good; "Online at whas.com, Newsradio 84 WHAS Louisville, an iHeart radio station," and Fox news.793
WKDI MD Denton - 18Jan2012 1700 - Through WRYM; "This is the station you have come to rely on for... ministry, AM 840, WKDI Denton-Dover-Annapolis, a Positive Radio Group station."348
WVPO PA Stroudsburg - 10Jun2013 0400 - Under WHAS and WRYM; "The Voice of the Poconos, your home for Imus in the Morning and great talk radio AM 840 WVPO Stroudsburg" and NBC news.  27Dec2013 1700 - Poor; "The all new ESPN 840 WVPO Stroudsburg, the Poconos sports station, also on espnpoconos.com."
WCEO SC Columbia - 22Feb2012 1800 - Fair over Radio 4VEH Haiti and unID Spanish; "...840 La Raza" and Mexican music.  18Feb2013 1800 - Over/under WHAS; Spanglish ID, "WCEO 840... la salud de South Carolina, La Raza," and Mexican music.773
WKTR VA Earlysville - 26Jan2012 0555 - Briefly good over WHAS; "Here's what's happening from Big Country 105.3 FM and AM 840" into community calendar.  17Jan2013 0100 - Under WHAS; "105.3 and 99.1" ID, country music.  28Jan2013 0500 - Over WHAS; "This is WBNN-FM Dillwyn, WKTR Earlysville, and W256BY Charlottesville, Big Country 105.3 and 99.1," and country music.  29Dec2017 1700 - "You're tuned to CSN, the Christian Satellite Network, on WKTR Earlysville," then gone, leaving WHAS and WRYM.475
KOA CO Denver - 21Dec2012 2200 - Under WEEI; woman: "...AccuWeather forecast is coming up," man: "...850 KOA," and Fox news. At 2359 under WEEI; "Our top local story, a Colorado retailer... details on the way..." and weather.1738
WAXB CT Ridgefield - 16Jun2016 0500 - Under WEEI; promo/ID, "The all new B 107.3... and online at B 1073 dot com."
WFTL FL West Palm Beach - 10Sep2013 0100 - Under WEEI and R.Reloj; ad for pain treatment center, "...Military Trail south of Linton Boulevard, the number's 561-381-5800," and NBC news.
WEEI MA Boston - 11Sep2012 0000 - Excellent; "This is Sports Radio WEEI Boston, WEEI-FM and HD1 Lawrence-Boston" and NFL football.  19Feb2022 0100 - Good, over an unID music station; "Get the winning insights, information and trends you need, all while having a few laughs along the way, this is WEEI 850 AM Boston, an Audacy station," and CBS Sports Radio.33
WYLF NY Penn Yan - 27Nov2011 1800 - Under WEEI; "...WYLF Penn Yan, Canandaigua, Geneva" into network news.285
WKIX NC Raleigh - 30Oct2016 0600 - Under local WEEI Boston; "FM 104.7... and WPTK Raleigh..." and North Carolina news.  13Jan2017 1700 - Under local WEEI Boston; "FM 104.7... WPTK Raleigh, Durham, Cary, and Chapel Hill," into traffic report.  22Aug2020 0000 - Under WEEI; promo/ID, "...on Just Right Radio, FM 104.7 ...AM 850 WPTK Raleigh, Durham, Cary, and Chapel Hill."  07Nov2021 2300 - Under local WEEI; "Good time oldies in Morrisville, Holly Springs, and Raleigh," and "Bye Bye Baby" by Frankie Valli & the Four Seasons, ex-WPTK Just Right Radio.
WKNR OH Cleveland - 24Jun2016 0100 - Under WEEI; ESPN 850 ID.  09Mar2024 0700 - Under WEEI open carrier; "You're listening to 850 ESPN Cleveland, the home of the Browns, WKNR Cleveland, a Good Karma brands station."
WKGE PA Johnstown - 09Jul2017 0001 - Under WEEI; WKGE ID into "Sing" by the Carpenters, repeating the same ID and Carpenters song every hour. Per STA, operating fulltime omnidirectional with 1.5 kW.  06Oct2017 2200 - Under WEEI; "1400 WWGE Loretto and 850 WKGE Johnstown," into ABC news. Heavily distorted audio.  01Oct2021 2100 - Under WEEI Boston; "101.3 FM, 850 AM, WKGE Johnstown, where the news is next," into ABC news.
WTAR VA Norfolk - 13Feb2013 0100 - Under WEEI; "24/7 Comedy Radio WTAR... Funny 850."  26Sep2014 0000 - Through momentary WEEI dead air; "WTAR Norfolk... (information slogan) AM 850 WTAR," ex-comedy.  31Jul2016 0000 - Under WEEI; Fox sports.  17Dec2016 0600 - Poor, under WEEI; ID with mention of Washington Nationals.477
WSBS MA Great Barrington - 09Feb2012 2040 - Under CJBC; "...94.1 WSBS" and '70s-'80s oldies.  20Jun2021 0501 - Good; "The music you love, and information you need, only from your hometown station in the Berkshires, WSBS Great Barrington, W231AK Great Barrington, and streaming online worldwide on the free WSBS app and at WSBS dot com, a Townsquare Media station, Red Sox baseball on your hometown station 94.1 FM WSBS."99
WFMO NC Fairmont - 10Oct2012 1920 - Good; "Poder" and "Power" slogans, Mexican banda music.  04Sep2016 2000 - Under CJBC; WFMO ID and Black gospel music, ex-Mexican.  19Feb2023 0600 - Under CJBC; "This is WFMO Fairmont... The Light AM 860 and 97-5 FM W248DC HD(?) Fairmont."698
WWDB PA Philadelphia - 09Feb2012 1700 - Fair; "This is WWDB 860 AM Philadelphia..." and ESPN Deportes Radio Sports Center in Spanish.  28Sep2014 1900 - Fair; "Remember wherever you are, Talk 860 is available now on the TuneIn radio app. WWDB Philadelphia, 860 AM."  07Jan2017 1700 - Fair; end of Haitian program, then sign-off announcement, "WWDB is licensed to operate with 860 kilohertz in Philadelphia, with studio locations in Bala Cynwyd. WWDB is owned and operated by Beasley Broadcast Group."  17Sep2021 1900 - Fair; "WWDB 860 AM Philadelphia and WPEN HD2 Burlington-Philadelphia," and disclaimer into Jewish cultural program.267
WAOB PA Millvale - 10Feb2012 1800 - Under CJBC; "WAOB-FM 106.7 in Beaver Falls, WAOB 860 AM Millvale, WPGR 1510 AM Monroeville, one body in Christ..."464
WLBG SC Laurens - 16Feb2012 1800 - Under CJBC; "WLBG Laurens-Clinton" and Fox news.801
WOAY WV Oak Hill - 11Feb2012 0000 - Under CJBC; weather, "It's midnight at AM 860 WOAY Oak Hill-Beckley."  11Feb2012 1800 - Under CJBC; promo, "Keep your dial right here all during the winter of 2012... bring some warmth to your life, AM 860 WOAY," National Weather Service forecast, "WOAY Oak Hill-Beckley."605
CJBC ON Toronto - 11Feb2012 1900 - Excellent; "Vous écoutez la Première Chaîne de Radio Canada, 860 AM a Toronto," time check and CBC news in French.  18Feb2022 2000 - Excellent; "Vous écoutez Ici Radio Canada Première, 860 AM a Toronto, du coeur aux idées."423
WWL LA New Orleans - 06Feb2012 2300 - Fair over R.Reloj Cuba; "The news, talk, and sports leader, the big 870 WWL New Orleans, 105-3 WWL-FM HD1 Kenner-New Orleans, and wwl.com," and CBS news.1361
WLVP ME Gorham - 12Sep2012 0500 - Fair; "Newscenter 6 on WLAM... from WCSH Newscenter 6," into TV audio simulcast.  18Feb2022 1901 - Over WHCU; nostalgia, Memories 870 ID with postal address for listener contributions, PO Box 308, Bath ME 04530.  06Jul2023 2358 - Over WWL; Bob Bittner Broadcasting postal address for donations in Bath, Maine. Sign off announcement, "We'll be back on the air tomorrow morning at 5:00 a.m. Enjoy great music tomorrow once again right here on Memories 870." A radio station broker had WLVP listed for sale; $119,000 plus $2400 per month land lease, or $365,000 for the station and real estate.83
WKAR MI East Lansing - 14Jan2014 1700 - Under WHCU; ID and time check into All Things Considered.  08Oct2014 1900 - Caught partial sign-off announcement through WHCU dead air; "...WKAR dot org, thanks for listening to AM 870 WKAR East Lansing."  24Dec2017 1659 - Over CFSX; sign-off, "WKAR East Lansing must now end its broadcast day..."  26Jan2024 1659 - Fair; "You're listening to WKAR News/Talk, a listener supported service of Michigan State University, WKAR News/Talk is heard on 102.3 and AM 870 WKAR East Lansing, 90.5 WKAR-FM HD2 East Lansing, listen on your computer or mobile device at WKAR dot org or ask your smart speaker to play WKAR."
WHCU NY Ithaca - 17Jan2012 1800 - Good; "You're listening to 870 AM, 95-9 FM, News/Talk WHCU Ithaca, WQNY HD3 Ithaca, the home of breaking news and stimulating talk," and time check into CBS news.  14Jan2023 - Over WWL; "97-7 FM and AM 870, News/Talk WHCU, WFIZ HD3, Ithaca, a Cayuga Radio Group station," into CBS news.261
WTCG NC Mount Holly - 20Jan2023 0659 - Under WHCU and WWL; "WTCG Mount Holly-Charlotte 870 AM, and W222CW 92.3 FM, Worship The Creator God."
WPWT TN Colonial Heights - 04Feb2012 1800 - Fair; "WPWT AM 870 100.7 FM Colonial Heights-Tri Cities" and America's Opry Weekend.  16Feb2012 1800 - Good over WHCU; "You're listening to WPWT Colonial Heights, this is Afternoon Bluegrass."  24Mar2023 0601 - Good; "96-3 The Possum is WPWT Colonial Heights, broadcasting from the Bath Fitter studios, visit Bath Fitter at 2908 East Oakland Avenue in Johnson City, it's Mornings with Cody and Mandy," and jingle.  25Jan2024 1700 - Under WHCU; "The Possum is 96.3 W242CQ Colonial Heights, 100.7 W264BY Kingsport, 870 AM WPWT Colonial Heights, online... around the world... 96-3 The Possum dot com," classis country.725
CFSX NL Stephenville - 24Dec2017 1700 - Fair, over WHCU; mental health PSA, "VOCM cares," and VOCM weather.
KJJR MT Whitefish - 02May2020 0201 - DX test; Morse code barely breaking through co-channel WCBS. Listen to mp3 audio clip.2085
WCBS NY New York - 28Mar2012 2300 - Excellent; "News, traffic, and weather, on air, online, we are news radio, WCBS New York," and local news headlines into CBS news.174
WPIP NC Winston-Salem - 18Jan2014 1700 - Under WCBS; instrumental music, "WPIP... North Carolina," into weather, "...for WPIP."
WRRZ NC Clinton - 05Sep2016 0500 - Under WCBS; canned ID, "WRRZ... North Carolina, Radio Nueva Vida."
WRFD OH Columbus-Worthington - 22Dec2012 1600 - Under WCBS; "Let WRFD help strengthen your daily life... wrfd.com," and ID, "Life changing radio... WRFD Columbus-Worthington..."  13Feb2016 1801 - Good, over WCBS; sign-off, "Due to FCC regulations, WRFD Columbus-Worthington must now concludes its broadcast day, however our programming continues via streaming online or HD radio, we would like to encourage you to visit WRFD dot com or WTOH HD2 Upper Arlington now where live streaming radio continues 24/7."628
WMDB TN Nashville - 17Nov2019 0030 - Over/under CKLQ with WCBS off the air; Mexican vocals, promo's between songs almost always a man followed by a woman who says, "Ocho ochenta..."
CKLQ MB Brandon - 14Aug2015 0300 - Over/under R.Progreso Cuba with WCBS off the air; country music, weather with temperatures in Celsius.  16Nov2019 1130 - Fair with WCBS off the air; Brandon Wheat Kings vs. Red Deer Rebels hockey post game.1428
WLS IL Chicago - 05Mar2012 0000 - Good over WAMG; "Common sense, hope is here, news now," singing WLS Chicago, "A Cumulus station," and ABC news.  18Feb2022 0600 - Good; Red Eye Radio, "This is 890 WLS AM Chicago, 94-7 WLS-FM HD2 Chicago," WLS Chicago jingle, "A Cumulus Media station," Weather Channel forecast and local news.841
WAMG MA Dedham - 09Oct2012 0500 - Good; "WAMG Dedham-Boston, la nueva Mega, una estación de Gois Broadcasting," Spanish tropical music.  19Feb2022 1701 - Good; multi-station ID (frequencies in Spanish), "WAMG Dedham-Boston 890 AM 94.9 FM, WLLH Lawrence-Lowell 1400 AM 95.1 FM, WORC Worcester 1310 AM 106.1 FM, WLAT New Britain-Hartford 910 AM 101.7 FM, La Mega," tropical music.33
WKNV VA Fairlawn - 25Sep2014 1915 - Over WAMG; "Tune in to Replay, Saturday morning at 8 and Sunday morning at 10, here on Joy AM 890 and FM 93.1," and country gospel music.  19Feb2017 1800 - Over/under WAMG; "Joy AM 890 WKNV Fairlawn, today's southern gospel music and ministry station, now concludes its broadcast day... This is Joy AM 890 WKNV Fairlawn, 93.1 FM W226AT Christiansburg, and 97.1 FM W246CR Christiansburg, today's southern gospel music and ministry station."  05Mar2021 1801 - Over/under WAMG; gospel country music, promo for Joy FM support family.
WJWL DE Georgetown - 12Oct2014 0002 - Under WGHM open carrier and CHML; Spanish tropical music, canned ID with raygun sound effects, "WJWL..." and trumpet fanfare.  25Apr2020 0858 - Under local WGHM open carrier and CHML; La Raza ID and Mexican music.
WGHM NH Nashua - 28Feb2012 1800 - Excellent; "From New Hampshire's family of locally owned radio stations, this is Absolute Broadcasting's WGAM Manchester and WGHM Nashua," into local sports talk, "...on WKXL 103.9 FM and 1450 AM as well as WGAM 1250 and 900 The Game."  06Jul2017 1640 - "WGAM, where all the good songs come to play," oldies music with PAMS jingles, ex-sports.  17Dec2022 1559 - "WGAM Manchester, WGHM Nashua, WMEX-LP Rochester, WXBJ-LP Salisbury-Newburyport-Hampton Beach," and Solid Gold Saturday.3.5
WBRV NY Boonville - 25Dec2016 2049 - Through local WGHM open carrier, over/under R.Progreso Cuba; "Classic Hits, The Blizzard 98.3 and 105.9 FM," into "Rock and Roll Never Forgets" by Bob Seger.
WABY NY Watervliet - 25Dec2016 2005 - In the mix with WBRV and R.Progreso Cuba with WGHM open carrier; end of AP news, "Happy holidays from WABY," and "48 Hours of Christmas" nostalgia.
WCPA PA Clearfield - 23Sep2014 1900 - Under nulled local WGHM; nostalgia, "For news and information... the oldies station WCPA Clearfield," and ABC news.
WURD PA Philadelphia - 23Oct2012 1758 - In WGHM null; urban talk, "...right here on The Nick Taliaferro Show on WURD AM 900," The Whispers "And the Beat Goes On" up to news, "On air, online... AM WURD Philadelphia."  28Jan2018 0558 - Under CHML through local WGHM open carrier; "Pennsylvania's only Black-owned talk radio station, this is Wurd Radio, 96.1 FM WURD and 900 AM WURD."273
CHML ON Hamilton - 25Oct2012 0600 - In WGHM null; local news beginning with top stories, then lead story from CHML's Anthony Urciuoli.  06Jan2018 0600 - Good under local WGHM open carrier; "Amplitude modulation 900 kilohertz, call letters CHML, this is 900 CHML, a Corus Entertainment radio station, broadcasting live from the heart of Hamilton and streaming live to the world at 900 CHML dot com, this is Global News Radio 900 CHML."437
WLAT CT New Britain - 14Sep2012 0000 - Good; La Nueva Mega promo, Spanish tropical music.  19May2013 0200 - "La nueva mega, my number one radio station, WLAT New Britain-Hartford."96
WTOS ME Bangor - 22Apr2012 2000 - Good; "WAEI Bangor, Fox Sports Maine, weekday mornings from 6 to 9 it's... on Fox Sports Maine."  13Sep2012 0500 - Good; "WAEI Bangor, WIGY Madison, WFAU Gardiner-Augusta, WRKD Rockland, Fox Sports Maine." Station went dark in 2013.  29Aug2014 0403 - Over/under WBZU; oldies, multi-station ID, "WABK Gardiner-Augusta-Waterville, WBAK Belfast-Bangor, WBKA Bar Harbor-Ellsworth, and WAEI Bangor, Big 104 FM."  23May2019 2201 - Good; "This is WTOS-FM Skowhegan-Augusta-Waterville, WTOS Bangor, WTUX Gouldsboro, and streaming online at WTOS FM dot com, the mountain of pure rock 'TOS," ex-WABK.199
WFDF MI Farmington Hills - 08Mar2015 0100 - Briefly atop; "The Word Network superstation." At 0700 over/under WLAT; solicitation for $150 gift set to support the Word Network, phone 855-730-WORD.
WRKL NY New City - 10Mar2017 2200 - Atop WABK; "AM 1300 WRDZ La Grange-Chicago, FM 107.1 W296DA Vernon Hills, and FM 104.7 W284DA Chicago... AM 910 WRKL New City, New York, AM 1580 WLIM Patchogue, Long Island and southern Connecticut, Polskie Radio New York," into Polish vocal.  05Mar2021 0500 - Poor; "AM 1030 WNVR Vernon Hills-Chicago, AM 1300 WRDZ La Grange-Chicago, and now 107.1..."
WBZU PA Scranton - 17Jan2012 1800 - Poor; "WILK-FM, WILK-FM HD1 Avoca, WILK Wilkes Barre, WBZU Scranton, WKZN West Hazleton, northeast P-A's news radio WILK."232
WXJX PA Apollo - 31Dec2015 1800 - Poor; "The Mountain, we play everything," and pop/rock music, quickly lost to WRNL and WLAT. WAVL relays WXMT FM The Mountain.  30Oct2016 0700 - Under WLAT; promo, "The Savage Nation... on PA Talk 98-7 and AM 910," and ID, "Western Pennsylvania's premier talk station, WAVL Apollo-Pittsburgh 98-7," into Fox sports, ex-The Mountain relay. 98.7 is W254CR.  09Nov2021 0602 - Good; "This is a Gold information break," and jingle, "This is Gold," the same as the jingle on Gold radio stations in the UK, ex-WAVL.
WSBA PA York - 08Sep2017 2201 - Good; "The flagship of the O's, 105-7 The Fan," and Baltimore Orioles post-game show.  17Sep2017 2100 - Good; "News/Talk 93-9 and 910 WSBA York, W230CQ, WSOX HD2 Red Lion, a Cumulus station."
WTMZ SC Dorchester Terrace-Brentwood - 24Oct2012 1900 - Fair; "ESPN Radio 910, WTMZ Dorchester Terrace-Brentwood-Charleston, a part of Charleston's only 24-hour all sports network."  18Dec2013 0500 - Over WRNL and YVRQ; ESPN promo, ID, "WWIK 98.9 FM McClellanville-Charleston, WTMZ 910 AM Dorchester Terrace-Brentwood-Charleston..."821
WOLI SC Spartanburg - 12Jan2014 0600 - Poor, through WBZU and others; nostalgia, "WOLI AM Spartanburg and W289BS Spartanburg, The Source, at 105.7..."
WJCW TN Johnson City - 18Dec2015 0600 - Fair; "Tri-cities' talk radio station... WJCW Johnson City-Kingsport-Bristol."
WRNL VA Richmond - 07Mar2012 1800 - Good; "From the Sports Radio 910 studios, sponsored by... your lawyers for life, this is Sports Radio 910 WRNL AM," then gone.  06Nov2021 0700 - Good; End of Performance Racing Network show, "This is the new sports radio 910 The Fan, now at 105-1 FM, WRNL Richmond and WRVQ HD2 Richmond, an Audacy station," and Fox sports.474
WFJX VA Roanoke - 15Jan2016 0600 - Poor, over WRNL; "...Fox Radio 910 WFJX Roanoke," into Fox news.
WDMC FL Melbourne - 08Sep2017 2300 - Over/under WHJJ; "You're listening to WDMC Mebourne-Vero Beach," live Catholic message, then EWTN global Catholic radio network promo.
WNJE NJ Trenton - 09Jun2016 0200 - Under WHJJ; "The Jersey, broadcasting from the Princeton Orthopedic (studios)... WNJE Trenton-Philadelphia" into Fox sports.  05Mar2022 0000 - Poor; "The new 920 ESPN, a Townsquare Media station."
WYBY NY Cortland - 16Sep2013 1900 - Under WHJJ; "We're WYBY Cortland," and SRN news.
WGHQ NY Kingston - 23Dec2012 0600 - Under WHJJ; caught end of multi-station ID, "...and WGHQ Kingston."  09Feb2013 0500 - WHJJ off; Hudson Valley Talk Radio ID.  03Mar2017 1800 - Over WHJJ; "1260 WBNR Beacon, 1420 WLNA Peekskill, 920 WGHQ Kingston, and 92.5 FM, Real Country Radio."  01Mar2022 1858 - Fair; "920 WGHQ AM Kingston, and 92.5 W223CR FM Kingston, New York... Magic 92.5 WGHQ with another hour of great songs and magic memories starting right now," and "Only the Beginning" by Chicago.138
WHJJ RI Providence - 28Feb2012 1800 - Good; "Now from the Paul Matthews Chevrolet News Center, Rhode Island's news, weather, and traffic on 920 WHJJ and WHJJ HD1 Providence," local news headlines and Fox news.  01Mar2022 1859 - Fading over WGHQ; "WSNE HD2 Taunton-Providence, W284BA Warwick," bumper music, "Rhode Island's news, traffic, and weather station, News Radio 920 and 104-7 FM WHJJ Providence, an iHeart radio station," top local stories in brief, "Get news 24/7 on demand at News Radio RI dot com," and Fox news.  05Mar2022 0159 - Fair; Bloomberg Money Minute.66
WURA VA Quantico - 11Oct2013 0600 - Fair, over CKNX; "WURA Quantico-Washington, 920 AM transmitiendo desde Quantico-Washington, siete mil watios de potencia antena, Radio Unida, 920 AM..."  11Nov2023 0600 - Over WHJJ; canned ID by a woman, "Radio la Voz del Cordero, 1480 AM," Spanish contemporary Christian vocals.419
WMMN WV Fairmont - 25Aug2013 0400 - Through WHJJ dead air; "Your home for live sports and sports talk around the clock, Fox Sports Radio 920 WMMN in Fairmont."  Listen to mp3 audio clip beginning with 94'HJY and WHJJ promo.
WOKY WI Milwaukee - 03Mar2022 1857 - Popped up briefly over WHJJ and WGHQ; endorsement by WISN personality for Lake Country Health Center.
CKNX ON Wingham - 25Jan2012 0000 - Good, over WHJJ; country music, "Midwestern Ontario's most trusted source for news, this is CKNX AM 920" into Canadian Press news.501
WFMD MD Frederick - 03Jan2012 1800 - Fair over/under WBEN; "It's 6 o'clock" and singing ID, "Newsradio 930, WFMD Frederick."385
WPKX NH Rochester - 29Feb2012 1800 - Fair; "...Weather Channel forecast for AM 930 and 1380 The Sports Animal," 967thewave.com traffic cam promo, "The home for Wildcat sports, WPKX Rochester, AM 930 The Sports Animal," and ESPN Radio Sports Center.  01May2019 1600 - Fair; "WPKX Rochester, online at Fox Sports 930 dot com, your phone with the iHeart radio app, and on hundreds of devices, Alexa, Google Home, X-Box, and Sonos, an iHeart radio station, Fox Sports 930."49
WPAT NJ Paterson - 29Feb2012 2200 - Fair; Punjabi program, "WPAT Paterson, and worldwide from New York City at www.wpat930am.com," and WPAT jingle.189
WBEN NY Buffalo - 01Jan2012 2100 - Good; "WLKK, WLKK HD Wethersfield, and WBEN Buffalo" into CBS news.  18Feb2012 2200 - Good; ID, "You've always been able to find the voice of Buffalo in the middle of the AM dial, but now you'll find it on the far right of the FM dial, 930 AM and now 107.7 FM WBEN." Listen to mp3 audio clip.378
WIZR NY Johnstown - 16Sep2013 1900 - Over WPAT; "Your home for classic hits, Z102.9, W243CV, AM 930 WIZR Johnstown-Gloversville-Amsterdam." Z102.9 is W275BS while W243CV is 96.5 FM. A very confusing ID.
WYFQ NC Charlotte - 18Dec2013 0500 - Fair; BBN Radio promo, quick ID, "WYFQ Charlotte," and SRN news.
WDLX NC Washington - 04Feb2012 1800 - Over/under WBEN; "Pirate Radio 1250 WGHB Farmville-Greenville, Pirate Radio 930 WDLX Washington-Greenville-New Bern."  23Dec2013 0500 - Good; promo for Morning Drive and ID. Listen to mp3 audio clip.  11May2024 0059 - Fair; ads for Greenville businesses, ID, "This is Pirate Radio, WGHB Farmville 1250 and 92.7 FM Greenville, WDLX Washington 930 and 104.1 FM Washington," sports talk.579
WHLM PA Bloomsburg - 10Feb2014 1701 - Fair, over WBEN; "Band on the Run" by Wings, "Newsradio 930 WHLM, the full service giant, with music, news, weather, school closings, local sports, Phillies baseball, and the Morning Buzz," singing 93 WHLM, "The voice of Columbia County," into local news.
WLLL VA Lynchburg - 14Jan2014 1700 - Over WPKX but with distorted audio; event promo mentioned WLLL AM 930, then Black gospel music.  05Feb2017 0600 - Fair over WPAT; jingle singing "WLLL AM 930 Lynchburg" and R&B/blues music.
WRVC WV Huntington - 11Feb2012 1800 - Promo, "...on Super Talk 94.1 FM and AM 930," then lost with switch to night facilities leaving WBEN in clear.  28Feb2013 0400 - Under WBEN; "AM 930 WRVC... celebrating 20 years of local broadcasting."649
CFBC NB St. John - 07Jan2023 1700 - Under WBEN and WPAT; "Another long set of country favourites on 93 CFBC."
WINE CT Brookfield - 03Mar2012 1800 - Good; "940 WINE Brookfield-Danbury, 1510 WPUT Brewster, a Cumulus station, 940 and 1510 ESPN Radio."  27Aug2013 1900 - Fair; "Sports Radio 940 and 1510 is WINE Brookfield-Danbury and WPUT Brewster, a pair of Cumulus stations, this is Sports Radio 940 and 1510," and CBS Sports Radio.  04Sep2016 1900 - Good; "CBS Sports Radio 940 WINE Brookfield-Danbury, a Town Square Media station."130
WINZ FL Miami - 18Feb2012 1800 - Fair; "Let's pause 10 seconds now for station identification on the Gators IMG Sports Network," and dead air, Florida Gators basketball. The IMG Gators basketball website lists 940 "WNIZ" Miami as an affiliate.  21Feb2012 1800 - Fair over WCPC; "WINZ Miami-Fort Lauderdale, the Sports Animal" and Fox sports.  15Aug2014 0000 - Fair; "WINZ Miami-Fort Lauderdale... anywhere you go on the iHeart radio app, download it now," and NBC sports radio update.  29May2016 2300 - Fair; "940 Winz, Miami sports, WINZ Miami-Fort Lauderdale... 940 Winz, an iHeart radio station," and Fox sports.  11Feb2022 0000 - Good; "Fox Sports 940 Miami, the home of Florida Gators football, WINZ AM Miami, WMIA-FM HD3 Miami Beach, available everywhere with the iHeart Radio app, Fox Sports 940 Miami."1257
WMAC GA Macon - 30Jan2012 2100 - Good; "Broadcasting from the heart of Georgia for 85 years, this is News/Talk 940 WMAC Macon-Warner Robins" and ABC news.950
WMIX IL Mount Vernon - 13Feb2012 1900 - Rising above the others; "Your choice for news... and 940 WMIX..." and news.  16Apr2016 0600 - Fair; "AM 940 and 96.5 FM, this is WMIX Mount Vernon..."  15Jan2017 0700 - Over/under CFNV; "AM 940 WMIX Mount Vernon, the Withers Broadcasting station."966
KPSZ IA Des Moines - 09Jan2016 1800 - Fair; "This is Iowa's Praise 940, 940 KPSZ Des Moines, a Des Moines Radio Group station and online at Praise 940 dot com," into a contemporary vocal.
WCND KY Shelbyville - 28Jan2012 0000 - Fair; ID with "La Explosiva" slogan, high energy Mexican banda music.  14Apr2013 0500 - Fair; "Explosiva 940, WCND Shelbyville, Kentucky," and promo, "Más info de la mañana," into Spanish folk music.782
WQVR MA Webster - 15May2012 2100 - Poor; ID with Cool Country 940 slogan into country music.  01May2019 1600 - Poor; "Lake 940 dot com, The Lake" and NBC news. 08Apr2024 1550 - Fair; "WQVR, your local news station, 940 AM and 99.3 FM." At 1600 oldies, "WQVR Webster, W255EH Webster-Southbridge-Worcester, WQVD Orange-Athol," CBS news.49
WIDG MI Saint Ignace - 04Feb2012 1800 - Over WMAC; Catholic radio for northern Michigan promo, "This is WTCK Charlevoix, WIDG Saint Ignace, WTCY Greilickville, WGJU East Tawas," and EWTN program.  29Nov2012 1600 - Fair; "This is WTCK Charlevoix, WIDG St. Ignace, WGZR Alpena, WTCY Greilickville, and WGJU East Tawas, part of the Baraga Broadcasting radio network." WGZR is a new addition to the network at 89.1 FM.  02Feb2018 1800 - Fair; "It's 6 o'clock, you are listening to the Baraga Radio Network, the Catholic Light for northern Michigan, WTCK Charlevoix, WIDG St. Ignace, WGZR Alpena, WTCY Traverse City, WGJU East Tawas, WMQU Grayling, and online at the Catholic Light dot com."  06Feb2021 1700 - Poor; Relevant Radio pledge drive.  25Nov2023 1700 - Fair; "WGZR Alpena, WGJU East Tawas, WIDG St. Ignace, WMQU Grayling, WTCK Charlevoix, WTCY Greilickville, W221CA Gaylord, Relevant Radio."691
WCPC MS Houston - 17Jan2012 1800 - Good; end of Brother Carpenter program, promo, "...on AM 940, radio that changes the way you live, WCPC Houston," and ID, "Mississippi's first 50-thousand watt standard broadcast station, WCPC Houston, Tupelo, Columbus, north Mississippi, and northwest Alabama, WCPC Houston."  05Feb2012 0100 - Good; "This is Christian radio, AM 940 WCPC Houston-Tupelo signing off for today. We invite you to join us again tomorrow morning for another full day of Christian preaching and teaching on AM 940 WCPC Houston-Tupelo," and instrumental national anthem. Listen to mp3 audio clip.  05Mar2021 0500 - Fair, over CFNV; Community Calendar, "AM 940 WCPC Houston, with translator W289CJ Tupelo at 105.7 FM."1124
WKYK NC Burnsville - 21May2016 0500 - Poor; "WKYK Burnsville, the station more people listen to," and ABC news.
WCIT OH Lima - 16Dec2013 0203 - DX test; Morse code, sweep tones, and full data equipment test ID, breaking through co-channel interference from XEQ and others. Listen to mp3 audio clip.
WADV PA Lebanon - 14Sep2012 1705 - Fair; "...940 WADV Lebanon," gospel music, 1710 local ads with mention of Lancaster County, lost at 1715 power reduction.299
WGRP PA Greenville - 24Nov2012 1720 - Fair; oldies, weather with mention of 940 and 1470, then 940 WGRP and 940wgrp.com promo.  15Feb2014 0601 - Over/under WMAC; oldies music, Big Ben chimes marking the hour a minute late, ID, "...940 WGRP, 1470 FAR, and on the web at 940wgrp.com."  17Feb2020 0601 - Good; "92.7 FM, 940 AM, WGRP Greenville, W224DW Greenville, number one for music, sports, and live," into ABC news.466
KIXZ TX Amarillo - 06Oct2023 0000 - Under CFNV; "News/Talk 940 KIXZ Amarillo, a Townsquare Media station," into Fox news.  Listen to mp3 audio clip.
WKGM VA Smithfield - 18Jan2012 1659 - Good; local weather forecast, "...on AM 940 WKGM, your ministry station."  04Mar2017 1759 - Over/under WADV; "FM 105.7, AM 940, your ministry station."  29Dec2019 1600 - Fair; "This is the ministry station, FM 105.7, AM 940 WKGM Smithfield and all of Hampton Roads."  13Mar2021 1802 - Fair; multi-station ID for Joy FM, "WXRI Winston-Salem, WODY Fieldale, WTTX Appomattox, WEND HD3 Salisbury, WTJY Asheboro... WRFE Chesterfield, WJYJ Hickory... WUSQ HD3 Winchester, WKNV Fairlawn-Blacksburg, WRAA Luray, WKGM Smithfield-Hampton Roads, WKDI Denton, Maryland, WDAV HD3 Davidson, North Carolina."475
WNRG VA Grundy - 16Jan2012 1905 - Suddenly popped up out of nowhere loud and clear over WIPR, "We're your home for Solid Gospel, WNRG Grundy, Virginia."  09Jun2016 0101 - Fair; "You'll find NASCAR and all of your favorite country songs of all time here on Classic Country 100.7 WMJD Grundy," and ABC news.674
CFNV QC Montreal - 03Dec2016 1802 - Good; French and English pop music, "Vous ecoutez CFNV 940 AM..." and "I Will Always Love You" by Whitney Houston.  31Aug2017 2000 - Good; ID in French, "CFNV 940, la super station," into pop music.
CJGX SK Yorkton - 13Dec2012 2200 - Fair, over WMAC; "...serving Saskatchewan and Manitoba, GX94 now presents the news at nine."  13Mar2014 0100 - Fair; "CJGX... we are GX 94," and Canadian Press news.  17Sep2016 0100 - Fair; "CJGX, a Harvard radio station... we are GX-94," into news.1556
WROL MA Boston - 25Apr2012 2000 - Good; Brazilian program in Portuguese, "950 AM WROL, música, informaçao..."  01May2019 1600 - Good; "AM 950 and 100.3 FM, WROL and W262CV Boston, The Spirit of Boston," and Townhall news.33
WWJ MI Detroit - 21Dec2012 2159 - Good over WIBX; AccuWeather forecast, "News, traffic, weather, Newsradio 950 WWJ, a CBS radio station," into headlines, "...these are the top stories coming up on Detroit's only all news radio station," ID, and CBS news.  13Jan2023 2159 - Under WIBX open carrier; "This is News Radio 950 WWJ, Detroit's news, weather, and traffic station," into local headlines.601
WHVW NY Hyde Park - 07Sep2013 1900 - "This is the heart and soul of American music, WHVW..." then lost to WKDN at power cut.  28Dec2014 0500 - Over R.Reloj Cuba; "It's the heart and soul of American music, WHVW Hyde Park," and oldies.
WIBX NY Utica - 03Mar2012 1900 - Good; "WIBX 950 Utica-Rome" and Fox news.  1800 good; break for station ID on the Motor Racing Network, "Stay connected with WIBX 950 news on Facebook and Twitter, this is your news, talk, and sports leader, WIBX 950 Utica-Rome."196
WKDN PA Philadelphia - 28Jan2013 0400 - Over/under WBES; phone number and web address, "Family Radio, your station for traditional Christian music."  09Aug2015 0359 - Off-frequency and very unstable, drifting around 952.8 kHz; "A beacon of truth and hope, this is Family Radio... always commercial-free, this is WKDN AM Philadelphia."267
WORD SC Spartanburg - 28Jan2024 0700 - Under WROL; often heard under others with "Score!" actualities at top of the hour, finally caught promo/ID, "The Fan Upstate," CBS Sports Radio.
WXGI VA Richmond - 24Oct2012 0600 - Over R.Reloj Cuba; "This is ESPN 950, WXGI Richmond," into Mike & Mike with Sports Center.  23Oct2021 1901 - Over/under WIBX; "WXGI Richmond, WTPS Petersburg, the number one station 99-5 and 102-7 The Box," into "Nuthin' But a G Thang" by Dr. Dre ft. Snoop Dogg.479
WBES WV Charleston - 23Jan2013 0400 - Under WIBX; "...on WBES Charleston, 95 the Sports Fox." 17Oct2021 0000 - Fair; "95 The Sports Fox, now on 92.7 FM," and ID, "WBES AM Charleston, W224EE Charleston."613
CKNB NB Campbellton - 13Sep2012 0400 - Under WIBX; "95 CKNB, your community, your radio station," pop music.  27Jan2018 0500 - Under WIBX; "CKNB Campbellton, New Brunswick, an MBS radio station," into "Tainted Love" by Soft Cell.437
WELI CT New Haven - 06Feb2012 1800 - Good; "WELI and WELI HD1 New Haven, this is News/Talk 960 WELI, also broadcasting on WKCI FM HD3 Hamden-New Haven, an iHeart radio," and Fox news.118
WTGM MD Salisbury - 11Oct2013 0600 - Fair; "This is 24/7 comedy, Comedy 960 is WTGM Salisbury."  24Sep2014 0600 - Fair; "Fox Sports 960 WTGM Salisbury, Fox Sports 960 dot com," ex-Comedy 960.  23Dec2020 0000 - Good, measured off frequency at 959.918 kHz and easily separated from 960 WEAV; "Fox Sports 960 WTGM Salisbury, an iHeart radio station, online at Fox Sports 960 dot com."
WFGL MA Fitchburg - 22Feb2012 1700 - Good; Contemporary Christian music, "You're listening to Renew FM, WFGL Fitchburg, WJWT Gardner, and the new 90.1 FM WJXT Fitchburg. Stay tuned for news and weather next, right here on Renew FM," and United News and Information.18
WHAK MI Rogers City - 29Nov2012 1700 - Fair; "WHAK Rogers City, Alpena... part of the True North Radio Network," and news, "Reliable breaking new stories... 99-9 The Wave."644
WEAV NY Plattsburgh - 28Mar2012 2200 - Under WELI; "...WEAV Plattsburgh-Burlington, The Zone 960 AM," and Fox news.  05Oct2014 1900 - Over WELI; "You're listening to New England Patriots football on WEAV Plattsburgh-Burlington-Montreal, 960 The Zone, all sports."  09Jan2016 1800 - Good; "Giving the Champlain Valley another day of local sports talk, Sports Saturday 10 to noon on 101-3 ESPN. All sports and sports talk for the Champlain Valley, WEAV Plattsburgh-Burlington, W242BK Colchester, 960 The Zone all sports and 960 The Zone dot com," into CBS Sports Radio.  04Oct2021 0700 - Good; weather forecast from Local 22 and Local 44 News, "The Game, 97-1 Vermont, 105-9 New York, 960 everywhere, and always online at The Game FM dot com, WEAV Plattsburgh," and Fox Sports, ex-The Zone CBS Sports Radio.160
WRNS NC Kinston - 14Oct2013 2100 - Under WELI, over/under WHYL; Panther Talk on the Carolina Panthers network, then country music.
WCRU NC Dallas - 09Sep2017 0500 - Under WELI and R.Reloj Cuba; "This is The Truth, AM 960 WCRU Dallas-Rock Hill-Charlotte and W289BO Pineville..." into SRN news.
WKVX OH Wooster - 09Oct2022 0600 - Fair; "Wayne County's home for classic hits, AM 960 WKVX Wooster."  08Jan2023 0600 - Fair; "The best music around from the '60s, '70s, and '80s, plus sports, news, and weather, all on AM 960 WKVX Wooster."
WHYL PA Carlisle - 06Feb2012 1800 - Under WELI; "Cumberland County's most powerful radio station, 5,000... watts from the twin towers of power, you're listening to Nice 960, WHYL Carlisle, Pennsylvania."  13Feb2012 2332 - Fair/good over WELI and R.Reloj Cuba; "Bringing back the good times, Nice 960 WHYL," and jingle. 22 watts. Listen to mp3 audio clip.  15Jan2016 0600 - Fair; "Good Time Oldies 960 is WHYL Carlisle," ex-Nice 960.  14Jan2023 1700 - Good; "Walking in Rhythm" by The Blackbyrds, "WHYL Carlisle 102.9 FM, 960 AM, and..." then lost at switch to night power, leaving WEAV in clear.341
WATS PA Sayre - 16Jan2013 1700 - Over unIDs; promo/ID, "...mornings from 6 to 10, on WATS Sayre and WAVR Waverly."  13Mar2016 1900 - Mostly under WEAV; "The award-winning Choice 102, WATS Sayre, WAVR Waverly."  31Dec2020 1601 - Under WEAV; "AM 960 WATS Sayre... locally owned and operated radio station..."  07Nov2021 2200 - Briefly over WEAV; country music, promo for Fox news every hour "...on Liberty 960."  14Nov2021 0500 - Fair; "The twin tiers' Liberty 960, WATS Sayre-Towanda-Horseheads-Owego-Binghamton, it's 5 o'clock," into Fox news. Listen to mp3 audio clip.260
WFIR VA Roanoke - 15Jan2013 1800 - Over WELI; "News, weather, and traffic, all day every day, WFIR Roanoke," and ABC news.  12Jul2015 0400 - Good; "This is News/Talk 960 AM and FM 107.3 WFIR Roanoke. WFIR news time is 4 a.m." into ABC news. Listen to mp3 audio clip.  09Feb2017 1800 - Good; "From the heart of Virginia's Blue Ridge, this is WFIR Roanoke, WFIR news time is 6 p.m." into ABC news.585
CFAC AB Calgary - 31Oct2021 0700 - Under WEAV The Game; "Sportsnet dot ca slash 960, owned and operated by Rogers..."
CKNT ON Mississauga - 02Oct2021 2100 - Fair; ads for "Mississauga... dot com" and Sports Interaction, then PSA about proof of vaccination in Ontario.
WVOP GA Vidalia - 14Oct2012 0600 - Through WFUN; ID beginning with mention of south Georgia, "News/Talk 970 WVOP... your news, talk, and information station."939
WZAN ME Portland - 26Feb2012 1800 - Fair; "Imus in the Morning, Hannity in the afternoon, this is Maine's Talk Radio 970 WZAN Portland," and CBS news.  23Nov2019 2001 - Good; "970 AM and 101-5 The Outlaw" classic country. 101.5 is W268CS.86
WAMD MD Aberdeen - 30Dec2016 0500 - Over/under WZAN and others; "WAMD Aberdeen... Annapolis-Baltimore," into a disco song.
WESO MA Southbridge - 25Apr2012 2000 - Good; "This is the Money Matters Radio Network, WBNW 1120 AM Concord-Boston, WPLM 1390 AM Plymouth, and WESO 970 AM Southbridge," then lost with power reduction.  02Sep2014 1000 - Good; "This is 1230 AM WNEB Worcester, Emmanuel Radio, Truth for Life," and EWTN, ex-Money Matters business news/talk.51
WNYM NJ Hackensack - 03Mar2012 1800 - Good; "The home of Syracuse basketball, AM 970 The Apple," and ID, "WNYM Hackensack, the talk of New York, AM 970 The Apple, streaming now at am970the apple.com," then lost with change to night facilities.180
WDCZ NY Buffalo - 11Feb2013 0059 - Fair; promo for contemporary Christian concert at SPIRE Institute on Route 534 in Geneva.375
WCHN NY Norwich - 04Mar2017 0000 - Good, over Cuba; "WCHN Norwich, a Town Square Media station," into Fox sports.  08Dec2020 0600 - Under WZAN; "This is WDOS AM 730 Oneonta, WCHN AM 970 Norwich, and WDLA AM 1270..." into ABC news.  12Dec2021 0600 - Good; "Number one for news and talk, WDOS Oneonta, WCHN Norwich, WDLA Walton, Talk 730, 970, and 1270, a service of Townsquare Media," and Fox news.
WRCS NC Ahoskie - 07Feb2015 0500 - Over/under WNYM; Black gospel music, "...AM 970 WRCS."  28Jan2018 0100 - Black gospel vocals through the hour; off frequency at 970.124 kHz.  11May2024 0100 - Under WWRK Rock FM; "WRCS AM is Joy 970."
WDAY ND Fargo - 11Dec2021 2200 - Fair; "Weather and news, fast and first, this is WDAY Radio, AM 970 and FM 93.1 Fargo, North and West Fargo," into ABC news. Listen to mp3 audio clip.
WFUN OH Ashtabula - 01Jan2012 1800 - Under WZAN; Cleveland Cavaliers basketball.  05Feb2012 0100 - Fair; "Your AM home of Cavs, Browns, Indians, Buckeyes... this is the sports giant, ESPN 970 WFUN Ashtabula."  15Dec2013 0600 - Good; "This is Jim Rosenhaus of the Cleveland Indians. Your home of the Tribe is ESPN 970 WFUN Ashtabula-Madison-Conneaut." Listen to mp3 audio clip.  30Oct2021 1900 - Fair; "WJET Erie" ID for flagship during pause in Erie Otters hockey coverage. The Otters radio network website lists ESPN 970 WFUN and ESPN Michigan Regional Sports Network as affiliates.  07Jan2023 0600 - Fair; "Your sports giant on the north coast and home for Guardians baseball is ESPN 970 WFUN Ashtabula-Madison-Conneaut."478
WATH OH Athens - 24Nov2012 1800 - Over/under WFUN; Herb Alpert/Hugh Masekela "Lobo" instrumental up to the hour, "AM 940 and 97.1 FM" into CBS news.  10Mar2017 2359 - Through WZAN and others; "Southeast Ohio weather" jingle and forecast, then WATH jingle and ID, "...67th year of service to southeast Ohio, AM 970."600
WBLF PA Bellefonte - 15Oct2012 0600 - Fair; "Local news, local sports, dedicated to the Penns Valley, WBLF Bellefonte-State College" and Fox news.  13Jan2014 0600 - Fair; "You're listening to the voice of Centre County, where local news, sports, and weather is what matters to us, 970 AM WBLF Bellefonte-State College," and Fox news.  21Dec2022 1902 - Under WKCI and unID smooth jazz; "Classic Hits 96-9 and AM 1230 WBPZ Lock Haven..."346
WBGG PA Pittsburgh - 28Feb2013 0400 - Poor; studio sponsor and ID, "...by 84 Lumber, WBGG AM Pittsburgh."  25Jan2015 0100 - Over/under WKCI and others; "This is 970 ESPN, Pittsburgh's home... WBGG AM..." and FM ID.  09Jul2017 0500 - Fair; "ESPN Pittsburgh, your home of the Steelers and Penguins, WBGG AM, WPGB HD2 FM, and W262DH Pittsburgh."
WWRK SC Florence - 09Mar2013 0500 - Over/under several others; "News/Talk 970 WJMX AM Florence, and 97.9 FM W250BJ Florence, the Pee Dee's best place to talk, and now here's your ABC news."  13Feb2014 0000 - Through WZAN and others; multi-station ID, "Swagga Radio 94.1 WRZE Kingstree, W290CD 105.9 Darlington, 97.9 W250BJ Florence, 970 WWRK AM Florence, Swagga Radio is real meaning of hip-hop," and urban/rap music, ex-WJMX news/talk.  09Jun2016 0501 - Good; urban contemporary music, "104.5 W283AB, this is it, Swagga Radio, 94.1 WRZE Kingstree, W290CD 105.9 Broadway, 97.9 W250BJ Florence, 970 WWRK AM Florence, Swagga Radio is the real meaning of hip-hop."  04Nov2021 0601 - Fair; "WWRK Florence, WRZE Kingstree, W250BJ Florence, Rock 94.1 97.9, the Pee Dee's classic rock, The Rock FMs."  25Apr2023 2101 - Fair; "WRZE Kingstree, WWRK Florence, an iHeart radio station... The Pee Dee's rock station dot com."
WKCI VA Waynesboro - 09Oct2012 0600 - Under WFUN; promo/ID, "News/Talk 970 WKCI Waynesboro..."  09Dec2013 0000 - Fair; "News, weather, and traffic station, Newsradio 1300 WKCY Harrisonburg, 970 WKCI Waynesboro, available anywhere you go on the iHeart radio app, download it now," and Fox news.504
WXLM CT Groton - 06Jul2013 2100 - In mix with WCAP and WOFX; promo/ID, "...on News/Talk 980 WXLM ...a Cumulus station."  01May2021 0500 - Poor, under WOFX; "News Talk... WXLM Groton... this is WXLM."
WTEM DC Washington - 04Mar2012 2100 - Over WCAP; PSA about scoring a touchdown in education, "ESPN 980 WTEM Washington."  05Apr2013 0400 - Over/under unIDs with WCAP off; "ESPN 980 WTEM Washington, 94.3 FM WWXX... WWXT Prince Frederick."  18Sep2017 0000 - Over WILK; "ESPN 980 WTEM Washington, get closer to DC sports with ESPN 980 Redskins Radio."  26Nov2021 1900 - Poor, over WOFX; "This is the official home of the Washington Football Team, WTEM Washington, WJFK HD2 Manassas."386
WCAP MA Lowell - 29Feb2012 2000 - Good over WOFX; "This is 980 WCAP Lowell, more of Beatles and before in just a few minutes, but now time for an update from ABC news."9.5
WOFX NY Troy - 12Sep2012 0500 - Over/under WCAP; "You're listening to WOFX Troy and WGY HD2 Albany, Fox Sports 980, an iHeart radio station, your home for the Boston Red Sox."118
WAAV NC Leland - 01Sep2017 0400 - Under WOFX and WILK; "WAAV Leland-Wilmington."  30Sep2017 0500 - Through WCAP and WILK mix; "This is 980 The Wave, WAAV Leland..." into echoed ABC news from co-channel stations.
WILK PA Wilkes Barre - 04Apr2013 2200 - Fair with WCAP off; multiple station ID, slogan, "...Northeast PA's Newsradio WILK," and ABC news.
CFPL ON London - 01Oct2012 0600 - In WCAP null; "CFPL London... this is AM 980," temperature in downtown London and local news.  05Sep2021 0500 - Poor; CFPL AM London is Global News Radio... home of the London Knights... a Corus Entertainment company, live from the... Centre in downtown London..." and Canadian Press news.492
CHRF QC Montreal - 27Oct2014 2058 - Under WOFX and WTEM; testing with continuous contemporary hit music; Bruno Mars, B52's, etc. and French pop vocals.
WNTY CT Southington - 03Oct2012 0600 - Fair; slogan/ID in Spanish, "Power 1270, Power 990" and tropical music.  30Aug2017 2200 - Over/under WDCX; oldies, "Kool 990 AM and 96.1 FM news update," ex-WXCT Spanish tropical.105
WDYZ FL Orlando - 27Jan2017 0500 - Under WDCX; canned ID in Spanish mentioned radio, corazón, potencia, "...escuchar 990 AM WDYZ Orlando."
WWKY KY Winchester - 10Apr2022 0058 - Under WDCX; DX test Morse code, 0101 more Morse code but at a lower pitch.
WDCX NY Rochester - 31Jan2012 0000 - Good; "We now conclude our broadcast day on Life AM, but we invite you to join us tomorrow morning at 6 o'clock as we begin another day of life changing radio, on Life AM 990 WDCX and WDCX HD Rochester" and off, leaving a jumble of talk and Spanish.323
WEEB NC Southern Pines - 02Feb2018 1800 - Over/under WDCX; "97-3 FM and 990 AM WEEB Southern Pines... Talk 97-3 dot com."  21Jan2023 0400 - Under WDCX; "Broadcasting from the top of the North Carolina... 97-3 FM, 104-1 FM, 990 AM, WEEB Southern Pines-Pinehurst-Aberdeen," and Townhall news.
WNTP PA Philadelphia - 04Mar2012 1900 - Over/under WDCX; "WNTP Philadelphia's news/talk leader, News/Talk 990 AM, newstalk990.com... conservative talk."  22Dec2020 2200 - Under WDCX; "WNTP Philadelphia, AM 990 The Answer... 990 The Answer dot com," and Townhall news.266
WGGI PA Somerset - 16Jan2013 0500 - Over/under WDCX; "Your sports authority... WLLI Somerset, all sports all the time," ex-WNTW.  18Dec2013 1600 - Fair; "990 The Fanatic... Your sports authority in the Laurel Highlands, AM 990 WLLI Somerset, all sports all the time featuring the CBS Sports Radio network," into CBS Sports Flash.  14Oct2016 1800 - Fair; "The Laurel Highlands news, talk, sports network is 1490 WNTJ Johnstown and 990 WLLI Somerset," into Fox news.  09Feb2017 1800 - Under WDCX; "...990 WNTI Somerset" into Fox news, ex-WLLI.  28Aug2017 0500 - Over/under WDCX; "The Laurel Highlands News/Talk/Sports Network is 1490 WNTJ Johnstown and 990 WNTI Somerset," into Fox news.  05Nov2021 1800 - Fair; "The Laurel Highlands news talk sports network, 1490 WNTJ and W283CX Johnstown, and 990 WNTI and W278CR Somerset," and Fox news.  10Nov2023 1700 - Poor, through WNTP and others; "The most country all day, every day, WFGI FM..." ex-WNTI.  23Mar2024 1900 - Under WDCX; "WFGI-FM Johnstown-Somerset-Indiana, WGGI AM Somerset, Froggy 95-5, a Seven Mountains Media radio station," country music.435
WNML TN Knoxville - 28Feb2013 0400 - Under WNTP; caught ID, "WNML-FM Friendsville, WNML AM Knoxville."
WLEE VA Richmond - 15Sep2012 0400 - Fair; "Home Talk... Saturdays at 9 on WLEE Richmond, WLEE News/Talk 990," and CBS news.474
CBY NL Corner Brook - 28Sep2012 0458 - Over CKGM; end of programs from the CBC World Service, CBC Radio One network ID, promo, and CBC news. Echo heard from delayed CBC station, either CBW or a low-power New Brunswick relay.  05Oct2014 1859 - Good; "This is CBC Radio One, 990 AM in Corner Brook, Canada lives here."783
CKGM QC Montreal - 22Apr2012 2000 - Good; "This is Montreal's all-sports radio station, 50,000 watts of go team go, CKGM 990 AM, CSN 990, a division of Bell Media."  25Nov2012 1700 - Fair; "You're currently listening to 990 AM, but on December 1st we will stop broadcasting on this frequency. To make sure you don't miss a moment of the city's best sports coverage, change your radio dial to 690. Go ahead, do it now."
WMVP IL Chicago - 27Apr2012 0500 - Fair; "ESPN One-Thousand WMVP AM and HD Chicago," into ESPN Sports Center.845
WCMX MA Leominster - 28Feb2012 1800 - Good; contemporary Christian music, "Word's getting around there's a message in our music and it's affecting our audience, Hope 1000, WCMX Leominster," and SRN news.  01Feb2015 0500 - Good; generic ID, "Bringing you the Word of God, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, this is Renew FM," and contemporary Christian music, ex-Hope 1000.  05Feb2021 0700 - Good; "Sintonisa la nueva WCMX AM Leominster," and religion in Spanish. 12Mar2022 0700 - Good; the Spanish version of Renew FM, "Renueva WCMX, Mil AM, Leominster..."17
WLNL NY Horseheads - 16Sep2013 1900 - Poor; "WLNL... wlnlradio.org, thanks for tuning in," and SRN news.  04Apr2020 1900 - Fair; "You're listening to WLNL AM 1000 Horseheads, New York," and SRN news.  01Mar2024 1800 - Poked through WIOO; "You're listening to The Bell, WLNL 1000 AM..."
WCCD OH Parma - 20May2013 0200 - Under WMVP; "Radio 1000 WCCD Cleveland Heights, Ohio," and Black gospel music.
WIOO PA Carlisle - 12Mar2016 1800 - Under local WCMX; "This is Country Gold FM, WIOO Carlisle, and AM 1480 Shippensburg," into ABC news.  06Feb2021 1700 - Under WCMX; "Thank you for listening to WIOO Carlisle and WEEO Shippensburg."  01Mar2024 1800 - Under WCMX; "Country Gold FM, WIOO Carlisle, the mid-state's big Country Gold radio."
WCNL NH Newport - 27Sep2012 1757 - Good; commercial break, "Now back to your WCNL country favorites," and country oldies. ID on the hour, "AM 1010, FM 94.9, WCNL Country." 08Apr2024 1500 - Good; "WCNL AM Newport, W234BN 94.7 Claremont, this is WCNL Country," WCNL jingle, local news.55
WINS NY New York - 24Apr2012 2059 - Excellent; "WINS, WINS HD, WWFS HD3 New York," weather, "All news all the time, this is Ten-Ten Wins; you give us 22 minutes, we'll give you the world," and headlines.188
CFRB ON Toronto - 17Jan2013 1801 - Good; "You're listening to News/Talk 1010, CFRB AM Toronto, from the News/Talk 1010 Broadcast Center in downtown Toronto," and News/Talk 1010 update.413
WHDD CT Sharon - 24Feb2014 1045 - Fair with 1030 WBZ HD digital signal off; classical music, multi-station ID and Robin Hood Radio jingle on the hour into news headlines.  31Mar2017 1859 - Good; promo, "...at BBC World Service dot com," and ID, "Robin Hood Radio is WHDD AM and FM Sharon, WBSL-FM Sheffield, and WLHV-FM Annandale-on-Hudson."
WWAC NJ Ocean City-Somers Point - 01Mar2014 1800 - Through KDKA; "...101.3 FM and 1020 AM."  14Oct2016 1800 - Over/under KDKA; canned ID in English by a woman into Spanish reggaeton.  17Sep2021 1901 - Fair; "La Mega 105.7," and tropical music, ex-WIBG.  25Feb2024 0700 - Under KDKA; "Hot Country 101, WWAC." ex-La Mega.
KDKA PA Pittsburgh - 11Feb2012 2000 - Good over R.Reloj Cuba, 1010 WINS HD and 1030 WBZ HD digital noise; "KDKA AM and HD, KDKA-FM HD3 Pittsburgh, and kdkaradio.com, from the Lexus of North Hills studios, the voice of Pittsburgh, Newsradio 1020 KDKA," and CBS news.461
WONQ FL Oviedo - 18Oct2013 2200-2305 - Under WBZ; Haitian programming, announcements in accented French and kompas/zouk music, parallel WONQ website stream. Seemed too strong to be on night facilities.
WWGB MD Indian Head - 11Feb2014 1730 - In WBZ null; R.Poder ID, Spanish contemporary Christian/gospel vocals parallel web stream.  31Aug2017 1950 - Under WBZ; religion in Spanish with Poder slogan into a Spanish vocal, 2000 sign-off announcement in English.
WBZ MA Boston - 18Feb2012 1900 - Excellent; "WBZ and HD, WBZ-FM HD3 Boston," then "New England's newswatch never stops, on WBZ Newsradio 1030 and cbsboston.com," AccuWeather forecast and news.45
KCTA TX Corpus Christi - 07Oct2013 0600 - Under WBZ; "...and follow us on Twitter at kcta1030."  Listen to mp3 audio clip.
WURN FL Miami - 28Aug2017 0000 - Over/under WCHR and WHO; talk in Spanish, jingle and ID, "This is WURN 1040 AM, Miami, Florida, covering the... Actualidad Radio..."  13Mar2021 0501 - Fair; promo, "Aquí en Actualidad Radio, 1040 AM de programas en sonido de Miami... en Actualidad Radio." Listen to mp3 audio clip.  07Oct2022 0558 - Over/under WHO; "This is WURN 1040 AM covering the Florida Keys to the Palm Beaches, and W280FV 103.9 FM covering from the city of Miami."
WPBS GA Conyers - 06Nov2021 1900 - Fair; woman in Vietnamese interrupted by ID, "WPBS Conyers AM 1040."
WHO IA Des Moines - 05Feb2012 0100 - Fair; promo with mention of Iowa Events Center and Newsradio 1040 WHO.  15Jan2014 0400 - Fair, over WNJE; "50-thousand watt clear channel HD flame throwin' blowtorch and charter Rush Limbaugh station, Newsradio 1040 WHO."  15Mar2014 2300 - Good; Iowa Barnstormers arena football play-by-play.  24Dec2020 0601 - Over/under CJMS; "Right now, today's top stories from Des Moines news, traffic, and severe weather station, News Radio 1040 WHO Des Moines, an iHeart radio station."  28Dec2020 2100 - Good, CJMS off the air; Iowa Hawk Talk on Hawkeye network, "WHO Des Moines, an iHeart radio station, and KDRB 100.3 HD2 Des Moines, available everywhere with the iHeart radio app, now number one for podcasting."1120
WCHR NJ Flemington - 14Jul2012 2359 - Fair in WBZ HD digital noise; "WNJE Flemington, New Jersey..." and ESPN Deportes Radio, no longer relaying 1050 WEPN.  13Dec2012 2100 - Good; "This is your station for inspiration, WCHR 920 AM, Trenton," and IRN/USA news, ex-ESPN Deportes.  16Feb2014 0600 - Fair; "This is 1040 WCHR Flemington," and Christian teaching, ex-WNJE.235
WYSL NY Avon - 03Oct2013 2000 - Under WNJE; group vocal "WYSL," promo/ID, "Rochester's home for America's Morning Show..." and mention of 92.1 FM.  31Dec2020 1600 - Good; "You're listening to the voice of liberty," WYSL jingle, "AM 1040 Avon-Rochester, FM 92-1 Rochester, and FM 95-5 Spencerport," and Townhall news.
WSGH NC Lewisville - 31Jan2014 2200 - Fair, over/under WHO and WNJE; over-the-top preacher in Spanish.  26Dec2015 1701 - Fair; "This is WNOW Mint Hill, WWBG Greensboro, WWNT Winston-Salem, WSGH Lewisville, North Carolina," and Mexican music.  09Sep2017 0458 - Over unID Spanish; "La estación que Greensboro está esperando Activa Triad, mi música, mi estación," and high energy Mexican music.
WZSK PA Everett - 09Jan2014 1800 - Through CJMS and unID Spanish; canned ID with music bed, "News/Talk... WZSK Everett."  30Jan2016 1700 - Good; "This is News/Talk 1040 WZSK Everett" into ABC news.
CJMS QC Saint-Constant - 21Feb2012 1950 - Fair over WNJE; mix of English and French country music.  Slightly off-frequency at 1039.9865 kHz +/-0.0004.  22Dec2013 0600 - Over WHO; "Vous écoutez," and singing CJMS.  07Feb2014 1730 - Good but with heavily distorted audio; CPAM Montreal ID and telephone talk in French.  25Dec2020 - Off the air, license revoked.210
WBQH MD Silver Spring - 30Jan2016 1700 - Under WEPN, over CHUM; "La Mera Mera 1050 AM," Washington DC mention, and Mexican music.  31Jan2016 0800 - Over/under WEPN; "WBQH 1050 AM Silver Spring, Maryland... Virginia... Washington DC..."  15Oct2016 1801 - Over/under WEPN; ID in Spanglish, "WBQH... La Mera Mera 1050... la estación especial del Desmorning Show," and Mexican music.  09Mar2024 1701 - Mostly under WEPN; ID in Spanglish, "WBQH 1050 AM, W228DI 93.5 FM, Silver Spring, Maryland... La Mera Mera..." and Mexican music.
WEPN NY New York - 21Feb2012 2000 - Excellent; "WEPN New York, WNJE Flemington, ESPN New York 1050," and New York Rangers hockey.  27Apr2012 0500 - Good; "In 67 hours, the all new ESPN New York 98.7 FM is coming; WEPN New York, WNJE Flemington."  14Jul2012 2359 - "WEPN, WEPN-FM, WEPN HD1 New York" and ESPN Sports Center.187
WVXX VA Norfolk - 01Sep2017 0100 - Over/under presumed WBQH, while WEPN was off the air; ID for WVXX and W277DF into "Vida" by Ricky Martin.
CHUM ON Toronto - 29Nov2012 1700 - In WEPN null; ad for "Canada's favorite smoothie," promo for CTV 6 o'clock news, then "Now on TSN 1050..."413
WQOM MA Natick - 4Oct2012 1759 - Good; "Thank you for listening to the station of the cross... your Catholic radio station, 1060 AM WQOM Natick, New England."  01May2019 1600 - Good; "You're listening to The Station of the Cross Catholic Radio Network, WQOM Natick, WHIC and W225AR Rochester, WLOF Elma, WMTQ Elmira, WHVM Owego, WTMI Fleming, WQHE Oil City, WMIH Geneva, W221DI Erie, WLGU Lancaster, and around the world on iCatholic Radio and iCatholic Music."33
WHFB MI Benton Harbor-St. Joseph - 04Feb2014 0600 - Under KYW; "AM 1060 WHFB Benton Harbor-St. Joseph, Michigan..." and CBS news.  03Jan2015 0100 - Under KYW, over XEEP; "You're listening to AM 1060 WHFB Benton Harbor-St. Joseph, Michigan, a Gerard Media Company station," and CBS news.
WILB OH Canton - 30Jul2013 2100 - Under KYW; s/off, "WILB Canton... another broadcast day... Living Bread Radio..."  18Jan2014 1700 - Fair; "This is Bishop Richard Lennon of the diocese of Cleveland, thanks for listening to Living Bread Radio AM 1060 WILB Canton, Catholic radio..."
KYW PA Philadelphia - 16Jul2012 2200 - Good; "All news all the time, KYW, KYW HD, and 94.1 WIP-FM HD2 Philadelphia," jingle, "From Independence Mall, this is KYW Newsradio 1060, a CBS radio station serving Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware."265
CKMX AB Calgary - 13Feb2014 0601 - Over/under KYW; standup comedy, "The all new... 1060 AM is CKMX and CFVP Calgary, a division of Bell Media." Listen to mp3 audio clip.2055
WAPI AL Birmingham - 17Mar2014 0100 - Through 1060 KYW HD and 1080 WTIC HD digital interference; "Breaking news when it happens, 1070 WAPI and 1070 WAPI dot com."  06Jan2017 1800 - Heard through WNCT; "WZRR WAPI Birmingham."  23Dec2023 0100 - Poor; "WZRR WAPI Birmingham... live at Talk 99-5 dot com," and ABC news.
KNX CA Los Angeles - 04Oct2021 0700 - Poor; CBS news ping, "It's 4 o'clock," into CBS news. Listen to mp3 audio clip.2583
WFNI IN Indianapolis - 02Feb2012 1701 - Under WKOK; "WFNI Indianapolis... 1070 The Fan... Super Bowl radio station."  14Feb2012 1810 - Good; local sports talk at 239-1070 about Colts, lost abruptly at 1815 with change to night facilities.  22Dec2013 0600 - Fair; "Indy's sports center, WFNI, WIBC HD2, W298BB Indianapolis," and ESPN.  28Nov2015 1658 - Good; IU radio network call-in show, spots for Indiana University, Indiana National Guard.  13Dec2020 1700 - Under CHOK; "93-5 and 107-5 The Fan, WFNI, WIBC... WIBC HD3, W228CX Indianapolis."794
WKMB NJ Stirling - 09Feb2012 1700 - Good; Black gospel music, "WKMB Stirling-Plainfield, a service of Harvest Radio," and IRN/USA news.  27Aug2015 2000 - Poor; sign-off announcement including transmitter address, "...located at 197 Morristown."  29Sep2023 2000 - Good, but with distorted audio; sales promo, "For more information call 908-755-WKMB," and ID, "You're listening to WKMB 1070 AM Stirling-North Plainfield, now also on 100.7 FM W264BT Edison, New Jersey," and religion.208
WPLB NY Plattsburgh - 24Sep2012 1928 - Good; Bloomberg 1070 weather, promos, AP news update. At 1953 talk was interrupted by ID, "WTWK Plattsburgh-Burlington."  27Aug2017 0859 - Fair; "Mid-Century 103-7 WPLB" and oldies, ex-WTWK Bloomberg.  06Jan2018 1600 - Good, over CHOK; "The greatest music of all time lives here, this is Mid Century Radio, 103-7 FM W279DE Plattsburgh, WPLB Plattsburgh-Burlington-Montreal," and oldies.  31Jan2021 0600 - Over CHOK; "WPLB Plattsburgh, W279DE Plattsburgh, the beat of the Champlain Valley, Jump 103-7," and urban contemporary throwbacks, ex-oldies.162
WSCP NY Sandy Creek-Pulaski - 24Feb2012 1700 - Under WKOK; ESPN Deportes in Spanish.241
WNCT NC Greenville - 03Jan2012 1800 - Fair through 1080 WTIC HD noise; "...North Carolina everyday, AM 1070 WNCT Greenville."  29Feb2012 2200 - Fair; "You're listening to a North Carolina original, AM 1070 WNCT Greenville; beach, boogie, and blues."  21Feb2014 0000 - Over/under WINA; "Beach, boogie, and blues, on 105-9 Greenville, 95-7 New Bern, 101-1 Jacksonville, and anywhere anytime at 1070 and Beach Boogie and Blues dot com."  18Feb2023 0559 - Good; "Broadcasting from the Brian West Jewelers studios, this is WNCT AM Greenville, WELS-FM Kinston, WAVQ AM Jacksonville, WIKS HD2 New Bern, W266AV Jacksonville, Beach Boogie and Blues dot com."584
WGOS NC High Point - 19Feb2017 1758 - Fair; Spanish vocal, ID, "Esta es WGOS 1070 AM High Point-Greensboro," then lost to CHOK and WNCT.  01Dec2023 2001 - Fair; "...trabajar para Dios, la Cadena Radial Nueva Vida."
WKOK PA Sunbury - 05Jan2012 1700 - Good; "...39 under cloudy skies at Newsradio 1070 WKOK Sunbury where the time is 5 o'clock," and CBS news.301
WCSZ SC Sans Souci - 15Oct2016 1900 - Through WTWK dead air; "WCSZ Sans Souci-Greenville... La Jefa..." and Spanish tropical music.  22Aug2020 0100 - Morse code at 2 kHz pitch through CHOK. Listen to mp3 audio clip.  04Feb2023 0500 - Over CHOK; "WCSZ 94.9 FM and 1070 AM, Greenville, South Carolina..." also mentioned 92.1 and ended with La Jefa jingle.
WFLI TN Lookout Mountain - 09Feb2012 1800 - Heard through WKOK and CHOK; "Thank you for listening to WFLI 1070 Lookout Mountain-Chattanooga, Tennessee."  11Mar2018 0700 - Fair; honkytonk piano instrumental leading up to ID, "This is the legend 1070 AM WFLI Lookout Mountain-Chattanooga," and Fox news.  20Dec2023 2200 - Fair; "...Chattanooga, 96.1 W241AF Rossville, and 100.3 W262DQ Hixson, and The Big One 1070 AM WFLI Lookout Mountain-Chattanooga," and CBS Sports Radio.913
WINA VA Charlottesville - 15Jul2012 2200 - Fair; promo/ID, "Newsradio 1070 WINA Charlottesville..." and CBS news.  19Sep2012 2100 - Fair; "Newsradio 1070 WINA Charlottesville, and WQMZ HD2 Charlottesville..." and CBS news.487
CHOK ON Sarnia - 05Feb2012 0045 - Good; "103.9 FM, 1070 AM, home to the biggest country hits, CHOK," country music, "Country 103-9" slogan.  12Sep2012 2355 - Good; baseball on the Blue Jays Radio Network.549
WTIC CT Hartford - 21Feb2012 2000 - Excellent; "This is UConn Huskies basketball on your home of the Huskies, WTIC News/Talk 1080, WTIC, WTIC HD Hartford," V for victory Morse code on the hour.93
WOCN FL Coral Gables - 22Sep2019 0600 - Under WTIC; "1450 AM y 101.9 FM Radio Luz... a toda la familia."
WNWI IL Oak Lawn - 11Mar2018 0702 - Under WTIC; "WNWI... learn more about radio broadcasting opportunities by calling WNWI radio at 708..."  13Dec2020 1700 - Under WTIC; promo/ID, "On Chicago's Super Ethnic Station, AM 1080... WNWI Oak Lawn..."
WYHY KY Cannonsburg - 09Oct2012 0500 - Under WTIC; "Solid Gospel 1080 WYHY Cannonsburg, Huntington, Ashland, Ironton, Solid Gospel WYHY."659
WKJK KY Louisville - 13Feb2013 0400 - Under WTIC; "...on Talk Radio 1080 WKJK Louisville, an iHeart radio station," and CBS news about 8 seconds ahead of CBS news on WTIC.811
WOAP MI Owosso - 27Aug2010 2325 - Fair, over presumed KRLD with WTIC off for transmitter maintenance; "The Big 1080" IDs, forecast from "The Big 1080 Weather Tower," and oldies.  24Sep2016 0600 - Over/under WTIC; "Bad Moon Rising" by CCR, ID, "WOAP Owosso, online at WOAP radio dot com," and "Under the Boardwalk" by The Drifters.642
WUFO NY Amherst - 06Dec2012 1800 - Under WTIC; "...online, worldwide on wufoam.com."  10Dec2013 1740 - Under WTIC; long dissertation about racism with mentions of "The Mix," then urban contemporary music.  09Apr2016 1959 - Under WTIC; sign-off announcement mentioning 1000 watts and address.  26Nov2021 1800 - Under WTIC; "Serving Orchard Park, Lackawanna, Cheektowaga, Amherst, Buffalo, we are the legendary Mix 1080 WUFO and Power 96.5," classic R&B.371
WWDR NC Murfreesboro - 12Mar2017 0500 - Under WTIC; "This is 1080 AM WWDR Murfreesboro," and urban contemporary music.  24Nov2019 0600 - Over/under WTIC; "WSMY Weldon-Roanoke Rapids, WWDR Murfreesboro-Ahoskie... Sports Radio 1400 and 1080," and CBS Sports Radio.
WWNL PA Pittsburgh - 29Dec2019 1700 - Under WTIC; "Radio that changes the way you live, WWNL 1080 Pittsburgh."  06Feb2021 1700 - Under WTIC; "AM 1080 WWNL Pittsburgh with translator W280FG Pittsburgh at 103.9 FM."
KRLD TX Dallas - 17Feb2012 1900 - Under WTIC; singing "Newsradio 1080 KRLD," and CBS news.1525
KAAY AR Little Rock - 07Jan2017 0600 - Under WBAL; "KAAY Little Rock online at... KAAY dot com." Listen to mp3 audio clip.  10Dec2020 2100 - Under WBAL; "KAAY Little Rock, online at 1090 KAAY..." Operating omnidirectional per STA.
WBAL MD Baltimore - 17Feb2012 0000 - Excellent; "WBAL, WIYY HD4 Baltimore, the only station that matters, wbal.com," and CBS news.358
WILD MA Boston - 25Sep2012 0000 - Good; G&E Studio promos, "This is WILD AM 1090 Boston." (G&E Studio programs, a.k.a. China Radio International, are also carried on 1540 CHIN overnight.)  05Feb2021 0700 - Over WBAL; "1090 AM WILD Boston, WVNE 760 AM Leicester-Worcester, and W293BN at 101.5 FM Leicester," and SRN news.32
WCAR MI Livonia - 23Oct2013 0600 - Under WBAL; Notre Dame football promo, "WCAR AM 1090..." and NBC Sports Radio update.
WKTE NC King - 22Dec2013 0601 - Under WBAL; nostalgia, "You're listening to WKTE AM... Winston-Salem, and Mount Airy."  06Jan2017 1801 - Under 1089 TalkSport het and WBAL; DJ introduced song, "Charlotte's very own Mike Howard and the Lakeside Drive Band."
WTSB NC Selma - 13Feb2014 0600 - Under WBAL; sign-on, "Our tower and transmitter is located on Powhatan Road, Clayton... This is WTSB AM 1090 Selma-Smithfield, North Carolina," and SRN news.
WCZZ SC Greenwood - 08Nov2015 1659 - Over unID; promo for Rejoice 1090, ad for Self Medical Health Care on Highway 76.  21Jan2023 0359 - Under WBAL; "Welcome to music... WCZZ Greenwood, 1090 AM and 102.7 FM," classic R&B.
WAQE WIRice Lake - 17Dec2022 0100 - Under WBAL; "Sports Talk 1090 WAQE Rice Lake and FM 107-7" and Fox sports sounder.
WCGA GA Woodbine - 30Oct2016 1900 - Fair; gun ad with mentions of 2nd Amendment and Georgia weapons license, ID, "News/Talk 1100 WCGA, 97.5 FM, it's 7 o'clock."  01May2022 0058 - Under WTAM; DX test sweep tones, then ascending tones, 0100 Morse code, 0159 instrumental national anthem.
WHLI NY Hempstead - 06Feb2012 1730 - Good; oldies, "It's the hits of a lifetime, on 1100 WHLI" and Long Island forecast, then suddenly lost with power cut leaving WTAM in clear.  23Mar2024 1901 - Good; "Stormy" by the Classics IV, "Commercial free inside 11 great songs in a row from the new 104.7 WHLI," and "Make Me Smile" by Chicago.177
WTAM OH Cleveland - 13Feb2012 2300 - Excellent; "On the hour, on air, and on demand at wtam.com, the Cavaliers, Indians and Browns play on the big one, Newsradio WTAM 1100 Cleveland," headlines, Total Traffic and Channel 3 weather.529
WGPA PA Bethlehem - 10Feb2014 1800 - Under WTAM; jingle ID singing "WGPA Bethlehem."
WTWN VT Wells River - 08Feb2012 1600 - Fair over WHLI; "WTWN Wells River-Woodville, the River of Life."  03Dec2012 1615 - Fair; contemporary choral national anthem, "WTWN Wells River-St. Johnsbury" and off.  09Mar2024 0600 - Good; "WTWN Wells River, W286DE Wells River, serving northeast Vermont and northwest New Hampshire since 1976, WYKR Haverhill, it's 6 o'clock," and country music.102
WTIS FL Tampa - 01Jan2016 1800 - Over/under WBT; "Your neighborhood inspiration station, AM 1110 WTIS, Tampa Bay's home for Christian talk and inspiration for 40 years," then sign-off announcement, "WTIS Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater, broadcasting on 1110 kilohertz..."
WUPE MA Pittsfield - 31Jul2013 2030 - Fair; "More of the Berkshire's greatest hits, Wupe FM," and oldies.  14Nov2021 0102 - Over WBT; "100.1 WUPE-FM North Adams, 103.3 W277CJ Pittsfield, 1110 WUPE AM Pittsfield, Wupe FM, a Townsquare Media station," '80s pop music.
WJML MI Petoskey - 30Jul2013 2100 - Under WBT; "It's 9 o'clock at northern Michigan's news/talk giant..."  31Dec2015 0100 - Over WBT; "It's one o'clock at northern Michigan's news/talk giant, 1110 WJML Petoskey and 1210 WJNL Kingsley-Traverse City," into CBS news.  29Dec2020 1900 - Good; "Now let's pause 10 seconds for station identification on the Pistons basketball network," and dead air.
KFAB NE Omaha - 31Dec2016 0500 - Well under WBT; jingle ends singing KFAB followed by a man saying Omaha to complete legal ID.
WMVX NH Salem - 05Mar2012 1800 - Good; "This is 1110 WCCM Salem and 102.9 FM HD2 Lawrence, two frequencies, one purpose, Costa Eagle Media," and WCCM news/talk headlines.  14Sep2012 1820 - "News/Talk WCCM" and America's Radio News.  21Apr2017 1400 - Good; ID, "WMVX Salem, W255DA Salem" with 98.9 Merrimack Valley jingle, off-hour ID's as "Valley 98.9, the Merrimack Valley's greatest hits," ex-WCCM news/talk.13
WSFW NY Seneca Falls - 06Jul2013 2045 - Fair; "You're listening to WSFW Seneca Falls, the voice of CSN International... thanks for listening," and off, leaving WBT in clear.
WTBQ NY Warwick - 10Sep2013 1900 - Over/under WUPE; live promo for promoting your business, "You're listening to 93.5 FM WTBQ."  12Jul2015 0300 - Over/under WBT; promo, "...on WTBQ, radio worth listening to."  19Aug2016 0100 - Under WBT; "This is a commercial-free non-stop music hour on WTBQ..."
WBT NC Charlotte - 15Feb2012 0000 - Excellent; "When it matters to you, it matters to us, WBT Charlotte, WBT-FM Chester, wbt.com," and 24/7 WBT News Center.726
WNAP PA Norristown - 22Dec2012 1500 - In WCCM null; gospel cover of Three Dog Night "Joy to the World," ID, "Gospel Highway 11 is WNAP Norristown-Philadelphia."266
WPMZ RI East Providence - 12Apr2013 1901 - Fair; "WPMZ Providence," jingle, "Poder 1110 Providence," and dot com announcement.
WKQA VA Norfolk - 17Jun2013 0400 - Over WBT; "This is Virginia's most powerful Christian station with 50,000 watts, serving Virginia and North Carolina at 1110 AM, WYRM Norfolk and worldwide at wyrmradio.com."  09Jan2015 1700 - Over/under WCCM; "This is Freedom 1110, WKQA Norfolk, serving northeastern Virginia and North Carolina with 50 thousand watts of power, and worldwide at WKQA radio dot com," ex-WYRM.
WPRX CT Bristol - 26Feb2012 2301 - Under/over KMOX; Spanish tropical music, "You're listening to WPRX 1120 AM Bristol... Hartford."  31Aug2013 0200 - "Desde Connecticut, esta es la Puertoriquenisima..."
WUST DC Washington - 25Nov2012 1700 - Good; "20-thousand watts of multicultural power, this is WUST Washington," into ethnic program.396
WBNW MA Concord - 06Feb2012 2300 - Fair; "This is the Money Matters Radio Network, WBNW 1120 AM Concord-Boston, WPLM 1390 AM Plymouth, and WESO 970 AM Southbridge" and Bloomberg Radio.  13Jan2017 1700 - Good; "This is the Money Matters Radio Network, WBNW 1120 AM and W275CM FM Concord-Boston, the Money Matters Radio Network," into AP Mobile news promo. W275CM is a CP per the online FCC database.
KMOX MO St. Louis - 26Feb2012 2300 - Over WPRX; "The official weather station, Newsradio 1120 KMOX, KMOX HD, St. Louis," and CBS news. Listen to mp3 audio clip.  04Oct2021 - Drifting low, offset frequency measured at 1119.989 kHz, with WBNW and WKAJ at 1120, WPRX at 1120.005 kHz.  19Dec2022 1800 - Good; "KMOX KEZK HD2 St. Louis, The Voice of the Billikens KMOX, always live on the free Audacy app," and CBS news.1009
WBBF NY Buffalo - 27Nov2021 1610 - Good; "The new 98-9 The Vibe," classic hip-hop.
WKAJ NY St. Johnsville - 02Jul2013 0300 - ID popped up out of nowhere, "WKAJ 1120 AM St. Johnsville, New York." New station, listed in FCC database as a CP.  14Jan2018 0600 - In mix with KMOX and WBNW; "Real Country, The Outlaw," ex-nostalgia/oldies.  09Dec2020 1700 - Fair; "Montgomery County 106.9 FM WCSS" and oldies music, ex-country.
WKQW PA Oil City - 21Dec2012 1659 - Over/under WBNW; "Here is your Oil Region forecast from the KQW Weather Center at ESPN Radio 1120."  03Oct2021 0200 - In jumble with WBNW and KMOX; "WKQW AM Oil City and W281CA Oil City," into Fox sports.428
WDFN MI Detroit - 23Dec2013 1600 - Over WBBR; "Detroit's 1130 WDFN The Fan, available anywhere you go on the iHeart radio app, download it now," and Fox sports. Listen to mp3 audio clip.  09Dec2020 1600 - Over WBBR; dead air for local station break, then Black Information Network news, ex-sports.  13Jan2023 1700 - Under WBBR; "1130 AM WDFN Detroit, the Black Information Network,"
KTCN MN Minneapolis - 28Jan2014 2100 - Off-frequency at 1129.92 kHz; no audio but clearly visible offset carrier with sidebands during quiet moments in WBBR audio. Hunted down by Jurgen Bartels of mwoffsets list.
WBBR NY New York - 05Mar2012 1800 - Good; "From the financial capital of the world, this is WBBR New York, Bloomberg 11-3-0," and Bloomberg West news.185
WPYB NC Benson - 14Jan2014 1700 - Southern accented "WPYB Benson" heard while WBBR was off briefly for pattern change. Listen to mp3 audio clip.  11Feb2016 1800 - Under WBBR; callsign ID and "Lady" by Kenny Rogers.  10Mar2017 1750 - Under WBBR; WPYB ID by DJ into "I Will Be Right Here Waiting for You" by Bryan Adams, 1801 promo by DJ, "...right here on WPYB, lifting up God and country," into a Hank Williams classic.
WQBA FL Miami - 14Sep2012 2300 - Fair; "WQBA Miami, Once Cuarenta AM" and woman in Spanish.  15Jan2013 2300 - Under WRVA; promo, "...por Univisión América, Once Cuarenta AM."1274
WRLV KY Salyersville - 11Jul2016 0500 - Heard through WRVA, "Pure Country 106.5 WRLV."
WCJW NY Warsaw - 07Feb2012 1700 - Fair over CBI; "...the station playing today's favorites ...WCJW Warsaw-Attica-Avon... at 100.9, 103.7, 104.3, and 105.5" and CJ Country jingle.  09Sep2013 1900 - Under WRVA; Performance Racing Network.  15Oct2014 1800 - Good; "Thank you for making us the most listened to radio station in Wyoming and Genesee counties combined, Nielson Arbitron rated number one WCJW Warsaw-Batavia-Avon-Geneseo" and CJ Country jingle. Listen to mp3 audio clip.  11Mar2016 1801 - Fair; "Across western New York at 100.9, 103.7, 104.3, 104.9, and 105.5, this is WCJW Warsaw-Batavia, Arcade, and Avon-Geneseo, today's favorites and the legends, western New York's CJ Country."335
WSME NC Camp Lejeune - 05Jul2016 0000 - Under KMOX and WPRX; blues oldies, "WSME Camp Lejeune, W246CJ Jacksonville..."
WRVA VA Richmond - 16Feb2012 1800 - Good over CBI; "When it happens, you hear it, Newsradio 1140 WRVA Richmond," headlines, Weather Channel forecast, and Fox news.478
CBI NS Sydney - 01Jan2012 1659 - Excellent; "This is CBC Radio One, 1140 AM in Sydney. Canada lives here." Then promos leading up to CBC news.604
WMRD CT Middletown - 23Apr2012 2300 - Good; "The Stephanie Miller Show, weekdays from 1 to 3 on 1420 WLIS and 1150 WMRD," instrumental bumper and ID, "1420 WLIS AM Old Saybrook, 1150 WMRD AM Middletown," and NBC News Radio.  25Feb2022 1659 - Under WWDJ; promo for Celtic Cafe on WLIS and WMRD, multi-station ID, "1420 1150 AM, 97.3 105.3 FM..." and CBS news.
WDEL DE Wilmington - 01Feb2012 2200 - Under WWDJ; "Delaware's station for news, 1150 AM WDEL and 93.7 FM WSTW HD3 Wilmington" and CBS news.  13Feb2012 2200 - Over/under WWDJ; ID into CBS news.  Listen to mp3 audio clip.  10Jul2016 0200 - Under WMRD; "Good morning, it's 2 o'clock," into canned ID, "101.7 FM, 1150 AM..."  03Sep2016 2000 - Good; "Two away and we'll pause 10 seconds for station identification here on the Philadelphia Phillies radio network," and ID, "Delaware's Phillies station, 1150 AM and 101-7 FM WDEL Wilmington-Canton-Dover."289
WMST KY Mount Sterling - 10Apr2022 0000 - Under WWDJ, over R.Bayamo Cuba; DX test announcement, "...designed to optimize our audio system," and Morse code.  26Mar2023 0058 - DX test; tones switching between various frequencies. Continuous 1 kHz tone after the hour.
WWDJ MA Boston - 11Sep2012 0500 - Good; "WWDJ Boston" and Spanish Christian vocal.  25Feb2022 0700 - Excellent; Morning Air on the Relevant Radio network, "Always loud and clear on your smart speaker, details at Relevant Radio dot com slash smart, bringing Christ to the world through the media, WWDJ Boston, Relevant Radio, 1150 AM," and Relevant Radio news.27
KSEN MT Shelby - 08Nov2020 0259 - Under WWDJ Relevant Radio; DX test Morse code at 1 kHz pitch. Listen to mp3 audio clip.
WGBR NC Goldsboro - 25Aug2013 0400 - Fair; "Hear what everybody's talking about, 1150 WGBR Goldsboro."  Listen to mp3 audio clip.  02Jan2016 1800 - Over/under WWDJ Boston; "We're the talk of the town, 1150 WGBR Goldsboro, a locally owned and operated Curtis Media Group station," and NCN news.  16Sep2017 2201 - Over/under WWDJ; "WGBR Goldsboro... greatest hits on 1150 and 98-3 WGBR."  13Nov2021 0600 - Over WDEL and WWDJ; "This is FM 98-3 and AM 1150 WGBR Goldsboro," into "Baker Street" by Gerry Rafferty.
WIMA OH Lima - 15Jan2013 1800 - Under WWDJ; auto glass company ad, ID, "On the air and online, News/Talk 1150 WIMA Lima, 1150wima.com, your home for Fox news," and Fox news.  02Feb2018 1800 - Under WWDJ; "This is Newsradio 1150 WIMA Lima, an iHeart Media radio station."  26Feb2022 0200 - Over/under CKOC; "WIMA Lima, available everywhere with the iHeart Radio app, now number one for podcasts, 1150 WIMA, an iHeart radio station," and Fox news.665
WHUN PA Huntingdon - 05Jan2012 1700 - Under WWDJ; C&W music, jingle and ID, "AM 1150 WLLI Huntingdon..."  07Jun2013 0400 - Under WWDJ; "WHUN Huntingdon" (ex-WLLI) followed by CBS news sounder which might have also been from WDEL, then lost to "Radio Luz" ID from WWDJ.  14Jan2017 1700 - Over WWDJ Boston; greatest hits of all time jingle and ID, "This is WHUN AM, WHUN FM Huntingdon, the greatest hits of all time."
WAVO SC Rock Hill - 11Feb2014 1800 - Under WWDJ; "You're listening to WAVO... the greatest hits ever made, WAVO Rock Hill-Charlotte."  09Feb2017 1800 - Good; "You're listening to WAVO, Wavo, 1150 AM and the greatest music ever made, WAVO Rock Hill-Charlotte."  25Feb2022 0600 - Fair; "Founded by Billy Graham, 106.9 WMIT, WMIT HD Black Mountain-Charlotte, 106.7 WFGW Norris-Knoxville, 94.9 WSMX Winston-Salem, 101.5 WAVO Rock Hill, 101.3 WNCC HD3 Franklin, and 88.9 WSNW Seneca-Clemson, we're wherever you go with our app and online at The Light FM dot org."
WCRK TN Morristown - 27Aug2017 2358 - Under WWDJ Boston; 105.7 WCRK ID into "Hurts So Good" by John Cougar Mellencamp, promo, "Hamblen County's news and information station."  16Dec2022 2201 - Under WWDJ; "Your station for local news..." and jingle, "105.7 WCRK FM Morristown," into ABC news.
WNLR VA Churchville - 28Jan2014 0600 - Off-frequency at 1150.131 kHz; signal popped up suddenly, a sign-on or power increase, producing a loud het against 1150 WWDJ.  24Feb2022 1755 - Fair; end of Turning Point, promo, "...a special presentation of New Life Radio WNLR," then promo on the hour, "After sign-off, New Life Radio continues, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at WNLR 1150 dot com," jingle and sign-off announcement.
WHBY WI Kimberly - 18Feb2012 2100 - In WWDJ null; "WHBY Kimberly-Appleton... a Woodward Radio Group station," and CBS news.  17Sep2013 0500 - Under WWDJ; promo for WHBY Morning Show, "...on News/Talk 1150 WHBY," and mention of whby.com.  01Oct2017 0500 - Good; "Serving the Fox cities for over 90 years, we are 1150 WHBY and 103-5 FM Kimberly-Appleton-Fox City, a Woodward Radio Group station," into CBS news. Listen to mp3 audio clip.  11Apr2021 0200 - Fair; "Up early and need to know what's happening? It's Gordon Deal and America's First News weekday mornings at 4 on WHBY Kimberly-Appleton-Oshkosh."852
CKOC ON Hamilton - 03Mar2012 2100 - Under WWDJ; "This is the station celebrating 90 years... Oldies 1150 CKOC."  15Oct2014 0100 - Good; "Classic Hits is 1150 CKOC Hamilton, a division of Bell Media," into "Radar Love" by Golden Earring.  11Jul2016 0200 - Under WWDJ; "CKOC AM is TSN 1150 Hamilton, a division of Bell Media," into Fox sports, ex-oldies.  24Feb2022 1800 - Over/under WWDJ; promo for sister station, "All your favourite songs on Bounce 102-9, back to back, all day everyday..."  25Feb2022 0200 - Fair; "CKOC AM Hamilton is BNN Bloomberg Radio, an iHeart radio station, available at 1150 AM and on the iHeart Radio app," and update from the Canadian Press, ex-sports.421
CHGM QC Gaspé - 20Mar2010 2000 - Good; "Bon soir mesdames et messieurs..." into news, at 0050 contemporary French vocals, CHNC ID, parallel CHNC-FM streaming audio.
WCFO GA East Point - 18Mar2014 0700 - Popped up with switch to day facilities over WOBM; "Mark Levine, Dennis Miller, and Michael Savage, this is WCFO East Point, Marietta, Dunwoody, and all of metro Atlanta."
WYLL IL Chicago - 17Feb2012 1900 - Fair; "Chicago's Christian talk, AM 1160 WYLL Chicago," and SRN news.  18Dec2016 1800 - Over WVNJ and WSKW; "This is AM 1160, hope for your life, WYLL Chicago," and SRN news.848
WCVX KY Florence - 01Oct2012 0500 - Under WVNJ; "Real Talk 1160, WQRT Florence-Cincinnati, Cincinnati's home for... Laura Ingraham, Mike Huckabee, and Real Sports with Wildman Walker."  28Oct2013 0500 - Through WOBM and others; "Christian Talk 1160, WCVX AM Florence-Cincinnati," and SRN news, ex-WQRT.  13Dec2020 1700 - Under WSSV and WSKW; "Christian Talk 1160 WCVX Florence-Cincinnati."  17Oct2021 0600 - Over WSKW Legacy 1160 and WVNJ Relevant Radio; "Getting you through the day with God's word, Christian Talk 1160 WCVX Florence-Cincinnati."
WSKW ME Skowhegan - 08Feb2013 0100 - Over WABY; "Classic Country 1160 is WSKW Skowhegan-Waterville and classiccountry1160.com," and country music.  10Jul2015 0400 - Good; "Maine's only station for real country music, Classic Country 1160, WSKW Skowhegan-Waterville, Classic Country 1160."  07Sep2022 2300 - Good; "You're listening to The Score, Sports Radio 1160 WSKW Skowhegan-Augusta-Waterville, the place for high school sports," and CBS Sports Radio, ex-country.167
WCXI MI Fenton - 27Nov2021 1600 - Fair; "You're listening to Freedom 1160, WCXI 1160 AM Fenton-Detroit," and Townhall news.  29Apr2023 0100 - Fair; ID interrupting Overcomer Ministry, "This is WCXI 1160 AM Fenton."
WVNJ NJ Oakland - 05Jan2012 1700 - Good; "You're listening to Polskie Radio USA on 1160 WVNJ Oakland, New Jersey, and 1520 WTHE Mineola, New York," into news in Polish.  28Feb2012 1800 - Good; "Your news, talk, and information station, The Voice, 1160 WVNJ Oakland, New Jersey, and wvnj.com" and IRN/USA news. Listen to mp3 audio clip.  01May2019 0600 - Good; "Talk radio for Catholic life, WNSW Newark-New York City and WVNJ Oakland, Relavent Radio 1430 and 1160 AM.182
WOBM NJ Lakewood Township - 20Sep2012 0000 - Under WVNJ; "Good Time Oldies, WOBM Lakewood Township, WADB Asbury Park."  21Aug2014 0400 - Over WVNJ; "WOBM Lakewood Township, WADB Asbury Park. Live from the Preferred Home Healthcare studios, News/Talk Radio WOBM AM 1160 and 1310," into WOBM news.  11Dec2022 0600 - Fair; "Cat Country 96.7 and 104.1, a Townsquare Media station."227
WSSV NY Mechanicville - 25Nov2012 1600 - Good; WABY ID during Union College hockey.  31Dec2016 0600 - Over WVNJ; "WAIX Mechanicville, W291BY Albany, WPTR Schenectady, this is the Empire News Network on 106.1 FM, 1160 AM, and 1240 AM," ex-WABY.  22Nov2020 2200 - Fair; "Broadcasting from the heart of Saratoga Springs, this is Star Radio News." At 2202, jingle and ID, "Saratoga's Star Radio is WABY Watervliet-Albany and WSSV Mechanicville, Saratoga's Star Radio," ex-WAIX.112
WPIE NY Trumansburg - 29Feb2012 1700 - Fair; "You're listening to 1160 ESPN WPIE Trumansburg-Ithaca-Lansing."  15Feb2013 0100 - Over WYLL; promo, "1160 ESPN, Ithaca's sports radio."  26Jul2013 0300 - "...worldwide at 1160espn.com."  13Jan2014 1700 - Over WVNJ; "Now at 107.1 FM, WPIE Trumansburg-Ithaca-Watkins Glen," and ESPN.265
WYDU NC Red Springs - 26Apr2020 0200 - Under WPIE; "This is your station for inspiration and information, WYDU Red Springs, WYDU 1160 dot com."
WCCS PA Homer City - 21Dec2012 1800 - Fair; jingle with voice ID, "1160 WCCS Homer City," and Fox news.  12Feb2013 0000 - Over WYLL; "ESPN on News/Talk 1160 WCCS Homer City-Indiana."  12Mar2016 0600 - Good, over WVNJ; "Local news on AM 1160 WCCS," news items including St. Patrick's Day parade in downtown Indiana, and the opening of the first brewery in Indiana since prohibition.423
WBYN PA Lehighton - 17Sep2013 0500 - "1160 The Light" slogan heard through WVNJ and others.  12Jan2014 0500 - Under WVNJ; "You're listening to 1160 The Light, WBYN Lehighton."  22Apr2017 0700 - Under WVNJ; "...this is WBYN Lehighton and WTKZ Allentown," and ESPN, ex-religion.  02Sep2017 0500 - Over WSKW; "This is WBYN Lehighton, WEEX Easton, and WTKZ Allentown," into ESPN.
WCTF CT Vernon - 01May2019 1600 - Poor; Music to Live By on Family Radio, parallel 1560 WFME.
WFPB MA Orleans - 07Dec2011 1650 - Over/under WWVA; event calendar with wumb.org mention, folk music. Signed off 1800 without ID.  20Aug2016 0101 - Under WWVA; "You're listening to 91.9 FM WUMB Boston..."101
WWTR NJ Bridgewater - 05Sep2013 2100 - Fair; a quick "WWTR Bridgewater" interrupting subcontinental Indian music, then an ad in English for a Paterson business.  12Sep2015 2000 - Fair; "Around the world and across the dial, this is the EBC radio network, WWTR 1170 AM Bridgewater, WQHT 97.1 HD2 New York, W264BT 100.7 Edison, and W284BW 104.7 Franklin Township, New Jersey."
WWLE NY Cornwall - 03Sep2016 1859 - Fair; "WWLE Cornwall-Newburgh," and R&B/soul oldies.  26Oct2020 1800 - Poor; talk in Spanish, then sign-off announcement in English. Also heard "God Bless America" vocal, but not sure if it was WWLE or another sign-off.  04Mar2021 1800 - Under WWVA; "WWLE radio Newburgh, this concludes our programming for today," and "God Bless America" vocal.
WCXN NC Claremont - 26Jul2013 0100 - Under WWVA; "WWBG Greensboro, WCXN... Poder ¡Puras Buenas!" and Mexican music.
WCLN NC Clinton - 22Dec2016 1655 - Under WWVA; sounded like a live sign-off announcement, mentioned locally owned and operated, and North Carolina hits.  04Apr2020 0700 - Good with WWVA off the air; end of NCN news, live announcement including ID, "7 o'clock here at AM 1170 WCLN Clinton," with mention of "Oldies 1170 dot com."
KFAQ OK Tulsa - 22Sep2014 0000 - Under WWVA; "...Campbell Show ...and KFAQ," into ABC news.  23Aug2019 2300 - Under WWVA; CBS news sounder.  04Apr2020 - 0359 - Poor over unID music with WWVA off the air; Talk Radio 1170 promo, CBS news.
WDEK SC Lexington - 06Dec2011 1800 - Under WWVA; "Beach boogie and blues on The Deck, AM 1170 WDEK Lexington," R&B oldies.802
WWVA WV Wheeling - 15Feb2012 2000 - Excellent; iHeart Radio promo, "The Ohio Valley's WWVA Wheeling, news on the hour, on the half, and when it breaks."  Listen to mp3 audio clip.  28May2017 0500 - Good; sister station promo, "Fox Sports Wheeling, 1400 AM and now at 103.9 FM," then canned ID, "From the Bordas and Bordas broadcast studios, this is NewsRadio 1170 WWVA Wheeling."518
WHAM NY Rochester - 05Mar2012 1800 - Good; "Your news, weather and traffic station, Newsradio 1180 WHAM Rochester, New York," and Fox news.316
WFYL PA King of Prussia - 27Aug2013 2000 - Under WHAM; "This is AM 1180 WFYL King of Prussia-Philadelphia," and Fox news, a few seconds ahead of Fox news on WHAM.
WSKP RI Hope Valley - 27Sep2012 1732 - Fair; "You're listening to The Classical Station, WCRI 95.9 FM and 1180 AM," and classical instrumental music.  25Feb2014 1552 - Fair; "The all new Cool 1180," oldies, news headlines on the hour, then ID, "WWRX Hope Valley and..." ex-WCRI classical.  30Oct2014 0703 - Under WHAM and R.Rebelde Cuba; caught part of the ID with raygun sound effects, "WSKP... WBMW 106.5 HD3 Pawcatuck," and oldies, ex-WWRX.  24Sep2016 1900 - Fair, over/under WHAM; "Love Train" by the O'Jays, "1180 AM and 104.3."83
WVLZ TN Knoxville - 23Jan2014 1700 - Fair; "Tennessee Sports Radio... WVLZ Knoxville."  06Nov2015 0600 - Under WHAM; Yahoo Sports Radio promo.  29Oct2016 0700 - Over/under WHAM; "Rocky Top, Tennessee" classic by the Osborne Brothers, "This is... 1180 WVLZ Knoxville," and more country music. "Rocky Top" is a Tennessee Vols theme song.
WAFS GA Atlanta - 30Oct2016 1759 - Under WLIB; promo for Bright Path mortgage program, "...here on Biz 1190."
WOWO IN Ft. Wayne - 24Feb2012 1800 - Good over WLIB; "On the air, on the web, on your mobile device, where ever you go, this is the station northeastern Indiana turns to first for breaking news and weather, News/Talk 1190 Wowo, WOWO Fort Wayne, depend on it," and news, "Good evening, it's cloudy, windy and 35 off the world-famous Wowo fire escape..."  10Dec2016 1700 - Good; "Wowo Radio, now in HD, crystal clear at 97-3 HD2, WOWO AM and WMEE HD2 Ft. Wayne," and Fox news.  06Oct2023 0100 - Good; "WOWO, WFWI, WMEE HD2 Ft. Wayne, 92-3 FM and 1190 AM, the legendary Wowo," into Fox news.722
WLIB NY New York - 04Mar2012 1905 - Good over WOWO; Black gospel music, long ad string, promo, "...on 1190 WLIB, your praise and inspiration station," and promo/ID, "...on 1190 AM WLIB New York."  11Sep2012 0500 - "This is 1190 WLIB and WBLS HD2 New York."188
WSDE NY Cobleskill - 14Dec2012 0700 - Under WLIB; "The voice of Schoharie County is WSDE Cobleskill, Lite 94.3 and AM 1190."  15Sep2016 1900 - Atop after WLIB switched to night facilities; New York Yankees baseball.149
WTSD VA Leesburg - 29Nov2012 1600 - Over WLIB; G&E Studios hourly announcement, then ID, "WCRW AM 1190, Leesburg-Washington DC."  07Sep2013 1900 - Under WLIB; sign off, "...WCRW is ending it's broadcast day and will return tomorrow morning," and instrumental Star Spangled Banner.  04Feb2017 0700 - Over WLIB; sign-on, "Good morning, and welcome, this is WCRW Leesburg-Washington, beginning the broadcast day," and instrumental national anthem.  25Sep2022 0200 - Under WLIB; "This is WCRW Leesburg-Washington..."  07Jan2023 0500 - Over/under WLIB and WOWO; iHeart Radio promo's, ID as "The new Sports Betting Network," ex-WCRW.  25Nov2023 1700 - Over WLIB; "WTSD Leesburg, WWDC HD2 Washington DC, 1190 iHeart Sports DC," and Sports Betting Network.401
WVUS WV Grafton - 14Oct2016 1800 - Under WLIB; "You are listening to the Light of Life Radio Ministry, WLOL-FM 89.7 Star City and WVUS AM 1190 Grafton," and EWTN.
WXKS MA Newton - 28Feb2012 1800 - Good; "WXKS Newton-Boston, 50,000 watts of talk, the power of Talk 1200," into Talk 1200 Boston News headlines and Fox news.  12Sep2012 2300 - "WXKS Newton-Boston and WXKS-FM HD2 Medford, this is Matty's Comedy 1200," ex-talk radio.  01Mar2013 0500 - Excellent; "This is WXKS Newton, WJMN 94.5 HD2 Boston, Bloomberg 1200," into Bloomberg First Word welcoming Boston, "A special good morning to those joining us in Boston, we're the only all-business and financial news radio station in the city. We'll be with you each and every day on Bloomberg 1200 and 94.5 HD2... This is the new Bloomberg 1200 and 94.5 FM HD2 Boston, and as always Bloomberg 11-3-0 in New York," ex-comedy.34
WTLA NY North Syracuse - 27Apr2012 0500 - Over CFGO; "WTLA North Syracuse, WSGO Oswego, the new ESPN Radio."  14Sep2012 0400 - ESPN 97.7/100.1 ID.236
WRKK PA Hughesville - 04Mar2012 1900 - Over/under WXKS; promo, "...on News/Talk WRAK," and ID, "1400 and 1200 AM, and 94.9 FM, WRAK Williamsport, WRKK Hughesville, and W235BA Williamsport."289
WKST PA New Castle - 15Sep2012 0000 - Fair; "This is Newsradio 1200 WKST New Castle" and Fox news.  11Dec2020 1800 - Good; "News at the top and bottom of the hour, your information leader in Warren County, this is News Radio 1200 WKST New Castle."474
WOAI TX San Antonio - 23Oct2012 2100 - Heard in jumble; "Newsradio 1200 WOAI."  28Feb2013 0001 - Over WTLA; "Newsradio 1200 WOAI, San Antonio's breaking news, traffic, and weather," into Fox news. Listen to mp3 audio clip.  30Oct2016 0600 - Over/under WXKS; "Newsradio 1200 WOAI, San Antonio's station for breaking news... traffic and weather together," into traffic report, then Weather Channel forecast, and promo, "More details at WOAI dot com."1734
CFGO ON Ottawa - 11Feb2012 0000 - Good; "This is CFGO Ottawa, Sports Radio, The Team 1200, a division of Bell Media," and Fox Sports Radio.  09Oct2014 0600 - Good; "This is TSN 1200, CFGO AM Ottawa, a Bell Media radio station, good morning I'm John Brenner from the CFRA 24-hour news center."  01Mar2024 1800 - Good; "TSN 1200, the Sens play here," and TSN 1200 Pre-Game Show.273
WDGR GA Dahlonega - 21Dec2011 1940 - Off-frequency; het against WPHT on south antenna, measured 1210.409 kHz.
WJNL MI Kingsley - 23Dec2013 1600 - Under WPHT; "It's 4 o'clock on northern Michigan's news/talk giant..."
KGYN OK Guymon - 12Aug2017 0201 - Under WPHT; news from Townhall dot com. Initially made a leap of faith toward KPRZ San Diego, a Salem station. Per tip from Wayne Heinen, KGYN has been heard with SRN and Townhall hourly news, often starting late, minutes past the hour. Listening to KPRZ "K-Praise" online, apparently KPRZ doesn't run network news on the hour, instead filling time with short programs such as Breakpoint and Focus on the Family Minute. With no other known Salem stations on 1210, KGYN is the logical conclusion.
WPHT PA Philadelphia - 06Feb2012 2300 - Excellent; "WPHT, WPHT HD, WOGL HD3 Philadelphia, live and local talk, and the home of the Phillies, Talk Radio 1210, online at cbsphilly.com," and CBS news.261
WANB PA Waynesburg - 16Jan14 1700 - Good, over WPHT; "Today's best country and your all time favorites, W286AL, WANB Waynesburg-Washington-Morgantown, you're hearing Cool Country," into local news.
WQUN CT Hamden - 07Oct2011 1840 - Briefly atop with promo/ID, "...on AM 1220 WQUN" into Bobcats Radio Network pre-game show.118
WSLM IN Salem - 15Jan2014 0600 - Fair; "It's the country music you grew up listening to, Real Country on WSLM 1220 AM Salem-Indianapolis."  12Oct2014 0101 - Over WHKW; "This is My Country, WSLM Salem-Louisville, My Country is on 1220 AM," and "Devil Went Down to Georgia" by Charlie Daniels.
WWSF ME Sanford - 23Oct2012 1700 - In WZBK null; "Legendary songs and legendary singers are always on AM 1220 The Legends, WWSF Sanford-Springvale, and all of York County, Maine," and NBC news.62
WZBK NH Keene - 07Oct2011 1700 - Fair; "You're listening to WZBK Keene, WZBK HD Keene, AM 1220, ESPN Radio."  15Feb2020 1700 - Fair; "We are Fox Sports Keene, FM 102-3 AM 1220 WZBK Keene."  09Mar2024 0600 - Fair; "Rewind is WKVT-FM and HD1 Brattleboro, WZBK AM Keene, a Monadnock Broadcasting Group station," and "Hold On Loosely" by 38 Special. 42
WGNY NY Newburgh - 22Mar2012 1900 - Fair; "WGNY Newburgh-Middletown, WGNY-FM and WGNY-FM HD1 Rosendale."  01Aug2013 1900 - Fair; "WGNY Newburgh-Middletown, WGNY-FM HD3 Rosendale-Poughkeepsie-Kingston, ESPN Radio."  28May2017 0500 - Popped up over WQUN; "...WJGK HD2 Newburgh-Middletown, today's best country."  04Mar2021 1759 - Over WHKW; "Oldies 98-5, 1220, 105-7 WGNY-FM," and "Little Darlin" by The Diamonds, "WGNY Newburgh-Middletown, WGNY-FM Rosendale-Poughkeepsie-Kingston," into local news.156
WHKW OH Cleveland - 17Feb2012 0000 - Good; "WHKW Cleveland, WHKZ Warren, SRN news is next on The Word, a service of Salem Communications."532
WJUN PA Mexico - 16Oct2014 1800 - Over/under WHKW; "Sports talk and... for the Juniata Valley, WJUN Mexico, Sports Radio 1220."
WSTL RI Providence - 07Oct2011 1830 - Quick callsign ID and heavy-duty preaching heard through WZBK.  08Oct2011 1715 - Good; Bible message, "...from 1220 WSTL," and contemporary Christian music.  29Dec2017 1658 - Over/under WHKW; ad string in Spanish, La Mega jingle into salsa music, ex-contemporary Christian.63
WCPH TN Etowah - 26Dec2020 0200 - Through WHKW; DX test Morse code, then sweep tones. Listen to mp3 audio clip.
WFAX VA Falls Church - 13Apr2013 1900 - Fair; "Thank you for listening to 1220 Christian Radio, WFAX Falls Church," into Weekend Magazine.  30Jan2016 1700 - Over/under WHKW; "WFAX... It's 5 o'clock in the nation's capital."
WLSD VA Big Stone Gap - 30Dec2016 0600 - Under WHKW; "Since 1953, WLSD AM 1220 Big Stone Gap, Virginia, now streaming worldwide at WLSD radio dot com," into a Christian vocal.
CFAJ ON St. Catharines - 23Feb2020 0301 - Under WHKW; announcement ending with phone number, "...416-289-twenty three twenty three," oldies music. Per CFAJ Facebook, "Right now we are just broadcasting with one tower at 1000 watts. We are working on getting the other eight towers on line. Once the full array is working we will up the power to 10,000 watts."
WGUY ME Veazie - 02Feb2012 1800 - Fair; "News and talk... your way, FM 94.1 and AM 1340, listen online at radiobangor.com. WNZS 1340 Veazie-Brewer-Bangor now joins ABC7 local news," into "Your Bangor news at six, live on ABC7."  03Mar2012 1900 - Fair; "Newsradio 1340 WNZS Veazie, WGUY 1230 Veazie" and 1340 WNZS jingle.  20Sep2012 0501 - "Downtown" by Petula Clark, ID, "WGUY Veazie, Brewer, Bangor."  28Sep2012 0559 - Good; "Oldies 94.1 WGUY" and oldies music. 94.1 is translator W231CH Bangor.  20Aug2014 1949 - Over/under WHUC; "Maine's best oldies, 'GUY," into Fox news, then Bangor area weather, oldies music, at 2356 "94.1 WGUY, all oldies, all the time."  09Jan2016 1700 - Over/under WMOU; "WRMO Milbridge-Bar Harbor-Ellsworth," relaying 93.7 FM, ex-oldies.  29May2016 0500 - Poor; "WRMO Millbridge-Bar Harbor-Ellsworth, WGUY Veazie-Bangor, this is 93-7 and 94-1 The Wave."  14Feb2020 1959 - Good; "Legendary songs of the '60s and '70s are always on The Legends WGUY Veazie-Brewer-Bangor and beyond, 1230 AM and 96.1 FM, it's the legendary WGUY." Listen to mp3 audio clip.204
WRBS MD Baltimore - 25May2013 0200 - In the jumble; promo for Turning Point, "...on Positive Talk AM 1230," then another promo, "...on Positive Talk AM 1230 WRBS" into SRN news.  14Oct2016 1801 - Over WCMC; promo for website, "WRBS AM dot com... listen live," ID, "Positive Talk AM 1230 WRBS Baltimore," and SRN news.  26Jan2023 1800 - Under WCMC; "...encouragement for your life, 1230 WRBS Baltimore," and SRN news.
WCMD MD Cumberland - 17Jan2013 1800 - Fading up for ID; "Cumberland's... ESPN Radio 1230, WCMD AM Cumberland, an Allegheny Radio Corporation station, ESPN Radio 1230."432
WESX MA Nahant - 29Feb2012 1700 - Good; "WESX 1230 AM Nahant, Principle Broadcasting Network Boston LLC" and religion in Portuguese.  16Feb2020 1600 - Good; ID in Spanish, "Esta es Radio Vida, WESX 1230 AM Nahant," and Spanish contemporary Christian vocals.33
WNAW MA North Adams - 21Jun2013 0200 - In the jumble; promo, "...24 hours a day ...1230 WNAW North Adams."  01Sep2014 2102 - Fair, over WCMC; "AM 1230 WNAW North Adams," into ABC news.
WNEB MA Worcester - 28Feb2012 1700 - Over WESX; "1230 AM, WNEB Worcester, Emmanuel Radio, Truth for Life."  25Aug2014 1059 - Over WESX; "This is Cindy R. Dorsey, General Manager of 1230 AM Emmanuel Radio, and I'm pleased to announce that we're on track with the FCC to complete the application of our second radio station, 970 AM WESO Southbridge. Your prayers for the expansion of Catholic radio have been heard, and we hope to provide you with your new Catholic radio station by early September..." and ID, "This is 1230 AM WNEB Worcester, Emmanuel Radio, Truth for Life."35
WSOO MI Sault St. Marie - 26Apr2020 0200 - Poor; "On 1230 WSOO Sault Saint Marie, now... ABC news."
WMOU NH Berlin - 07Oct2011 1928 - Briefly atop with contemporary hits, "102.3, Kiss 102" slogan for WXXS FM simulcast.  08Oct2011 1900 - Fair; music interrupted by ID, "1230 WMOU Berlin, and W294AZ 106.1 FM, Berlin's new Kiss FM."  05Sep2020 0100 - Through WGUY; "Serving the North Country... this is WXXS FM Lancaster-Littleton..." 121
WTSV NH Claremont - 31Mar2012 1459 - Fair; ad for Upper Valley Help Wanted, "AM 910 and AM 1230 The Score," ESPN promos, and ID, "AM 1230 WTSV Claremont."  61
WCMC NJ Wildwood - 04Jan2012 1700 - Fair; "WCMC Wildwood" and jingle, "Powered by a million watts of memories and broadcasting from the doo-wop capital of America, and now serving Cape May County on AM 1230," then jingle ID for Classic Oldies WMID.  29Aug2014 2100 - Fair; "Philadelphia Phillies baseball on 100.7 WZXL."309
WHUC NY Hudson - 14Feb2012 1800 - Fair; jingle with announcement, "The best variety of great songs and great memories, 1230 WHUC Hudson."  08Jun2013 2300 - Fair; country music, WRWD ID and promo for Tommy Lee Walker in the morning, simulcast with 107.3 WRWD-FM and 99.3 WRWB-FM.  10Oct2013 1800 - Fair; "Your Hudson Valley country station WRWD, 107.3, 99.3, 1230 AM, 106.9, your Hudson Valley country station is everywhere you are, WRWD."  04Jan2015 0600 - Good; C&W music, "WRWD-FM Poughkeepsie, WRWB-FM Ellenville, WHUC AM Hudson," and WRWD jingle. 119
WFAS NY White Plains - 05Jan2012 1700 - On top; "This is AM 1230 WFAS White Plains, Westchester Radio, a Cumulus station."  17Jun2013 0200 - Fair; "News/Talk AM 1230 WFAS White Plains, New York, home of Geraldo, Huckabee, Debbie Nigro, and Lisa Wexler on your drive home, News/Talk AM 1230 WFAS, a Cumulus Media station."  19Sep2015 1900 - Fair; "News/Talk 1230 WFAS White Plains, a Cumulus station, News/Talk 1230 WFAS," and NBC sports.  01Oct2016 2300 - Good; "All sports, all day every day, from the Entergy studios this is CBS Sports Radio, home of Gio and Jones in the morning, on AM 1230 WFAS White Plains."167
WIXT NY Little Falls - 28Dec2014 0500 - Briefly atop; "ESPN Radio Utica-Rome, your home for Utica College Hockey."
WMML NY Glens Falls - 08Oct2011 2000 - Fair; "Dan Patrick is back in the building from 9 to noon weekdays on Fox Sports Radio 1230 WMML," ex-ESPN.  10Dec2012 0700 - Caught ID in the GY jumble; "Your home for the Buffalo Bills, New York Mets, Indy Car Racing, and local high school sports, this is Fox Sports Radio 1230 WMML..."  17Dec2022 1700 - Briefly atop; "The new home for Fox Sports Radio at 97.9 and 1230 AM..."116
WMAJ NY Elmira - 23Jan2013 0100 - Over/under others; "News/Talk 1230 and 1450... WENY Elmira, WENI Corning."  17Apr2021 0500 - Under WGUY; "WENY AM Elmira, WENI AM Corning, 1230 and 1450 AM The Patriot."  16Apr2023 0600 - Poor; promo, "Magic 106-7 and 106-9 is available wherever you go..." ex-WENY.273
WECK NY Cheektowaga - 25Oct2015 0100 - Over WCMC; promo/ID, "Wake up with me weekday mornings on Buffalo's Timeless WECK Cheektowaga-Buffalo, you'll love us each and every day," and Fox news.
WYTS OH Columbus - 08Mar2013 0400 - Breaking through the jumble; "AM 1230... WYTS Columbus," and Fox sports.
WEEX PA Easton - 06Dec2011 2000 - Fair; Mike and Mike promo, "This is your home for New York Giants football, ESPN Radio 1230 WEEX Easton and 1320 WTKZ Allentown."  21Jan2023 0500 - Poor; "WEEX Easton, WODE HD2 Easton, and WTKZ Allentown," into Fox sports.236
WBPZ PA Lock Haven - 11Dec2012 2100 - Brief fade in; "You're listening to AM 1230 WBPZ Lock Haven," and ABC news.325
WTIV PA Titusville - 17Feb2012 1800 - Atop the graveyard; "...WFRA AM Franklin, the Allegheny News/Talk/Sports Network," and Fox news.426
WBLQ RI Westerly - 08Feb2012 1600 - Fair; local ads including Central Auto Group, "This is Stereo 1230 WBLQ Westerly-Stonington, a Diponti Communications station."  30Jan2016 1659 - Fair; DJ, "AM Stereo 1230 'BLQ."  05Dec2020 1901 - Fair; "W276DF Westerly, this is news from 1230 WBLQ Westerly-Stonington."95
WJOY VT Burlington - 28Feb2013 1800 - Fair; "Bringing the Champlain Valley America's best music, the latest news and weather, this is AM 1230..."  10Oct2013 1900 - Fair; "Serving communities throughout the Champlain Valley since 1946, this is AM 1230 WJOY Burlington," and AP news.
WJOI VA Norfolk - 11Oct2013 0500 - Fair; "The home of America's best music, 1230 WJOI Norfolk, WJOI HD..." Listen to mp3 audio clip.
WVNT WV Parkersburg - 26Aug2013 0200 - Briefly atop the jumble; "AM 1230 WVNT Parkersburg, the valley's news/talk leader," and ABC news.
WWCO CT Waterbury - 01Jan2012 1700 - Fair; "This is the Talk of Connecticut, WDRC AM and WDRC-FM HD3 Hartford, WSNG Torrington, WWCO Waterbury, WMMW Meriden."  19Apr2020 0600 - Fair; "Viva WRYM W297BT New Britain-Hartford... WWCO W294FI Waterbury, Viva FM," and tropical music, ex-news/talk.112
WIGY ME Lewiston - 11Feb2012 1701 - Through WBUR and others; WEZR jingle, IRN/USA news.  26Feb2012 2001 - "We're 1240 AM, WEZR Lewiston-Auburn, and now the world and national news," WEZR jingle, and IRN/USA news.  09Jul2016 0501 - Over/under WWCO; FM simulcast with Z105-5 promo/ID.  16Feb2020 0200 - Poor; "This is WEZR AM 1240 FM 105-5 Lewiston-Auburn and WPNO AM 1450 FM 96-9 South Paris."  10Apr2021 2100 - Poor; ID for 780 WEZR and WIGY, ex-WEZR.  03Feb2023 0100 - Briefly over Rock 103.3 WSKI; "LA's 105-5 WIGY."116
WSYY ME Millinocket - 28Oct2013 0600 - Fair over WEZR; what sounded like a sign-on announcement, "WSYY AM is owned and operated by Katahdin Communications Incorporated with offices and studios on the Lake Road in Millinocket, Maine," then "This is WSYY AM Millinocket, Maine, CBS Sports Radio in the Katahdin area and Lincoln Lakes region, AM 1240."  13Feb2014 1800 - Fair; sign-off, CBS Sports Radio jingle, "This concludes another broadcast day on WSYY AM 1240. WSYY AM is owned and operated by Katahdin Communications Incorporated with offices and studios on Lake Road in Millinocket, Maine," and instrumental Star Spangled Banner.  17Dec2022 0100 - Good; "WSYY AM 1240 and W273DJ 102.5 FM Millinocket, Maine, talk radio for the Katahdin region," and "Radio Gets Results" song into CBS news.
WCEM MD Cambridge - 01Feb2012 2000 - Heard through the pileup; spot for University of Maryland, "Delmarva's ESPN Radio, AM 1240."  10Feb2012 2314 - Fair over/under pile; "Radio 1240 WCEM AM" and nostalgia.  11Feb2012 0000 - "This is Radio 1240 WCEM AM Cambridge-Easton, part of the Mid-Shores Top Stations," ex-ESPN.  27Mar2021 1900 - Under WGBB; "CBS Sports Radio 1240 is WCEM Cambridge-Easton and the entire mid-shore, proud member of the Orioles radio network."  30Dec2021 1900 - Over others; "Sports Radio 1240 is WCEM AM Cambridge-Easton-Preston... right here on Sports Radio 1240."373
WJEJ MD Hagerstown - 13Oct2012 2359 - Fair; end of local program, "You are listening to WJEJ Hagerstown, Maryland, and wjejradio.com... we'll see you next Saturday night," and CBS news.386
WHMQ MA Greenfield - 30Dec2021 1559 - Over/under others; promo, "...on 101-5, 1400, and 1240," and ID, "...for the valley" into CBS news.
WBAS MA West Yarmouth - 11Feb2012 1700 - Over/under others; "WBUR-FM Boston and 1240 WBUR AM West Yarmouth... 91.5 WSDH Sandwich and 90.3 WCCT Harwich, WBUR Boston's NPR news station..." and All Things Considered.  28Feb2014 0400 - Atop the mess; "AM 1240 WBAS West Yarmouth," and news in Portuguese, ex-WBUR.  01Jan2015 1701 - Talk in Portuguese, then disclaimer, "The following is a paid presentation on AM 1240 WBAS..."  01Jul2023 2301 - Mostly under WWCO; canned ID by the late Bob Bittner, "These are The Memories Stations, 730 and 105.3 WJTO Bath-Brunswick-Portland, 740 and 101.3 WJIB Cambridge-Boston, and 1240 and 106.5 WBAS West Yarmouth-Hyannis."100
WFTN NH Franklin - 11Feb2012 0100 - Fair with WOON nulled out; "The greatest music ever made on 1240 WFTN Franklin and 1300 WPNH Plymouth," and ABC news.  30Dec2021 1555 - Over/under others; callsign ID's for two 92.9 translators, "...Classic Oldies 92.9."51
WSNJ NJ Bridgeton - 10Feb2012 1700 - Atop the pile; Old Country Store promo, "...on 1240 WSNJ Bridgeton-Millville-Vineland."296
WGBB NY Freeport - 09Feb2012 1700 - Rising above the graveyard; "WGBB AM 1240 Freeport, New York."  26Aug2013 2200 - Fair; Chinese Radio Network and WGBB ID in Chinese.  10Jan2014 1800 - Fair; "This is WGBB AM 1240 Long Island, New York," and Chinese program.  08Aug2015 2000 - In the jumble; promo, "623-1240... the station that serves your community."  20Feb2017 1801 - Fair; "This is WGBB AM 1240 and W240DF FM 95.9 Freeport, New York, Chinese Radio," into Chinese program.178
WGVA NY Geneva - 18Feb2012 2000 - Heard through the graveyard; "From the Finger Lakes... studio... 96.1 and 1240 WGVA Geneva, Finger Lakes Newsradio," and ABC news.  03Oct2021 2000 - Fair; "CBS covers the world, we cover the Finger Lakes, 102.3 and 1240 WGVA Geneva, Finger Lakes News Radio."279
WVOS NY Liberty - 15Dec2023 2000 - Poor; "WVOS Liberty... and the Catskills... depend on us."
WNBZ NY Saranac Lake - 20Sep2012 0500 - Multiple station ID, didn't hear WNBZ but caught "WRGR... Lake Placid, WIRD Lake Placid" into CBS news. WRGR is 102.1 FM Tupper Lake.  18Jan2013 0600 - "...morning news on WNBZ Saranac Lake, New York."171
WPTR NY Schenectady - 30Jun2013 0200 - Over the jumble; "WPTR Schenectady... the capital region's Sports 1240, CBS Sports Radio," ex-WVKZ.
WATN NY Watertown - 08Mar2014 0000 - Caught partial ID through the pileup, "...in the North Country ...104.1 FM, AM 1240 WATN."
WVSL NY Saranac Lake - 14Feb2020 2258 - Briefly atop; "That's the latest forecast on 93-3 102.1 Mix..." then lost to WATN.  15Feb2020 1801 - Fair; WLPW Lake Placid, WVSL and W237EY Saranac Lake, Adirondack 105, everything that rocks."
WJTN NY Jamestown - 17Apr2021 2100 - Poor; "Local news, talk, and lite rock, 101.3 1240 WJTN Jamestown."
WSQL NC Brevard - 30Dec2021 1800 - Offset frequency on low side producing a het against the 1240 pileup; ID'ed as WSQL per DX'ers nearby in NRC Facebook group. Measured 1239.466 kHz. Strongest with antennas phased south for WCEM. Also observed an unID offset signal on the high side at 1240.0715 kHz.
WBBW OH Youngstown - 28Jan2023 0600 - Poor; "...Sports Radio 1240 WBBW Youngstown, a Cumulus Media station."
WIOV PA Reading - 29Jan2012 2200 - Briefly atop the pile; "WIOV AM Reading is a Cumulus station."  11Feb2012 1859 - Through the din; ESPN promo, "Reading's sports station is ESPN 1240."  11Jan2014 0500 - Surfaced with ID, "You're listening to CBS Sports Radio on Reading's sports leader, AM 1240 Reading and FM 98-5 on translator W253AC, CBS Sports Radio," ex-ESPN. Listen to mp3 audio clip.283
WRTA PA Altoona - 12Mar2017 0100 - Over/under the GY jumble; "This is... News/Talk 1240 WRTA... WRTA dot com," into ABC news.  07Jan2023 0600 - Under WWCO; Fox News bullet points, "Talk Radio 98.5... WRTA Altoona."
WOON RI Woonsocket - 11Feb2012 1255 - Good; Bryant Bulldogs basketball pre-game show "...on ON 1240."  11Feb2012 1501 - "This is ON 1240, WOON Woonsocket" and ON 1240 forecast.  01May2019 1515 - Good; "ON AM and FM," adult contemporary/oldies.49
WSKI VT Montpelier - 06Dec2011 2200 - Fair; Mike and Mike promo, "WSKI Montpelier... ESPN 1240..."  19Mar2014 1900 - Good; "You're listening to CBS Sports Radio on Washington County's sports leader, 1240 AM WSKI Montpelier," ex-ESPN.  01Sep2017 2100 - Caught ID through the GY jumble; "1240 AM WSKI Montpelier and 93.3 FM W227DF."  18Apr2020 0600 - Over/under others; "Panama" by Van Halen, "WWMP Waterbury-Plattsburg, Burlington's rock station, this is the new Rock 103.3," and "My Own Worst Enemy" by Lit, ex-sports talk.  28Oct2020 1958 - Fair; "WWMP Waterbury-Plattsburg-Burlington, WSKI Montpelier, Burlington's rock station, the new Rock 103.3."117
WTPS VA Petersburg - 27Oct2013 0600 - Fair; "News/talk and solid gold, 1240 AM WTPS."  23Dec2016 1600 - Atop; "WTPS 1240 AM, W274BX 102.7 Petersburg, the Petersburg station," and R&B oldies.  27Aug2017 2159 - Over/under WBAS; promo, "...ESPN 950 and 102.7 FM," and ID, "WXGI Richmond, WTPS Petersburg," ex-oldies.  20Mar2021 0559 - Poor; promo, "Saturday mornings at 10 on 99-5 and 102-7 ESPN," then announcement about ESPN Richmond moving to 106.1 FM with a stronger signal.
WDNE WV Elkins - 15Oct2014 0000 - Atop the pile; "WDNE Elkins, a West Virginia Radio Corporation station where news comes first every hour."  Listen to mp3 audio clip.
CFLM QC La Tuque - 20Mar2010 2000 - Fair; Irish-influenced fiddle instrumental, CFLM jingle, "1240 AM, 104.7 sur le cable..." into a contemporary French vocal. CFLM moved to 97.1 FM, the AM shutdown by the end of 2012.
WGAM NH Manchester - 28Feb2012 1800 - Good; "From New Hampshire's family of locally owned radio stations, this is Absolute Broadcasting's WGAM Manchester and WGHM Nashua," into local sports talk, "...on WKXL 103.9 FM and 1450 AM as well as WGAM 1250 and 900 The Game."20
WMTR NJ Morristown - 24Apr2012 2301 - In WGAM null; oldies, "...online at wmtram.com."  17Jan2013 0100 - Fair; "Classic Oldies WMTR Morristown, a Greater Media station."201
WGHB NC Farmville - 03Oct2012 0500 - Over WMTR; "This is Pirate Radio 1250 WGHB Farmville-Greenville, Pirate Radio 930 WDLX Washington-Greenville-New Bern," into sports news.  Listen to mp3 audio clip.  05Mar2021 0459 - Fair, over WGAM; promo for Golf Shop Radio.588
WPGP PA Pittsburgh - 27Apr2012 0459 - Fair; R.Disney promo and contemporary hit music.  04Oct2015 0100 - Fair; "News, opinion, insight, this is AM 1250 The Answer, WPGP Pittsburgh, a division of Salem Media Group, and online AM 1250 The Answer dot com," ex-WDDZ R.Disney.466
WYYC PA York - 03Oct2021 2000 - Fair, over unID urban contemporary; Family Minute, "AM 1250 WYYC York and translator W251CE York at 98.1 FM," into ministry program.
WTMA SC Charleston - 25Mar2017 1900 - Poor, under local WGAM; ID ending with "...a Cumulus station."  21Jan2023 1700 - Caught WTMA Charleston jingle at WMTR switch to night power.
WDVA VA Danville - 07Mar2012 1900 - Fair under WGAM; Black gospel music, "WDVA Danville AM 1250" and In Touch program.  12Oct2014 0600 - Good; southern accented ID, "WDVA Danville AM 1250," brief Bible message, and Piedmont Credit Union ad.   Listen to mp3 audio clip.598
WRCW VA Warrenton - 24Jan2015 1759 - Briefly atop other with WGAM nulled; promo, "AM 1260 The Answer dot com," and SRN news.
CJYE ON Oakville - 27Apr2012 0500 - Over WDDZ R.Disney; "You're listening to... CJYE Joy 1250 and CJMR AM 1320."  16Jul2013 0100 - Fair; "Joy 1250, hometown Christian radio for the GTA."  11Jul2016 0500 - Over/under local WGAM; promo/ID, "...at CJMR 1320 dot ca."419
WSHU CT Westport - 03Aug2013 2100 - Under WMKI; "Fairfield County Public Radio... 1260 WSHU Westport, 1350 WNLK Norwalk..."
WQOF DC Washington - 24Apr2012 2300 - Over WMKI; "WWRC Washington, WKDL Warrenton, a service of Salem Communications."  02Mar2014 0600 - Fair; "Only the best conservative news and opinions from across the country, 1260 WRC also brings you local news, up to the minute traffic... and AccuWeather, your home for conservative talk, the best conservative news here in Washington, 1260 WRC, WWRC Washington, WKDL Warrenton, a service of Salem Communications, SALM on Nasdaq, available everywhere at 1260 WRC dot com," into SRN news.  27Aug2014 0400 - Fair over WSKO; "Intelligent talk for the nation's capital, WWRC Washington, WRCW Warrenton," and SRN news.  04Mar2021 1800 - Over WSKO; "Listener supported WQOF Washington, Relevant Radio 1260 AM," and Relevant Radio News, ex-WWRC.387
WSUA FL Miami - 15Sep2012 0000 - Fair; ad with phone number in Spanish, chimes, "WSUA... Miami, Miami."  11Oct2013 2000 - Fair; "WSUA 1260 AM Miami, WSUA HD..." and Spanish. Listen to mp3 audio clip.  22Oct2014 1901 - Under WMKI and WSHU; Radio Caracol ID and news in Spanish.  08Mar2015 0659 - Fair; "WSUA HD, Radio Caracol 1260, la primera entre todos los hispanos."  01Oct2016 2300 - Fair; promo for "frecuencia de Martí" and "Martí noticias punto com." WSUA broadcasts Radio Martí programs 2200-2400 per various internet sources, although the WSUA website only generically lists 'programas patrocinados'.1273
WBIX MA Boston - 16Jul2012 2200 - Good; "This is WMKI and WMKI HD1 Boston" and R.Disney.  02Oct2015 2100 - Over CKHJ; "WBIX Boston is AM 1260 The Buzz, AM 1260 The Buzz dot com, news, talk, business, a Salem station," and news from Town Hall dot com, ex-WMKI R.Disney.  04Jul2020 2100 - Good; "You're listening to WBIX 1260 AM Boston, WFLL 1400 AM and 107.1 FM W296DK Ft. Lauderdale, Nossa Radio USA."39
WFJS NJ Trenton - 03Oct2013 0400 - Under WMKI; "WFJS 1260 AM Trenton-Princeton-Levittown, and WFJS 89.3 FM Freehold... Spring Lake," and EWTN promo.
WSKO NY Syracuse - 15Sep2012 0400 - Through WMKI; "...right here on ESPN Radio 1260 ...AM 1260 The Score."232
WRIE PA Erie - 04Mar2012 2000 - Under WMKI and CKHJ; "WRIE Erie AM 1260..." and ESPN Radio Sports Center.438
WPHB PA Philipsburg - 29Sep2014 0600 - Fair over WSKO; jingle ID singing WPHB 1260 and announced, "1260 WPHB Philipsburg," C&W music.
WCHV VA Charlottesville - 07Mar2012 1900 - Under WMKI and unID Spanish; "WCHV AM and FM Charlottesville."  13Oct2012 2300 - Under WMKI; "Central Virginia's local news source, WCHV AM and FM Charlottesville" and WCHV news update.484
CKHJ NB Fredericton - 18Feb2012 2100 - Good; "Fredericton's country station, CKHJ," weather, "CKHJ 1260 AM Fredericton, KHJ 1260 AM, 95.1 and 103.5 FM, streaming worldwide at khj.ca," and Fredericton's country station jingle.  30Dec2020 1659 - Under WBIX; "Fredericton's Pure Country 103.5," and "Neon Light" by Blake Shelton.  23Mar2024 0800 - Fair; iHeart Radio Pure Country Countdown.
WRLZ FL Eatonville - 17Dec2011 2300 - Poor, distorted audio on propagational fade-in; "...emisora, Eatonville-Orlando ...1270 AM ¡Luz!" ID into a Spanish vocal. Heard same ID at midnight, but well under others.1122
WCBC MD Cumberland - 18Dec2011 2000 - Fair; "Morton's Jewelry... family-owned fine jewelry store on the downtown Cumberland mall."433
WACM MA Springfield - 19Dec2011 1500 - In WTSN null; Spanish contemporary tropical music, "Power 1270, WSPR Springfield, Massachusetts..."  05Oct2014 0001 - Off frequency at 1270.100 kHz producing a loud het over WTSN; ad in Spanish for a Holyoke restaurant, tropical music.  03Oct2016 1900 - Under WTSN; oldies music, "Kool 1270 news update," ex-WSPR Spanish tropical.  30Oct2016 1759 - Good; "Cool 1270 AM and 100.1 FM."  09Jul2017 0500 - Het against 1270 WTJZ; oldies music, Kool news update, measured 1270.102 kHz.70
WMKT MI Charlevoix - 01Feb2012 1700 - Over/under WXYT; "1270 AM WMKT Charlevoix-Traverse City... and 92-1 FM W221BQ..." into Fox Report.  12Apr2013 2000 - Fair; "1270 AM WMKT Charlevoix-Traverse City, and the all new 102-3 FM."706
WXYT MI Detroit - 04Mar2012 2000 - Poor; singing "Talk Radio 1270 WXYT."  23Jan2013 0000 - Fair; "WXYT AM, WXYT HD Detroit, CBS Sportsradio 1270," ex-talk.606
WTSN NH Dover - 29Feb2012 1700 - Good; Dennis Miller, "WTSN Dover, Portsmouth, Rochester, and southern Maine, online at wtsnam1270.com," and ABC news.47
WMIZ NJ Vineland - 08Aug2015 0400 - Fair; "La unica emisora" slogan and tropical music.
WHLD NY Niagara Falls - 27Nov2021 1600 - Under CJCB; "...Niagara Falls-Buffalo, this is the new Talk 1270."
WDLA NY Walton - 05Jan2012 0600 - Barely above the din; ID, "AM 1270 WDLA Walton... Gold Radio..."  10Jul2016 0200 - Good; "AM 1270 is WDLA Walton" into ESPN, ex-oldies.  03Nov2021 0600 - Fair; "WDOS AM 730 Oneonta, WCHN AM 970 Norwich, WDLA AM 1270 Walton, a Townsquare Media station," into Fox news.186
WMPM NC Smithfield - 26Dec2015 1700 - Fair, over WSPR; sign-off announcement, "WMPM is owned and operated by the Family Media Group... located at 1270 Buffalo Road, Smithfield... WMPM operates on an assigned frequency of 1270 kilohertz with an operating power of 5000 watts..." and mentioned 7:00 a.m. sign-on.
WILE OH Cambridge - 25Aug2013 0400 - Fair; "...WILE Cambridge and FM 107.9, we're ESPN Cambridge." 107.9 is W300CB.
WDLR OH Marysville - 28Sep2014 0000 - Fair; "WQTT Marysville, news, sports, weather, and great oldies all day long, lock it on True Oldies QT 1270."  11Jul2016 0501 - Fair; "WQTT Marysville, news, sports, weather, and great oldies all day long, lock it on True Oldies QT 1270," into ABC news.  17Oct2021 0500 - Under WDLA; "From beautiful downtown Delaware, WDLR Marysville-Delaware..." and "My 96-7 Delaware" jingle, ex-WQTT.
WLBR PA Lebanon - 06Feb2012 1700 - Over unID Oldies Channel; "Number one in sports, number one in news, your station for information in the Lebanon Valley, WLBR Lebanon" and ABC news.  22Mar2012 1900 - Fair; "The Lebanon Valley's only full service radio station, since 1946, WLBR Lebanon."  04Mar2021 1800 - Good; ID only as "Big Wilbur 1270" and classic hits.303
WLIK TN Newport - 07Mar2012 2000 - Fair; "...Tennessee and western North Carolina since 1954, this is WLIK in Newport, Tennessee" and jingle ID.  20Dec2023 2200 - Poor; nostalgic jingle/ID, singing "1270 AM WLIK" and CBS news.779
WTJZ VA Newport News - 04Jan2012 1801 - Fair; "WTJZ, we love the beat" with reverb, lively Black gospel music.  06Feb2012 1800 - Fair; taking requests at 624-1270 and 723-1270.  21Oct2014 0601 - Good; "You're listening to WTJZ 1270 AM, Newport News, Hampton, Chesapeake, Norfolk, Virginia Beach," and gospel music. Listen to mp3 audio clip.  02Jan2016 0400 - Under WDLA; "WTJZ... the ultimate gospel experience."  12Mar2017 0100 - Through WDLA dead air; "WTJZ Newport News... 104.9 FM and Praise 1270 powered by..."469
CJCB NS Sydney - 01Feb2012 1800 - Good; "At 1270 AM, this is CJCB, with Cape Breton's country favorites, an MBS radio station."  05Dec2020 1759 - Good; "This is 1270 CJCB in Sydney, Cape Breton's country favorites, an MBS radio station," and Country Classics show.609
WFAU ME Gardiner - 05Sep2010 2200 - Good; "...Fox Sports Maine, 97-5 WIGY Madison, 1280 WFAU Gardiner-Augusta, and 1450 WRKD Rockland."  13Feb2014 0500 - Fair; "With a playlist of over 6000 songs, this is the memories station, 1280 WFAU Gardiner-Augusta," and nostalgia, ex-sports.136
WPKZ MA Fitchburg - 18Feb2012 1800 - Good; "The heart of New England's pulse is 1280 WPKZ Fitchburg and the new 105.3 FM," and Fox sports.  09Jul2017 0500 - Good; "Howie Carr bringing the heat weekdays on the K-Zone 105.3 FM and AM 1280... WPKZ Fitchburg-Leominster," and Fox sports.18
WADO NY New York - 29Feb2012 0000 - Under WPKZ; "Wado 1280" ID's in Spanish, salsa music.186
WHTK NY Rochester - 14Dec2012 0000 - Over WPKZ; promo, "Tomorrow morning 6 'til 9 on Sports 1280, WHTK Rochester," and Fox sports.  03Oct2021 2000 - Fair; "...on Fox Sports 1280 WHTK Rochester."309
WHVR PA Hanover - 15Jan2013 2000 - In WPKZ dead air; promo for Grand Ol' Opry and ID.349
CFMB QC Montreal - 02Oct2014 0602 - Under WADO; contemporary music, CFMB jingle.  08Dec2020 0600 - Good; "Ici CFMB 1280 Radio Montréal, un station de group radio Evanov."  13Jan2023 1800 - Over local WPKZ; "Ici CFMB 1280 Radio Montréal, un station de Communication Evanov."
WNWW CT West Hartford - 09Sep2013 1900 - Popped up briefly; "...beethoven.com, the world's classical radio," into opera.  04Sep2016 1900 - Poor; "Faith 1290 WNWW West Hartford, connecting faith to life," and SRN news, ex-WCCC.  16Mar2017 1900 - "Faith 94.1 WNWW West Hartford," then gone, leaving WWTX in clear. 94.1 is 32-watt translator W231CZ.  15Apr2023 2000 - Under WKBK; "AM 1290 WNWW West Hartford and My Faith Radio dot com."
WWTX DE Wilmington - 07May2011 1959 - Over/under unIDs; "WWTX Wilmington... and online 1290theticket.com," and Fox sports.  14Aug2015 0400 - Over/under WRNI; "This is Fox Sports 1290, Delaware's sports play here," ex-The Ticket.  23Jun2016 0500 - Fair; "The new Fox Sports 1290 AM dot com."  13Mar2017 1900 - Fair; "This is Blue Hens basketball on 94-7 WDSD Dover-Wilmington... on your home for Blue Hens sports, 94-7 WDSD and Fox Sports 1290."  05Mar2021 1800 - Fair; "WWTX Wilmington and WRDX HD2 Smyrna-Dover, available everywhere through the iHeart radio app, now number one for podcasts, Fox Sports 1290, an iHeart radio station."293
WJNO FL West Palm Beach - 03Oct2013 0600 - Under WKBK; "1290 WJNO West Palm Beach..." and Fox news.
WTKS GA Savannah - 18Feb2023 0500 - Faded up with iHeart promo/ID, "Now, Fox news covers the world on News Radio 97.7 FM."
WKBK NH Keene - 23Apr2012 2000 - Fair; "AM 1290 and FM 104.1 WKBK" and "Boston Red Sox baseball on WKBK brought to you by..."43
WNBF NY Binghamton - 17Feb2012 1800 - Good; "Your home for local news, weather, and sports, this is Newsradio 1290 WNBF Binghamton, a Cumulus station," and ABC news.  16Apr2023 0000 - Fair, over WKBK; "This is News Radio 1290 AM WNBF Binghamton, now on 92.1 FM W221EJ Binghamton, a Townsquare Media station."231
WHKY NC Hickory - 05Nov2011 2100 - Fair; "This is Fox Sports Radio on 1290 WHKY Hickory."  03Oct2021 2000 - Fair; "You're listening to WHKY Hickory, 1290 AM and 102.3 FM," and Fox sports.712
WJCV NC Jacksonville - 23Oct2012 2100 - Barely above the pile; "WJCV Jacksonville-Camp Lejeune-Swansboro" and IRN/USA news.  21Dec2013 1700 - Fair; "Music for the soul, on 1290 WJCV Jacksonville-Sneads Ferry-Richlands." Listen to mp3 audio clip.  02Jan2016 0600 - Fair; "Your home for southern gospel music, 1290 AM WJCV Jacksonville and 98.3 FM W252BO Pumpkin Center." Per FCC database, W252BO is a CP replacing W252BU.  19Feb2023 1900 - Fair; "This is 1290 WJCV Jacksonville, 98.3 W252BO Jacksonville, and streaming live at WJCV dot com," country gospel music.  09Mar2024 0700 - Fair; "Your home for southern gospel music, 1290 AM WJCV Jacksonville and 98.3 FM W252BO Jacksonville."633
WOMP OH Bellaire - 23Oct2014 1800 - Off-frequency at 1289.711 kHz with a steady s5 signal producing a het against 1290 domestics, but too much splatter from 1290 for readable audio.  27Dec2014 1700 - Strong het against co-channels; "1290 WOMP AM Bellaire-Wheeling."  11Feb2017 1800 - Fair, measured 1289.71 and easily separable from 1290 kHz; "You're listening to... ESPN Radio on 1290 WOMP AM Bellaire-Wheeling."
WHIO OH Dayton - 08Apr2024 1520 - Under WKBK during solar eclipse; WHIO Dayton ID and weather conditions for Miami Valley, temperature in Dayton, traffic sponsored by Grismer Tire and Auto.
WFBG PA Altoona - 05Nov2011 1801 - Fair; "You're listening to the IMG College Sports Network," ad for Blair County Convention Center in Altoona.  23Dec2012 0600 - Good; "The Big 1290 WFBG Altoona," and Fox news.  05Oct2021 1900 - Over WDZY; "You're listening to News/Talk WFBG Altoona, 1290 AM and 104.5 FM."389
WPVD RI Providence - 15May2012 2100 - Good; "This is LPR, WRNI 1290 AM Providence," and Spanish vocals.  18Jun2021 2000 - Over WKBK; "This is The Public's Radio 89.3 FM HD WNPN Newport, 102.7 FM HD WNPE Narragansett Pier, 88.1 FM WELH Providence, and also on... everywhere The Public's Radio dot org, WPVD Providence," ex-WRNI.60
WDZY VA Colonial Heights - 07Feb2012 1659 - Fair; "AM 1290 WDZY Colonial Heights-Richmond" and R.Disney.  16Oct2014 1800 - Over/under others; promo for www.wilkinsradio.com and southern gospel. The Wilkins Radio Network website lists WDZY as the only 1290 affiliate, ex-R.Disney.  12Dec2015 1700 - Fair; Wilkins Radio promo, ID, "1290 WDZY Colonial Heights-Richmond, translator W277CT Petersburg, at 1290 and 103.3 this is WDZY The Light," then gone with switch to night facilities.  05Sep2021 0500 - Fair; "WDZY Colonial Heights-Richmond and translator W277CT at 103.3 FM, it's radio that changes the way you live."489
CJBK ON London - 30Jan2012 0100 - Fair; "This is CJBK AM London, News/Talk 1290, the choice for news, talk, and sports," and Canadian Press news.493
WAVZ CT New Haven - 21Feb2012 2300 - Fair; "Your home for The Herd... ESPN Radio 1300, WAVZ, WAVZ HD1 New Haven, online at espnradio1300.com."123
WJZ MD Baltimore - 20Feb2012 1900 - Good; "ESPN Radio 1300 WJZ AM Baltimore, WJZ-FM HD2 and HD3 Catonsville-Baltimore, online at espn1300.com" and disclaimer, "The opinions expressed in the following paid program do not necessarily represent those of WJZ, CBS Radio, its employees or sponsors."  15Feb2013 0000 - Over WJMO; "CBS Sportsradio 1300 is WJZ AM Baltimore, WJZ-FM HD2 and HD3..." ex-ESPN.  02Oct2021 0600 - Good; "This is 1300 The Bet, the sports bettor's best friend, WJZ AM Baltimore, WJZ AM/FM HD3 Catonsville-Baltimore, W285EJ White Marsh, an Audacy station."360
WJDA MA Quincy - 08Oct2011 1758 - Fair; "WJDA Quincy, Massachusetts" into Portuguese program, then disclaimer in English.  01May2019 1600 - Fair; ID in Spanish, "WJDA 1300 AM Quincy, Massachusetts," and promo, "Radio Super Boston."  17Dec2022 0559 - Good; tropical music, "Latina 99.9 FM." 08Apr2024 1500 - Good; "Esta es WJDA Quincy, W260DS Boston, Latina 99.9 FM y 1300 AM, transmitiendo en vivo desde downtown Boston Latina Nivel Club, una estación champion."42
WOOD MI Grand Rapids - 09Dec2017 0600 - Through WJZ and others; canned ID by woman, "From the... studios... Wood 1300 and 106-9 FM."
WPNH NH Plymouth - 07Oct2011 1800 - Good; "The greatest music ever made, on 1240 WFTN Franklin and 1300 WPNH Plymouth."  17Apr2021 0600 - Over WGDJ; "Great oldies all the time on New Hampshire's Oldies 92.9."73
WGDJ NY Rensselaer - 21Feb2012 1800 - Good; "WGDJ Rensselaer is Talk 1300... stimulating local talk," and ABC news.  17Apr2021 0600; Over WPNH; "Talk 1300 and 98.7."113
WXRL NY Lancaster - 27Nov2021 1559 - Fair; "You're listening to WXRL and W238DD, Dome Broadcasting, Lancaster on 1300 AM and 95.5 FM," nostalgic country.  07Jan2023 1701 - Under WJZ; "WXRL... western New York's family radio station."
WOSW NY Fulton - 16Sep2013 1900 - Fair; "WOSW Fulton, Oswego County's home for country legends, Country AM 1300, Real Country."  01May2016 0600 - Over WJZ; "Fox Sports 1490 and 1300, WOLF Syracuse, WOSW Fulton," ex-Real Country.
WRCR NY Spring Valley - 26Nov2012 1700 - Fair; "AM 1300 WRCR Spring Valley."  13Jul2015 - Moved to 1700 kHz.170
WJMO OH Cleveland - 29Jan2012 2100 - Good; lively Black gospel music, "Praise 1300 WJMO, Cleveland's inspiration station, home of the Yolanda Adams Morning Show."  08Nov2015 0500 - Over WAVZ; "WJMO Cleveland, WZAK HD2 Cleveland, we are Cleveland's inspiration station, Praise 1300, a Radio One station, celebrating 35 years of service," and gospel music.  07Dec2020 2000 - Poor; "WJMO, W233CG, WENZ HD2 Cleveland, Praise 94-5."534
WKZN PA West Hazleton - 23Dec2012 0600 - Fair; "You're listening to WILK, Entercom Communications for the Pocono Northeast," and multi-station ID, "Time well spent, WILK-FM, WILK-FM HD1 Avoca, WILK Wilkes Barre, WBZU Scranton, WKZN West Hazleton, Northeast PA's news radio WILK."262
WMTN TN Morristown - 23Oct2021 1900 - Under WJZ; "Your home for classic country and NASCAR... WMTN Morristown," into ABC news.
WKCY VA Harrisonburg - 25Oct2012 0600 - Under WGDJ; "WKCY AM 1300..."  30Jan2016 1700 - Fair; "This is WKCY Harrisonburg, WKCI Waynesboro," and Fox news.482
WICH CT Norwich - 10Jan2014 0600 - Over/under WORC and co-channels; "America's best music... we're 1310 WICH..."  28Aug2015 0600 - Over WORC and WRVP; "This is Personality Radio, WICH Norwich."
WLOB ME Portland - 29Feb2012 2000 - Fair over WORC; WLOB jingle and ID, "WLOB Portland, wlobradio.com," and Fox news.90
WORC MA Worcester - 29Feb2012 1700 - Good; "...el centro de Massachusetts, WORC Worcester, la nueva Mega," and Spanish tropical music.38
WOBM NJ Asbury Park - 13Dec2012 2200 - Over WRVP R.Visión Cristiana; "Good time oldies, WOBM Lakewood Township, WADB Asbury Park, a Town Square Media station."  15Oct2016 0600 - Fair; "WOBM Lakewood Township, WADB Asbury Park... News/Talk Radio WOBM AM 1160 and 1310," and WOBM news.  07Nov2021 2200 - Poor; "...the new Beach 104.1 FM," oldies music.  02Feb2024 1801 - Over/under WLOB; "92.7 WOBM in Ocean County, 96.7 in Monmouth County, the Jersey shore's best variety," contemporary hits, ex-WADB.218
WEMG NJ Camden - 25Oct2015 0401 - Over CIWW; ID, "WEMG, W289AZ..." mentioned Latinos in New Jersey, "La Mega 105.7" and tropical music.
WRSB NY Canandaigua - 17Jan2013 0100 - Briefly over CIWW; "WRSB Canandaigua... the Sonshine Network."295
WRVP NY Mt. Kisco - 28Feb2012 1800 - Under WORC; R.Visión Cristiana multi-station ID parallel 1330 kHz.  03Feb2024 0701 - Over WLOB; "WWRV 1330 AM New York, KCKN 1020 AM Roswell, New Mexico, WRVP 1310 AM Mt. Kisco, New York, WWCL 1440 AM Ft. Myers, Florida, WVZN 1580 AM Columbia, Pennsylvania, and W243DS 96.5 FM Columbia, Pennsylvania," with raygun sound effects.155
WTLB NY Utica - 04Feb2017 0700 - Over the jumble; "WTLB Utica, WRNY Rome, WIXT Little Falls, the home of the Yankees, ESPN Radio Utica-Rome."  03Nov2021 0600 - Fair; "Your home for Giants football, 96.5 ESPN Radio Utica-Rome."
WBFD PA Bedford - 26Nov2021 1700 - Good; "WBFD Bedford, News/Talk 98.7 FM," then gone.
WTZN PA Troy - 07Mar2016 0600 - Over/under WORC La Mega; "...on WTZN Troy and WTTC Towanda."
WDKD SC Kingstree - 18Oct2015 0600 - In the mix; PSA about South Carolina education, ID, "98.9 ESPN Radio, WOLH Florence... HD2 Lamar, WDKD Kingstree, programmed by Community Broadcasting."
WDCT VA Fairfax - 10Dec2022 0600 - Over/under WEMG and WLOB; "...1310 AM WDCT Fairfax, Virginia - Washington, DC."  03Feb2024 0300 - Fair; "You have your dial set on 1310 AM WDCT Fairfax, Virginia - Washington DC," and Spanish program.
CIWW ON Ottawa - 29Feb2012 0000 - Over/under WRVP; "Ottawa's only live 24 hour radio station ...1310 News is CIWW, a division of Rogers Radio," time check, "This is 1310 News."  08Dec2020 0600 - Fair; "Number one for local news in Ottawa and the valley, this is City News, now on 101-1 FM and 1310 AM."  Off the air October 2023.276
WATR CT Waterbury - 21Feb2012 1800 - Under WDER; "Your radio station for news, talk, and your favorite oldies, 1320 AM WATR Waterbury."  05Mar2021 1800 - Over WDER; "AM, FM, and online, WATR 1320 AM, 97.7 FM, and WATR dot com, Waterbury," into Fox news.113
WICO MD Salisbury - 18Jan2012 1800 - Fair in WDER null; "WICO Salisbury, WICO - Delmarva's Talk Station, 92.5... WICO," into news.  14Oct2016 1800 - Under WDER; "...online at WICO AM dot com."370
WRNP MA Attleboro - 21Jan2012 1200 - Under WDER; "You're listening to WARL 1320 AM Attleboro-Providence, positive energy moving forward."  05Oct2014 0600 - Under WDER; "The number one positive variety station, 1320 WRNP Attleboro," ex-WURL.54
WDER NH Derry - 20Jan2012 1600 - Excellent; "This is WDER Derry, Manchester, and Nashua, and streaming live at wder.com" into SRN news.  08Dec2020 - Excellent; "You're listening to WDER 1320 AM Derry and WDER-FM 92.1 Peterborough-Manchester-Nashua," and SRN news.16
WAGY NC Forest City - 21Jan2012 0538 - Fair; Real Country slogan/ID, "...your country 1320 WAGY."753
WTKZ PA Allentown - 19Mar2013 0100 - Over/under WDER and CJMR; "...AM 1230 WEEX Easton and 1320 WTKZ Allentown," and ESPN.
WJAS PA Pittsburgh - 06Feb2012 1800 - Fair; easy listening instrumental, "Pittsburgh's great music station is 1320 WJAS Pittsburgh. It's six o'clock."  24Jan2015 1800 - Fair; Pittsburgh Panthers women's basketball post-game show on IMG. WJAS is the only station listed broadcasting Pitt women's basketball.  28Feb2021 0000 - Under local WDER; "WJAS AM Pittsburgh, online at 1320 WJAS dot com, The Talk of Pittsburgh is 1320 WJAS."461
WGOC TN Kingsport - 11Mar2016 1800 - Over/under WICO; "...tri-cities AM 1320 WGOC Kingsport," lost to network news jumble.
WCVR VT Randolph - 13Sep2012 0500 - Under WDER; C&W music, Real Country jingle with ID, "1320 WCVR Randolph" into ABC news.  05Dec2020 1800 - Over WDER; end of bluegrass show, "This is AM 1320 WCVR Randolph and FM 100.1 W261DJ Randolph, now here's CBS news."  18Dec2021 1558 - In local WDER null; "North Country 1320 and 100.1 WCVR," classic country.101
WVGM VA Lynchburg - 03Jan2012 1800 - Good; ad for "PreOwned Center, 1022 East Main St. in Salem," and ESPN Sports Center.  05Sep2021 0359 - Under WDER; "You're listening to CBS Sports Radio... FM and 1320 WVGM..."543
WVNZ VA Richmond - 12Dec2015 1700 - Through unID nostalgia with local WDER nulled out; "WVNZ, WVNZ..." and urban tropical music.
CJMR ON Oakville - 01Feb2012 2100 - Under WDER; "You're listening to CJMR 1320, The Voice of the City."  01May2021 0000 - Under WDER; selling airtime, "For the first time in decades, The Voice of the City is looking to add your program to the weekly schedule... For rates and more information call CJMR 1320 at 905-271-1320."419
WKTA IL Evanston - 10Dec2016 1701 - Under WWRV with WRCA off the air; "AM 1330 WKTA Evanston... Chicago... a Polnet Communications... broadcast station." Listen to mp3 audio clip.  05Oct2021 1959 - Through unID iHeart radio station; "AM 1330 WKTA Evanston-Northbrook-Chicago and FM 95.9 W240DE Evanston-Chicago," and Mexican music.  18Dec2022 0559 - Under WRCA; "La Mega 95.9 y 1330 AM, la estación más prendida."
WVHI IN Evansville - 12Feb2013 0100 - Fair; "AM 1330 WVHI Evansville, the Voice of Heavenly Inspiration," into Christian teaching program.905
WHGM MD Havre de Grace - 20Sep2011 2000 - Fair, over others; Christian vocals, promo, "WJSS Havre de Grace, new and improved..."  04Sep2015 2300 - Fair; "Proudly serving Harford County since 1948, WHGM Havre de Grace, 104-7 The Point is your feel good station at 104-7 The Point dot com," ex-WJSS.  27Aug2016 2000 - Good; "Streaming over the Chesapeake Bay, across Harford and Cecil counties and beyond, and streaming worldwide at Smash Hits dot FM, this is WHGM Havre de Grace," and Smash Hits jingle.324
WRCA MA Watertown - 01Oct2012 2300 - Good; "A member of the Beasley Broadcast Group, this is 1330 WRCA Watertown-Boston," and disclaimer into Spanish program.  08Jul2017 2300 - Over/under WWRV; "WRCA Watertown, WBOS HD2 Brookline-Boston, W291CZ and WJMN HD2 Boston, WXKS Newton, Bloomberg 106-1 Boston," ex-ethnic.34
WWRV NY New York - 04Feb2012 1800 - Good; Radio Visión Cristiana jingle, "Esta es una señal internacional, WWRV 1330 AM New York, WRVP 1310 AM Mount Kisco, WWCL 1440 AM Fort Myers, Florida, WVZN 1580 AM Columbia, Pennsylvania, WTOC 1360 AM Newton, New Jersey, 530 AM Caicos Island, British West Indies."  28Feb2012 1800 - Good; multi-station ID, listen to mp3 audio clip.180
WEBO NY Owego - 12Mar2013 1700 - Fair; "...Newsradio WEBO Owego," and NASCAR Live.  16Sep2013 1900 - Good; "Remember, you get a local weather forecast every half hour and severe weather alerts at once from YNN on the Southern Tier's hometown station, News Radio WEBO," and CBS news.  12Jan2014 0500 - Good; "W267BQ Richford, W300BV Owego, Commercial K (?) studios in the heart of the southern tier, here comes another hour of local news, weather, sports, community information, and great music, on the southern tier hometown station celebrating 55 years," and gone with switch to night power.  05Feb2017 0601 - Good; "Celebrating 10 years of ownership under the Radigan Broadcast Group, from our showcase studio in downtown Owego, at 101.3 FM, 105.1, 107.9, 1330 AM, streaming on your computer and mobile devices, this is your hometown station, News Radio WEBO Owego-Candor-Waverly."  04Mar2021 1800 - Good; jingle, "More music, more variety, WEBO Elmira-Binghamton," and CBS news, ex-news/talk.
WSPQ NY Springville - 03Mar2012 1900 - Over/under WWRV; "The greatest music ever made, Classic Hits 1330 WSPQ."  15Oct2016 0600 - Fair; "The Country Classics program on Classic Hits 1330 WSPQ..."365
WHAZ NY Troy - 31Jan2015 0700 - Over/under WWRV; multi-station ID with mention of broadcasting for the greater capital region and Alive Radio Network, "WHAZ... WMYY... WHAZ-FM Hoosick Falls."
WANG NC Havelock - 12Mar2017 0600 - Popped up through WWRV; "...right here on WANG Havelock."
WFIN OH Findlay - 18Feb2017 0500 - Poor through WWRV; "This is your news, sports, and weather authority..." into ABC news.
WFNN PA Erie - 17Sep2013 0100 - Poor; "You're listening to The Fan 1330..." and Fox sports.  28Feb2021 0100 - Over/under unID's; "WFNN Erie... on the iHeart radio app... AM 1330 The Fan, an iHeart radio station," and Fox Sports.  06Oct2023 0100 - Fair; "WFNN Erie, WEBG Mina, an iHeart radio station," and Fox Sports Radio.
WYRD SC Greenville - 14Feb2012 2300 - Through WRCA and unID America's Best Music nostalgia; "Newsradio WORD AM, WYRD FM."  26Mar2017 0200 - Poor; ID for WYRD Greenville and WORD Spartanburg into ESPN Radio SportsCenter.799
KCKM TX Monahans - 22Mar2014 0107 - Through WSPQ and WWRV; DX test Morse code and sweep tones. The sweep tones were strongest at 0114. Listen to mp3 audio clip of sweep tones through WSPQ and WWRV.1883
WBTM VA Danville - 15Feb2014 1800 - Barely atop; "We're 102-5 FM, 1330 AM... WBTM Danville dot com."
WESR VA Onley-Onancock - 04Oct2012 1900 - Over WRCA; "Your station for today's best talk and yesterday's favorites, AM 1330 WESR Onley-Onancock, hot talk and cool classics."  24Sep2016 0600 - Fair; "You're listening to AM 1330 WESR Onley-Onancock and FM 105-7 Coastal Country, Virginia news is next," into Virginia News Network.  14Jan2023 1701 - Breaking through WFNN; fast Morse code ID for FM translator.409
WYBC CT New Haven - 21Feb2012 2300 - Fair; PRI promo, "Thanks for listening to 1340 WYBC New Haven, Connecticut, a service of the WSHU Public Radio Group, programs on wshu.org."  15Oct2012 0600 - Popped up in the middle of what sounded like a sign-on announcement, "WYBC AM is owned by Yale Broadcasting Corporation, and programmed by the WSHU Public Radio Group under a CDA (?). The WSHU Public Radio Group is owned and operated by Sacred Heart University with main studios and offices on the university's campus at 5151 Park Avenue, Fairfield, Connecticut. WYBC AM maintains a local studio at 142 Temple Street, New Haven, Connecticut. WYBC AM broadcasts at 1340 kilohertz from its transmitter in West Haven, Connecticut, with a transmitter power of 1000 watts day and 980 watts night as authorized by the Federal Communications Commission." Listen to mp3 audio clip.123
WMDR ME Augusta - 05Mar2012 1800 - Under WGAW and WYBC; "Encouraging Talk Radio, The Word, WMDR Augusta-Waterville."  10Jan2016 1100 - Over WIRY; "WMDR Augusta 1340 AM, W232CU Augusta 94.3 FM, we're The Light."  29Jul2017 2000 - Fair; ID's for 94.3 and 94.7 FM, then Maine weather on the Worship Radio Network.  01Mar2024 1759 - Fair; "You're listening to 1340 WMDR AM Augusta, 100.9 W265DP Augusta, and online at Worship Radio Network dot org."142
WNZS ME Veazie - 05Nov2011 2050 - Fair at best; promo during zamboni break of college hockey coverage, "...on Newsradio 1340 WNZS."  30Jan2014 0600 - Fair; "Newsradio 1340 WNZS Veazie-Brewer-Bangor," into ABC news.205
WGAW MA Gardner - 28Feb2012 1700 - Over WNBH; Dennis Miller, "Greater Gardner's source for local news and information, AM 1340 WGAW Gardner," and ABC news.25
WNBH MA New Bedford - 07Mar2012 2000 - Fair; "You're listening to ESPN 1340 WNBH New Bedford."  02Dec2023 1700 - Fair; "From the nation's number one fishing seaport, WNBH and WCTK HD2 New Bedford," classic hits.82
WBRK MA Pittsfield - 27Dec2013 0600 - Briefly breaking through; "...requests and dedications, dial 443-WBRK."
WBNC NH North Conway - 10Dec2012 1520 - In WGAW null; mountain hiking info, many Mount Washington and North Conway mentions, ID, "You're listening to 95.3 FM, Mount Washington Valley Visitor Information Radio."  17Dec2022 1600 - Over WSTJ The Notch; Easy 95.3 jingle.89
WMID NJ Atlantic City - 05Nov2011 1855 - Popped up with ID, "The all new Classic Oldies WMID."  28May2023 0502 - Fair; "WCMC Wildwood, WEZW Wildwood Crest, powered by a million watts of memories and broadcasting from Wildwood, the doo-wop capital of the world, welcome to the oldies but goodies station..." and Classic Oldies WMID jingle/ID.277
WMBO NY Auburn - 11Dec2013 0000 - Barely atop the jumble; "WMBO Auburn... AM 1340," and nostalgia, ex-WWLF R.Disney.  29Jan2014 0500 - Fair; "WMBO Auburn, AM 1340 WBTL" and all-Beatles music. February 2014 marks the 50th anniversary of the Beatles first visit to the U.S.  28Nov2015 0059 - Over/under WIRY; multi-station ID including WNDR-FM Syracuse, an Oneida FM HD channel, and 103.9 FM.  28Nov2019 1759 - Fair; "Serving central New York and beyond from the inner harbor, we are WSEN Mexico-Syracuse, WOLF-FM HD2 Baldwinsville, WMBO Auburn, WMVN HD2 Sylvan Beach, and WFBL Syracuse, The Dinosaur."
WENT NY Gloversville - 25Apr2012 2200 - Over/under WGAW; "FM 105.1, AM 1340, WENT Gloversville-Johnstown."  18Oct2013 0600 - Fair; "Serving Montgomery County for nearly 70 years, FM 105.1 and AM 1340 WENT Gloversville-Johnstown."  19Oct2014 0000 - Fair; sign-off announcement, "FM 105.1 and AM 1340 WENT," and instrumental Star Spangled Banner.  13Jan2023 1700 - Fair; "Serving Fulton and Montgomery counties for more than 75 years, this is FM 105.1 and AM 1340 WENT Gloversville-Johnstown."145
WLVL NY Lockport - 07Feb2013 0100 - Through jumble; "Hometown 1340 WLVL Lockport."366
WMSA NY Massena - 20Sep2012 0000 - Fair; "1340 WMSA, Massena's news and information station."  09Dec2017 1801 - Fair; "1340 WMSA, Massena and the Seaway Valley's news and information station," into CBS news.226
WALL NY Middletown - 07Dec2011 1900 - Over WIRY; "You're listening to Army Sports on the Hudson Valley's True Oldies Channel, AM 1340 WALL Middletown, AM 1390 WEOK Poughkeepsie."  27May2016 0000 - Over WIRY; "The Hudson Valley's hometown station, WALL Middletown-Poughkeepsie."173
WIRY NY Plattsburgh - 06Dec2011 2145 - Fair; weather, call ID and oldies music with a local in-studio live announcer, "Here's an oldie from Van McCoy."  18Jun2013 0401 - Fair; "The best music on the best station, Hometown Radio WIRY Plattsburgh."165
WNCO OH Ashland - 21Dec2012 1800 - Fading in nicely; "...and sports fans everywhere, an iHeart radio station, WNCO AM Ashland, Fox Sports 1340."  29Dec2019 0500 - Over WMID and others; "Fox Sports 1340 WNCO Ashland-Mansfield, an iHeart radio station."574
WHAT PA Philadelphia - 08Mar2013 0359 - Atop the pile; "Esta es tu estación, El Zol 1340," and romántica/tropical music.  09Sep2013 2000 - Fair; Philadelphia Eagles football in Spanish interspersed with football terms in English such as "third down."
WTRN PA Tyrone - 15Feb2013 0500 - Barely atop the pile; "WTRN... 100.7 W264BZ Tyrone..."376
WWPA PA Williamsport - 22Feb2013 0100 - Heard through the jumble; "You're listening to AM 1340 WWPA and 101.3 FM W267BJ Williamsport."  18Apr2020 2100 - Poor; "ESPN Radio, WWPA Williamsport, WMLP Milton..." and FM translators.  07Jan2023 1700 - Fair; "WWPA Williamsport, W269DX Williamsport, WMLP Milton, W233CP Milton, WILQ HD3 Williamsport," and Townhall news.301
WVNR VT Poultney - 29Nov2012 1700 - Over/under WNZS and WYBC; "The Lakes Region information station, WVNR Poultney-Rutland, WNYV Whitehall, Saratoga, Glens Falls."  05Jul2020 0600 - Fair, over WYBC; "On 94.1 FM and 1340 AM this is Lakes Region Radio news."  31May2021 0500 - "WVNR Poultney-Glens Falls-Saratoga... 94.1 FM."101
WSTJ VT St. Johnsbury - 07Dec2011 1800 - Fair over WNBH; "You're listening to a live simulcast of Channel 3 News on 1340 WSTJ St. Johnsbury."  18Jun2013 0200 - Fair; "This is the Spirit of the Kingdom, 1340 WSTJ St. Johnsbury. Now stay tuned as AP covers the world at 2 o'clock."  06Dec2020 1700 - Briefly over WIRY; "97.7 WGMT Lyndonville-St. Johnsbury-Littleton."  18Jun2021 2200 - Poor; "You're listening to The Notch, 106.3 WMTK Littleton, 104.1 WSTJ St. Johnsbury..." 119
WEPM WV Martinsburg - 14Feb2012 2300 - Briefly atop the graveyard; ESPN Radio promo, "Your home for the West Virginia Mountaineers and the best coverage of high school sports in the eastern panhandle, Sports Radio 1340 WEPM Martinsburg."  Listen to mp3 audio clip.405
WNLK CT Norwalk - 02Feb2012 2000 - Fair; "Programs on WNLK AM 1350 Norwalk, Connecticut, and wshu.org are a service of the WSHU Public Radio Group," into Public Radio International program.  01Oct2014 1900 - Good; "This is WSHU-FM and HD Fairfield, WSUF Noyack-Greenport-New London, WQQQ Sharon, WSTC Stamford, and WSHU AM Westport," into All Things Considered.  07Mar2016 0559 - Over/under WOYK; "This is 1350 WNLK AM Norwalk and 1400 WSTC AM Stamford," and light nostalgia/oldies vocals, ex-WSHU relay.  10Jul2016 0059 - Over WOYK; promo, "The fastest growing media network in Connecticut, that's WNLK 1350 AM..." and ID, "1350 WNLK Norwalk-Bridgeport-Stamford," into R&B/gospel music.  13Nov2021 0500 - Poor; "Veritas Catholic Radio, WNLK Norwalk," and Vatican Insider program.148
WINY CT Putnam - 22Feb2012 1700 - Fair; "WINY in Putnam, it's five o'clock," into AP news.  28Feb2012 1700 - Good; "WINY Putnam, hear us live online anytime from home or work at winyradio.com," and local news.60
WHNM NH Laconia - 29Feb2012 1700 - Fair; "Your home for the greatest hits of the '60s and '70s, New Hampshire's good time oldies station, WEZS Laconia, Oldies 1350." 08Apr2024 1500 - Over WINY; classic hits, "WHNM 1350 AM and 103.3 FM Laconia-Concord, a Costa Eagle Media station," Moose FM jingle.54
WHWH NJ Princeton - 25Feb2017 1758 - Over WOYK; bachata vocal, then a Latin American flute instrumental leading up to quick ID, "1350 WHWH Princeton, New Jersey" and more Latino music.
WRNY NY Rome - 09Dec2017 0600 - Under/over WOYK; "Home of the Yankees, ESPN Utica-Rome."  05Sep2020 2100 - Fair; 10 second station ID on the WFAN New York Yankees Radio Network, "WTLB Utica, WRNY Rome, ESPN Radio Utica-Rome now on 96.5 FM."  17Apr2021 0500 - Fair; "WTLB Utica, WRNY Rome, your home for Giants football, 96.5 ESPN Radio Utica-Rome."
WARF OH Akron - 03Mar2012 2100 - Under WOYK;"Broadcasting from the... studios, this is WARF Akron, Fox Sports 1350."  28Oct2022 0500 - Fair; "WARF Akron-Cleveland, Fox Sports 1350 The Gambler, an iHeart radio station."525
WOYK PA York - 06Feb2012 1800 - Fair; "First in York, first in sports" and singing "WOYK York-Harrisburg-Lancaster."  Listen to mp3 audio clip.336
WGPL VA Portsmouth - 24Oct2012 1901 - Fair; soft jazz instrumental music, and an equally soft-spoken announcer with many 1350 AM WGPL mentions, "...right here on the all new 1350 WGPL." Off-frequency signal measured at 1350.069 kHz rumbling against other 1350 signals.  12Jan2014 0600 - Gospel music through the hour; off-frequency at 1350.072 as listed in mwoffsets data, loud growl against WOYK.478
CKAD NS Middleton - 26Mar2011 0000 - Good; country music, "1420 CKDY Digby, 1350 CKAD Middleton, 103.3 FM Weymouth, 97.7 CKEN in Kentville. AVR, an MBS radio station."  03Feb2023 0459 - Fair; "97.7 FM CKEN Kentville, 1450 CFAB Windsor, and 1350 CKAD Middleton, together we are all Nova Scotians..." into instrumental national anthem.360
WDRC CT Hartford - 05Mar2012 2100 - Good; "The Talk of Connecticut, WDRC AM and WDRC-FM HD3 Hartford, WSNG Torrington, WWCO Waterbury, WMMW Meriden," and AP news.87
WFLW KY Monticello - 04Mar2023 0500 - Poor; "WFLW and W239CP Monticello, Kentucky," into NBC news.
WLYN MA Lynn - 24Feb2012 1700 - Fair; "AM 1360 WLYN Lynn, a multicultural radio station," and ethnic program.33
WKYO MI Caro - 13Feb2014 0500 - Jingle cutting through jumble, singing "WKYO Caro."  29Nov2015 0600 - Under WDRC; "Local news you can depend on," and jingle, "WKYO Caro."
WKMI MI Kalamazoo - 14Feb2012 2300 - Fair; "That's 269-344-0111, that's Talk Radio 1360 WKMI's... call 269-344-0111..."  12Sep2020 0000 - Fair, over het from unID 1359 kHz; "This is your station for information, WKMI Kalamazoo," into ABC news.  06Oct2021 0600 - Through WDRC and unID gospel; promo, "...on WKMI and the WKMI app," and ID, "The conversation starts here, on WKMI Kalamazoo, a Townsquare Media station."715
WTOC NJ Newton - 07May2011 2000 - Fair; "1360 AM WTOC Newton" and True Oldies Channel.  13Dec2012 1600 - Over/under WDRC; R.Visión Cristiana multiple station ID, ex-True Oldies Channel.  27Aug2016 2000 - Under WDRC; ID in Spanish-accented English, "WTOC 1360 AM Newton, New Jersey... W240EE 95.9 FM Dover, New Jersey, Transformación Radio..."202
WNJC NJ Washington Township - 07May2011 1959 - Briefly atop WTOC; blues music, "You're listening to WNJC 1360 AM in Washington Township, New Jersey."  03Mar2013 0500 - Fair; "WNJC 1360 AM Washington Township, New Jersey, on the web www.wnjc1360.com."  20Mar2013 0500 - Good; Mexican music, "exitos" promo with "La super station" slogan. Per online program schedule, "La Super 1360" airs midnight to 6:30 a.m. or when not filled by other paid programs.  24May2013 2300 - Good; "WNJC 1360 AM Washington Township-Philadelphia, Philadelphia's renaissance radio station broadcasting online at wnjc1360.com, a service of Forsythe Broadcasting," into Spanish program.  27Jan2018 0600 - Fair; "La Super 1360, el poder latino," and Spanish music.  12Sep2020 0058 - DX test, 1200 watts; sweep tones through the hour, then Morse code.  20Sep2020 0001 - DX test, 800 watts directional; Morse code through WDRC. Listen to mp3 audio clip.275
WYOS NY Binghamton - 21Mar2012 1900 - Fair; "Your home for sports 24/7, this is ESPN Radio 1360 AM, WYOS Binghamton, a Cumulus station."  02Jan2021 1700 - Fair; "Binghamton's home for CBS Sports Radio and the Jim Rome Show weekdays from noon to 3, you're listening to CBS Sports Radio 1360 AM WYOS Binghamton, and now streaming online at 1360 Binghamton dot com." Jan2023 - Off the air due to transmitter failure.229
WOEN NY Olean - 04Mar2012 2000 - Poor with WDRC and unID oldies; "News/Talk 1360, news, talk, and weather, we have it all... WOEN Olean..."  27Nov2021 0101 - Fair; "Walk on the Wild Side" by Lou Reed, "W242CT and WOEN AM Olean, WQRS Salamanca, a Seven Mountains Media station," and "Love the One You're With" by Crosby, Stills, & Nash, ex-news/talk.354
WCHL NC Chapel Hill - 29Jan2012 2200 - Over/under WDRC; "...and progressive talk all day, News/Talk 1360 WCHL Chapel Hill-Carrboro's news, talk, and Tar Heels station."616
WSAI OH Cincinnati - 11Dec2016 0600 - Fair; "You're tuned in to 1360 WSAI Cincinnati, this is Fox Sports 1360."
WWOW OH Conneaut - 13Feb2014 1800 - Under/over WYOS and WDRC; oldies, ID with jingle, "You're listening to WWOW Conneaut."  09Jan2016 1700 - Fair; "Ladies and gentlemen, you're listening to WWOW Conneaut," and Forgotten 45's program.  07Jan2023 0600 - Under WDRC with WYOS off the air; "Gloria" by Shadows of Knight, "1360 WWOW Conneaut, and now on 102.9 FM."
WMNY PA McKeesport - 10Feb2012 1800 - Briefly atop the jumble; "...McKeesport-Pittsburgh, on the web at wmnyradio.com."464
WPPA PA Pottsville - 26Jan2023 1700 - Over WDRC; "AM 1360 WPPA Pottsville, and W290DP Pottsville," into CBS news.  27Jan2023 0400 - Finally ID'ed the sports talker heard under WDRC since WYOS went off; "We've got more great sports talk on the way, AM 1360 WPPA Pottsville."
WHBG VA Harrisonburg - 06Feb2012 1800 - Fair; "This is ESPN 1360, WHBG Harrisonburg" and ESPN Radio Sports Center.  15Sep2012 0400 - Fair; "This is ESPN 1360, WHGB..."  30Jan2016 1700 - Over WDRC; "WHBG Harrisonburg, WQPO HD2 Harrisonburg, 1360 AM, 101.3 FM," and ESPN.  11Feb2017 1800 - Over/under WTOC and WDRC; "ESPN 1360... 101-3 WHBG Harrisonburg, WQPO HD2 Harrisonburg."  09Dec2023 1700 - Fair; "ESPN 106-9 and 1360 is WHBG Harrisonburg-Bridgewater-Timberville, a Harrisonburg Radio Group station."487
WTAQ WI Green Bay - 30Oct2021 1858 - Fair; 97-5 WTAQ promo, ads, ID, "WTAQ News Talk Sports, WTAQ Green Bay, WTAQ-FM Glenmore, a service of..." into Fox news.
WDEA ME Ellsworth - 18Feb2012 2100 - In WFEA null; "You're listening to Hancock County's original radio station, AM 1370 WDEA Ellsworth, a Cumulus station," and ABC news.195
WQLL MD Pikesville - 14Oct2012 0000 - Fair; "This is WQLL Pikesville-Baltimore, Q 1370, Baltimore's greatest hits" and oldies.357
WFEA NH Manchester - 17Feb2012 1800 - Good; "From the Bonneville & Son.com studios, AM 1370 WFEA Manchester," and CBS news.  12Dec2015 0600 - Good; "99.9 FM and 1370 WFEA Manchester, it's 6 o'clock and time for CBS news."13
WJIP NY Ellenville - 03Oct2012 0600 - Through WFEA; Rush promo with WKIP ID.  13Feb2013 0500 - Under WFEA; comedy radio, ex-news/talk.  03Sep2016 1858 - Over local WFEA; intro to New York Mets baseball coverage with long list of sponsors. "Newsradio 1450 and 1370 WKIP" is the only affiliate on 1370 kHz.162
WXXI NY Rochester - 27Mar2012 2300 - Under WFEA during moment of dead air; "This is WXXI AM Rochester, WXXI-FM HD2 Rochester."  Listen to mp3 audio clip.308
WGIV NC Pineville - 29Feb2012 0000 - In jumble after WFEA s/off; soft-voiced announcer, "WGIV Pineville-Charlotte."721
WTAB NC Tabor City - 30Jan2012 0100 - Fair; "WTAB Tabor City," then weather forecasting daytime temperatures in the 60's, country music.  27Jan2013 0100 - Fair; weather from the North Carolina News Network, "AM 1370, the Twin Cities favorite, WTAB Tabor City-Loris."712
WSPD OH Toledo - 17Jan2013 0100 - Under WQLL; "Toledo's news, traffic and weather station, 1370 WSPD Toledo, WRVF HD2 Toledo."621
WWCB PA Corry - 11Feb2014 0400 - Fair; "Serving Corry and all of northwestern Pennsylvania and southwestern New York... since 1955, this is 1370 AM WWCB Corry," and oldies.
WPAZ PA Pottstown - 11Feb2014 0600 - Fair with local WFEA nulled; "1370 AM WPAZ Pottstown," and an a cappella Christian hymn.
WBTN VT Bennington - 28May2013 0200 - Poor; ID with what sounded like two callsigns but only caught last part, "...WBTN Bennington," into AP news.
WSHV VA South Hill - 19Feb2013 0400 - Under WTAB; "The new 96.7 WSHV" and R&B music.543
WVLY WV Moundsville - 22Mar2013 0400 - Fair; "This is the Watchdog, AM 1370 WVLY Moundsville," and ABC news.
WFNW CT Naugatuck - 23Oct2012 1800 - Fair; "1380 AM, Naugatuck," religion in Spanish, "Bendiciones..." with mention of iglesia in la ciudad de Waterbury.  10Feb2014 1550 - Loud het against 1380 WNRI with local 1370 WFEA nulled; Portuguese pop/folk music parallel web stream. Measured at 1379.714 kHz.  09Jul2016 0200 - Portuguese; off-frequency at 1379.710 kHz producing a loud het against WKDM and WABH.115
WMJR KY Nicholasville - 11Dec2016 1659 - Poor through WSYB; "Donate online at Relevant Radio dot com," and ID with slogan, "Talk radio for a Catholic life."
WPHM MI Port Huron - 11Dec2016 0400 - Poor; "This is the Blue Water area's home for Coast to Coast AM, 1380 WPHM Port Huron." Listen to mp3 audio clip.
WMYF NH Portsmouth - 27Feb2013 1100 - Under WNRI; "ESPN Radio 1380, WMYF Porthsmouth, the Sports Animal."  04Dec2015 1601 - Fair; country oldies, "WMYF AM Portsmouth, an iHeart country station," ex-ESPN.44
WABH NY Bath - 27Mar2012 2300 - Poor over WKDM and unID C&W music; espnradio.com promo, "1380 WABH Bath, a Robert Pfuntner Group station, and a service of Pembroke Pines Media Group."  13Sep2012 0000 - ESPN promo, "ESPN Radio, AM 1380 WABH The Sports Giant, Bath, New York."  03Oct2013 0600 - Good; "It's your kind of music on WEHH Elmira Heights-Horseheads, WABH Bath, and WGGO Salamanca," into CBS news, ex-ESPN sports.  03Jan2014 1800 - Good; "Sports radio for the southern tier, the all new NBC Sportsradio 1380 WABH Bath, New York," and NBC Sportsradio update.  20Feb2016 0459 - Good; "WEHH where all the good songs have gone," and light oldies.296
WKDM NY New York - 16Feb2012 2300 - Fair; "WKDM 1380 AM New York" into Asian/ethnic program.  14Oct2012 0600 - Good; "WKDM New York City" and Spanish program.186
WKJV NC Ashville - 16Feb2012 1800 - Fair; local weather, Sounds of Faith gospel broadcast from Shelby, North Carolina.  11Dec2016 1701 - Good on fade in; "Thank you so much for listening to the King's Radio Network," time check, "The King's Radio time is now 5 o'clock," into "Gospel Time" program.  23Dec2016 1701 -Fair; "WKJV Ashville, North Carolina, WKJW Black Mountain, North Carolina," and King's Radio time check.  07Feb2020 2259 - Fair; "This is WKJV Asheville, North Carolina, and WKJW Black Mountain, North Carolina," and King's Radio Network weather, then Gospel Hour program. Listen to mp3 audio clip.770
WMLP PA Milton - 28Sep2014 1900 - Under WABH; "...on Talk Radio 1380 WMLP Milton, and online at 1380 WMLP dot com."  26Mar2017 0700 - Over WABH; "More Real Estate Today is coming up after Fox News Radio on Talk Radio 1380 WMLP Milton."
WLIN PA Waynesboro - 14Oct2016 1759 - In sunset jumble; local ad for Buchanan Auto Park in Waynesboro, ID and ESPN.  30Nov2019 0600 - Fair; "You're listening to CBS sports on WLIN 1380 AM and W265DU Waynesboro, 100.9 The Line, news and sports... Mason-Dixon line," and Westwood One news, ex-WCBG.
WNRI RI Woonsocket - 22Feb2012 1701 - Brief fade in; talk show host said, "Good afternoon, you're on WNRI," and caller said, "Yes, Larry, I'm calling from Seekonk, Mass."  04Feb2017 1700 - Fair; "WNRI and W236CW Woonsocket, 1380 AM and 95.1 FM."49
WNRR SC North Augusta - 14Feb2012 2300 - Fair; "...radio 1380 WNRR AM North Augusta, Where News Radio Rocks, streaming live at wnrr1380.com," and Fox news.  70 watts. Listen to mp3 audio clip.852
KQKD SD Redfield - 15Jan2022 0159 - DX test; bits of Morse code breaking through co-channel signals. Listen to mp3 audio clip.
WSYB VT Rutland - 26Feb2012 2000 - Fair; "WSYB Rutland and wsyb1380am.com" and CNN news.  02Oct2016 1900 - Fair; "WSYB Rutland and WSYB 1380 AM dot com, we're your source."  01Mar2024 1758 - Good; "Dreamlover" by Mariah Carey, "Classic 100.1 WSYB," and "What a Fool Believes" by The Doobie Brothers, ex-news/sports.95
WBTK VA Richmond - 22Feb2012 1701 - Fade in over WNRI; "WBTK Richmond" in English, then woman in Spanish, "WBTK 1380 AM."471
CKPC ON Brantford - 16Jul2012 2200 - Over/under others; promo, "...online at am1380.ca," and country music.  14Oct2014 0600 - Briefly over WSYB; "It's 6 o'clock, the New Country Morning Show, I'm Tom Allan."  05Mar2021 0459 - Good; "Arise Christian Radio AM 1380 is CKPC AM, an Evanov Radio Group station, serving Brantford, Waterloo, Woodstock, and Simcoe," contemporary Christian music, ex-country.447
WEGP ME Presque Isle - 26Feb2012 2000 - Good; "We've been on the air since 1960, but we've upgraded our signal and now sounding better than ever, this is WEGP AM 1390 Presque Isle-Caribou... all over northern Maine and western New Brunswick, with the most powerful AM signal in the state, 25,000 watts, WEGP AM 1390 Presque Isle."  29Feb2012 2200 - Excellent; promo, jingle, and ID. Listen to mp3 audio clip.  03Oct2015 0600 - Fair; "This is 106.7 WXTP North Windham serving Portland and LA, WEGP Presque Isle, WXBP Corinth, WTBP Bath, WWTP Augusta, the Presence Radio Network," ex-news/talk.  16Feb2020 2300 - Good, over WFBL The Dinosaur; "Always loud and clear on your smart speaker, talk radio for Catholic life, WEGP Presque Isle, WWTP Augusta, WXTP North Windham, WTBP Bath, WXBP Corinth, Relevant Radio," into Catholic news.321
WZHF MD Capitol Heights - 15Oct2016 1800 - Poor over WRSC; ID in Spanglish, "WZHF Capitol Heights... la capital de la nación Washington... Radio Fiesta 1390, te toca de todo." Location moved from Virginia transmitter site in June 2014 (along with WUST) to multiplex with 1580 WJFK in Maryland.  13Mar2021 1800 - Fair; "WZHF Capitol Heights" and disclaimer with Department of Justice info.
WPLM MA Plymouth - 28Feb2013 1000 - Good; "This is the Money Matters Radio Network, WBNW 1120 AM Concord-Boston, WPLM 1390 AM Plymouth, and WESO 970 AM Southbridge," then WRKO news parallel 680 WRKO.  28Aug2015 0600 - Good; "Easy 99.1 traffic," sports headlines, "Easy 99.1 weather," temperature in Boston, "Today's Easy 99.1," and local ads.
WLCM MI Lansing - 30Oct2015 1900 - Under WCAT; "24 hours a day, 7 days a week... WLCM, Victory 1390..."  18Dec2016 1700 - Over/under WRSC; promo for free public service announcements, "...courtesy of your friends at 1390 WLCM," and ID, "Victory 1390 WLCM Holt-Lansing."  22Oct2021 1900 - Briefly over WFBL; "Over 30 years of Christian programming for Lansing, Victory 1390 WLCM Holt."
WEOK NY Poughkeepsie - 13Dec2012 1600 - Fair; True Oldies Channel.  10Feb2014 1700 - Fair; "True Oldies 1390, WEOK Poughkeepsie, let the music play 24 hours a day, this is America's True Oldies Channel."  27Oct2014 0701 - Good; "This is the Hudson Valley's good time oldies station, 1390 WEOK Poughkeepsie," and ABC News Now.  30Oct2016 1800 - Fair; "WEOK Poughkeepsie, WPDH HD3 Poughkeepsie, W239BL Poughkeepsie, W239AC Middletown," and Spanish vocals, ex-oldies.  05Feb2017 1659 - Over/under WRSC; "Juan, tocando lo que le gusta," into an emotive Spanish rock vocal.140
WFBL NY Syracuse - 27Mar2012 2300 - Under WZHF; "CNY Talk Radio, 1390 WFBL Syracuse, 1150 WUTI Utica..."  26Aug2017 2000 - Good;'70s oldies interrupted by a quick "WFBL Syracuse," ex-news/talk.  09Dec2017 1759 - Over WCAT; "In your car, at work, or at a gathering, tell your friends about the biggest hits on 95.3 103.9 The Dinosaur," and oldies.  19Dec2022 1701 - Good; "Serving central New York and beyond from the Inner Harbor, we are WSEN Mexico-Syracuse, WOLF-FM HD2 Baldwinsville, WMBO Auburn, WMVN HD2 Sylvan Beach, and WFBL Syracuse, The Dinosaur," classic hits.239
WRIV NY Riverhead - 12Dec2015 2200 - Fair; "This is the only reason to listen to AM radio, 1390 WRIV Riverhead."
WEED NC Rocky Mount - 12Mar2017 0558 - Over/under WZHF Fiesta 1390 AM Mexican music; "Joy 1390... WEED AM Rocky Mount, Joy 1390," and Black gospel music.
WJRM NC Troy - 26Mar2017 0100 - Through WZHF Fiesta 1390; "...Troy, North Carolina," and mention of WJRM Facebook page.
WNIO OH Youngstown - 16Feb2012 1800 - Good; "This is the Sports Animal, 1390 WNIO and WNIO HD Youngstown," and Fox sports, then abruptly lost with switch to night facilities leaving WZHF in clear.  05Feb2014 1800 - Fair; "From the Refresh Dental studios, Refresh Dental, healthier teeth, happier you, this is Sports Animal 1390 WNIO Youngstown, an iHeart radio station," into Fox sports.  09Dec2020 1600 - Over WFBL The Dinosaur; iHeart Radio promo/ID for WNIO, then slogan ID, "Youngstown 1390 The Gambler."  07Jan2023 2000 - Fair; "WNIO Youngstown, 1390 The Gambler," and Sports Betting Network.483
WLAN PA Lancaster - 09Sep2013 1900 - Fair; "...and now on FM at 97.3 HD2, this is WHP Harrisburg, it's 7 o'clock," into Fox news. 97.3 is WRVV.  03Mar2017 1800 - Over WZHF; "WRAW Reading" and promo in Spanish for iHeart Radio app, then Spanish urban music.
WRSC PA State College - 14Sep2012 2300 - Through WZHF; "...on Newsradio 103 WRSC," and ID, "This is Money Talks 1390 WRSC State College."  08Sep2013 0500 - Fair; "A proud affiliate of the ABC radio network, this is Money Talk 1390 WRSC State College."  14Oct2014 1859 - Under WCAT comedy; "This is WRSC State College, 1390 The Fanatic," ex-business talk.  21Dec2022 1800 - Fair, over WFBL; "This is News Radio 93-3 WRSC State College," ex-sports talk.357
WSPO SC Charleston - 04Mar2012 2100 - Fair; "This is Fox Sports 1390, WSPO Charleston, online at wsposports.com, your home for Jim Rome and Fox Sports Radio."  Listen to mp3 audio clip.  06Nov2021 1900 - Good; gospel music, "WSPO Charleston, and WXST HD2 Hollywood-Charleston, a Charleston Radio Group station, we are Heaven 100.1."824
WCAT VT Burlington - 22Dec2012 1701 - Fair; oldies music, "WCAT Burlington, WFAD Middlebury, WRSA St. Albans, and WIFY Addison-Plattsburgh-Burlington," Cruisin' 93.7 jingle, and ABC News Now.  24Sep2014 1900 - Good; "WCAT Burlington, WRSA St. Albans, Comedy 1390, Burlington's home for comedy," ex-Cruisin' 93.7.  07Aug2015 1959 - Fair; "From the roots of rock 'n' roll to the golden age of country, all the legends right here, this is Burlington's Big Cat, WCAT Channel 98," oldies music, and ID, "Burlington's Big Cat is WCAT Burlington, WRSA St. Albans, and W252CJ Burlington." ex-comedy.  10Jun2017 2200 - Fair; "Business Radio WCAT Burlington-Plattsburgh, W252CJ Burlington" and Bloomburg Radio, ex-oldies.149
WZHF VA Arlington - 30Jan2012 0100 - Good, over WEGP; "WZHF Arlington," intro music bed, "This is the Voice of Russia.  The Voice of Russia is broadcasting 24/7 in New York on 1430 AM and in Washington on 1390 AM."  Moved from Virginia to the 1580 WJFK transmitter site in Maryland, June 2014. New city of license Capitol Heights, Maryland.  11May2024 0400 - Fair; "WZHF Capitol Heights," Department of Justice info, and "You're listening to Radio Sputnik."396
WKPA VA Lynchburg - 13Jan2014 0500 - Over/under WZHF; "WKBA Vinton-Roanoke, WKPA Lynchburg, and FM 106.7 W294BO..."
WSTC CT Stamford - 05Mar2012 1800 - In WLLH null; WSHU pledge drive.  13Mar2012 1900 - WSHU Public Radio Group ID.  30Jun2013 2300 - Fair; promo for Diane Rehm Show, "...on WSHU Fairfield County Public Radio."  27Aug2014 0400 - Fair; "WSHU Fairfield County Public Radio is your station for NPR news... 1260 WSHU Westport, 1350 WNLK Norwalk, 1400 WSTC Stamford, and WSHU-FM HD2 Fairfield," and BBC World Service.  10Jul2016 0500 - Fair; instrumental national anthem and sign-on announcement, "You're listening to WSTC Stamford, Connecticut. WSTC is owned by the WSHU Public Radio Group..."  22Apr2023 0559 - Fair; "This is 91.1 WSHU-FM and HD1 Fairfield, 89.9 WSUF and HD1 Noyack-Freeport-New London, 1260 WSHU Westport, 1340 WYBC New Haven, 1400 Stamford, and WSHU dot org, your station for NPR news and classical music."155
WILI CT Willimantic - 16Jan2014 1700 - Fair, over WLLH and WSTC; "UConn Huskies men's basketball at Memphis tonight at 6:30 on 14 WILI Willimantic," and local news.  04Feb2023 0500 - Fair; promo/ID for UConn Huskies basketball "...on 14 WILI Willimantic and 95.3 FM."
WJZN ME Augusta - 19Jul2019 2200 - Fair; "Augusta's home for classic rock with less talk, Capital 95-9."  29Jan2023 0058 - Fair; "Maine's alternative rock station, WCYY," ex-Capital 95.9.
WVAE ME Biddeford - 12Mar2012 1820 - In WLLH null; Dr. Joy promo, "AM 1400 and 1490, Advice for Life."  14Mar2012 1900 - "WVAE, WVAE HD Biddeford, WBAE, WBAE HD Portland," and ABC news.  08Jun2013 0359 - Fair; "WGAN 24 hour traffic" and "WGAN weather watch," ex-WVAE now relays 560 WGAN.  10Jul2020 2200 - Under WCYR; "Easy favorites, 93-5 and 107-1 FM," ex-WGIN.  27Jan2023 0501 - Over/under WLTN; "Soft and refreshing music... 107-1 and 93-5 The Bay."74
WHZP ME Veazie - 03Oct2013 1959 - Fair; promo, "Join us weekday mornings... on Newsradio 1340 WNZS."  27Aug2017 0059 - Over WLLH; "WCYR Veazie-Bangor... and we're kickin' off another hour of continuous classic country music on 1400," and jingle, "The Country Road," ex-WWNZ news/talk.  14Feb2020 2001 - Fair; "This is WHTP Kennebunkport... WCYR Veazie, W275CQ Bangor... Hot Radio Maine, Maine's hit music channel," and urban contemporary music, ex-country music.  07Nov2020 0200 - Fair; cross promo for Sports Radio Lewiston-Auburn, ID, "This is WHTP-FM Kennebunkport-Portland, WHTP Gardiner, W262DP Gardiner-Lewiston, WHZP Veazie, W275CQ Bangor, Hot Radio Maine, Maine's hit music channel," ex-WCYR.
WHTB MA Fall River - 27May2023 2102 - In briefly; Voz do Emigrante ID in Portuguese.
WLLH MA Lowell-Lawrence - 16Feb2012 1800 - Excellent; "Esta es WLLH Lowell-Lawrence, la nueva Mega, una estación de Gois Broadcasting... ¡La fuerza que te mueve!" and Spanish tropical music.11
WHMP MA Northampton - 14Jan2014 0600 - Over/under WLLH; "...WHMQ Greenfield, WHNP East Longmeadow, WHMP Northampton, 1240, 1600, and 1400 AM, and 96-9 FM," into the WHMP Morning News.  07May2021 2100 - Poor; "WHMP Northampton, WHMQ Greenfield, a Northampton Radio Group station."
WLTN NH Littleton - 06Dec2012 1700 - Under WLLH; "WLTN Littleton, Oldies 1400, and W235AY 98.5 FM, The Golden Great 98."111
WOND NJ Pleasantville - 26Nov2012 1700 - Under WLLH; "...number one talk station, thee Talk 1400 WOND Pleasantville-Atlantic City."  07Mar2013 1900 - Fair; "News/Talk 1400 WOND Pleasantville-Atlantic City, and online at wondradio.com."  26Jan2023 1900 - Fair; "WOND live from the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Atlantic City studio, Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Atlantic City, where you take the stage, it's 7 o'clock," into ABC news.278
WAMC NY Albany - 21Jul2013 0100 - Caught part of multiple station ID, "WAMQ 105.1 Great Barrington, WWES 88.9 Mount Kisco... and WAMC AM..."  16Aug2014 0000 - Fair; "Northeast Public Radio, WAMC-FM HD 90.3 Albany, WRUN HD 90.3 Remsen-Utica, WAMK HD 90.9 Kingston, WOSR HD 91-7 Middletown, WCEL HD 91-9 Plattsburgh, WCAN HD 93-3 Canajoharie, WANC HD 103.9 Ticonderoga, WAMQ HD 105-1 Great Barrington, WWES HD 88.9 Mount Kisco, WANZ HD 90.1 Stamford, WANR 88.5 Brewster, and WAMC AM 1400 Albany."
WDNY NY Dansville - 07Feb2013 0500 - In WLLH null; "Serving the Genesee Valley and western Finger Lakes, 1400 AM WDNY Dansville..."314
WSLB NY Ogdensburg - 18Sep2016 0500 - Under/over local WLLH; "AM 1400 ESPN, WSLB AM..."  30Nov2019 0000 - Briefly atop; "AM 1400 ESPN, WSLB AM Waddington-Hammond-Ogdensburg."
WHGB PA Harrisburg - 07Jan2023 0500 - Fair; "WHGB Harrisburg, WTPA HD2 Mechanicsburg, W243BR, W237DE, CBS Sports Radio 96-5, 95-3, and 1400."
WICK PA Scranton - 26Aug2013 2200 - Mostly under WLLH; "Sports Radio... 1400 WICK Scranton, 1340 WYCK Wilkes Barre, 1440 WCDL... and on FM at 100.7..." and Wilkes Barre baseball. 100.7 is W264CG.  20Nov2021 1700 - Caught part of hourly ID through WHZP; "...93.5 FM Clarks Summit, 106.7 FM Honesdale, and 107.9 FM Carbondale."  23Dec2022 1759 - Fair; FM frequencies, "...The Mothership WICK," and "We've Only Just Begun" by The Carpenters.
WRAK PA Williamsport - 28Mar2021 0600 - Poor; iHeart promo, ID, "...AM WRAK Williamsport" into Fox news.  11Oct2021 0200 - Fair; "This is your news, weather, and Phillies station, WRAK Williamsport," into Fox news.
WZFC VA Winchester - 27Jan2016 0600 - Atop; "News/Talk 1400 WINC" into Fox news.  02Oct2021 0600 - Atop the pile; "First in the valley with the... News/Talk 1400 WZFC Winchester," into Fox news, ex-WINC.
WBBD WV Wheeling - 11May2024 0000 - Fair; "From the Extreme Auto Group studio, this is Fox Sports Radio 1400 AM and 103.9 FM WBBD Wheeling."
CBG NL Gander - 31Oct2015 0600 - Under WLLH open carrier; CBC news sounder.
WPOP CT Hartford - 16Feb2012 1800 - Good over KQV; "Your home for the New York Yankees, WPOP Hartford, ESPN Radio 1410," and ESPN Radio Sports Center.  17Feb2012 0001 - Good; "WAVZ New Haven, WPOP Hartford, ESPN Radio 1300 and 1410," and the NBA on ESPN Radio.  13Sep2012 0500 - Good; "WPOP Hartford, Fox Sports Radio 1410, an iHeart radio station," ex-ESPN.  12Feb2014 0000 - Good; "Fox Sports Radio 1410, an iHeart radio station, also broadcast on WUCS HD2."95
WDOV DE Dover - 20Feb2013 0359 - Fair; First Warning Forecast, "You're listening to News/Talk 1410 WDOV Dover, wdov.com," and Fox news.  01Oct2014 0600 - Over WPOP; "Newsradio 1450 WILM Wilmington, WDOV Dover, and WDSD HD2 Dover-Wilmington," and Fox news.  07Feb2015 0600 - Good; "Fox Sports 1290, Delaware's sports play here, iHeart radio Fox Sports 1290," into Fox news.322
WZBR MA Dedham - 03Jan2014 1240 - Over nulled WPOP; old jazz instrumentals and vocals, ID, "Boston's real jazz station, 1410 WZBR." New station, ex-WMSX Brockton.  03Feb2014 1350 - Over/under WPOP; ex-jazz, now Portuguese programming parallel 650 WSRO. At 1400 briefly breaking from WSRO for ID, "AM 1410 WZBR Dedham."  01May2019 1600 - Fair; "Broadcasting live from Hyde Park, we are Boston's new home for classic R&B and hip-hop, Urban Heat 98.1 FM and 1410 AM." 98.1 is W251CR. Off the air, license cancelled April 2024.
WHTG NJ Eatontown - 27Aug2013 1900 - Over/under WPOP; "Great Gold 1410, WHTG Eatontown-Red Bank... Communications LLC, New Jersey's Real Oldies."  22Apr2023 0301 - Fair; "WHTG Eatontown, W264DH Eatontown, Press Communications welcomes you to the new 100.7 The Breeze and 1410 AM, online at Breeze Radio dot com" and jingle.
WELM NY Elmira - 27Mar2012 2300 - Good; "1410 WELM Elmira-Corning, a Robert Pfuntner Group station, and a member of the Pembrook Pines Media Group, ESPN Radio in the..." and ESPN Radio. Listen to mp3 audio clip.  13Jan2014 0500 - Mixed with WPOP and WDOV; "Home of the Buffalo Bills, and... Sports Radio 1410 WELM Elmira-Corning, and welm1410.com."273
WENU NY South Glens Falls - 21Dec2012 1700 - Under WPOP; ID with various beeps, "WENU, South Glens Falls," and NBC Sports Radio Update.  01Nov2015 1700 - Over/under WPOP and CJWI; "Win 104-9... CBS Sports Radio, WINU Altamont-Albany, WENU South Glens Falls, the capital region's sports winner, Win 104-9."  05Dec2020 1800 - Under WPOP; "Magic 590 and 100.5 WROW..." ex-sports.116
WNER NY Watertown - 05Sep2013 1900 - Fair; "Northern New York's home for all sports, Fox Sports Radio 1410, WNER Watertown, The Winner."
WING OH Dayton - 21Dec2012 1800 - Poor; "1410 WING AM Dayton... Dayton's first radio station... ESPN Radio," and ESPN Sports Center.  11Dec2016 0600 - Good; "WING Dayton's home for your Cincinnati Reds," Reds on the radio jingle, "This is ESPN 1410 Wing AM." Listen to mp3 audio clip.  07Jan2023 0500 - Fair; "WING 1410 Dayton, Dayton's ESPN Radio."690
KQV PA Pittsburgh - 16Feb2012 1800 - Under WPOP; forecast "from the KQV... Weather Center," current conditions, "All news, all the time, you're tuned to AM 1410, KQV Pittsburgh..."465
WLSH PA Lansford - 16Oct2014 1800 - Under WPOP; classic PAMS-style fanfare with ID into ABC news.  12Dec2015 1600 - Fair; nostalgia, ID, "...1410 WLSH Lansford," and jingle, "AM 1410 WLSH," into ABC news.  15Oct2016 1800 - Fair over WPOP; "AM 1410 WLSH Lansford-Lehighton-Hazleton, an American original," and ABC news.  07Jan2023 1700 - Over/under WPOP; "Your original Christmas music station, 1410 WLSH Lansford-Lehighton-Hazleton," and Townhall news.
WRTZ VA Roanoke - 31Jan2016 1700 - Briefly atop; "We've Got the Beat" by the Go Go's, "This is True Oldies WRTZ Roanoke."  24Oct2021 0201 - Under WPOP; "Fame" by David Bowie, "True Oldies 1410 WRTZ Roanoke" and True Oldies Channel ID.
CKSL ON London - 27Dec2013 1548 - Fair; "Funny 1410" promo into standup comedy.
CJWI QC Montreal - 18Jun2013 0200 - Excellent; CPAM promo, telephone talk in French, ex-1610. CHHA Toronto noted loud and clear on 1610 kHz.
WLIS CT Old Saybrook - 28Feb2012 1700 - Good; "1420 AM WLIS Old Saybrook-New London, and 1150 AM WMRD Middletown-Hartford, real people, real life, real radio," and CNN news.106
WAOC FL St. Augustine - 24Oct2012 1900 - Fair; "Your exclusive home for ESPN Radio and Mike & Mike in the morning, 1420 WAOC St. Augustine," into ESPN Baseball Tonight.  22Oct2014 1900 - Over others; "You're listening to St. Johns County's number one sports station, CBS Sports Radio 96.5 FM and AM 1420 WAOC..." ex-ESPN.  10May2024 2200 - Fair; promo for Washington Watch "...here on Way Radio," ID, "...and WAOC St. Augustine," jingle, and Way Radio time check.1041
WIMS IN Michigan City - 23Dec2012 0600 - In WBSM dead air; "You're listening to AM 1420 WIMS, streaming live 24/7 at wimsradio.com."  17Dec2016 1900 - Mixed with WHK and WCOJ; promo/ID, "...right here on the Talk of the South Shore."793
WVJS KY Owensboro - 31May2021 0000 - Briefly atop; horse racing call to post guitar, "1420 AM 92.9 FM."
WBSM MA New Bedford - 12Mar2012 1705 - Good; WBSM news, sports and AccuWeather, "Breaking news as it happens on AM 1420 WBSM."  04Jun2021 2100 - Fair; "1420 WBSM New Bedford's news/talk station."  23Apr2023 0600 - Under WCOJ; "WBSM W258DR New Bedford... WBSM, a Townsquare Media station."80
WBEC MA Pittsfield - 14Oct2013 2000 - Under WHK; "AM 1420 WBEC Pittsfield."  02Oct2016 1900 - Fair; "Red Sox baseball on the Berkshire's sports leader, AM 1420 WBEC."  27Jan2024 0400 - Under WLIS; "The trusted source for news and information, 1420 WBEC AM Pittsfield, a Townsquare Media station."
WASR NH Wolfeboro - 22Dec2012 1600 - Over/under WBSM; "Sean Hannity... around the lake, AM 1420 WASR Wolfeboro."  24Apr2016 0600 - Over/under WCOJ; "FM 93.9 W230BJ, AM 1420 WASR." W230BJ Wolfeboro is a CP relocated from Island Falls, Maine.  05Feb2021 0700 - Fair; "WASR Wolfeboro, W246DI Wolfeboro at 97.1 FM. Local. Community. Radio."  09Mar2024 0600 - Fair; "The Shore for incredible music, WASR W246DI Wolfeboro, incredible news," NBC news.62
WACK NY Newark - 12Mar2012 2000 - In mix with WKCW; "AM 1420 WACK Newark, your hometown station."  12Dec2020 1700 - Fair, over WHK; "You're listening to talk and sports in Wayne County and the Finger Lakes, Hometown Radio 1420 WACK Newark."  22Apr2023 0400 - Poor, under WCOJ; SportsMap Radio promo's, "Hometown Radio WACK Newark, 1420 AM and 96.9 FM," into College Sports Weekly with Brian Schiable.283
WLNA NY Peekskill - 03Oct2012 0600 - Fair; Dave Ramsey promo, "WBNR Beacon, WLNA Peekskill, and WGHQ Kingston, Hudson Valley Talk Radio."  23Jan2014 1700 - Fair; "1260 WBNR Beacon, 1420 WLNA Peekskill, Hudson Valley Talk Radio," and NBC news.  08Aug2015 0400 - Fair; "You're listening to the Hudson Valley's real country, on Real Country 1260 WBNR Beacon and 1420 WLNA Peekskill," ex-news/talk.157
WNRS NY Herkimer - 04Feb2012 1800 - Fair; "This is the all new Fox, WNRS Herkimer-Utica-Rome..." and Fox Sports Radio.  24Feb2014 0600 - Fair; "1420 AM WNRS Herkimer-Utica-Rome, coming up after Imus it's time to sing along with good times and great oldies on the cool oldies station, WNRS," into local news, "...on 1420 AM The Fox."179
WHK OH Cleveland - 29Jan2012 2100 - Fair; "WHK Cleveland. You're listening to News/Talk 1420 WHK, a service of Salem Communications. Stay tuned for news." Then SRN news.  04Jul2016 0500 - Fair; Bloomberg Radio.530
WCOJ PA Coatesville - 14Mar2012 0545 - Over/under WKCW; repeating Hail Mary, 0558 EWTN promo, then ID, "This is Holy Spirit Radio, WCOJ 1420 Coatesville, and WISP 1570 AM Doylestown-Philadelphia."  23Jan2021 1800 - Fair; "This is Holy Spirit Radio, WCOJ 1420 Coatesville and WISP 1570 AM Doylestown-Philadelphia."291
WCED PA Du Bois - 25Jan2014 0500 - Fair; "For over 70 years, the tri-counties' news and information station, News/Talk Radio WCED Du Bois, W300BR Du Bois, W244CH Rockton."  19Feb2016 1800 - Over/under WNRS; "96-7 and 107-9, we are Connect FM, your only local news radio."
WRSA VT St. Alban - 30Dec2011 1700 - Briefly over WBSM; "The Champlain Valley's greatest hits, Cruisin' 93-7," into CCR "Down on the Corner" parallel 1390 WCAT, ex-Fox Sports.  26Dec2017 0559 - Good; "Business Radio WCAT Burlington-Plattsburg, W252CJ Burlington," no mention of WRSA.  31May2021 0001 - Briefly atop; "Mix 102.3 WIXM."165
WKCW VA Warrenton - 16Feb2012 1800 - Good; "WKCW Warrenton," and "The best music, WKCW" jingle.  Listen to mp3 audio clip.428
WTCR WV Kenova - 03Mar2013 0500 - Over/under unIDs; ID with mention of Cincinnati Reds, "...WTCR Kenova-Huntington, Fox Sports 1230 WIRO Ironton."  11Feb2014 1800 - Over/under WHK; local news ending, "Newsradio 800 WVHU," and "Your home for the Ohio State Buckeyes, Fox Sports 1230 WIRO Ironton."  23Dec2016 1700 - Fair after WKCW powered down; Ironton Fighting Tigers sports coverage, "Back after this time out, Fox Sports 1230 and 1420."
WNAV MD Annapolis - 12Oct2014 0100 - Under WKOX and WNSW; "...talk station, 1430 WNAV Annapolis, and now ...on 99.9 FM."
WKOX MA Everett - 04Oct2012 1800 - Over WENE; "WKOX Everett-Boston... Mia 1430" and Spanish contemporary music.  28Nov2021 1456 - Under CHKT; Buenas Nuevas multi-station ID, "WUMY Memphis AM 830... WKOX Everett AM 1430, KKTH Bosque Farms-Albuquerque... WWLV Lexington-Winston-Salem... WHVN Charlotte AM 1240... el hogar de la fe y la esperanza," and Buenas Nuevas jingle, Spanish contemporary Christian.  22Apr2023 1800 - Fair; paraphrased from ID with heavy Spanish accent, "WSOL HD2 Yulee, Florida, W272CQ Jacksonville, Florida 102.3 FM, WRJD Durham, North Carolina 1410 AM, WHVN Charlotte, North Carolina 1240 AM, WKOX Everett-Boston 1430 AM, KKTH Bosque Farms-Albuquerque, Nuevo Mexico 104.7 FM, WWLV HD4 Lexington, North Carolina, W242CD Greensboro, North Carolina, W242CC Winston-Salem 96.3 FM, La Verdad Network."32
WION MI Ionia - 24Feb2019 0058 - Through CHKT; tail end of DX test with 400 Hz tone until 0058:30.
WNSW NJ Newark - 26Feb2012 1800 - Fair; "1430 WNSW Newark-New York City" and "This is the Voice of Russia."189
WENE NY Endicott - 06Feb2012 1800 - Good; "This is Fox Sports, WENE Endicott, broadcasting from the Tri-Town Insurance.com studios. This is Sportsradio 1430 The Team, an iHeart radio station."235
WDEX NC Monroe - 11May2024 0100 - Fair; "This is WDEX 1430 AM and and WDEX 100.1 FM in Monroe, North Carolina, and WADE 1340 AM and WADE 101.7 FM in Wadesboro, North Carolina. These stations are owned and operated by New Life Community Temple of Faith Incorporated," gospel music.
WVAM PA Altoona - 31Jan2016 0800 - Fair; "Your 24/7 sports information center, ESPN Radio 1430, WVAM Altoona," and ESPN.
CHKT ON Toronto - 13Dec2012 2000 - Fair; promo for program serving Toronto's Mandarin-speaking community, "...on AM 1430 CHKT, a Fairchild radio station."  27Sep2014 0600 - Good; "This is AM 1430 CHKT, Fairchild Radio for Toronto. The following are programs for the international communities of greater Toronto. Opinions and views expressed here do not necessarily represent the views of this station, and now the Vietnamese program on AM 1430 Fairchild Radio."
WRED ME Westbrook - 24Mar2012 2200 - Good with WVEI nulled out; NCAA basketball coverage, ad for Wicked Whoopies in Freeport and Farmingdale, "WJJB Gray-Portland, WRED Westbrook-Portland, 96-3 FM Big Jab Sports Radio," and "The Big Jab" jingle.88
WVEI MA Worcester - 29Feb2012 0000 - Good; "You're listening to central Massachusetts' sports radio leader, this is Sports Radio 1440 WVEI AM Worcester," and ESPN Radio.34
WMAX MI Bay City - 18Dec2016 1701 - Under WVEI; "Your vocation station, Ave Maria Radio 1440 WMAX... at Ave Maria Radio dot net."  25Apr2021 0000 - Under/over WVEI and WRED; "...1440 WMAX Bay City," and encore presentation of EWTN Live.
WJJL NY Niagara Falls - 21Mar2012 1900 - Fair over WVEI; time check, "You're listening to 1440 WJJL Niagara Falls-Buffalo," and oldies.381
WLIM NY Medford - 05Feb2017 1700 - Under WRED; talk in Spanish, canned WNYH ID.  05Mar2021 1800 - Over WVEI; "93.3 W227CL Port Jefferson, 106.9 W295CK Medford, and 1440 WLIM Medford, New York," ex-WNYG.  22Apr2023 0400 - Under WVEI; "93.3 W227CL Port Jefferson and 1440 WLIM Medford, New York." At 0458 under WVEI; "WLIM The Breeze" and classic hits.
WHKZ OH Warren - 02Feb2012 1700 - Over WVEI; "Christian Talk AM 1220, The Word. WHKZ Warren, this is your Christian talk and teaching station, a service of Salem Communications."  08Dec2020 0600 - Under WEEI; Relevant Radio ID.492
WNPV PA Lansdale - 01Aug2013 1900 - Under WVEI; "Follow the... throughout the season on AM 1440 WNPV..." and Phillies baseball.  04Jan2015 0500 - Under WVEI; "WNPV Lansdale, WNPV 1440 dot com."  11Jul2016 0500 - Good; "Celebrating 50 years of broadcast excellence, this is WNPV Lansdale, WNPV 1440 dot com, powered by Sitecats web development," into Fox news.  15Sep2016 1900 - Fair; "AM 1440 WNPV Lansdale, your source for Philadelphia Phillies baseball, AM 1440 WNPV."
WGLD PA Manchester Township - 02Jan2016 1800 - Over/under WVEI; "WGLD Manchester Township, WSOX HD4 Red Lion, York's sports leader, Sports Radio 1440, a Cumulus station."
WILM DE Wilmington - 08Feb2012 1700 - Atop the pile; "From the Mercedes Benz... studios, 1450 WILM Wilmington, wilm.com, and now on FM, 94-7 WDSD FM HD2."  26Nov2012 1705 - "Here's what's happening from Delaware's news/talk leader WILM."  21Feb2013 0500 - Barely above the pile; "News/Talk 1450... wilm.com, and WDSD HD2 Dover-Wilmington."  20Aug2014 0000 - Fair; "We are Delaware's Newsradio 1450 WILM Wilmington, WILM dot com, and WDSD HD2 Dover-Wilmington," and Fox news.294
WPNO ME South Paris - 12Sep2012 1940 - Easy listening music, "We're the new EZ 1240, here to make your life easier... WEZR."  10Dec2012 1549 - Atop the pile; "...only on Maine's 10-thousand watt powerhouse, WTME" and Dave Ramsey.  07Jun2013 2301 - Briefly atop; promo for sister station, "Maine's Pure Country, on 92.7 and 100.7 OXO."  27Aug2017 0301 - Fair; "NASCAR lives on your racing station, 96.9 and 100.7 The Ox," and country music, ex-WKTQ.  20Jun2021 0200 - Poor; "105-5 and 95-7 WIGY," ex-WOXO.  13Nov2021 1801 - Over/under CFAB; "WPNO South Paris, WEZR Rumford, W272DS Rumford, this is 96-9 and 98-3 The Patriot," and "The Patriot Forecast" weather.  24Dec2023 0659 - Fair; '80s pop/rock, "From the Roopers Beverage and Redemption studios, this is WIGY Lewiston-Auburn, home of The Breakfast Club with Mark and Sara, LA's 105-5 WIGY," parallel 1240 WIGY, not "96.9 and 98.3 The Patriot" news/talk this Sunday morning.115
WVOM ME Rockland - 24Oct2015 0000 - Not readable on 1450, but throwing modulated spurs at 1433.4 and 1466.6 kHz; "This is WVOM-FM Howland-Bangor, WVOM Rockland, WVQM Augusta-Waterville, the Voice of Maine," and Fox news.
WTHU MD Thurmont - 12Oct2013 2300 - Over/under WCTC and others; "...45 years, broadcasting live from... WTHU AM... wthu.org."  04Sep2015 2300 - Fair; "AM 1450 The Source, serving central Maryland and southern Pennsylvania for over 45 years, broadcasting live from Thurmont, Maryland, at 1450 AM, WTHU."
WNBP MA Newburyport - 28Feb2012 1700 - Fair; "Legendary songs, legendary singers, always on The Legends," and singing 1450 WNBP Newburyport into CNN news.  01May2019 1600 - Fair; "WRCA Watertown, WBOS HD2 Brookline, WNBP, W291CC and W221EE Newburyport, W291CZ Boston, Bloomberg 106-1."34
WKXL NH Concord - 17Dec2011 1500 - Over/under nulled WNBP; "Concord and the capital region... commitment to local news, this is 1450 WKXL Concord," and AP news.  01Apr2022 0800 - Under WNBP; "You're listening to WKXL 1450 AM 103.9 FM Concord, 101.9 FM in Manchester, and at NH Talk Radio dot com."33
WCTC NJ New Brunswick - 20Feb2012 1900 - Fair; "The talk you want and the... you love on the voice of central Jersey, 1450 WCTC New Brunswick."  05Mar2012 1900 - Fair; Central Jersey basketball, "It's March madness on News/Talk Radio 1450 WCTC and wctcam.com," listen to mp3 audio clip.215
WPGG NJ Atlantic City - 18Dec2011 1958 - Fair; "97-3 ESPN FM" ID into commercial break during Philadelphia Eagles football coverage.  21Feb2013 0100 - Caught ID; "WPGG Atlantic City and wpg1450.com," ex-WENJ.  30May2016 0000 - Poor; ID, "WPG Talk Radio 104.1, WPGG Atlantic City, WSJO 104.9 HD2..." into Fox news.  02Apr2022 2000 - Fair; "95.5 FM and 1450 AM WPGG Atlantic City, WENJ HD3 Millville, a Townsquare Media station," and Fox news.277
WENI NY Corning - 17Sep2012 1659 - Briefly atop; promo, "...on News/Talk 1230 and 1450 WENY."  03Oct2021 2000 - Fair; "WCBF HD Elmira, WKPQ Hornell, and WENI Corning, is Bigfoot Country Radio, a Seven Mountains radio station," and Bigfoot Country jingle.285
WWSC NY Glens Falls - 21Dec2012 2300 - Briefly atop; "The station for talk in the... News/Talk 1450 WWSC Glens Falls," and ABC news.  20Feb2020 1800 - Under CHOU; caught part of ID into ABC news, mentioned Glens Falls, 93-1 and 1450. 93.1 is a new translator, W226CP.113
WOLY NY Olean - 13Dec2012 2000 - In jumble; "America's greatest music... 1450 WHDL Olean-... a Backyard Broadcasting station," and Blondie "One Way or Another."  27Dec2015 1800 - Fair; "All sports, all the time, WHDL Olean, ESPN Radio 1450, The Huddle," ex-oldies.  27Mar2021 1901 - Briefly atop; "WOLY... This is Big Oly 107.1, the biggest hits of all time," ex-WHDL.358
WKIP NY Poughkeepsie - 17Sep2012 0500 - Through jumble; "...traffic and weather station ...WKIP Poughkeepsie," and Fox news.  26Jul2014 0400 - Fair; canned ID with mention of Hudson Valley, "This is Newsradio 1450 WKIP Poughkeepsie," into Fox news.  07Aug2015 1900 - Fair; "You're listening to Hudson Valley Renegades baseball on Newsradio 1450 1370 WKIP."  26May2016 2200 - Fair; quick "WJIP Ellenville" ID followed by, "From the Millspaugh Furniture studios, this is Newsradio 1450 and 1370 WKIP Poughkeepsie," into Fox news.  04Mar2021 1800 - Fair; News Radio 1450, 1370, and 98-5 FM WKIP Poughkeepsie," and Fox news.140
WKAL NY Rome - 10Dec2013 0500 - In the jumble; "This is WKAL, AM 1450, Rome, New York." Listed silent station is on the air with nostalgia, and future plans for news/talk as indicated on the Facebook page of Mid-Atlantic Engineering Service of NY where they confirmed reception.  14Dec2013 2200 - DX test; Morse code, "DE WKAL AM..." through the graveyard jumble.  21Dec2013 0400 - Fair; "Stay tuned, a brand new WKAL is coming very soon!" and Talk Radio 1450 jingle. Listen to mp3 audio clip.  20Jun2021 0500 - Poor; "103.3 FM 1450 AM WKAL..." and Townhall news.
WYNY PA Milford - 19Dec2011 1747 - Usually at the bottom of the pile with C&W music, popped up with 106.9 WYNY ID, ex-WMJQ AC/oldies. 106.9 is FM translator W295AQ.194
WQWK PA State College - 11Feb2013 0000 - Over WENI; "WQWK State College, ESPN Radio 1450."  21Jul2016 0500 - Fair; "Your home for Pittsburgh baseball is WQWK State College, ESPN Radio 1450."352
WDAD PA Indiana - 11Jan2014 1800 - Poor; "...rock 'n' roll, your hometown station, AM 1450 WDAD Indiana..." and jingle into CBS news.  27Mar2021 2000 - Fair; "Classic Hits AM 1450 WDAD Indiana also on FM at 100.3," into CBS news.
WWRI RI West Warwick - 30Jun2013 0300 - Briefly atop; "...ESPN 1340 WNBH New Bedford."  18Jun2021 2000 - Fair; ad string, George’s Transmission on Route 117 in Coventry, Iggy’s Boardwalk Lobster and Clam Bar in Warwick, WWRI Classic Rock ID, ex-WLKW.  20May2023 2000 - Fair; "This is WWRI West Warwick-Warwick-Coventry, Classic Rock I-105.5 and 1450 AM, a DiPonti Communications station."
WSNO VT Barre - 14May2012 2000 - Fair; "...1450 WSNO Barre-Montpelier," into CBS news.  10Dec2012 1559 - Fair; Jim Bohannon promo, "...on central Vermont's talk station, 1450 WSNO."  18Jun2021 2300 - Under CHOU; "105-7 The Beat."113
WTSA VT Brattleboro - 02Oct2016 1900 - Fair; "AM 1450 WTSA Brattleboro, ESPN Radio The Ticket, powered by Brattleboro Ford Subaru."
WFTR VA Front Royal - 11Oct2013 0600 - Fair/poor; "This is Sports Radio 1450 WFTR..." into Weather Channel forecast, then "Live from the Papa John's studios..." into NBC Sports Radio update.
WREL VA Lexington - 12Feb2013 0100 - In the mud; "AM 1450 WREL Lexington-Buena Vista, a First Media station."540
CFAB NS Windsor - 09Dec2017 2201 - Atop; country music, MBS Radio and CFAB ID.  19Mar2021 0600 - Fair; country music, ad for Valley Ford, "Learn more at Valley Ford dot ca."
CHOU QC Montreal - 22Apr2012 2200 - Barely above the graveyard; contemporary Middle Eastern music,"This is Radio Middle East..."  11Feb2016 1800 - Fair; canned ID with Radio Middle East and Montreal mentions, then time signal into news.221
WKAM IN Goshen - 03Dec2022 0100 - Poor, over/under WTKT; "La Raza Indiana punto com," and Mexican music.
WBMS MA Brockton - 28Feb2012 1700 - Over WDDY; Business Talk Radio Network disclaimer, "Southern New England's best, this is 1460 WXBR Brockton," and IRN/USA news.  20Mar2013 1100 - Good; ID as "The new AM 1460" and playing non-stop '70s-'80s hits. Spurs at +/-8.5 kHz (1451.5 and 1468.5 kHz), producing loud hets against 1450 and 1470 kHz.  15Jan2022 1600 - Fair; "WATD-FM Marshfield, WBMS Brockton, and translator W266DA Brockton, this is the South Shore's radio station, 95-9 FM WATD, streaming online at 95-9 WATD dot com, and on your smart speaker just by saying play WATD," oldies music ex-WXBR. 08Apr2024 1500 - Good; ID interrupting Haitian program, "101.1 FM and AM 1460, WBMS Brockton and translator W266DA Brockton," and time check in French with bells.52
WIFI NJ Florence - 29Feb2012 2000 - Poor with WKDV and WDDY; "WIFI Florence-Mount Holly-Philadelphia."  11Jan2014 0400 - Fair; "WIFI Florence-Philadelphia-Willingboro, the time is now 4 o'clock, the current temperature 35 degrees," and IRN/USA news.  03Jan2016 0501 - Over/under WOPG and WKDV; "1460 WIFI... listen live at Victory 1460 AM dot com."249
WOPG NY Albany - 23Oct2012 1800 - Fair; promo, "...now on Radio Disney," ID, "This is WDDY and WDDY HD1 Albany," and phone number with R.Disney jingle into pop music.  28Feb2014 1800 - Fair; "This is WDDY 1460 AM, Albany, bringing you the Word of peace and goodness," and EWTN, ex-R.Disney.  12Sep2015 1700 - Fair; "This is WOPG, 1460 AM Albany, and WOPG-FM, 89.9 FM, bringing you the Word of peace and goodness," and EWTN global Catholic network ID.  22Apr2023 0600 - Over WTKT; "This is Bishop Ed, and you're listening to WOPG 1460 AM and WOPG-FM 89.9 words of peace and goodness."116
WHIC NY Rochester - 02Feb2012 1659 - Fair; WHIC Community Calendar, "...visit our website whicradio.com."  20Feb2013 0400 - Over WKDV; "You're listening to the station of the cross... WHIC broadcasts on 1460 AM and 92.9 FM W225AR," into EWTN.  31Oct2021 0700 - Good, over WTKT Fox Sports 1460; "Thank you for listening to The Station of the Cross, WHIC Rochester, W225AR Rochester, and W257ER Greece."  14Jan2022 0800 - Fair; network ID, "You're listening to The Station of the Cross Catholic Media Network, WQOM Natick, WHIC and W225AR Rochester, W257ER Greece, WLOF Elma, W203AW Fredonia, WMTQ Elmira, WHVM Owego, WTMI Fleming, WQHE Oil City, WMIH Geneva, W221DI Erie, WGGO Salamanca, W263CZ Olean, WLGU Lancaster, and around the world on iCatholic Radio and iCatholic Music," parallel local 1060 WQOM.312
WVOX NY New Rochelle - 04Feb2012 1800 - Briefly atop; "AM 1460 WVOX and WVIP HD4 New Rochelle."170
WBNS OH Columbus - 10Dec2022 1700 - Fair; "...on the Fan app, you're listening to central Ohio's home for ESPN Radio WBNS, WBNS-FM HD2 Columbus, 1460 ESPN."
WTKT PA Harrisburg - 08Feb2012 1600 - Fair; "...WTKT Harrisburg, WTKT HD, Fox 1460 The Ticket," and Fox sports.  12Oct2014 0100 - Good; "Harrisburg's home for local, state, and national sports is WTKT Harrisburg and WTKT HD, AM 1460 Fox Sports Harrisburg."326
WGMM PA Tunkhannock - 15Sep2016 1900 - Under WOPG; "The greatest hits... Gem 104 WGMF Tunkhannock-Scranton, WZMF Nanticoke-Wilkes Barre," and jingle.  15Jan2022 2001 - Under WTKT; ID and jingle singing "Northeast PA's greatest hits, Gem 100 and 104," ex-WGMF."
WKDV VA Manassas - 01Feb2012 1800 - Good; "La Ley 1460, WKDV Manassas, Virginia-Washington DC, La Ley 1460, número uno en música mexicana, la que manda en la capital."417
WBUC WV Buckhannon - 05Feb2017 0600 - Fair; easy listening instrumental, "AM 1460 WBUC Buckhannon, a West Virginia Radio Corporation station."
CJOY ON Guelph - 01Feb2012 2100 - Brief fade over WKDV; singing "CJOY" between songs, oldies music.  06Nov2015 0600 - "This is 1460 CJOY Guelph, a Corus Entertainment company."  27Jan2018 0500 - Through WTKT; "Guelph's greatest hits" and CJOY jingle.  14Jan2022 1800 - Over/under WOPG; "1460 CJOY Guelph, a Corus Entertainment radio station, now available on your Free Radio Canada app at CJOY dot com," into local news.444
WBOM CT Meriden - 10Feb2014 0500 - Fair, over WAZN and WNYY; canned multi-station ID, "The Talk of Connecticut, WDRC AM, WDRC FM HD3 Hartford, WSNG Torrington, WWCO Waterbury, WMMW Meriden."  11Feb2023 0600 - Poor; R&B, "Hartford's new throwback station," and Steve Harvey Saturday Show, ex-WMMW.
WWNN FL Pompano Beach - 22Mar2013 0200 - Fair; "This is Health and Wealth Radio, AM 1470 WWNN Pompano Beach and WKIS HD3 Boca Raton-Miami-Fort Lauderdale."1242
WMBD IL Peoria - 12Feb2013 0400 - Over WAZN; "Peoria's news and talk station, 1470 WMBD Peoria, now in some areas on 100.3 FM." 100.3 is W262BY.  21Feb2013 0100 - ID. Listen to mp3 audio clip.  17Sep2013 0500 - Fair; "1470 and 100.3 WMBD Peoria, Illinois, 100% news" and Fox news.  22Apr2023 0300 - Under WSAN; fast ID, "1470 and 100.3 WMBD, WPBG 93.3 HD4 Peoria..."942
WLAM ME Lewiston - 29Jan2012 1800 - Good; oldies music, "WLAM Lewiston-Auburn, WLVP Gorham-Portland, 870 and 1470 WLAM," into more music.  17Sep2012 0500 - WCSH Newscenter 6 TV audio simulcast.113
WJDY MD Salisbury - 24Apr2012 2000 - Over/under WAZN; "Fox Sports Radio 1470, talking sports 24/7, WJDY Salisbury, online at wjdy.com."  08Mar2013 0500 - Good; "You don't have to wear a cup to work here, but trust me, it's a good idea. Fox Sports 1470 WJDY Salisbury."  26Sep2014 0602 - Good; local news, "For the First at 5 on Fox 21, I'm Jimmy Hoppa, for WBOC news," promo, "All over Delmarva Country, people are listening to Froggy 99-9..." and country music, ex-sports.  18Sep2016 0500 - Good, over WWBG; "The information that matters most to you, your family, and your wallet, Newsradio 1470 WJDY Salisbury," then repeating satellite test messages, "The following tone is at program level on the left channel only... The next tone is at program level on the right channel only... The third tone is on both channels in phase... This is the XDS test channel of Westwood One technical operations center in Purchase, New York. This confirms that your receiver is working and is successfully receiving the Westwood One XDS satellite carrier. This is not a program channel."369
WTTR MD Westminster - 29Jan2012 1800 - Under WLAM; "...AM 1470 WTTR Westminster."  13Jan2014 0000 - Fair; "The greatest hits of all time, AM 1470 WTTR Westminster, a Hilltop Communications station."360
WAZN MA Watertown - 29Feb2012 1800 - Fair; "AM 1470 WAZN Watertown, a multicultural radio station," disclaimer, and ethnic program.  11Feb2013 0400 and 0500 - "WAZN Watertown" in Morse code.  12Feb2013 0400 and 0500 - Morse code ID's, apparently part of the overnight nostalgia/oldies format. Per "WLYNgm" at radiodiscussions.com, "Morse code ID's... approx 35 WPM code speed - it says WAZN Watertown."  11May2024 2000 - Good; local ID interrupting contemporary Christian music, "AM 1470 WAZN Watertown, a multicultural radio station," then "Radio Visión Latina, la radio que toca tú corazón," and flagship ID, "KWIZ 96.7 FM Santa Ana."27
WNYY NY Ithaca - 08Feb2012 1600 - Over/under WAZN; "...and that's the Finger Lakes forecast from Progressive Talk 1470 WNYY," then ID, "This is Progressive Talk 1470 WNYY Ithaca... 103.7, WQNY HD2 Ithaca."  20Oct2014 1800 - Fair; "Now on FM, Progressive Talk 1470 AM, 97-7 FM, WNYY Ithaca," followed by, "The Ithaca area's first choice for news is 870 AM, 95-9 FM, News/Talk WHCU, and find news anytime at WHCU radio dot com."  04Mar2017 1800 - Fair; "WNYY Ithaca, Pure Oldies 94-1 and AM 1470," ex-progressive talk.  08Nov2021 1902 - Fair; "The Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame lives right here in our great city, WNYY Ithaca, Pure Oldies 94-1 and AM 1470."254
WPDM NY Potsdam - 21Dec2012 1800 - Fair; country music, "WPDM WSNN Potsdam, New York."  22Dec2012 0700 - Good; "You're listening to the Heart of the North Country, 99 Hits," and ABC news.  09Dec2017 0558 - Fair; "Star Country, home of the superstars of country music, Star Country 100.1."  05sep2021 0401 - Good; "Superstar country, Star 100.1 WPDM Potsdam, where country's biggest stars come to play, lock it into Star 100.1."   18Feb2023 0601 - Under WSAN; "Wild Country dot FM is WICY Malone..." ex-Star 100.1.221
WWBG NC Greensboro - 01Feb2012 1800 - Over/under others; "WNOW-FM Gaffney, WWBG Greensboro, WSGH Lewisville, WTOB Winston-Salem, WFMO Fairmont, Poder Network, puras buenas" and Spanish program.  27Mar2012 2303 - Poder Network ID, listen to mp3 audio clip.  06Mar2021 0401 - Fair, over WAZN; oldies, "AM 1470 WWBG Greensboro, AM 1320 WCOG Greensboro, 96.3 FM W242CC Bethania," and jingle, ex-Spanish.637
WSAN PA Allentown - 18Feb2013 1700 - Under WAZN; sponsored ID from Lehigh Street Auto Mile, "This is WSAN Allentown..." and J.D.Byrider jingle into Fox sports.  12Sep2015 1901 - Good; Phillies baseball, "...on Fox Sports AM 1470, the Lehigh Valley's sports station."  06Jan2017 1759 - Fair; promo for Newsradio 790 WAEB, then WSAN ID into ESPN Deportes, ex-Fox sports.  27Nov2021 1800 - Over WLAM; "You're listening to 1470 WSAN AM Allentown, an iHeart radio station, more of the best podcasts on iHeart Radio in 6 minutes," and NBC news.  21Jan2023 1700 - Over WNYY; "The Lehigh Valley's greatest hits, Real Oldies 1470."250
WQXL SC Columbia - 29Sep2014 1900 - Over/under WAZN and unID Fox Sports; "Talk radio experience... 95.9 FM... AM Columbia..."  04Feb2024 0100 - Under WNYY; Red Eye Radio, "...100-7 The Point," and Townhall news.
WLMC SC Georgetown - 13Feb2013 0100 - Over unID Spanish; "If you're talking about it, we're talking about it, the Soul of Georgetown, 1470 AM WLMC Georgetown."  05Nov2021 1900 - Over/under WLAM; "The greatest hits of all time are on 1470 AM and 101.1 FM WLMC... True Oldies Channel."770
WBTX VA Broadway-Timberville - 22Dec2012 0600 - Through others; "This is 1470 AM WBTX Broadway-Timberville-Harrisonburg, your station for... inspiration, information..."  16Oct2014 1801 - Good; weather for the 1470 WBTX listening area, then a ministry message.  26Dec2015 1700 - Fair; "For the very best in southern gospel and bluegrass gospel music, this is 1470 AM WBTX, FM 102.1 Broadway-Timberville and Harrisonburg, and streaming online WBTX radio dot com," into SRN news.476
WKND CT Windsor - 01Aug2013 1805 - Under WSAR; R&B music, "The Power 1480 WKND Windsor-Hartford... the new hits and oldies."
WSAR MA Fall River - 09Feb2012 1900 - Good; "Edgey news and entertaining talk, this is Fox Sports Radio on your home for news, talk, and sports, 1480 WSAR Fall River," and ABC news.  10Feb2012 2230 - Good; Fox News Talk, "Part of the community for over 88 years, this is 1480 WSAR Fall River."71
WSDS MI Salem Township - 02Mar2013 0400 - Under WSAR; "Más, más variedad, más exitos... La Explosiva 1480," with Mexican music montage.
WRCK NY Remsen - 09Feb2012 1400 - Fair; "Soft Favorites 95.5 FM, W238CA Utica, WUTQ Utica, WADR Remsen" and light AC music.  19Mar2014 0700 - Under WSAR; "You're listening to the new home for Jim Rome and the CBS Sports Radio lineup in the Mohawk Valley, WUSP Utica... WRCK Remsen," ex-WADR.  04Mar2021 1800 - Over WZRC; "Up Music dot com is... 94.1 W231DZ Remsen-Utica-Rome, 1480 AM WRCK Remsen-Utica-Rome, New York," contemporary Christian music.
WZRC NY New York - 11Sep2012 0500 - Under WSAR; ethnic vocal, "WZRC 1480 AM..."183
WHBC OH Canton - 03Dec2012 0500 - Over/under WSAR; "News/Talk 1480 WHBC Canton, Ohio..."531
WDJO OH Cincinnati - 03Jan2015 0100 - Under WSAR; Million Dollar Weekend jingle, singing "Oldies 1480 WDJO."  09Apr2021 2301 - Over/under WSAR; "More good times and great oldies on WDJO."
WCNS PA Latrobe - 13Mar2013 0500 - Mixed with WHBC and WSAR; "My Radio 1480 WCNS Latrobe... at 1480wcns.com."  24Sep2016 0600 - Over/under WSAR; "...and worldwide at 1480 WCNS dot com, Latrobe's News/Talk 1480."
WDAS PA Philadelphia - 09Feb2012 1701 - Fair; oldies, "Playing the sound of Philadelphia, WDAS Philadelphia..."  22Apr2023 0700 - Poor, under WZRC; iHeart promo and Fox Sports Radio Philadelphia ID.268
WCFR VT Springfield - 06Jan2013 1610 - Over/under WSAR; Casey Kasem Top 40. Measured slight offset at 1480.005 kHz.  01Aug2013 1814 - Over WSAR; "106.5 FM and 1480 AM WCFR," oldies music.  28Oct2014 0700 - Over/under WSAR; jingle singing "Springfield's variety," and announcer with ID, "On 1480 AM WCFR Springfield, 106.5 FM W293BH Springfield..."  10Dec2017 1600 - Under WSAR; "1480 WCFR Springfield, 106.5 W293BH Springfield, the biggest variety of the '80s, '90s, and more on the all new Rewind 106.5."62
WPWC VA Dumfries-Triangle - 09Feb2012 1800 - Good over WSAR; "WPWC Dumfries-Washington," progressive talk.  10Feb2012 2245 - Over/under WSAR; talk program, ads for Organic Hair Design, Continental Auto Group, and ShuzyQ - all Anchorage, Alaska businesses, 2257 ID.  28Jan2013 0500 - Good over WSAR; "You're listening to WPWC We Act Radio, 1480 AM, weactradio.com," and techno music.  21Aug2014 0000 - Atop the frequency; ID in Spanish, "XESURF, XESURF Tijuana, México, Radio Zion."  22Aug2014 2100 - Same canned XESURF ID, then a preacher in Spanish. Not parallel We Act Radio website progressive talk stream. Per dcrtv.com on May 27 WPWC returned to the air with Spanish religion after We Act Radio didn't renew its contract, although the We Act Radio website still lists WPWC affiliation.  03Feb2023 2300 - Over/under WSAR; ID in English, "...5000 watts serving Dumfries-Triangle, Virginia," ID in Spanish, "Esta es WPWC 1480 AM..." and slogan, "La Auténtica 1480 AM, la radio diferente."419
WTOY VA Salem - 23Apr2023 0500 - Over/under WZRC; promo, "WTOY Power Sound 1480, the home of... radio show... the best in gospel music..."
WGCH CT Greenwich - 19Jan2012 1700 - In jumble, "This is your community radio station... 1490 WGCH in Greenwich."  17Jan2013 1800 - Fair; "The voice of Greenwich, this is 1490 WGCH Greenwich."  08Jun2013 0100 - Fair; "This is your official business talk radio station, 1490 WGCH Greenwich," and ABC News Now.160
WBAE ME Portland - 13Feb2014 0600 - Fair; "This is your home for America's best music, WBAE, WBAE HD Portland, AM 1490," and ABC news.
WTVL ME Waterville - 24Jul2015 2200 - Briefly atop; canned ID, "...a Town Square Media station, where legends live, 1400 and 1490 Kool AM."
WCCM MA Haverhill - 19Jan2012 1600 - Good; "WCEC Haverhill-Lawrence, a Costa Eagle Broadcasting station," into "Impacto 1490" news in Spanish.  Good; "Esta es WCCM Impacto 1490 AM, W279DH 103.7 FM Haverhill-Lawrence, otra estación de Costa Eagle Media," and nostalgic Spanish tropical music, ex-WCEC.  04Feb2022 0701 - Good, "Your music only here, LatinX, 103.7 FM 1490 AM, greater Boston's new mix," Spanish tropical hits, ex-Impacto.22
WMRC MA Milford - 21Jan2012 1255 - Good in WCEC null; local ad break and ID, "...on First Class Radio WMRC," during halftime of Boston College basketball on IMG network. 1500 ID, "...great music all day, WMRC Milford-Bellingham" into CNN news.  05Feb2022 1530 - Poor in WCCM null; local ad string, "My FM 101.3, your greatest hits station."40
WACM MA West Springfield - 18Oct2014 1800 - Fair; promo for Springfield Unity Festival Concert in English, then talk and music in Spanish.  14Aug2015 2000 - Over others; "1490 WACM West Springfield and 990 WXCT Southington... the greatest hits of all time."
WEMJ NH Laconia - 20Oct2012 1342 - Fair; "This is Talk Radio, 1490 WEMJ" into commercial break, Health Talk, ID on the hour mentioned 50 years of service along with WEMJ jingle.  10Dec2012 1700 - "Serving Belknap County for over 50 years."57
WUVR NH Lebanon - 29Feb2012 2000 - Atop the muddle; promo/ID, "...on News/Talk 98.9 and 1490 WUVR Lebanon," and Fox news.74
WCSS NY Amsterdam - 02Oct2014 0600 - Briefly atop; promo/ID, "...weekday mornings at nine on 1490 AM WCSS Amsterdam."
WKNY NY Kingston - 07Dec2011 1800 - Fair; "1490 WKNY Kingston, a Cumulus... station into CBS news.  22Jan2023 0601 - Poor; "Radio Kingston WKNY, AM 1490, FM 107-9, Kingston, New York."138
WICY NY Malone - 07Feb2013 0500 - In WCEC null; "AM 1490 and FM 102.7 WICY Malone, the North Country's greatest hits," and singing WICY into CBS news.  04Mar2016 1800 - Over/under WCEC; WICY jingle into CBS news.  26Apr2020 0501 - Fair; "Bad Day" by Daniel Powter, "This is 102-7 103-5," WICY jingle, and CBS news.  28Oct2020 2002 - Over/under WCCM; "...WICY Malone, 103-5 Cornwall, feel good favorites from the '80s and more," and WICY jingle into CBS news.  04Dec2021 1700 - Fair; ads for Cornwall businesses, Wild Country jingle, ex-adult contemporary.  06Feb2022 0601 - Poor in WCCM null; ID, "Wild Country dot FM WICY," with FM frequencies.  23Dec2022 1801 - Over WCCM; "Wild Country dot FM is WICY Malone-Cornwall..."201
WDLC NY Port Jervis - 20Jan2012 1700 - Through jumble; "WJGK, WJGK HD1 Newburgh-Middletown, WTSX Lehman Township, and WDLC Port Jervis, broadcasting around the world..."  22Jan2023 0559 - Poor; "WDLC... 95-3 and 107-7... WDLC Port Jervis-Middletown, New York," into CBS news.187
WCDO NY Sidney - 08Feb2013 1800 - Briefly atop; "Tri-County's Heartbeat, WCDO AM and FM Sidney, Bainbridge, and Unadilla."199
WNGZ NY Watkins Glen - 03Jan2014 0500 - Barely above the jumble; "WRCE AM 1490 Watkins Glen-Montour Falls, home of ESPN, a Community Broadcasting station," and ESPN.  06Feb2022 0158 - Briefly atop; "Hey, your chance to win cool cash is coming up Monday morning at 9 o'clock on My Cool Radio," ex-WRCE.
WOLF NY Syracuse - 19Sep2015 0600 - Breaking through the din; "...sports leader, Fox Sports 1490 WOLF Syracuse."  09Apr2021 0500 - Fair; "This is Fox Sports 1490 and 1300, WOLF Syracuse, WOSW Fulton-Oswego."
WERE OH Cleveland Heights - 22Mar2013 0200 - Barely above the jumble; "News/Talk 1490 WERE Cleveland Heights..." with dot com mention.
WAZL PA Hazleton - 02Oct2012 0600 - Mixed with WLPA; "You're listening to WAZL Hazleton."260
WNTJ PA Johnstown - 22Jan2013 1900 - Surfaced briefly with promo/ID, "...Monday thru Saturday from noon to three, on News/Talk 1490 WNTJ."  03Sep2015 0000 - Fair; News/Talk 1490 WNTJ Johnstown, the talker of the Laurel Highlands," into Fox news.  24Sep2016 0500 - Heard through graveyard jumble; "WLLI Somerset."416
WRKY PA Lancaster - 02Oct2012 0600 - Heard after WAZL ID; "1490 WLPA Lancaster" and Fox sports.  09Sep2013 2300 - Fair; "You're listening to the worldwide leader in sports on Lancaster's sports leader, this is ESPN 1490 WLPA Lancaster," ex-Fox sports.  01Aug2015 0400 - Fair; "This is your home for America's best music, 1490 AM WLPA Lancaster," ex-sports.  28Mar2021 0600 - Poor; "WONN-FM Starview... we are ESPN Radio 92-5 and 92-7."  04Feb2022 1900 - Over WCCM; "This is central PA's number one for the '70s, '80s, and more, Rocky 98-5," ex-WLPA.309
WBCB PA Levittown - 13Dec2012 2100 - In the jumble; "You're listening to Philadelphia Eagles football on 1490 WBCB..."  11Apr2013 2201 - Fair; promo for Trenton Thunder baseball with phone number. Thunder website lists WBCB carrying select games, and all games on flagship 91.3 WTSR.  17Feb2017 1800 - Over WCEC; "1490 WBCB Levittown-Fairless Hills-Trenton," into USA news.246
WINQ VT Brattleboro - 21Jan2012 1630 - Atop jumble; weather for the tri-state region during break in syndicated advice talk, "This is AM 1490 WKVT Brattleboro."  26Jul2014 2200 - Briefly atop; "100.3 FM, AM 1490 WKVT..." and CBS news. 100.3 FM is W262CL.  22Jan2023 0600 - Poor; "Serving the Monadnock region for... WINQ-FM and HD1 Winchester-Keene, and WINQ Brattleboro."55
WFAD VT Middlebury - 29Jan2023 0101 - Under WCCM; caught part of ID, "...Burlington-Plattsburgh, WIFY Addison, WFAD Middlebury."  26May2023 2100 - Faded in; multi-station ID included W226CU 101.1 Middlebury and WHYD 88.9 Hyde Park-Morrisville, then "Light Word of the Day." Website www.thelightradio.net lists FM network along with public files including WFAD.
WIKE VT Newport - 31Jul2014 2200 - Over/under WUVR; "New country and your all-time favorites... Northeast Kingdom, 1490 WIKE Newport."  20Jun2021 0100 - Poor; "You're listening to The Notch network of radio stations..." with ID's for 106.3 WMTK Littleton, 104.1 WSTJ St. Johnsbury, and 103.1 WIKE Newport, classic rock, parallel 1340 WSTJ.
WCVA VA Culpeper - 04Mar2012 2100 - Briefly rising above the graveyard; "1340 and 1490 with America's Best Music, WVCV Orange, WCVA Culpeper." Listen to mp3 audio clip; warning, it's noisy.448
WXTG VA Hampton - 05Apr2013 0500 - In the mix; "The Game is WXTG-FM Virginia Beach, Virginia, and WXTG AM Hampton, Virginia, a Red Zebra Broadcasting station."  22Jun2013 0300 - Fair; same canned AM/FM ID.  Listen to mp3 audio clip.  17Dec2013 2201 - Poor; "You're listening to Washington Capitals hockey... WXTG 1490 AM..."
WFIF CT Milford - 22Feb2012 1700 - Fair over WFED; weather for southern Connecticut, "Life Changing Radio, WFIF Milford."  01May2019 1600 - Fair; "Life Changing Radio, 1500 AM WFIF Milford, and 101.9 FM Milford-New Haven, listen online at Life Changing Radio dot com or with the Life Changing radio app," and SRN news. 101.9 is translator W270DL.133
WFED DC Washington - 17Feb2012 0000 - Excellent; "WFED Washington, WWFD Frederick, WWWT-FM HD2 Manassas, WTOP-FM HD2 Washington, the Washington DC home of Navy athletics," and CNN news.385
WLQV MI Detroit - 07Dec2012 0600 - Under WFED; promo, "...on Faith Talk 1500," and ID, "This is Faith Talk 1500 WLQV Detroit, a service of Salem Communications."597
WGHT NJ Pompton Lakes - 22Mar2012 1900 - Over/under WFIF; sign-off announcement, "...at 1500 kilohertz with 1000 watts of power. We must now shut down to clear the air for nighttime operation of WTWP in Washington DC. We will be back on the air tomorrow morning at sunrise," and off, leaving WFIF in clear.186
KCKK CO Littleton - 02Feb2020 0401 - Over/under WLAC; "Killing Me Softly" by Roberta Flack, "You're listening to KCKK AM Littleton, Colorado, translator K225CZ Boulder, Colorado, a Hunt Broadcasting station." Listen to mp3 audio clip.
WWBC FL Cocoa - 13Nov2021 0600 - Under WLAC; gospel music, "You're listening to WWBC Cocoa-Melbourne-Titusville 1510 AM, W234BI Cocoa..." and Christian religious program.
WWHN IL Joliet - 15Jun2019 2200 - Fair, with WMEX off the air; ad for apartments in Chicago Heights with 708 area code.
WMEX MA Quincy - 28Dec2019 1700 - Fair; "WATD-FM Marshfield, WMEX Quincy, WBMS Brockton, and translator W266DA Brockton, this is the South Shore's radio station 95-9 FM WATD, streaming online at 95-9 WATD dot com and on your smart speaker by saying play WATD."  01May2021 0559 - Good; "1510 AM MeTV Music."
WMEX MA Boston - 16Feb2012 1800 - Good; "AM 1510 WWZN Boston, AM 870 WLVP Gorham-Portland, AM 1470 WLAM Lewiston-Auburn," and CNN news.  10Oct2012 1900 - "The voice of the diehard Boston fan, 1510 NBC Sports Radio, WUFC," and NBC Sports Radio Update, ex-WWZN.  14Oct2013 2200 - Excellent; a local with a creative ID, "Pumping out 50,000 watts of power from our four 350-foot towers, 1510 NBC Sports Radio WUFC Boston" with humming power transformer sound effects.  25Jan2015 0600 - "You're listening to the new 1510 WMEX Boston," and Blaze news, ex-WUFC.  24Oct2015 0600 - Fair over unID Spanish; "Serving northern California for over 65 years, this is KSCO Santa Cruz," then WMEX ID into USA Headline News.  18Feb2017 0600 - Good; flagship promo, "...on AM 1080 KSCO," and ID, "Serving northern California for over 65 years, this is KSCO Santa Cruz," then local ID, "You're listening to the new 1510 WMEX Boston." Off the air June 2017, transmitter site dismantled.28
WRNJ NJ Hackettstown - 14May2012 2005 - Under WWZN; ad for Gallagher's with 908 area code, oldies music. Measured 1509.995 kHz with WWZN at 1510.018 kHz.  15Oct2012 0500 - Under WUFC; oldies music, "WRNJ Hackettstown, listen online at wrnj.com," and ABC news.  14Aug2015 2000 - Under WMEX Boston; "Your local station, 92.7 FM and 104.7 FM, 1510 AM, WRNJ dot com..."  07Jul2017 0100 - Over WLAC with WMEX off the air; "Northwest Jersey's own 'RNJ, 92.7 FM, 104.7 FM, 1510 AM, WRNJ dot com," and jingle ID into ABC news.215
WOCQ NJ Salem - 02Sep2014 0359 - Over/under WUFC; urban gospel music, an assertive "WFAI Salem" between songs.  26Dec2017 0600 - Fair; "1510 WFAI Salem, 93.7 HD3 WSTW Wilmington."  28Nov2019 1800 - Good; "This is your station for today's best mix of R&B on WVJJ Salem, WSTW HD3, Wilmington's Jammin' 96-9," ex-WFAI Faith 1510. 96.9 is W245CJ.  18Apr2020 0000 - Fair; "This is your station for today's best mix of R&B, on WVJJ Salem, WSTW HD3 Wilmington, Jammin' 96-9, a Forever Media station."  07May2023 0000 - Good; "Bringing you your favorite country..." and WXCY ID, ex-WVJJ.  03May2024 0300 - Fair; Spanish reggaeton, La primera Máxima jingle, ex-WXCY country.
WWSM PA Annville-Cleona - 26Aug2016 2000 - Under WMEX; slogan mentioned valley (presumed Lebanon Valley), into ID, "Real Country 1510 WWSM Annville-Cleona."  01Oct2017 1833 - Fair; ads, weather from the Keystone State Radio Network, and Real Country.
WPGR PA Monroeville - 17Dec2016 1900 - Over/under WMEX and WLAC; "We are one body, WPGR 1510 AM Monroeville, one body in Christ."  01Dec2019 1700 - Fair; "We are one body, WAOB-FM 106.7 Beaver Falls..."
WLAC TN Nashville - 30Jan2012 2100 - Through WWZN; "WLAC... Newsradio 1510 WLAC" and Fox news.  24Jan2013 0400 - In WUFC null; "Newsradio 1510 WLAC, Nashville's news, traffic and weather station, Fox news now."926
KGA WA Spokane - 24Sep2016 0500 - "Sports Radio 1510 KGA..." and Fox Sports trending now opener heard through a jumble of signals.  05Oct2017 0400 - Over/under WLAC; "The hardest hits happen here, this is your home for Spokane Chiefs hockey all season long... on Sports Radio 1510 KGA Spokane..." into Fox sports. Listen to mp3 audio clip.2233
WGKB WI Waukesha - 13Feb2012 1900 - Over/under WWZN; "WRRD Waukesha-Milwaukee" and ESPN Deportes "Sports Center" in Spanish.  10Dec2016 1700 - Atop; presumed WRRD with ESPN Deportes, only dead air during ID break.  10Dec2017 1600 - Good; "You are listening to Wisconsin's Resistance Radio, WRRD 1510 AM Waukesha-Milwaukee," ex-ESPN Deportes.  29Dec2019 1700 - Under WPGR; "WRRD 1510 AM Waukesha-Milwaukee, streaming at News Talk 1510 AM dot com," and Westwood One news.  09May2020 2100 - Fair; "WRRD Waukesha and W269DL Milwaukee, always streaming at Talk 101-7 dot com."  30Oct2020 1900 - Good; "This is WAUK Jackson, WRRD Waukesha, W269DL Milwaukee, ESPN Radio in Milwaukee," ex-talk.  08Dec2020 1700 - Fair; "WAUK Jackson, WGKB Waukesha, W269DL Milwaukee, ESPN Radio in Milwaukee," ex-WRRD.845
WSVX IN Shelbyville - 16Jan2013 2000 - Under WWKB; "WSVX, W243CL Shelbyville, Giant 96, a Three Towers Broadcasting Company station, the giant of the Blue River Valley," and contemporary hit music.  18Nov2014 2158 - WWKB off the air; canned ID, "Giant 96, Real Radio is WSVX... Three Towers Broadcasting Company station."774
WTRI MD Brunswick - 04Mar2017 1800 - Fair, over unID oldies; "This is Radio Chai... (additional syllable), 1310 AM WXMC Parsippany, northern New Jersey, and serving Wallingford, Philadelphia, and New Jersey on 103.3 WPRB HD2 Princeton, New Jersey," then ad string in Indian-accented English interrupted by local ID, "WTRI Brunswick."
WIZZ MA Greenfield - 19Jan2012 1555 - Good; 1520 WIZZ jingle and nostalgia. 1600 ID, "Wizz Radio, 1520 WIZZ Greenfield," with "V" for victory Morse code.  28Dec2020 1600 - Fair; "Wizz Radio, 1520 WIZZ Greenfield, and now 100.5 FM," and V for Victory sounder.  08Apr2024 1500 - Over WWKB; "The valley's pure oldies, AM 1520 and 100.5 WIZZ Greenfield, a Western Mass Radio Group station."56
KOLM MN Rochester - 01Oct2012 0600 - Through WWKB dead air; ESPN promo, "This is Sports Radio 1520, The Ticket." Listen to mp3 audio clip. ESPN also heard through WWKB dead air at 0500.  06Oct2021 0200 - Under WWKB; ID with CBS Sports Radio jingle.1053
WWKB NY Buffalo - 20Feb2012 2000 - Good; "Your source for the latest on the 2012 presidential race, this is 50-thousand watt AM 1520 WWKB Buffalo," and CNN news.  06Oct2021 0600 - Excellent; "You're listening to The Bet, 1520 WWKB Buffalo, the sports bettor's best friend and your edge over the sports books, we are Buffalo's home for wagertainment, an Audacy station."372
WJDM NY Mineola - 19Jan2012 1559 - Under WIZZ; Polskie Radio USA ID, "...on 1160 WVNJ Oakland, New Jersey, and 1520 WTHE Mineola, New York."  28Aug2015 0600 - Over WWKB and WIZZ; sign-on announcement, "1520 WTHE radio in Mineola, New York, now begins its broadcast day. WTHE operates on an assigned frequency of 1520 kilohertz, and maintains its studios and offices at 260 East Second Street, Mineola, Long Island, New York. Our transmitter is also located in Mineola..." and prayer.  10Sep2021 2100 - Through under modulated WWKB; talk in Spanish, ID, "WJDM Mineola, New York," then Cantico Nuevo multi-station ID, ex-WTHE.174
WARR NC Warrenton - 20Feb2014 2200 - Under WWKB; R&B/soul oldies, "WARR... North Carolina, where the community comes together," into "It Takes Two" by Marvin Gaye and Kim Weston.  11Mar2017 1827 - Under WWKB; WARR ID with dot com mention into "Midnight Train to Georgia" by Gladys Knight & the Pips, "Love Jones" by Brighter Side of Darkness, "Mercy Mercy Me" by Marvin Gaye, and more classic R&B without interruption.
WDSL NC Mocksville - 09Sep2017 2000 - Fair; country music, "This is Cindy Johnson, and you're listening to 1520 WDSL Mocksville."  05Nov2023 0600 - Fair, over WWKB; "You are listening to 1520 WDSL Mocksville, North Carolina," and bluegrass music.
KOKC OK Oklahoma City - 17Jan2014 0500 - Poor, barely over KOLM with WWKB off the air; Red Eye Radio and CBS news.  18Nov2014 2100 - WWKB off the air; Oklahoma basketball coverage over an unID talk/sports station with 1521 Saudi Arabia het notched and 1510 Boston splatter phase nulled.  06Oct2021 0600 - Under WWKB; caught KOKC ID during break in WWKB The Bet ID, then heard CBS news.
WCHE PA West Chester - 19Jan2012 1659 - In WIZZ null; sign-off announcement, "WCHE is authorized to broadcast on 1520 kilohertz at a power of 1,000 watts. We invite you to join us again tomorrow for another day of broadcasting on 1520 WCHE West Chester," and instrumental national anthem.  04Mar2016 1758 - Under WWKB; oldies, "WCHE 1520 AM, local news at the top of each hour..." into another oldies song, then "You're listening to 1520 AM WCHE West Chester..."  27Oct2023 1758 - Over WIZZ; classic hits, "Heartache Tonight" by The Eagles, "ABC" by The Jackson 5, and ID, "You're listening to WCHE West Chester, 95.3 FM, 1520 AM, and online at 953 WCHE dot com."286
WDJZ CT Bridgeport - 22Feb2012 1700 - Good; "WDJZ Bridgeport, AM 1530, Interactive Radio worldwide at wdjzradio.com," and promo, "WDJZ 1530 AM presents Community Focus."138
WCTR MD Chestertown - 13May2023 2259 - Fair; classic hits, "The new 106-9 and AM 1530 WCTR Chestertown-Centreville, a Hometown Multimedia station... WCTR dot com."
WVBF MA Middleborough - 13Mar2013 1257 - Good; promos for Radio Brunch and Middleborough Matters programs, "...on AM 1530 WVBF," and Middleborough Midday talk program.  07May2021 2100 - Over WCKY; promo/ID for the Talking Information Center with URL and local phone number.  07Sep2022 0100 - Good, over WCKY; up all night with Talking Information Center, ID, "WVBF Middleborough, WRRS Middleborough, WRRS-LP Pittsfield, WLLO Londonderry, WVAO-LP Athol, WDJM Framingham."  23Mar2024 0800 - Fair; end of Talking Information Center program, "Broadcasting live from the Taunton Federal Credit Union studios at 14 Church Green, we are AM 1530 WVBF Middleborough-Taunton, and W259DD Middleborough Center 99.7 FM, your hometown radio station," and USA news.
WLCO MI Lapeer - 06Feb2014 1800 - "1530 AM WLCO Lapeer" and Real Country jingle; quickly lost to WCKY and an unID gospel station.  19Feb2016 1800 - Good; "1530 AM WLCO Lapeer" with Real Country jingle cutting into news.  09Apr2021 2300 - Good, over WCKY; "Dancing with Myself" by Billy Idol, "US 103-1" and "Refugee" by Tom Petty, simulcast of WQUS, ex-Real Country.  04Dec2021 1700 - Fair; "Ultimate classic rock, U.S. 103-1 WQUS and WLCO Lapeer," then off.
WJDM NJ Elizabeth - 14Oct2013 2200 - Over/under WDJZ and WCKY; Radio Cantico Nuevo parallel 740 WNYH, then ID, "You're listening to AM 1530 WJDM Elizabeth, New Jersey."  27Aug2016 2000 - Fair; sign-off announcment, "WJDM is owned and operated by Multicultural Radio Broadcasting Incorporated... on 1530 AM WJDM Elizabeth, New Jersey."
WLLQ NC Chapel Hill - 08Oct2015 2102 - Under WCKY; ID in English, "WRTG 1000 AM Raleigh-Garner, WLLQ 1530 AM Chapel Hill-Durham, and WREV 1220 AM Reidsville," mention of Mexico, slogan, "La grande, todos exitos internacionales," and Mexican music.
WCKY OH Cincinnati - 17Feb2012 2000 - Good; "This is 1530 WCKY, the 50-thousand watt orange and black home of the Cincinnati Bengals, Cincinnati's ESPN 1530," and ESPN Radio Sports Center.729
KGBT TX Harlingen - 08Sep2019 0100 - Over VOA São Tome while WCKY was off the air; Univisión promo, "Buenos Dias América, lunes a viernes..." with Central and Pacific time.
WKVQ GA Eatonton - 05Mar2021 0000 - R&B gospel music; loud het against 1539.982 CHIN and 1539.996 KXEL. New log. Also observed 1540.021 R.Mundial Peru.  17Sep2022 0600 - Loud het against 1539.997 KXEL and 1539.983 CHIN; drifting significantly off frequency per the mwoffsets io group.
KXEL IA Waterloo - 02Feb2012 2000 - Under WDCD; "The voice of the Cedar Valley, News/Talk 1540 KXEL..."  05Feb2014 0600 - Good; "Iowa's news and talk station, News/Talk 1540 KXEL Waterloo-Cedar Falls," into ABC news. Listen to mp3 audio clip.  28Feb2014 0500 - Fair; "Beginning March 1st, ABC news is out, Fox news is in, News/Talk 1540 KXEL Waterloo-Cedar Falls," into ABC news.  04Sep2021 2000 - Good; "This is News/Talk 1540 KXEL, where Iowa comes to talk, Red Eye Radio returns in the 3 o'clock hour, News/Talk 1540 KXEL now joins this broadcast from the Overcomer Ministry."1061
WDON MD Wheaton - 31Jan2016 1701 - Over unID's after WYNC sign-off; "Esta escuchando WACA, 1540 AM..." with Radio América slogan.  03Nov2023 1800 - Under WNWR; sign off alternating between English and Spanish, "Radio Viva... broadcasting from Silver Spring, Maryland... good night, buenas noches," ex-WACA.
WXEX NH Exeter - 27Sep2012 1817 - In WDCD null; DJ promo, "...on WXEX," and oldies. WXEX-FM relay.  21Dec2012 1700 - Good; "WXEX Exeter, WXEX-FM Sanford-Portsmouth-Dover-Rochester."  01May2019 1555 - Good; "92-1 and 97-1 Seacoast Oldies" relay WXEX-FM.35
WDCD NY Albany - 05Mar2012 1800 - Good; "Visit us online at hcjb.org," and ID, "The new Life 96-7, WDCD Albany, WDCD-FM and WDCD-FM HD1 Clifton Park-Albany, more stimulating talk, enlightening and transforming, next."  12Oct2013 2300 - Excellent; "1540 AM WDCD Albany, and in high def at 1540 AM HD1," promos, then repeating test tone and "This is Westwood One radio networks AMC8 transponder 23. To authorize your receiver, contact Westwood One Denver operations at area code 720 873-5177 from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. Eastern time" ran all night. Not the first time this has happened either.  10Feb2014 1700 - Fair; "Serving New York state and southern Ontario, you're listening to WDCX-FM Buffalo, WDCX HD1 Buffalo, and WDCZ AM Buffalo, WDCX AM Rochester and WDCX HD1 Rochester, and WDCD Albany."119
WSIV NY East Syracuse - 02Oct2021 0600 - Popped up over KXEL; "WSIV East Syracuse, 106.3 FM and 1540 AM The Voice."
WYNC NC Yanceyville - 31Jan2016 1700 - Over/under WACA Spanish; sign-off announcement, "WYNC ends another broadcast day... WYNC is owned and operated by Semora Broadcasting... transmitter located at 545 Fire Tower Road, Yanceyville," also mentioning both normal and critical hours power, and P.O. Box address.
WNWR PA Philadelphia - 12Mar2013 1900 - Fair; sign-off, "Thank you for listening to AM 1540 WNWR Philadelphia, we've come to the end of another broadcast day..." and instrumental Star Spangled Banner.  04Mar2016 1800 - Under WDCD; sign-off announcement, "Thank you for listening to AM 1540 WNWR Philadelphia..." and instrumental national anthem.  20Jan2023 0400 - Over CHIN and KXEL; "AM 1540 WNWR Philadelphia, and W237EH Pennsauken at 95.3 FM," contemporary Christian vocals.
WECZ PA Punxsutawney - 27Aug2016 2000 - Under WDCD; "Information you need, News/Talk 1540 WECZ Punxsutawney."
WADK RI Newport - 02Sep2014 1000 - Under WXEX;"...at WADK dot com, we're your hometown information station, 1540 WADK Newport," and ABC news.
WULT VA Sandston - 13Jan2023 1701 - Briefly breaking through WSIV; "1480 WTOX Glen Allen..."
CHIN ON Toronto - 29Jan2012 1800 - Excellent; "Broadcasting from Toronto on AM 1540, simulcasting on 91.9 FM and worldwide on chinradio.com, this is the voice of multicultural radio, this is Chin Radio."402
WSDK CT Bloomfield - 12Feb2012 1700 - Over/under WITK; "Life Changing Radio 1550 AM WSDK Bloomfield-Hartford," and SRN news.  29Jul2017 2000 - Fair; "This is Life Changing Radio, 1550 AM and the new 95.3 FM."86
WRHC FL Coral Gables - 24Feb2014 0501 - Fair; talk in Spanish, then new age bumper music to ID, "WWFE 670 AM Miami. Esta es La Poderosa, 670 AM..."  08Oct2015 2001 - Over/under R.Rebelde and WSDK; WWFE 670 AM ID in Spanish.  20Jan2023 2359 - Over R.Rebelde Cuba; rapid ID, "WWFE W276DV Miami, WRHC Coral Gables, WMYM W254DT Kendall, and W254DV Miramar."1272
WAMA FL Tampa - 29Oct2022 0500 - Poor; "WAMA Tampa-Clearwater... La Ley," and Mexican music.
WAZX GA Smyrna - 24Feb2012 1800 - Poor; spot for event at Ministerio Internacional Rompiendo Cadenas on Alpharetta Highway, "La Voz 1550 AM" slogan.937
WNTN MA Newton - 10Feb2012 1659 - Good; "WNTN now concludes its broadcast day. We hope you'll tune in again tomorrow morning to 1550 WNTN Newton," and off.  Off the air, moved to Cambridge.29
WNTN MA Cambridge - 17Mar2017 1600 - Good, over WSDK; Echoes of Erin program. CP on the air; moved city of license from Newton (10 kW) to Cambridge, 750 watts multiplexed with 740 WJIB antenna.
WCGR NY Canandaigua - 14Mar2012 1900 - Fair; "...WCGR Canandaigua, the new K101-7 and K104-5, the Finger Lakes' hot country."291
WUSP NY Utica - 17Dec2013 0600 - Poor, briefly over WSDK; "You're listening to the new home for Jim Rome and the CBS Sports Radio lineup... Mohawk Valley, WUSP Utica... WRCK Webster."
WQCD OH Delaware - 27Mar2012 2245 - Fair but with fade outs to WSDK; "La Que Buena" slogans and Mexican vocals. 2259 ID with callsign in English.  14Feb2013 0100 - Under CBE; oldies music, "...WDLR Delaware" followed by a promo and "Draggin' the Line" by Tommy James, ex-Mexican music.  29Aug2021 2258 - Under R.Rebelde Cuba and CBEF; "You're listening to WWCD Columbus, Ohio, and WQCD Delaware, Ohio... Ohio's alternative..." ex-WDLR.620
WITK PA Pittston - 10Feb2012 1700 - Fair after WNTN sign-off; weather with Pittston temperature, "...1550 WITK Pittston-Scranton-Wilkes Barre, radio that changes the way you live."  12Mar2012 2100 - Under R.Rebelde; "...you're listening to AM 1550 WITK Wilkes Barre-Scranton, Pennsylvania."239
WTTC PA Towanda - 11Feb2014 1700 - Fair after WNTN s/off; "WTZN Troy, WTTC Towanda, no subscription, no credit card, no charging, just turn on the radio and crank it up, the greatest hits of all time on your True Oldies Channel."
WIGN TN Bristol - 10Feb2012 1800 - Fair over WITK; country gospel music, "...the tri-cities at 1550, the world at wignam.com, we're WIGN Bristol-Kingsport-Johnson City."  03Sep2016 1959 - Heard through WITK and others; "...you heard about 'em right here on WIGN 1550 AM in Bristol, Virginia," and bluegrass music.  06Sep2022 0600 - Poor; "You're listening to WIGN 92.1 FM..." mentioned gospel radio, Virginia and Tennessee, into International Gospel Hour.708
WKBA VA Vinton - 12Feb2012 1700 - Under WSDK and WITK; "Be sure to mention The Ministry Station WKBA whenever you write," and two station ID, "1550 WKBA Vinton... and 1390 WKPA..."  21Dec2012 1700 - Over CBEF; "...from wkbaradio.com... The Ministry Stations, 1390 WKPA Lynchburg, and 1550 WKBA Vinton."582
WMRE WV Charles Town - 22Feb2012 1700 - Fair in mix with WSDK after WNTN sign-off; "WMRE Charles Town, West Virginia" and horse racing program.  11Sep2012 0500 - "You're listening to Sports Talk 1550 WMRE Charles Town, West Virginia."  11Mar2016 1800 - Over WIGN bluegrass music; "Fox Sports 1550 is WMRE Charles Town, West Virginia."408
CBEF ON Windsor - 01Dec2012 0600 - Good; "Vous écoutez la Primière Chaîne de Radio Canada, CBEF Windsor."
WRIN IN Rensselaer - 07Jan2024 0001 - Poor, under WGLB; "Your home for... Bear Country 104.5 FM and 1560 AM WRIN Rensselear" and forecast from the Weather Center.
WKDO KY Liberty - 19Feb2015 1820 - Fair with WQEW off the air; long string of national ads, "...1560 AM WKDO," and old rock music. At 1847 "The Vault, 1560 AM WKDO," into "Hooked on a Feeling" by Blue Swede.  20Feb2021 1901 - Fading in/out with WFME off; country music, "From the home of the world's largest apple pie..." and WKDO jingle into news.
WKIK MD La Plata - 08Sep2017 2259 - Under WFME; quick jingle singing "WKIK" between country songs.  19Mar2021 2001 - Fair with WFME off; "Today's best country 102.9 WKIK-FM California-Owens-Colonial Beach," and Country 102.9 WKIK jingle into Fox news.
WFME NY New York - 22Mar2012 1900 - Excellent; R.Disney promos, "This is WQEW and WQEW HD1 New York."  01Mar2015 0559 - Good; "A voice of Biblical instruction, this is listener supported Family Radio. You're tuned to listener supported radio at 1560 on the AM dial, this is WFME New York City," ex-WQEW.  08Dec2020 0559 - Good; "1560 WFME listeners, due to circumstances beyond our control, you may be having trouble tuning in to Family Radio. This change in signal coverage will be permanent, so we want to make sure you know how you can still listen to Family Radio without limitations. Right now you can download the Family Radio app and be able to hear the same programs and music with clear quality. You can also listen on your home computer or your laptop, and you can listen on your Amazon smart device. Your favorite programming is available 24 hours a day. Additionally you can hear Family Radio on 106.3 FM Mt. Kisco and 88.9 Smithtown. We apologize for any inconvenience. Soon we'll be announcing another way you can hear Family Radio in the New York City metro area." 30Oct2021 1815 - Fading in/out with WGLB; "What you're hearing is a test signal of Family Radio, New York, broadcasting from West Orange, New Jersey..." with phone number 1-800-543-1495 and email request@familyradio.org for signal reports.186
WYZD NC Dobson - 19Mar2021 1930 - Fair with WFME off; country gospel music, "WYZD Dobson..." with time and temperature.  20Mar2021 1930 - Fair; again with ID, time and temperature, "I want to thank you for listening to 95.3," then gone.  09Dec2023 1700 - Over WFME; "WYZD Dobson 1560 AM with translator W237FG Dobson on 95.3 FM and streaming worldwide at GBI Radio dot org."
WTNS OH Coshocton - 19Feb2015 1736 - Good with WQEW off the air; news and sports from the Ohio News Network, 1740 ID, "Real Country AM 1560 WTNS." 1800 full data sign off, invitation to listen to 99.3 FM, and instrumental national anthem. Listen to mp3 audio clip.  05Jan2024 1800 - Fair; promo/ID, "Real Country... WTNS Coshocton," and network liner, "We're country to the core, Real Country."
WCNW OH Fairfield - 22Feb2015 0657 - Fair with WQEW off the air; "Radio worth listening to, WCNW Fairfield-Cincinnati" and "This is Radio 1560 WCNW," then lost to WSBV sign on.
WWYC OH Toledo - 26Feb2015 1759 - Over/under WTNS; "This is WWYC 1560 AM Toledo, a Christian Satellite..."  23Oct2021 2359 - Fair; promo, "...praise and worship, or the latest congregational songs, you'll find them, on CSN International," and ID, "This is WWYC Toledo, a part of CSN International, the Christian Satellite Network..."
WAGL SC Lancaster - 18Feb2012 1800 - Under WQEW; nostalgia, "50-thousand watts... at your service from Charlotte to Columbia..." and sign-off announcement.  11Feb2014 1800 - In WQEW null; "America the Beautiful," and sign-off announcement, "This is WAGL Lancaster, South Carolina, concluding another day's broadcast service to the heartland of Carolina. WAGL is owned and operated by the Palmetto Broadcasting System Incorporated, and operates on clear channel 1560 at AM radio's top authorized power of 50-thousand watts. WAGL is proud to serve the people of Carolina as one of America's most powerful radio stations. We invite you to join us again tomorrow morning on clear channel 1560 for the best in music, news, and sports." Listen to mp3 audio clip.741
KGOW TX Bellaire - 09Apr2016 0600 - Under WFME; clearly annunciated KGOW in legal ID and "...Sports Hour on Yahoo Sports Radio."  13Jun2021 0100 - Over WGLB; woman in Vietnamese, then canned ID by man in English, "You are listening to Viet Radio on KGOW 1560 AM Bellaire-Houston, Texas," with ascending fanfare, and back to woman in Vietnamese.
WSBV VA South Boston - 05Feb2014 1700 - Under WQEW; "You're listening to the voice of hope and glory, AM 1560 WSBV South Boston." Listen to mp3 audio clip.  21Feb2015 1700 - Fair with WQEW off the air; Black gospel music, "You're listening to the voice of hope and glory, AM 1560 WSBV South Boston, Virginia." At 1757 over WTNS; vocal national anthem followed by sign-off announcement.  20Feb2021 1800 - Fair in noise with WFME off; sign-off announcement, "This concludes another day of broadcasting on WSBV in South Boston, Virginia. WSBV operates on an assigned frequency of 1560 on the AM dial and is owned and operated by Logan Broadcasting Incorporated. WSBV has studios and offices located at 1180 Plywood Trail, South Boston, Virginia." Listen to mp3 audio clip.
WFSP WV Kingwood - 21Feb2015 0000 - Fair with WQEW off the air; "The information you need to get you through your busy day, AM 1560 WFSP Kingwood," and The Blaze Radio News. Listen to mp3 audio clip.
WGLB WI Elm Grove - 18Sep2016 0500 - Under WFME New York; Black gospel music, ID including FM and slogan by a woman, "...Milwaukee, Wisconsin, your home for incredible gospel music." Listen to mp3 audio clip.  23Sep2017 0500 - Under WFME; "WGLB AM 1560 Elm Grove-Milwaukee," and urban gospel music.  16Feb2021 0100 - Over/under unID Fox Sports with WFME off; canned ID by woman, "WGLB AM 1560 and 96.1 FM W241CI Milwaukee," gospel music.  29Aug2021 0401 - Fair; "WGLB, we are the place Where Gospel Lovers Belong."
WNST MD Towson - 04Oct2012 1800 - Good; "This is The Reality Check with Glenn Clark on Sports Talk 1570 wnst.net."  13Oct2012 1900 - Fair; "You're listening to Baltimore's local sports source, Sports Talk 1570 WNST Towson-Baltimore."348
WMVX MA Beverly - 22Dec2012 1500 - Fair; Portuguese program, music interrupted by ID in English, "WMVX 1570 Beverly-Boston."  28Oct2014 0701 - Fair; "You're listening to 1570 WMVX Beverly-Boston, and in the south Florida area WFLL 1400 Fort Lauderdale," jingle singing "Nossa Rádio," and choral Brazil national anthem. Closed February 2016; moved to Methuen (800 WNNW transmitter site).37
WUBG MA Methuen - 11Jun2016 0200 - Fair; "WMVX 1570 AM, Nossa Rádio, Methuen-Boston," with Nossa Rádio jingle, ex-WMVX Beverly.  21Apr2017 0559 - Good; Nossa Radio jingle and ID, "You're listening to WCCM 1570 AM Nossa Radio, Methuen-Boston," ex-WMVX.  29Aug2017 1945 - Good; Spanish bachata music, "Power 800 AM" into telephone talk in Spanish, parallel 800 WNNW.  01May2021 - Fair; "Boston's positive encouraging K-Love, 105.3 107.3 WUBG Methuen and WZLX HD3 Boston."  12May2024 2000 - Good; ID in Spanglish, "WUBG Methuen, 1570 AM and 105.3 FM, La Pantera," Mexican music format.
WWCK MI Flint - 09Apr2021 0600 - Under CJLV; caught part of ID, "107.3, 1073 Flint dot com."  03Oct2021 0202 - Under CJLV open carrier; ID for WWCK Flint and 107.3 translator, "...a Cumulus station, playing classic hits."
WFLR NY Dundee - 14Feb2013 0400 - Over unID sports talk; C&W music, "101.9 and 96.9, and 1570 WFLR Dundee-Watkins Glen-Penn Yan."  17Apr2021 0500 - Under CJLV; "Local news first, Finger Lakes Country WFLR Dundee-Penn Yan-Canandaigua."279
WVTL NY Amsterdam - 21Dec2012 2301 - Under CJLV; adult contemporary vocal, "We're Amsterdam's own Lite 104.7 FM."  15Feb2021 1556 - Fair, over CJLV with local WUBG K-Love off the air; "Classic Country 104.7 FM and 1570 AM WVTL."138
WNCA NC Siler City - 24Apr2012 2000 - Briefly atop the frequency; "This is WNCA Siler City, North Carolina..."  11Feb2014 1801 - Fair; weather center forecast, "At the top of the hour, you're with WNCA Siler City at the top of your dial."644
WECU NC Winterville - 02Mar2013 0400 - Under CJLV; "...1570 and 97-9." 97.9 FM is W290CJ.
WHTX OH Warren - 03Dec2012 0500 - Popped up over CJLV; "...1570whtx.com" and CBS news.  03Oct2021 0101 - Under CJLV open carrier; "...for 50 years, AM 1570 WHTX Warren."491
WPGM PA Danville - 10Oct2012 0500 - Fair; "...for the Susquehanna Valley, this is music and... Bible teaching, this is WPGM 1570 AM Danville, the time is 5 o'clock," and SRN news.289
WISP PA Doylestown - 28Feb2012 1800 - Under CJLV; "WCOJ 1420 Coatesville and WISP 1570 AM..."  03Oct2012 0500 - Fair; "You're listening to 1570 AM, Doylestown-Philadelphia" and EWTN.251
WQTW PA Latrobe - 01Oct2014 0001 - Briefly atop; "1570 WQTW Latrobe-Greensburg."
WSCO WI Appleton - 05Mar2023 0300 - Poor, breaking through WUBG; "The Score, WSCO Appleton... 99-1 FM."
CJLV QC Laval - 28Feb2012 1800 - Fair; French pop music, "Ici Laval..." into news in French.  21Mar2012 1900 - Good; "1570 AM Laval" IDs.226
WJFK MD Morningside - 17Jan2013 1700 - Over/under CKDO; "WNEW WPGC HD3 Morningside-Washington DC..." and "government and business stories making news on 1580 gov dot biz radio."  07Sep2013 2100 - Briefly over CKDO; CBS Sports Radio, ex-WNEW.  23Jan2014 1700 - Fair; "WJFK AM Morningside, WJFK HD2 Manassas, WPGC HD3 Morningside, this is CBS Sports Radio 1580."  08Jan2022 2155 - Over/under CKDO and WNYG; BetQL talk, a good half minute ahead of parallel BetQL on 1520 WWKB.  25Nov2023 1700 - Good; "This is 1580 The Bet presented by BetMGM, WJFK AM Morningside and WJFK HD2 Manassas, always live on the free Audacy app, DC's home for wagertainment."
WGYM NJ Hammonton - 06Jul2013 2100 - Good; "Radio you can depend on, News/Talk 1400 WOND Pleasantville-Atlantic City and online at wondradio.com," into ABC news.  04Mar2016 1800 - Fair; "This is WFJS 1260 AM Trenton, WFJS 89.3 FM Freehold, and WGYM 1580 Hammonton."  11Jun2016 0200 - Under CKDO; "This is WFJS 1260 AM Trenton..." and EWTN.  17Dec2016 1700 - Fair; ID's for WFJS and WGYM, "This is Domestic Catholic Radio."
WNYG NY Patchogue - 28Feb2012 1700 - Fair in 1590 WSMN splatter; "This is Radio Adonai, AM 1580 WLIM Patchogue, Long Island," then in Spanish, "Usted sintonise WLIM Radio Adonai 1580 AM... voz del estereo, Dios, esta aquí."  14Jul2012 2359 - Radio Adonai parallel 540 WLIE.  24Dec2020 0459 - Good, over CKDO; open carrier, then canned ID, "You're listening to Cantico Nuevo Ministry, 1580 AM WNYG Patchogue, New York, and rebroadcasting at 96.5 FM W243BF Shirley, New York," and more dead air.  08Jan2022 0600 - Over/under CKDO; extensive multi-station ID in Spanish-accented English, "Sintonisa Cantico Nuevo Ministries, 1520 AM WJDM Mineola, New York, rebroadcasting 97.5 FM W248CG Jersey City, New Jersey, 103.9 FM WCNM Hazlet, New Jersey, 103.3 FM KDFM Falfurrias, Texas, y para el mundo a través de Radio Cantico Nuevo punto com... WNYG Patchogue, New York, and rebroadcasting 106.9 FM W295CK Medford, New York, 96.5 FM W243BF Shirley, New York." 06Sep2022 0600 - Fair; "1580 AM WNYG Patchogue, New York, rebroadcasting at 106.9 FM W295CK Medford, New York. This is 1370 AM WLID Patchogue, New York. This is W239CY Patchogue, New York, 95.7."153
WXGT OH Columbus - 24Apr2012 1952 - Under CKDO; promo, "...right here on AM 1580 WVKO," talk, ID on the hour, "You're listening to the progressive voice of central Ohio, Talk 1580 WVKO Columbus."  10Dec2022 1700 - Over/under WNYG; "WWCD AM, FM translator station W225CS Columbus, Ohio... this is CD 92-9," ex-WVKO.  11May2024 0001 - Fair; "The sound of good times and great oldies on My 92-9," ex-WWCD.621
WVZN PA Columbia - 13Oct2012 2301 - Under CKDO; "WWRV 1330 AM New York, KCKN 1020 Roswell, New Mexico, WRVP 1310 AM Mount Kisco, New York, WWCL 1440 AM Fort Myers, Florida, WVZN 1580 AM..."318
CKDO ON Oshawa - 18Feb2012 2000 - Good; "This is CKDO, a Durham Radio Incorporated station, the classic hits of the '60s and '70s, on the air at 107-7 FM and 1580 AM, online at ckdo.ca, you're listening to Durham's classic hits, CKDO." 08Jan2022 0700 - Over WNYG; "This is CKDO on radios everywhere at 107.7 FM and 1580 AM, and now available in HD, on your car radios experience CKDO in HD at 95.9 HD3."374
WCGO IL Evanston - 23Mar2019 0000 - Under local WSMN open carrier; "...on 1590 WCGO Evanston-Chicago," to network news.
WHGT MD Maugansville - 21Nov2015 1700 - Fair in local WSMN null; country gospel music, WHGT mailing address for listener contributions, then gone with apparent switch to nighttime flea power.  12Jan2018 1700 - Through WSMN open carrier; "This is a beacon of hope... Cumberland Valley, WHGT Maugansville, Maryland, 1590 AM," and address for listener support, "WHGT, 16221 National Pike, Hagerstown, Maryland 21740," into SRN news.  03Nov2023 1800 - In WSMN open carrier; "This is WHGT Maugansville, Maryland, 1590 AM," and explanation of call letters meaning Where Hearts Get Transformed.
WAMS MD Ocean City - 17Sep2012 2300 - In WSMN null; Baltimore Orioles baseball, ad for Baltimore's best sausage, "Baltimore Orioles and Roma Sausage, a winning combination in any yard."
WSMN NH Nashua - 29Feb2012 2000 - Excellent; "From New Hampshire's family of locally owned radio stations, this is Absolute Broadcasting's 1590 AM WSMN Nashua," and IRN/USA news.  11Sep2020 2300 - "WSMN 1590, WSMN 95.3 FM Nashua, listen, watch, and stream at WSMN 1590 dot com," and USA news.3.5
WAUB NY Auburn - 25Mar2023 0100 - Over/under local WSMN; "From the Finger Lakes, for the Finger Lakes."
WASB NY Brockport - 15Sep2012 1840 - Off-frequency at 1589.72 kHz, loud het against nulled WSMN, reported to be from WASB.327
WGGO NY Salamanca - 18Sep2012 0500 - Fair with WSMN nulled out, het on low side from WASB; "You're listening to the Twin Tiers sports leader, 1590 WGGO Salamanca, Olean, Bradford" and ESPN Radio Sports Center.368
WCSL NC Cherryville - 19Mar2023 0201 - Poor; country music, "92.9 FM W225DL... online at www dot KTC Broadcasting dot com."
WYSR NC High Point - 11Mar2023 2200 - Poor, with local WSMN off the air; "1590 AM WYSR... Radio Cristo Reyna."
WAKR OH Akron - 26Nov2015 1705 - Fair in WSMN null; pause for station ID during NFL game, morning show promo/ID, "...on 1590 WAKR."  05Sep2022 0100 - Under local 1590 WSMN open carrier; promo for morning show, "...on 93.5 and 1590 WAKR Akron."
WPSN PA Honesdale - 03Nov2015 0650 - Under local WSMN; weather, mention of 104.3 FM and "Wayne Pike News Radio" slogan.
WARV RI Warwick - 06Jul2013 2100 - Under WSMN open carrier; "1590 AM, WARV Warwick-Providence," and SRN news.
WKTP TN Jonesborough - 04Jan2015 0102 - Under WSMN open carrier, through unID gospel and Spanish; promo, "...on ESPN Tri-Cities."
WFTH VA Richmond - 28Oct2023 1859 - Under WSMN open carrier and unID sports; rock music, live DJ introducing a song by the rock blues band Night Train, "...on WNRN."
WGBW WI Denmark - 16Mar2023 2200 - Poor, with local WSMN off the air; "You're listening to the talk of Green Bay, WGBW 1590 AM (or in) Denmark... Green Bay, and always streaming on the Civic Media app," into ABC news.
WAOS GA Austell - 24Feb2023 2301 - ID in Spanish-accented English, "WAOS Austell-Atlanta, WXEM Buford, WLBA Gainsville... ¡La Mejor!"
WLXE MD Rockville - 24Feb2023 1801 - Under WWRL; "¡La Que Buena!" Mexican music.
WUNR MA Brookline - 01Oct2012 2300 - Fair; "WUNR es la radio más antigua y mejor noticia en el area de Boston..." and ID, "This is WUNR Brookline."34
WHNP MA East Longmeadow - 04Oct2012 1800 - Over WUNR; "Local news when you neeed it, WHMQ Springfield, WHNP East Longmeadow, and WHMP Northampton, news and information..."68
WAAM MI Ann Arbor - 02Feb2012 1700 - Fair; "WAAM Ann Arbor, Waam Talk 1600" and Fox Report.622
WWRL NY New York - 29Feb2012 2000 - Good over WUNR; "1600 WWRL New York, this is news on New York's progressive radio, 1600 WWRL."  26Sep2014 0600 - Fair; "New York, 1600 AM, La Invasora," and Mexican music, ex-talk.  10Dec2016 1700 - Fair; Kids Corner program, ID for 101.5 and Radio Zindagi, subcontinental Indian format, ex-Mexican.  04Feb2017 0700 - Fair; "You are listening to WWRL 1600 AM New York and WKXW 101.5 FM HD2 Trenton, Radio Zindagi. Now in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and Delaware, we welcome our new listeners in Trenton... Atlantic City, Philadelphia, Easton, and Wilmington, Delaware," into Fox news.  05Dec2020 1700 - Fair; "WWRL AM and WWPR FM HD3 New York, the Black Information Network, listen at BIN dot com... New York's BIN 1600 on iHeart Radio."186
WEHH NY Elmira Heights-Horseheads - 13Jan2014 0559 - Fair; "Good morning twin tiers..." into news headlines, "Stay tuned to WENY for the latest. You're listening to the greatest music of all time on the greatest radio stations in the southern tier, we're playing your kind of music," and nostalgia.
WMCR NY Oneida - 18Mar2014 1900 - Caught partial multi-station ID, "...1150 WUTI Utica, WMCR Oneida."  07May2021 2101 - Over/under WUNR; "101.1 The Wave" and "It's My Life" by Talk Talk.  25Feb2023 1801 - Fair; "WMCR Oneida is the new 101.1 The Wave," into SRN news.
WULM OH Springfield - 13Oct2014 0000 - Fair; "You're listening to Radio Maria..." and proceeded to announce every affiliate including "1600 WULM Springfield, Ohio."
WTTF OH Tiffin - 09Feb2020 0600 - Fair; "From the Reineke Family Dealerships dot com studios, this is WTTF Tiffin, it's your key from Reineke," and national anthem, then Ohio agriculture public service program.
WHOL PA Allentown - 18Jan2014 0601 - Briefly atop; "...mil seiscientos AM, WHOL Allentown."  13Dec2015 1600 - Fair; ad for Phillipsburg Easton Honda in Spanish.  24Jun2016 0500 - Fair; quick "WHOL Allentown" followed by "99.5 esta es mi estación" and "La Hola" jingle into Spanish morning religious program.
WAYC PA Bedford - 27Aug2016 2000 - Good; easy listening instrumental, "You're listening to AM 1600 WAYC Bedford," and Fox news.
WPDC PA Elizabethtown - 29Aug2014 0400 - Over WAAM; jingle ID singing "Sportsradio 1600 WPDC Elizabethtown-Hershey-Harrisburg," and NBC Sports Radio Update.
WCPK VA Chesapeake - 13Nov2021 0601 - Fair; "Esta es Hosanna Radio 1600 AM..." with web address, "Para todo Hampton Roads, Hosanna Radio, lo mejor es para ti."  26Feb2023 0600 - Fair; "Hosanna Radio VA punto com, somos Hosanna Radio, WCPK 1600 AM, lo mejor es para ti."
WKKX WV Wheeling - 19Mar2014 0600 - Fair; "The Watchdog, AM 1600 WKKX Wheeling and AM 1370 WVLY Moundsville."  02Oct2021 0600 - Fair; "The Watchdog is FM 98.1 AM 1600 WKKX Wheeling, FM 97.7 AM 1370 WVLY Moundsville."
W - - - ME multiple locations - 07Aug2015 2015 - Echoing audio due to delay between multiple stations; ID for WPKW775 and WPVS949, mentioned traffic monitoring service for Maine Turnpike Authority, "Please drive safely." FCC lists 11 transmitter sites.
W - - - MD unknown location - 28Feb2014 0600 - Poor but alone at off-frequency of 1611.2 kHz; "Maryland State Highway Administration highway advisory radio..." Several callsigns and locations listed in FCC database for Maryland. Which one is that far off-frequency?
- - - - MA Lowell - 03Feb2014 1400 - Fair; "You are approaching the Lowell Connector exit for the Lowell National Historical Park..." and information.
WNSX853MA Falmouth - 07Aug2015 1930 - Under/over CHHA; driving directions, mentioned Technology Park, Bourne Bridge and southbound on Route 28, and mobile phone info. Directions are to the Gifford Street parking lot of the Steamship Authority which matches the transmitter location in the FCC database.
WQIX458NH Derry - 02Aug2015 1050 - Poor; public safety messages "...brought to you by the town of Derry." Three transmitter sites listed in FCC database.
WPMK888NY Newburgh - 31Aug2015 0000 - Over/under CHHA; "This is station WPMK888 broadcasting on 1610 AM in Newburgh..." and notice of construction area speed limit strictly enforced, "As always, remember to wear your seat belt, and have a safe and enjoyable trip."
CHRN QC Montreal - 07Mar2016 0600 - Good, over CHHA Voces Latinas; subcontinental Indian music through the hour without ID, presumed the new CHRN Radio Humsafar.  27Jan2022 1958 - Over CHHA; "1610 AM Radio Humsafar, Montreal's South Asian radio station," and contact info into ads.  27Nov2022 0600 - Over CHHA; "For one of the fastest growing communities in the greater Montreal area, your one and only South Asian station, this is CHRN 1610 AM. You're listening to CHRN 1610 AM Montreal, Radio Humsafar," and Hindi ads.
CHHA ON Toronto - 27Apr2012 0500 - Over/under unIDs; "Desde Toronto... CHHA Voces Latinas" and national anthem.  11Jan2014 0500 - Good; "Desde Toronto, Ontario, Canada, esta es CHHA Radio Voces Latinas, 1610 AM en tu dial, la voz de nuestra comunidad." Listen to mp3 audio clip.  25Nov2022 2358 - Under CHRN; full ID, "Owned and operated by San Lorenzo Latin American Community Centre," with address and phone number, "CHHA 1610 AM" and Voces Latinas jingle.400
CJWI QC Montreal - 02Feb2012 2000 - Good; Haitian/zouk theme song, announcement of Montreal phone number in French. Moved to 1410 kHz.222
WNRP FL Gulf Breeze - 03Feb2014 0500 - Over/under R.Rebelde; "Newsradio 1620 WNRP Gulf Breeze-Pensacola, it's 4 o'clock," into Fox news.  11Mar2017 0100 - Under R.Rebelde Cuba; iHeart Radio promo, "Newsradio 102-5 WFLA."  19May2024 0200 - Good; "You're listening to News Radio 92-3 WNRP Gulf Breeze-Milton-Pensacola," and Fox news.
WDND IN South Bend - 22Dec2012 0559 - Good; contemporary hit music, quick ID only as "U93" between songs.761
WPRI268 MA Leominster - 27Apr2012 1558 - Fair; "WPRI268 Leominster, Massachusetts" periodically during relay of NOAA weather for central Massachusetts.  08Aug2015 1700 - Fair; NOAA Weather Radio for Nashua, Manchester, and Keene, from Pack Monadnock, Peterborough, interrupted periodically by ID.  09Apr2016 1735 - Fair; relaying NOAA Weather Radio for central Massachusetts.
KOZN NE Bellevue - 01May2021 0500 - Under R.Rebelde Cuba; "KOZN Bellevue-Omaha."
WQJI222 NY Little Falls-Herkimer - 01Oct2017 1850 - Poor; repeated traffic message by a woman, "This is station WQJI222 broadcasting on 1620 AM...on I-90, the New York State Thruway." Lost to R.Rebelde Cuba.
WRDW GA Augusta - 23Oct2012 2100 - Fair; "News, talk, sports, 1630 WRDW Augusta, a Beasley Broadcasting station," and ABC news.853
KCJJ IA Iowa City - 03Mar2012 2100 - Fair; "Number one... the Mighty 1630 KCJJ" and basketball coverage from Wells Fargo Arena.  04Mar2012 2000 - Fair; "...this is the Mighty 1630 KCJJ Iowa City and Coralville."  27Jan2022 1859 - Good; "From the Herteen and Stocker studios in the heart of the Hawkeye Nation, this is the Mighty 1630 KCJJ Iowa City," Herteen and Stocker Jewelers jingle, "Now Iowa City's News First" into CBS news.1026
WQOJ279 ME Portland - 13Feb2014 0600 - Over/under KCJJ; "This is travelers information station WQOJ279 located in Portland, Maine, and operated by the Maine Department of Transportation." FCC database lists status as dismissed.
WQSS938 MA Westford - 20Jul2014 2200 - Fair; "You're listening to WQSS938 operating on 1630 AM from Westford."
SPWIS NJ Scotch Plains - 28Feb2012 1800 - Fair; Scotch Plains Weather Information Service relay, "You are listening to NOAA all-hazards radio, station KWO35 in New York City; the broadcast originates from the National Weather Service forecast office located on the grounds of Brookhaven National Laboratory in Upton, New York; station KWO35 broadcasts on a frequency of 162.55 megahertz." Listen to mp3 audio clip.
WPAN997 NY multiple locations - 21Nov2020 2200 - Poor; "This is station WPAN997... broadcasting on 1630 AM..." with synchro echo.
- - - - RI multiple locations - 27Aug2013 2000 - Poor; "...Rhode Island Department of Transportation and the Transportation Management Center."  19Jul2019 2100 - Poor/fair; repeating multi-station ID including WPQB669 Providence, WPWL406 Narragansett, and WPTJ441 South Kingston, "...broadcasting on 1630 AM."  01May2021 2100 - Fair; "This is WPQB669 Providence-Pawtucket and WQKY729 Cranston," and construction info from Rhode Island Department of Transportation.
KKGM TX Ft. Worth - 02Oct2012 0000 - Good; "Uplifting programs, talk and sports, it's Better Life Radio, AM 1630 KKGM Fort Worth-Dallas, a Mortenson Broadcasting station."1551
KVAM WY Fox Farm - 08Feb2013 0000 - Under KCJJ; shouting Spanglish ID, "AM... Fox Farm... escucha..."  02Oct2021 0559 - Under KCJJ; SRN sounder and news before the hour, ex-KRND.1708
WQFH340 ME York - 23Feb2014 1730 - Fair; messages about snowmobiling, ice thickness, and Maine Wildlife Park, "Maine Wildlife Park is now closed."
WQIZ298 MA Bedford - 01Aug2013 1850 - Poor; "You are listening to... Radio, AM 1640... WQIZ298.
WTNI MS Biloxi - 21Sep2012 0000 - Fair; quick "...WUJM Gulfport, 1490 WXBD Biloxi, 1640 WTNI Biloxi, 96-7 The Champ," and ESPN Radio Sports Center.  08Aug2015 0400 - Fair; promo for WNBA on ESPN, ID, "1490 WXBD Biloxi, and 1640 WTNI Biloxi, this is 1490 and 1640 The Champ."  27Jan2018 0600 - Fair; "This is 1490 WANG Biloxi, 1640 WTNI Biloxi, and FM W278CE 103-5 The Champ, online at 1640 The Champ dot com," and ESPN.  31Oct2021 0701 - Over/under WSJP; "Bob 106.3" announced in segue to "New Sensation" by INXS.1277
WPNX700 PA multiple locations - 06Jun2013 0300 - Fair; "This is the Pennsylvania Turnpike Highway Advisory Radio System, WPNX700." FCC database lists 5 sites.
KBJA UT Sandy - 08Mar2014 0500 - Fair, over Pennsylvania HAR/TIS; ID in Spanish with echo, then clear ID in English, "This is KBJA 1640 AM..." and more echo with mention of entire Wasatch Valley, into Spanish tropical version of "Stand by Me" by Prince Royce. Listen to mp3 audio clip.2074
WSJP WI Sussex - 02Feb2012 1800 - Good; "This is WKSH and WKSH HD1 Sussex-Milwaukee" and R.Disney.  24Jan2014 0500 - Fair; repeating "WKSH Sussex" and movie musical soundtrack loop.  21Jul2014 0000 - Fair; "Talk radio for a Catholic life... WSJP Sussex, WSJP-FM Milwaukee, Relevant Radio 1640 AM and 100.1 FM... Milwaukee's very own Relevant Radio," ex-WKSH.  27Jan2022 2200 - Fair; "Bringing Christ to the world through the media, WSJP Sussex, WSJP-FM Port Washington, W260DP Pewaukee, Relevant Radio, 1640 AM, 99-9 and 100.1 FM," into Relevant Radio news.845
WTJZ VA Portsmouth - 03Mar2012 1900 - Good; pause for station ID on the on the Tar Heels Sports Network, "K-Talk 1650 WHKT Portsmouth, real conservative talk radio," and Tar Heels basketball.  17Sep2022 0600 - Fair; "WJFN Goochland-Bon Air-Chester 100.5, 107.7, 92.7 FM, AM 820, and WTJZ Portsmouth AM 1650."480
CINA ON Mississagua - 25Aug2013 0400 - Over/under WHKT and CJRS; Bollywood vocal.  22Jan2022 2158 - Under CKZW; "1650 AM, this is Cina Radio," and Cina Radio jingle, dance music.  01Dec2022 2100 - Fair; "Broadcasting for the South Asian community of the GTA, this is Cina Radio," and Cina Radio 1650 jingle.
CKZW QC Montreal - 29Feb2012 2000 - Good; "I'm Howie Silbiger and you're listening to the voice of the Montreal Jewish community, 1650 AM, Radio Shalom," then ID in French.  22Sep2017 2100 - Good; contemporary gospel music, "1650 AM Montréal, vous écoutez la Radio Gospel."  17Sep2021 2200 - Good; "1650 AM Montréal, vous écoutez la Radio Gospel," ex-CJRS.  22Jan2022 2158 - Over CINA; "Welcome to the Consumer Show, consumer tips and more here on Radio Shalom." 27Jan2022 1900 - Over CINA; "1650 AM Montréal, vous écoutez la Radio Gospel."219
WCNZ FL Marco Island - 02Feb2012 1800 - Well under WWRU; "WMYR Fort Myers... WCNZ Marco Island-Naples."1287
WQLR MI Kalamazoo - 11Feb2013 0500 - Under WWRU; "WQLR Kalamazoo, 1660 The Fan" and Fox sports.718
WWRU NJ Jersey City - 29Feb2012 0000 - Good; "1660 AM WWRU Jersey City-New York City, the following program is presented by its producer, host, and sponsor," and program in Korean.186
WBCN NC Charlotte - 30Mar2012 2300 - Under WWRU; "America's Talk 1660 WBCN..."  07Sep2013 2100 - Under WWRU; CBS Sports Radio.  12Jan2014 0500 - Fair in WWRU null; "You're listening to Charlotte's home for national sports talk, this is CBS Sports Radio 1660, WBCN in HD, WKQC HD3 Charlotte."719
WNQN649 CT East Hartford - 01Jul2013 2101 - Fair; female monotone announcements including callsign and mention of Connecticut Department of Transportation Highway Advisory Radio.
WQDG293 CT Old Saybrook - 24Jan2014 1800 - Fair; monotone female voice, "...WQDG293 in Old Saybrook, part of the Connecticut Department of Transportation highway advisory radio network broadcasting on 1670 AM."
WMGE GA Dry Branch - 27Mar2012 2300 - Fair; quick ID, "WPLA Dry Branch-Macon," promo, "Online at foxsports1670.com," and Fox sports.  04Feb2017 0700 - Fair; promo, "...on middle Georgia's Fox Sports 1670."  12Mar2017 0600 - "This is iHeart Radio's WMGE Dry Branch-Macon... we are middle Georgia's Fox Sports 1670," ex-WPLA.  01May2021 0500 - Under CJEU open carrier; "1670 AM WMGE Macon, the Black Information Network."950
WQWC946 PA West Grove - 03Dec2022 0600 - Poor with CJEU off the air; "Welcome to AGREM 1670..." and emergency management info.  03Nov2023 1900 - Over WMGE; "Agrem 1670" Avon Grove Regional Emergency Management messages.
WOZN WI Madison - 27Jan2014 1700 - Fair; "The new home of Rome, Jim Rome, weekdays from 11 'til 2, on WOZN Madison, WOZN-FM Mount Horeb, The Zone," CBS Sports Radio "Sports Flash," then local sports talk, "This is where Wisconsin sports fans come to talk, it's the Bill Michaels Show."  27Nov2022 0100 - Poor over/under WMGE; The Week that Was with Jody Mac on CBS Sports Radio.
CJEU QC Gatineau-Ottawa - 04Mar2012 1654 - Good; Radio Enfant 1670 AM ID and children's program in French.  20Nov2021 0701 - Good; "Forever After All" by Luke Combs, "Vous écoutez Radio Jeunesse 1670 AM," and French pop vocal.
WOKB FL Winter Garden - 01Jul2013 0100 - Under WTTM; "Gospel 1680 WOKB" and high-energy preacher.  29Jan2014 2000 - Under WTTM; lively gospel music, "WOKB Winter Garden-Orlando."
KRJO LA Monroe - 28Sep2014 2359 - Through nulled WTTM and an unID HAR/TIS; "Classic Country 1680 KRJO Monroe-West Monroe," and ABC news.
WPRR MI Ada - 25Sep2012 0500 - Under WTTM; Public Reality Radio ID.  16Jan2014 1700 - Over WTTM; "Working overtime to support your rights, this is Reality Radio, WPRR Ada-Grand Rapids, W237CZ Hudsonville, and WPJC Pontiac, Illinois."  26Nov2021 1800 - Fair; "Back to the music with DJ Robert S. on 102.5 FM The Ride," urban contemporary.707
WTTM NJ Lindenwold - 29Feb2012 0000 - Good; "1680 WTTM Lindenwold-Philadelphia," and bachata music.  28Jan2022 0801 - Fair; "WTTM Lindenwold-Philadelphia, La Unika la llame, 1680 AM, transmitiendo con diez mil wats, para Philadelphia-Newark New Jersey."266
WQOQ385 VA 6 locations - 11Sep2014 0502 - Fair; Interstate 64 info, "You are listening to the V-Dot Highway Advisory Radio on 1680 AM, the traffic information station."
WMLB GA Avondale Estates - 16Aug2015 0400 - CBS news sounder heard under WPTX.  06Nov2021 0600 - Under CHTO and WPTX; "AM 1690 WMLB Avondale Estates-Atlanta."
WVON IL Berwyn - 21Jun2013 0400 - Over/under presumed CJLO; "...on 1690 WVON Berwyn-Chicago, an iHeart radio station." 08Apr2024 1520 - Noisy; promo's "...on The Talk of Chicago, 1690 WVON," WVON video stream, Tavis Smiley "...weeknights at 6 p.m. on The Talk of Chicago, 1690 WVON," and WVON email newsletter.
WPTX MD Lexington Park - 03Mar2012 2100 - Under CJLO; "Southern Maryland's news/talk station, 1690 WPTX," and CNN news.  17Sep2021 2201 - Good; "You're listening to Maryland Terrapins football on 1690 AM WPTX Lexington Park, Maryland."  17Sep2022 0601 - Good; "Your easy favorites on 100.7 FM and 1690 AM WPTX Lexington Park-Leonardtown-Solomons," and Fox news.  27Nov2022 0601 - Over/under CHTO; "Your easy favorites, 100.7 FM and 1690 AM WPTX Lexington Park-Valley Lee-Lusby" into Fox news.405
CJLO QC Montreal - 28Feb2012 1800 - Good over WPTX; instrumental piano music, then news intro music, "For CJLO news, this is Aisha Samu."216
CHTO ON Toronto - 03Feb2014 0400 - Over WPTX; Greek music, "You're listening to CHTO AM 1690 Toronto, visit our website at www.am1690.ca."
WEUP AL Huntsville - 29Feb2012 1800 - Fair; Black gospel music, "WEUP AM Huntsville and WEUV AM Moulton," and disclaimer into paid program.982
WJCC FL Miami Springs - 02Oct2012 0000 - Poor; disclaimer in English, jingle and phone number in French, ID in English, "WJCC 1700 AM..."1263
KBGG IA Des Moines - 27Jan2014 0500 - Fair; CBS Sports Radio, clip from "We Are the Champions" by Queen, "KBGG Des Moines, 1700 The Champ."  31Dec2020 0600 - Through WRCR open carrier; "KBGG Des Moines, a Cumulus station."  26Nov2021 1800 - Poor, through unID TIS; "Sports talk for real sports fans... The Champ dot com," and CBS Sports Radio.
- - - - MD Cambridge - 24Apr2012 2200 - Over WEUP; "Welcome to Dorchester County, home of the Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge, located 12 miles south of Cambridge..." 10 watts.
WRCR NY Haverstraw - 27Jan2022 - Good; pop music, "AM 1700 WRCR Haverstraw" and promo into Hudson Valley traffic.
WRCR NY Ramapo - 12Jul2015 2059 - Good; "New York's newest radio station, AM 1700 WRCR and WRCR dot com. Finally, it's about to happen. What Rockland County radio listeners have been waiting for for many years. This Sunday July 12th WRCR AM 1300 will terminate broadcasting. But on Monday July 13th WRCR AM 1700 will begin broadcasting with a crisp clear signal that will cover all of Rockland and beyond. So on Sunday evening be sure to set all your radios to AM 1700 and join us on the Steve and Meridith Morning Show beginning Monday at 6 a.m. It's Rockland County radio history in the making and we don't want you to miss a minute of it. Remember that's Monday morning at 6 a.m. the all new and exciting AM 1700 WRCR," and pop music. Listen to mp3 audio clip. Off the air, moved to new transmitter site in Haverstraw.
KNAA585 NY Jamaica - 28Feb2012 1800 - Fair; repeating, "You are listening to JFK highway advisory radio station KNAA585 broadcasting on 1700 on your AM dial; The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey wishes to thank you for letting us serve you while at John F. Kennedy International Airport." Listen to mp3 audio clip.
KVNS TX Brownsville - 21Sep2012 0000 - Over WEUP; "From the ...this is KVNS Brownsville and the Rio Grande Valley, Fox Sports 1700."1871
KKLF TX Richardson - 15Aug2014 0001 - Over WJCC; "KKLF AM 1700 Richardson, Texas, serving the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex," and Mexican music.
WQCR563 VA Arlington - 23Dec2013 0500 - Briefly over KVNS; mentioned va.us internet address, ID, "You're listening to Arlington County AM 1700... safety and travel information, set your radio to 1700 AM... current conditions."
WF2XTR LA Morgan City - 30Jan2014 1730 - Occasionally fading in over R.Celestial and WQFG689; repeating message, "You're listening to a test broadcast on a travelers information radio station... broadcasting 24 hours a day on a special AM frequency licensed by the Federal Communications Commission." Listed in the FCC database as an experimental station with 150 watts.
- - - - MA Springfield - 18Dec2015 0600 - Fair; "This is the Springfield Armory National Historic Site, National Park Service, located at 1710 AM on your radio dial. Welcome to the Springfield Armory National Historic Site in the city of Springfield," with hours and brief description, then Springfield Technical Community College promo.
WQFG689 NJ Hudson County - 29Feb2012 0000 - Over/under R.Celestial; "WQFG689, owned and operated by Hudson County, New Jersey," and PSA's. FCC data lists five locations in Hudson County. Listen to mp3 audio clip.  04Jul2016 0900 - Fair; relaying KWO35 NOAA Weather Radio for New York City.
R.Celestial NY Bronx - 28Feb2012 1800 - Good; many "gloria halleluiah" and Cristo mentions in Spanish.
Pirate R.Boston MA Unknown location - 15Dec2013 2200 - Strong signal with distorted audio; rock cover of "Dirty Water," Pirate Radio Boston ID and interview.  27Dec2013 1700 - Fair; LP version of "Hold Your Head Up" by Argent. 1720 revisit and the signal was gone.
WH2XDE NY Victor - 15Oct2014 2106 - Steady s9 carrier but with constant background local electrical noise; brief Morse code message, then a 2 kHz tone. Caught Morse code again at 2126. Received email confirmation next day for email report with mp3 audio clip. Power is 1 kW into a full-wave horizontal loop antenna at 50-ft high.  Listen to mp3 audio clip.


Total number of radio stations logged:  1106

Most stations logged on a frequency:  24 (1490 kHz)

States/provinces logged:  52

Longest distances:  2583 miles (1070 KNX), 2450 miles (660 KAPS), 2233 miles (1510 KGA), 2085 miles (880 KJJR), 2074 miles (1640 KBJA), 2064 miles (660 CFFR), 2055 miles (1060 CKMX), 1871 miles (1700 KVNS)

Number of stations logged in each state/province:  AL = 3,  AB = 3;  AR = 1,  CA = 1,  CO = 2;  CT = 39,  DE = 5,  DC = 5,  FL = 36,  GA = 19,  IL = 14,  IN = 9,  IA = 7,  KS = 1,  KY = 13,
LA = 4,  ME = 32,  MB = 1,  MD = 41,  MA = 78,  MI = 33,  MN = 3,  MS = 2,  MO = 2,  MT = 2,  NE = 2,  NB = 5,  NL = 12,  NH = 26,  NJ = 38,  NY = 159,  NC = 71,  ND = 2,
NS = 4,  OH = 47,  OK = 3,  ON = 37,  PA = 129,  QC = 19,  RI = 15,  SK = 3,  SC = 21,  SD = 1,  TN = 22,  TX = 11,  UT = 1,  VT = 18,  VA = 68,  WA = 2,  WV = 21,  WI = 12,  WY = 1

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