Flora and Fauna of Mine Falls Park

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©2011, 2012 Bruce A. Conti

Garlic Mustard

1886 Gatehouse

Gem-Studded Puffballs
Gem-Studded Puffballs, Lycoperdon perlatum.

Female (left) and male goldfinches feasting on coneflower seeds.

Great Blue Heron

Harebell, Campanula rotundifolia, a member of the Bluebell Family, found on the wooded steep banks of Mill Pond and the Nashua River.

Highbush Blueberry

Hoary Alyssum
The common Cabbage White Butterfly, Pieris rapae, on a Hoary Alyssum flower cluster.

Hoary Anglewing

Hoary Anglewing, polygonia gracilis

This iguana was spotted on the banks of the power canal, presumed an abandoned or escaped pet.

Indian Pipe

Interval Fern
The Interval Fern is easily identified by the fertile sections occuring in intervals with the leaves.

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