2009 Prince Edward Island DXpedition

Priest Pond, Prince Edward Island, Canada (46°29'N 62°11'W)
    October 5 - 9, 2009 *All Dates/Times UTC*

The DXers and their Receivers
Chris Black N1CP, South Yarmouth MA; Microtelecom Perseus
Bruce Conti, Nashua NH; RFSpace SDR IQ
Phil Rafuse VY2PR, Stratford PE; RFSpace SDR IQ, Palstar R30A
Brent Taylor VY2HF, Stratford PE; Icom R75 with Kiwa mods
Niel Wolfish, Toronto ON; AOR 7030+

The Antennas
Variable termination 7 x 18-m Delta at 80° east
Porta-Flag at 40° northeast
305-m non-terminated Beverage at 120° southeast
16 x 40-ft DGS Ewe
RadioShack AM Loop

Brent Taylor
     The 2009 DXpedition to Priest Pond continued a long tradition of Atlantic Canada DXing efforts. The first trip to the area was in 2008, when Niel Wolfish, Geoff Rivett, Chris Black, Phil Rafuse and I set ourselves up at North Shore Deluxe Cottages. I scouted out the whole northeast coast of PEI earlier in the summer of 2008 from the ground and the air, looking for a site that was right on the water, with no "trespass" third party traffic likely between the antennas and the beach, with low probability of man-made electrical noise.
     This represented an improvement over the former DX-pedition site of Miscou Island, New Brunswick, at which the cottage location was separated from a public beach by a high grassy dune. At Miscou we were plagued by four-wheeler ATVs and other users getting into our "antenna space." Priest Pond is ideal for radio reception; particularly from the 180-degree swath of coastline extending from due west to due east. European and Middle Eastern signals arrive - especially in the final hundreds of kilometers - over salt water.

Bruce Conti
     It was a typical cold and rainy autumn morning in the Canadian Maritimes. While driving to the Prince Edward Island DXpedition site with Chris Black, an announcer on a local radio station was heard saying, "It's a good day to stay in bed with nothing on but the radio!" Little did he know that a group of broadcast DXers was preparing for an entire week with nothing on but the radio, figuratively speaking of course, as we converged on "the gentle island" for what was to be an exciting trip across the radio dial.
     A receiver is only as good as its antenna, and there's nothing like a DXpedition as an antenna proving ground. The terminated broadband loops proved to be the primary workhorses of the DXpedition. Chris Black setup his "Porta-Flag" terminated loop antenna on 5-m poles at 40 degrees northeast while I aimed a 7 x 18-m terminated Delta loop 80 degrees east. Phil Rafuse went with an earth ground terminated Ewe antenna toward the northeast. RF splitters were used for antenna sharing with Brent and Niel.
     The Beverage was initially installed as a non-terminated "Beverage On Ground" (BOG) antenna at 120 degrees southeast with the hope for improved reception over a more southerly path than the broadband loops and Ewe, while the lack of a termination would also provide good northwesterly reception of transpacific signals off the back. For the first night of DXing the BOG was a huge disappointment, way outperformed by the terminated broadband loops. The hypothesis was that the relatively high conductivity of the locally iron-rich soil combined with rainy weather put the kibosh on the BOG. In general a Beverage performs best over land with poor conductivity. So for the next night the Beverage was supported by 1-meter tall stakes over its entire length. Beverage performance was improved, producing readable transatlantic signals an hour or two before being heard on the loop antennas, but after local sunset there was too much domestic interference off the back without a termination. Furthermore transpacific reception was best with the loops aimed against instinct in the opposite direction to reduce domestic broadcast interference. We never did try terminating the Beverage for a unidirectional beam; maybe next time.

Chris Black
     I thought it might be fun to provide a "Door Prize" for the first to log a TP from PEI. I donated an authentic DX oil company quart of oil from my DX memorabilia collection as the prize. On the second morning, Bruce Conti jumped up like he had just gotten a "bingo" and announced our first Japan TP! Our trip back was uneventful except for the fact that I had left the sun roof on the Honda slightly open the day before our departure and it rained hard that night, leaving an inch of water in the cup-holders and some pretty wet seats.

Phil Rafuse
     Priest Pond 2009 was great fun! On a personal side, it was great to see Niel and Chris again, and it was great to meet Bruce for the very first time! I caught up with Brent later on October 8. Of course, Brent and I run into each other from time to time as we live in the same town and work in the same city.
     On the technical side, my highlight was trying out the DGS Ewe. My conclusion, the DGS Ewe really rocks! Of course, that is premised on pretty good ground conductivity - thank you to PEI's red clay soil. Not only did the DGS Ewe perform great pulling in the DX, but it withstood a nasty nor'easter that ragged all that night and the next day. I left the DGS Ewe in Brent and Niel's capable hands for their DXing efforts on Oct 8 and 9 and they returned it unscathed by the storm. DGS stands for 'Dynamic Ground System' - the idea being that setup and take down is quick and easy, as is repositioning, since the ground plates sit on the lawn, rather than pounding in ground rods. The ground plates also serve as bases that are pretty stable - they are layered with 3/4" plywood over the 3/16" aluminum plate and topped with a steel 4 x 4" lumber bracket, so the total weight for each base is almost 30 lbs. The painter pole masts just slide into the cedar spacers I made for the brackets - setup is so quick and easy. (DGS is also the initials of a co-worker who passed away in May 2009. In fact, I first tested the DGS EWE in my backyard after returning from his funeral. RIP Don S.) Also, it was a great opportunity to test the RF Space SDR-IQ in an intensive DX setting, and, wow, it was a joy to use.
     Looking forward to Priest Pond 2010 - hey, maybe I'll take my Sony ICF-2010 in honor of the year!

Transatlantic DX
531 FAROE ISLANDS Kringvarp Føroya Útvarpid, Akraberg  OCT 5 2250 - Beatles "I Want to Hold Your Hand," other American pop music. Recorded; very good. [Black]  OCT 5 2254 - Non-stop with music by Abba, Eminem, Pearl Jam, The Beatles and others. No ID at 2300. [Wolfish]  OCT 7 2258 - Good, over RNE5 Spain; Bone Thugs 'n' Harmony "Wind Blow" rapping to sample of Fleetwood Mac "The Chain" through the hour. [Conti]
549 GERMANY Deutschlandfunk synchros  OCT 6 2300 - Pop music, woman gave frequencies, top of the hour ID in German. Recorded; excellent. [Black]  OCT 7 2300 - Good; "Deutschlandfunk," time marker, and news. [Conti]
558 SPAIN RNE5 synchros  OCT 7 2300 - Over/under unID Middle Eastern music; time marker and fanfare into news parallel 585 kHz. [Conti]
558 unID   OCT 8 0129 - Middle Eastern music heard under Spain. [Wolfish]
567 ITALY Rai Radiouno synchros  OCT 7 2200 - Parallel 657, 900, 1062. Woman in Italian with sign-off announcement, gave frequencies, then "buona sera" and anthem. But it appears that 657 and 900 are 24h. Recorded; very good. [Black]
567 SPAIN RNE5 synchros  OCT 7 2259 - Bumper music leading up to news parallel 585 kHz; the only readable signal in the weak pile-up on this frequency. [Conti]
570.05 GREENLAND KNR Nuuk  OCT 8 2348 - Parallel to a stronger 720 with woman in Greenlandic. Seemed to be slight off frequency (570.05 kHz). Mixing with CFCN. [Wolfish]  OCT 8 0900 - Parallel 720, ethnic music and song, man in Inuit language. Recorded; good, under CKSW. [Black]  OCT 8 2350 - Good, with woman talking in Inuit-type language, parallel 720 kHz. [Taylor]
576 GERMANY SWR Cont. R./MDR Info, Mühlacker  OCT 6 2400 - Man in German, Deutschland mentions. Recorded; poor-fair. [Black]  OCT 7 2237 - Parallel to 1017 with fair signal. German talk. [Wolfish]  OCT 7 2300 - Mixed with Canaries/Spain; fanfare and "MDR Info, Nachrichten" into news parallel 594 kHz. [Conti]
576 PORTUGAL R.Sim, Braga  OCT 7 2300 - Distinctive R.Sim time pips and fanfare mixed with Canaries/Spain. [Conti]
585 TUNISIA RTT Gafsa  OCT 7 2243 - Under Spain; stringed Arabic music heard parallel to 630 kHz. [Wolfish]  OCT 7 2345 - Under Spain; strings and chants parallel 630 kHz. [Conti]
594 GERMANY HR synchros  OCT 7 2241 - Over top of presumed Saudi Arabia with talk in German. [Wolfish]  OCT 7 2300 - Through R.Sim Portugal; fanfare and "MDR Info, Nachrichten" into news in German. [Conti]

603 FRANCE France Info, Lyon-Tramoyes  OCT 6 2400 - Top of the hour Info theme music and ID in French. Recorded; fair. [Black]
612 MOROCCO RTM A, Sebaa-Aioun  OCT 7 2300 - Man in Arabic. Recorded; poor-fair. [Black]
630 NORWAY NRK Vigra  OCT 5 2049 - Man and woman speaking in Norwegian. Also playing some pop-rock music. Seemed to be a newscast at 2100, followed by more pop music, including "Boy from New York City." Over top of presumed Tunisia. [Wolfish]  OCT 5 2100 - Man in Norwegian, top of the hour time check, then "Boy from New York City." Recorded; excellent. [Black]  OCT 6 0100 - Good; quick synthesized sounder into news in Norwegian. OCT 7 2240 - Excellent; AC/DC "Back in Black," talk in Norwegian, 2300 fanfare with time check into news parallel 675 kHz. [Conti]  OCT 7 2240 - AC/DC "Back in Black." [Rafuse]
630 TUNISIA RTT Tunis  OCT 7 2243 - Chanting. [Rafuse]  OCT 7 2245 - Under Norway; strings and chants parallel 585 kHz. [Conti]
639 SPAIN RNE1 La Coruña et al.  OCT 6 2400 - Parallel 684 top of the hour pips, short chimes, woman in rapid Spanish. Recorded; very good. [Black]
657 ITALY Rai Radiouno synchros  OCT 6 0100 - Fair; time pips, fanfare with "Rai, Radiouno" voice-over into news in Italian. [Conti]  OCT 7 2213 - Man and woman with news in Italian. Very good. [Black]  OCT 7 2300 - Good; what sounded like a garbled Morse code identifier (heard only in LSB), time marker, and fanfare with Rai ID into news. The code-like identifier also noted on 1116 LSB and 1575 LSB, not heard in AM mode. [Conti]
666 PORTUGAL RDP1 synchros  OCT 6 0100 - Fair, over unIDs, slight synchro echo; distinctive time pips and announcement into news in Portuguese. [Conti]  OCT 7 2300 - Man in Portuguese. Recorded; poor. [Black]
675 LIBYA Libyan Jamahiriya, Benghazi  OCT 7 0145 - Good; public speaker parallel 1449 kHz. [Conti]
675 NETHERLANDS R.Maria, Lopik  OCT 5 2309 - Man in slow paced religious talk in Dutch. Recorded; good, over chanting presume Libya. [Black]  OCT 6 0100 - Excellent; instrumental hymns through the hour. OCT 8 0000 - Excellent; repeating Rosary prayer. [Conti]
675 NORWAY NRK Nordland  OCT 7 2258 - Fair, through R.Maria; country song, on the hour attention signal with time check into news, parallel 630 kHz. [Conti]  OCT 7 2304 - Under Holland station with pop music parallel to a stronger 630 kHz. [Wolfish]
684 SPAIN RNE1 Sevilla  OCT 6 2400 - Parallel 639 top of the hour pips, fanfare, woman in rapid Spanish. Recorded; good. [Black]
693 AZORES RDP Açores Antena 1, Terceira  OCT 7 0738 - Lively music and woman in Portuguese, relay Antena 1 from Lisbon. Recorded; good. [Black]
693 UNITED KINGDOM BBC Radio 5, Droitwich et al.  OCT 5 2312 - Man and woman in discussion about the "Jon and Kate" show. Recorded; very good. [Black]  OCT 6 0100 - Excellent, synchro echo; "on digital and online, this is BBC Radio Five Live" into news. [Conti]  OCT 7 2026. [Rafuse]


The view east over the Beverage, the DX Cottage with terminated loop antennas deployed, and the view west.

702 FRANCE RMC Col de la Madone  OCT 6 2144 - French broadcast. [Wolfish]  OCT 7 2200 - Relay of China Radio International in French. Recorded; very good. [Black]
711 FRANCE France Info, Rennes  OCT 7 2300 - Woman and man in French. Recorded; very good. [Black]  OCT 8 0400 - Good; France Info ID, fanfare into Le Journal, "Bon jour..." [Conti]
711.07 WESTERN SAHARA RTM Laâyoune  OCT 7 2300 - African sounding music and singing. Recorded; poor under France Info. [Black]
720 CANARY ISLANDS RNE5 Finca España  OCT 7 2300 - Under Greenland and unID time pips; fanfare into news. [Conti]
720 GREENLAND KNR Simiutaq  OCT 5 2316 - Man in Inuit language. Recorded; very good. [Black]  OCT 6 0100 - Good; speaker in Inuit language. OCT 8 0800 - Excellent; classical music through the hour. [Conti]  OCT 8 0858 - Very strong! [Rafuse]  OCT 9 0829 - Loud and clear; interval signal and news at 0830 by female. [Taylor]
729 GREECE ERA Athens  OCT 7 2317 - What sounded like Greek music here. Fighting Spain. Could not find any parallels. [Wolfish]  OCT 7 2324 - Traditional Greek music. Recorded; very good, over Spain. [Black]  OCT 8 0159 - Fair, through RNE1 Spain; sign-on with instrumental national anthem. [Conti]
738 SPAIN RNE1 Barcelona  OCT 8 0100 - Theme music and "Radio Nacional de España," man and woman in Spanish. Recorded; very good. [Black]
747 IRAN IRIB1 Bandar-e-Torkaman  OCT 8 0200 - Woman in Farsi with top of the hour announcement, then news with "Iran" mentions. Recorded; fair, over/under Holland. [Black]
747 NETHERLANDS Radio 5, Flevoland  OCT 8 0100 - Top of the hour pips, ID by man in Dutch, then news. Recorded; poor-fair, under chanting from presumed Iran. [Black]
756 GERMANY Deutschlandfunk, Braunschweig & Ravensburg  OCT 6 2159 - Parallel 1422 Heusweiler. Classical music, 2200 woman with ID in German. Recorded; good. [Black]  OCT 8 0200 - Excellent; "Deutschlandfunk" and pips into news. [Conti]
756 SPAIN R.Euskadi, Ganguren  OCT 7 2222 - Man in Spanish. Recorded; fair, under much stronger Deutschlandfunk. [Black]
765 SWITZERLAND RSR Option Musique, Sottens OCT 6 0200 - Excellent; Option Musique jingle, time check, "Option Musique, quatre heures," and RSR ID into news in French. [Conti]  OCT 6 2159 - "What's Love Got to Do with It," 2200 ID, then man in French. Recorded; excellent. [Black]
765 RUSSIA R.Rossii, Pedaselga  OCT 8 0200 - Bells of "Great Gate of Kiev" interval signal under Switzerland. [Conti]
774 EGYPT Middle East Radio, Abis  OCT 6 2203 - Man with newscast in Arabic. Mentioned place name at the beginning of each item. Good signal over top of Spain. [Wolfish-PE]
783 GERMANY MDR Info, Leipzig-Wiederau  OCT 8 0058 - Woman in German. Recorded; poor-fair. [Black]  OCT 8 0200 - "MDR Info, Nachrichten" over presumed Syria. [Conti]
783 SPAIN Rock y Gol / COPE Barcelona  OCT 8 0400 - Over/under France; "...Rock y Gol" ID, then Spain and Canaries time check followed by bells and COPE news parallel 837 and 882 kHz. [Conti]
783 SYRIA R.Syria 1, Tartus  OCT 6 0200 - Through unID; sign-on with seven cycles of interval signal. [Conti]
792 FRANCE France Info, Limoges  OCT 6 0100 - Fair; fanfare into news. [Conti]  OCT 8 0100 - Top of the hour France Info theme, woman in French, "You are listening to France Info," and time check. Recorded; good. [Black]

801 SPAIN RNE1 synchros  OCT 6 0200 - Fair, synchro echo; time marker and fanfare into news. [Conti]  OCT 8 0139 - Spanish talk; fair. [Black]
810 SCOTLAND BBC R.Scotland synchros  OCT 8 0200 - Under CJVA; "...on BBC Radio Scotland" with an indie rock music program. [Conti]
819 EGYPT ERTU Batra  OCT 6 0158 - Excellent; Koran through the hour. [Conti]  OCT 7 2100 - Top of the hour pips (five and one higher pitched), woman with ID, "...al'arabbiya min al-qahira," military sounding music, then woman in Arabic. Recorded; very good, just after Rai top of the hour CW and ID. [Black]  OCT 7 2233 - Strong with woman in Arabic and Middle Eastern music. Parallel to a distorted 6290 kHz. [Wolfish]  OCT 7 2345 - Good; woman in Arabic and Middle Eastern music parallel 6290 kHz. OCT 8 0400 - Good, over unID rock music; woman with ID, "Idha'atu jumhuriya misr al arabbiya min al qahira..." into Koran. [Conti]  OCT 8 2212 - Good, with man talking in Arabic. Confirmed by listening to parallel 6290, although the 6290 modulation was so poor it was almost impossible to make it out. [Taylor]
819 ITALY Rai Radiouno, Trieste  OCT 7 2100 - Typical top of the hour ID with CW, then pips and man with "RAI GRuno" then news in Italian. Recorded; fair, just before Egypt ID. [Black]
828 GERMANY NDR Info, Hannover  OCT 8 0059 - Through unidentified Koran; light instrumental, fanfare, "NDR Info, Nachrichten," and news in German. [Conti]  OCT 8 0100 - Top of the hour theme and man in German. Recorded; poor-fair, under chanting presumed Libya. [Black]
837 FRANCE France Info, Nancy  OCT 8 0100 - Top of the hour France Info theme, woman in French, "You are listening to France Info," and time check. Recorded; fair-good, mixing with COPE. [Black]
836.98 IRAN IRIB1 Isfahan  OCT 6 2300 - Mid-East music and singing, man in presumed Farsi. Very good. [Black]  OCT 8 2117 - Good, with man speaking slowly in Farsi (as if explaining something) and then into string pluck music interlude, with nicely audible French in the background from France Info. [Taylor]
846 SOUTH AFRICA Umhlobo Wenene FM, Komga  OCT 8 0050 - Brief bits of audio through presumed Rai DRM; presumed South Africa with talk and contemporary music. The signal was observed every night of the DXpedition but the digital interference was too much to overcome. [Conti]
855 unID   OCT 6 0150-0154 - Loud test tone over/under Spain. [Conti]
864 EGYPT ERTU Santah  OCT 7 2350 - Under France Bleu; presumed this with Koran. [Conti]
864 FRANCE France Bleu, Villebon-sur-Yvette  OCT 6 2400 - Soft spoken man in French over mellow music. Recorded; fair. [Black]  OCT 8 0100 - Good; "Trois heures" time check and "Radio France Bleu" jingle. [Conti]
873 GERMANY AFN Oberursel-Weißkirchen  OCT 7 2211 - Playing Eric Clapton's "Forever Man." [Wolfish]  OCT 8 0006 - Parallel 1107 rock music, American announcer. Very good. [Black]  OCT 8 0008. [Rafuse]  OCT 8 0120 - Over/under Spain and unID Koranic vocals; U.S. Department of Health and Human Services PSA in English. 0159 ESPN Radio, then AFN Europe Morning Newsline. [Conti]
882 UNITED KINGDOM BBC R.Wales, Washford  OCT 6 0159 - Good; BBC World Service promos, "You're with the BBC," and news. [Conti]  OCT 6 2158 - Pop music, female announcer with promo for BBC Radio Wales. Recorded; excellent. [Black]  OCT 7 2045. [Rafuse]
891 NETHERLANDS Radio 538, Hulsberg  OCT 6 2201 - Pop music and man in Dutch with "Nederland" mentions. Recorded; fair-good. [Black]  OCT 8 0058 - Poor to good; contemporary music, hyper DJ in Dutch with "Radio 538" mentions. [Conti]


Antenna installation in the rain; Bruce installing lead-ins, Chris and Bruce at work, Chris making connections, and a matching transformer in a food storage container.

900 ITALY Rai Radiouno, Milano  OCT 7 2100 - Parallel 936, 1062, 1116 kHz. Woman in Italian giving temperatures in main Italian towns, then CW string (last two letters being GR presumably for "Giornale Radio," pips and fanfare, then time check "ore ventitre" (23 hrs) and man with "RAI GRuno." Recorded; good-very good, verified Alessandro via RealDX. [Black]  OCT 7 2223 - Over CKDH Amherst with a man in Italian. Parallel to 1449 kHz. [Wolfish]
900 SAUDI ARABIA BSKSA Qurayyat OCT 7 2100 - Man in Arabic. Recorded; poor under Italy. [Black]
900 SPAIN COPE synchros  OCT 8 0058 - Through unID Koran; bumper music and time marker parallel 837 kHz. [Conti]
909 UNITED KINGDOM BBC Radio 5 Live synchros  OCT 8 0100 - Excellent, with synchro echo; "On digital and online, this is BBC Radio Five Live. It's 2 o'clock, Daryl McKenzie has the Five Live news." [Conti]
909 unID OCT 6 2030 - Man wailing audible underneath BBC. [Wolfish]
917 NIGERIA R.Gotel, Yola OCT 6 2200 - African sounding singing and music, then woman in unknown language. Recorded; very weak with strong interference from Slovenia. [Black]
918 SLOVENIA R.Slovenija 1, Domzale  OCT 5 2343 - Woman in Slovenian. Recorded; very good. [Black]  OCT 5 2347 - Woman in Slovenian. Played "Papa was a Rolling Stone" by The Temptations. Time pips and ID at 0000. [Wolfish]  OCT 6 0000 - Good; pop/folk music, time marker, "Radio Slovenija... program..." into news in Slovenian. [Conti]  OCT 6 2200 - Man with "Radio Slovenia" ID then pips and woman with news in Slovenian. Recorded; excellent. [Black]
918 SPAIN R.Intercontinental, Madrid  OCT 8 0100 - Fair through Slovenia and an unID Middle Eastern vocal; R.Intercontinental mention in news/talk. [Conti]
927 BELGIUM VRT Radio Een, Wolvertem  OCT 7 2100 - Top of the hour pips then man in Flemish. Recorded; good. [Black]  OCT 7 2115. [Rafuse]
936 SPAIN RNE5 synchros  OCT 8 0100 - Fair, with huge delay between synchros; time pips, fanfare into news. [Conti]
945 FRANCE France Info, Toulouse  OCT 5 2318 - Strong with French news items, parallel to 1557 kHz. [Wolfish]
954 QATAR QRTC Al Arish  OCT 5 2242 - In Arabic with simulcast of Al Jazeera TV. Strong over top of Spain. [Wolfish]  OCT 5 2347 - Man and woman in Arabic. Recorded; very good. [Black]  OCT 6 0000 - Good, well over Spain; news in Arabic, sounded like an Al Jazeera TV audio relay with lots of synthesized fanfare into the news without ID. [Conti]
954 SPAIN Onda Cero, Madrid  OCT 7 0200 - "Noticias... Onda Cero..." through an unID station. [Conti]  OCT 7 2300 - Man in Spanish. Recorded; fair under Qatar. [Black]
963 FINLAND Radio 86, Pori  OCT 5 2153 - Man in German with techo-Asian sounding music announcing from Radio Finland with complete frequency schedule. Recorded; excellent. [Black]  OCT 5 2154 - German broadcast. ID and frequency list at 2158. Tunisia probably underneath. [Wolfish]  OCT 7 0200 - Excellent; "Radio Sitaya" or something similar with trumpet fanfare. [Conti]
963 TUNISIA RTT Tunis  OCT 7 2100 - Arabic sounding music and singing, woman in Arabic. Recorded; fair-good. [Black]
972 GERMANY NDR Info, Hamburg OCT 7  0200 - Good; "NDR Info" into news. [Conti]  OCT 7 2100 - Man in German with top of the hour ID, Hamburg mentions and news. Recorded; excellent. [Black]  OCT 7 2356 - Music. [Rafuse]
972 LIBYA Libyan Jamahiriya, Sirte  OCT 7 0146 - Under Germany; public speaker parallel 1449 kHz. [Conti]
972 TAJIKISTAN R.Aap Ki Dunyaa, Orzu  OCT 6 0000 - Fair; fanfare with raygun effects, Washington DC and "Radio Aap Ki Dunyaa" IDs into news in Urdu. [Conti]  OCT 6 2301 - English newscast and mention of Voice of America. [Wolfish]  OCT 7 0000 - VOA theme, man with "From the Voice of America news center in Washington DC" pips and ray gun sound. Recorded; good. 2300 American Blues, then "It's 2300 Universal Time and here is the news from the Voice of America," fanfare, "From the VOA news center in Washington..." Recorded; good. [Black] OCT 7 2349 - Two men talking in Urdu with numerous mentions of Pakistan. VOA ID at 0000 into newscast with the first item being about Pakistan. [Wolfish]  OCT 8 0000 - VOA news. [Rafuse]
981 ALGERIA RTVA Chaîne 2, Algiers  OCT 6 2232 - Female vocal with stringed instruments. Fair-good signal. [Wolfish] OCT 7 2400 - Man in Arabic and interval signal matched to RTA Channel 2. Recorded; fair, under Geece, verified Alessandro and Jari via RealDX. [Black]
981 GREECE ERA4 Athens  OCT 7 2400 - Man in Greek. Recorded; good, over Algeria, verified Alessandro via RealDX. [Black]
999 MOLDOVA Voice of Russia, Grigoriopol, Maiac  OCT 6 2200 - Man in Russian and "Golos Rossii" repeated twice. Recorded; very good. [Black]  OCT 6 2217 - Man in Russian over top of Spain and a third station with Koran. [Wolfish]
999 SAUDI ARABIA BSKSA R.Quran, Tabuk  OCT 7 2040 - Good; Koran parallel 1512 kHz. [Conti]

The Delta antenna weathers the storm -------------->

1008 NETHERLANDS GrootNieuwsRadio, Flevoland  OCT 7 2100 - Woman with news in Dutch. Several "Nederland" mentions. Recorded; good. [Black]
1017 GERMANY SWR Cont.Ra, Wolfsheim  OCT 6 2300 - Fair, over Spain; time marker, "MDR Info, Nachrichten." [Conti]  OCT 7 2100 - Man in German with news. Top of the hour pips and time check. Recorded; excellent. [Black]  OCT 7 2126 - Very strong signal. [Rafuse]
1026 IRAN IRIB Tabriz  OCT 7 0200 - Through SER Spain; man and woman talking softly, parallel 1062 kHz. [Conti]
1026 SPAIN SER synchros  OCT 8 2207 - Two men talking. Lots of echo due to synchro effect. Parallel to 1044 kHz. [Wolfish]
1035 ESTONIA Tartu Family Radio, Tartu  OCT 7 0200 - Good; TWR interval signal, woman in Russian. [Conti]  OCT 7 0203 - Poor with talk by woman in Russian. [Wolfish]  OCT 7 2202 - Man with religious sounding talk in Russian. Recorded; very good. [Black]  OCT 8 0200 - Caught the TWR interval signal. [Wolfish]  OCT 8 2333 - Good; man preaching in Russian and several mentions of Israel. [Taylor]
1035 unID OCT 7 2204 - Somebody playing Peter Gabriel's "Solsbury Hill." Poor. [Wolfish]
1044 MOROCCO RTM A/C, Sebaâ-Aioun  OCT 8 2103 - Fast tribal plinking music, with SER Spanish news underneath. [Taylor]
1062 IRAN IRIB Kerman  OCT 7 0200 - Weak but alone on the frequency; man and woman talking softly, parallel 1026 kHz. [Conti]
1062 ITALY Rai Radiouno synchros  OCT 5 2125 - Man with echo on voice and Italian pop music. Parallel to a weaker 1116 mixing with Spain. [Wolfish]
1071 EGYPT ERTU Cairo  OCT 6 2200 - Arabic chanting. Recorded; fair. [Black]  OCT 7 0200 - Good, over unID Koran; vocals and announcements with "al qahira" mentions. [Conti]
1071 SAUDI ARABIA BSKSA Beesha  OCT 6 2210 - Arabic talk. Parallel to 1521 kHz. [Wolfish]  OCT 6 2245 - Over/under unID Koran (possibly Egypt); talk parallel 1521 kHz but delayed one second. [Conti]
1071 UNITED KINGDOM TalkSport synchros  OCT 6 2140 - Fair, over unID Koran; talk parallel 1053 and 1089 kHz. [Conti]
1080 SPAIN SER synchros  OCT 5 2115 - Spanish talk over top of station with Middle Eastern-type music. [Wolfish]  OCT 7 0200 - Time marker and fanfare into "Cadena Ser, Servicios Infromativos" through WTIC. [Conti]
1089 RUSSIA R.Rossi/VOR/RIR, Tbilisskaya  OCT 7 0157 - Pre sign-on test tones, 0200 Golos Rossii ID; through TalkSport synchro echo, 1088 Angola het, and unID Koran. [Conti]  OCT 7 2140. [Rafuse]
1089 UNITED KINGDOM TalkSport synchros  OCT 6 2012 - "Tuesday Night Football" and Ford commercial. Stronger than parallel 1053. Somebody underneath in Arabic too. [Wolfish]  OCT 7 0200 - Synchro echo over Russia and het from 1088 Angola; "From the Sky News Center, TalkSport News." [Conti]

1107 GERMANY AFN multiple stations  OCT 7 2101 - NPR music theme, "From NPR news in Washington, I'm Jack..." Recorded; fair, under Spain. [Black]  OCT 7 2219 - Parallel to 873 with Jethro Tull song. Poor in mess with Spain. [Wolfish]
1107 SCOTLAND Moray Firth Radio, Inverness  OCT 8 2045 - Bagpipe and fiddle music. Announcer said good night at 2058 and mentioned his show is 7-10 on Thursday. Then commercials for businesses in Inverness. Poor signal mixing with Spain. [Wolfish]  OCT 8 2050 - Fading up from poor to excellent through an RNE Spain jumble with an ad for Castle Restaurant, "a local business in the heart of Inverness," by female announcer. Then into traditional accordion music, program sign-off at the top of the hour and an invitation to "be back next Thursday and we'll do it all again..." [Taylor]
1107 SPAIN RNE5 synchros OCT 7 2100 - Man with "Radio Nacional de España" ID. Recorded; very good. [Black]
1116 ITALY Rai Radiouno synchros  OCT 5 2300 - Rising over Spain; fanfare and "Rai, Radiouno" ID into news in Italian. OCT 7 0300 - Same garbled code in LSB as noted on 657 and 1575 LSB, not heard in AM mode. [Conti]
1125 BELGIUM RTBF VivaCité, Houdeng  OCT 6 2200 - Fair; time marker, VivaCité ID into news in French. [Conti]  OCT 7 2100 - Top of the hour time check, then man in French with news. Recorded; very good. [Black]
1125 SPAIN RNE5 synchros  OCT 7 2200 - Three synchros separated by about one second each, creating a triple echo. [Conti]
1134 CROATIA Glas Hrvatske, Zadar  OCT 6 2000 - Top of the hour tones (two long and one longer) then man with "Hrvatske radio" ID, man and woman with news in Croatian. Recorded; very good. [Black]  OCT 7 2200 - Excellent, well over unID Middle East music; "Hrvatski Radio, Prvi Program." [Conti]
1143 KALININGRAD R.Mayak, Bolshakovo  OCT 7 2158. [Rafuse]  OCT 7 2200 - Fair, over Spain; Mayak interval signal. [Conti]  OCT 7 2214 - Russian program with pop music and lively announcers. Caught familiar "Midnight in Moscow" interval signal at 2249. Spain audible underneath. [Wolfish]  OCT 7 2235 - Man and woman in Russian. Recorded; fair. [Black]
1152 UNITED KINGDOM Clyde 2, Glasgow  OCT 7 2335 - "1152 Clyde AM" ID surfaced above mess. Probably also them earlier at 2132 with song by No Doubt. [Wolfish]
1161 ALGERIA Alger Chaîne 1, Ahaggar  OCT 8 0100 - Man in Arabic with promo for their Holy Quran program. Recorded; fair, mixing with Iran, language verified Mauno Ritola via RealDX. [Black]
1161 IRAN IRIB Abidan  OCT 7 0113 - Koran. Strong signal. [Wolfish]  OCT 8 0100 - Woman in Arabic. Recorded; fair, mixing with Algeria, language verified Mauno Ritola via RealDX. [Black]
1161 UNITED KINGDOM unID  OCT 7 2158 - Through unID Koran; bits of English in ad/promo string. [Conti]
1170 UNITED ARAB EMIRATES R.Sawa, Al Dhabiya  OCT 5 2103 - Rock music, ID, followed by Arabic pop music. [Wolfish]  OCT 5 2300 - Excellent; Mideast pop music, "Sawa" jingle. [Conti]
1179 SWEDEN R.Sweden International, Sölvesborg  OCT 5 2141 - English broadcast with report on Nobel Prize. Good signal. [Wolfish]  OCT 7 2158 - Excellent; "...I'm Bill Schilleren, hoping you'll keep in touch everyday with Stockholm," classical music, then off, leaving SER in clear. [Conti]
1188 GERMANY MDR Reichenbach  OCT 5 2137 - German talk. ID heard at 2200. Mixing with Iran. [Wolfish]  OCT 5 2258 - Good; guitar and new age instrumentals, time marker and MDR ID into news. [Conti]
1188 HUNGARY MR4, various  OCT 7 2124 - Formal sounding orchestral music and singing, man in presumed Hungarian. Recorded; very good. [Black]
1188 IRAN IRIB R.Payam, Tehran  OCT 5 2201 - Man in Farsi with newscast. Over Germany. [Wolfish]  OCT 6 2258 - Good; Middle Eastern string music, fanfare with three ascending notes. OCT 7 2200 - Good, over Germany; "Radio Payam..." ID followed by the now familiar three ascending notes. [Conti]  OCT 7 2300 - Man in Farsi with "Payam" mention. Recorded; excellent, verified Sylvain via RealDX. [Black]  OCT 8 2230 - News jingle and man reading news in Farsi, with several mentions of Tehran. [Taylor]
1197 UNITED KINGDOM Absolute Radio synchros  OCT 7 2200 - Fair; promo/ad string parallel 1215 kHz. [Conti]  OCT 7 2059 - Parallel stronger 1215 kHz. Man and woman UK accent, spot for personal injury lawyer, gave phone number. Recorded; poor-fair, mixing Spain. [Black]


The DXers; Chris at the Perseus with IQ in the foreground, Bruce powering up the IQ, Niel and Brent at the dials, and Phil VY2PR.

1206 FRANCE France Info, Bordeaux  OCT 7 0500 - Good; France Info time check and fanfare into news over music bed, parallel 1377 kHz. [Conti]
1214.85 ALBANIA Fllakë  OCT 7 2158 - Sub-audible het on low side of 1215; off at 2200. [Conti]
1215 KALININGRAD VOR Bolshakovo  OCT 5 2021 - Voice of Russia World Service in English with man describing Bolshoi Ballet theater renovation and modernization. Recorded; excellent, mixing slightly with Absolute Radio. [Black]  OCT 5 2023 - All alone with English program talking about the Bolshoi Ballet. [Wolfish]  OCT 5 2025 - Excellent, over Absolute Radio; news/feature program about U.S. and Russia in English. 2300 bells of "Great Gate of Kiev" interval signal through Absolute Radio. [Conti]  OCT 6 2000 - "Great Gate of Kiev" bells interval signal, anthem music, "This is the Voice of Russia World Service," then woman with news in English. Recorded; fair-good mixing with Absolute Radio. [Black]  OCT 6 2257 - English schedule read by woman. Strong over top of Absolute Radio. [Wolfish] OCT 7 2200 - Interval signal, "This is Moscow..." and news in English; under/over UK. [Conti]
1215 SPAIN COPE synchros  OCT 7 0500 - Under Absolute Radio; bells into news, parallel 1224 and 1296 kHz. [Conti]
1215 UNITED KINGDOM Absolute Radio synchros  OCT 5 2300 - Good, over Kaliningrad; ad/promo string, "Absolute Radio Ticket Store" promo. [Conti]  OCT 6 2325 - Strong with Manic Street Preachers "Motorcycle Emptiness." [Wolfish]
1224 SPAIN COPE synchros OCT 7 2300 - Man in Spanish with "El Tirachinas" the sports program on COPE network. Recorded; good, verified Mauricio Molano via RealDX. [Black]
1233 BELGIUM Pure FM, Liège  OCT 5 2300 - Fair; presumed with contemporary instrumentals through the hour without a break. [Conti]
1233 UNITED KINGDOM Absolute Radio synchros  OCT 7 2200 - Fair; ad string parallel 1215 kHz. [Conti]
1242 FRANCE France Info, Marseille  OCT 5 2300 - Good; fanfare with France Info ID into news. [Conti]  OCT 6 2240 - Parallel to 1557 with woman in French. [Wolfish]  OCT 7 2100 - Top of the hour theme music, time check, then woman in French with news. Recorded; very good. [Black]
1242 UNITED KINGDOM Absolute Radio synchros  OCT 7 2123 - Under France with Black Sabbath "Iron Man." Parallel to 1197 and 1215 kHz. [Wolfish]  OCT 7 2200 - Good, over France Info; digital radio and Premier Global career training ads parallel 1215 kHz. [Conti]
1251 LIBYA Libyan Jamahiriya, Tripoli  OCT 7 2122 - Talk in Arabic. Sounded like bad hum in the audio. [Wolfish]  OCT 7 2158 - Excellent signal but horrible audio with distortion and hum. [Conti]  OCT 7 2300 - Man in Arabic. Recorded; fair. [Black]
1260 SPAIN SER synchros  OCT 7 2113 - Underneath CKHJ Fredericton with talk by woman, pips and ID at 2130. [Wolfish]  OCT 8 2026 - Poor; woman talking under dominant domestic CKHJ Fredericton. [Taylor]
1269 GERMANY Deutschlandfunk, Neumünster  OCT 6 2300 - Pop music, woman in German and man with "Deutschland" mention. Recorded; good. [Black]  OCT 7 2200 - Good; "Deutschlandfunk," time marker, and news. [Conti]
1278 FRANCE France Bleu, Sélestat  OCT 5 2258 - Good; Mongo Jerry "In the Summertime," announcement in French and jingle. [Conti]  OCT 6 2250 - Parallel to 1494 with Bob Marley "Is This Love." [Wolfish]  OCT 7 2200 - Pop music in French and English. "Love was made for me and you," fanfare and "France Bleu" ID. Recorded; very good. [Black]
1287 ISRAEL Galei Zahal, Ramle  OCT 5 2258 - Good; pop vocal, fanfare, "Galei Zahal..." into news in Hebrew, parallel 6973 kHz. OCT 7 0135 - Pink Floyd song parallel 6973 kHz. [Conti]  OCT 7 2100 - Parallel 6973, woman in Hebrew then top of the hour ID in Hebrew. Recorded; good, over Spain. [Black]  OCT 7 2114 - Over top of Spain; parallel to 6973 with man singing and man in Hebrew at 2117. Could not hear 1386 signal. [Wolfish]  OCT 8 2209 - Fair; man and woman speaking in Hebrew, and then "Groovin" by the Young Rascals, parallel 6973 SW. [Taylor]
1287 SPAIN SER synchros  OCT 7 0500 - Good, synchro echo; marker and time check, "...Cadena Ser" and "Buenos dias" into news. [Conti]
1287 unID  OCT 6 2252 - The Doors "Touch Me." [Wolfish]
1296 AFGHANISTAN VOA Pol-e-Charkhi (Kabul)  OCT 7 2300 - Man with VOA news in English, the same announcer and script as the VOA news heard on 972 from Tajikistan. Recorded; good. [Black]
1296 UNITED KINGDOM Radio XL, Langley Mill  OCT 7 0500 - Over/under COPE; "...and 1296 AM, this is Radio XL" into news. 2159 over COPE; subcontinental Indian music, Ideal Kitchens ad. [Conti]  OCT 7 2100 - Asian music then spot for appliances by man UK accent, gave phone number. Recorded; fair, mixing with rich orchestral music. [Black]  OCT 7 2119 - ID, commercials and subcontinental music. Mixing with Spain. [Wolfish]

1305 SPAIN RNE5 synchros  OCT 7 0500 - Loud synchro echo with one second delay between two of the stations. [Conti]  OCT 7 2100 - Parallel 1314, man with "Radio Nacional de España." Recorded; good. [Black]
1314 SPAIN RNE5 synchros  OCT 7 0500 - Good, synchro echo with a half second delay between stations. [Conti]  OCT 7 2042 - Woman in Spanish with very noticeable echo. [Wolfish]
1323 CYPRUS BBC World Service, Zygi  OCT 7 2205 - English talk, music (In the Year 2525), more talk, then "This is the BBC." [Rafuse]
1323 GERMANY VOR Wachenbrunn  OCT 5 2100 - Good; interval signal, R.Rossii and "Golos Rossii" IDs. [Conti]  OCT 6 2037 - Good with French broadcast. [Wolfish] OCT 7 0500 - Excellent; sign-on, "You're tuned to the World Service of the Voice of Russia. From the Voice of Russia World Service, here is News Digest." [Conti]  OCT 7 2100 - Bells interval signal, then top of the hour ID and man with news in Russian. Recorded; fair. [Black]
1323 UNITED KINGDOM Gold, Southwick  OCT 7 0459 - Fair, before VOR sign-on; "AM, online, and digital, playing the greatest hits of all time, this is Gold." [Conti]
1332 IRAN R.Tehran, Tehran  OCT 5 2045 - Fair, over/under unID; Middle Eastern vocals. [Conti]  OCT 5 2225 - String instrumental and song with man in Persian. Recorded; good, over Romania. Language verified Dmitry Mezin via RealDX. [Black]
1332 ROMANIA România Actualitati, Galati  OCT 5 2100 - Good, well over Iran; "...Radio România Actualitati," time marker and fanfare into news. [Conti]  OCT 5 2225 - Man with news in Romanian. Recorded; fair, under Iran music. Language verified Dmitry Mezin via RealDX. [Black]  OCT 6 2059 - Mixing with second station (Iran?). ID heard just before 2100. [Wolfish]
1341 HUNGARY Magyar Katolikus Rádió, Szolnok and Balatonszabadi  OCT 5 2100 - Under BBC R.Ulster; two cycles of pipe organ interval signal. [Conti]  OCT 6 2146 - Choral singing and Hungarian talk. [Wolfish]
1341 NORTHERN IRELAND BBC Radio Ulster, Lisnagarvey  OCT 5 2010 - Over Hungary; British-accented DJ and pop/rock music. 2100, "On 93 and 95 FM and 1341 mediumwave, this is BBC Radio Ulster," then news, "BBC news at 10 o'clock, I'm Ann Marie Foster." [Conti]  OCT 5 2107 - News magazine-type program. Station promos at 2128. Good signal over a station with classical music. [Wolfish]  OCT 7 0500 - Excellent; "On digital and online, this is BBC Radio Five Live. Good morning, this is the breakfast program on Five Live..." [Conti]
1350 FRANCE R.Orient, Nice  OCT 5 2100 - Middle Eastern vocals through CKAD. OCT 7 0458 - Poor to fair through domestics; Middle Eastern string instrumental, woman in French with ID and news on the hour. [Conti]
1359 SPAIN RNE Arganda del Rey  OCT 7 0500 - Good; time check, "En días como hoy... en Radio Nacional de España" into news. [Conti]  OCT 8 0100 - Top of the hour theme music and man with "Radio Nacional de España" ID then time check. Recorded; excellent. [Black]
1368 ISLE OF MAN Manx Radio, Foxdale  OCT 6 2118 - Car dealer/garage commercial, "Manx Radio" jingles. [Wolfish]  OCT 7 0500 - Fair; "Broadcasting from the Isle of Man... Manx Radio," into news. [Conti]  OCT 7 2102 - "The late show brought to you by... Giving you the freedom of choice to live your life in your home your way." Recorded; fair. [Black]
1368 ISRAEL Galei Zahal, Filon and Shivta  OCT 6 2115 - Talk. Heard mentions of Yerushalayim. Then soft pop type music and more talk by man at 2122. Parallel to 6973 kHz. Mixing with Manx Radio. [Wolfish]  OCT 6 2123 - Parallel 6973, man in Hebrew and Israeli music; good. [Black]
1377 FRANCE France Info, Lille  OCT 5 1949 - Poor with woman in French. [Wolfish]  OCT 5 2004 - Fair; news/talk in French. [Conti]  OCT 5 2029 - French program. Very good. [Black]  OCT 7 2100 - Excellent; France Info ID, fanfare, and Le Journal, "Bon soir..." [Conti]
1385.92 GUINEA R.Rurale, Labé  OCT 5 2040 - Good; news/talk in French. [Conti]
1386 KUWAIT R.Kuwait, Kuwait City OCT 7 2100 - Man in Arabic with "Radio Kuwait" ID. Didn't sound like normal VOA programming. Recorded; very good. [Black]
1386.04 SPAIN Euskadi Irratia, Ganguren  OCT 5 2101 - Good; network news parallel 1476 kHz. Slightly off frequency. [Conti]  OCT 6 2044 - Man in Basque. Recorded; good. Verified Mauricio Sánchez via RealDX. [Black]  OCT 7 2031 - Phone interview. Not in Spanish. Parallel a weaker 1476 kHz. [Wolfish]
1394.77 ALBANIA TWR Fllakë  OCT 5 1945 - Fair; talk in Eastern European language. 2003 now strong; contemporary vocal. [Conti]  OCT 5 2038 - Man in Croatian per EMWG at this time. Recorded; very good. [Black]  OCT 7 2028 - Strong in Slavic language. [Wolfish]  OCT 7 2100 - Excellent; one cycle of TWR interval signal and off. [Conti]


Souris Lighthouse; Chris, Niel, and Bruce man the Souris light; Niel and Chris seek Acadian heritage.

1404 FRANCE France Info synchros  OCT 7 2100 - Fair in 1400 CBG splatter; fanfare into news, "Bon soir..." [Conti]
1413 SPAIN RNE5 synchros  OCT 6 1950 - ID at 2000 and news by man and woman. A second station in here also. [Wolfish]  OCT 7 2100 - Excellent; "Radio Nacional de España, Informativos." [Conti]
1422 GERMANY Deutschlandfunk, Heusweiler  OCT 7 2100 - Top of the hour "Deutschlandfunk" ID by man in German, then woman in German. Recorded; excellent. [Black]  OCT 7 2100 - Excellent, over Algeria; "Deutschlandfunk," time marker, and news. [Conti] OCT 8 2024 - Parallel to 6190 with German talk and choir music. Good signal over Algerian. [Wolfish]
1431 DJIBOUTI R.Sawa, Arta  OCT 7 1959 - Good; R.Sawa ID with slogan. 2000 lost to an unID classical music station. [Conti]
1431 UKRAINE R.Kultura, Kopani  OCT 5 2100 - Over R.Sawa; choral music, then off. [Conti]  OCT 5 2050 - Woman in Ukranian with classical music in background. Recorded; excellent. Language verified Mauno Ritola via RealDX. [Black]  OCT 7 2000 - Poor to fair; announcement of "kanal" and "Radio Kultura," classical music. 2100 choral music, time marker, then gone, leaving R.Sawa Djibouti in clear. [Conti]
1440 LUXEMBOURG RTL Marnach  OCT 5 2038 - Over/under WVEI with French broadcast. Gave station address and schedule at 2057. Also heard this on car radio at same time two days earlier outside of Sydney, Nova Scotia, and again on October 9 in Charlottetown PEI. [Wolfish] OCT 6 2000 - Good; "Ici Radio Chine International" and woman in French. 2100, "This program is brought to you by Radio 86, in cooperation with RTL Luxembourg and China Radio International. For more information, please visit our home page, www.radio86.com. From Beijing this is CRI, China Radio International," and English program. OCT 7 2000 - Good; "Ici Radio Chine International." [Conti]  OCT 7 2100 - Relaying CRI in English, "This program is brought to you by Radio 86 in cooperation with RTL Luxembourg and China Radio International. From Beijing, this is CRI, China Radio International." Then ID in Chinese. Recorded; excellent. [Black]  OCT 8 2027 - Good to excellent; plinking string music and what sounded like a Chinese folk song, with female French announcer. Saudi Arabia with Arabic musical programming, female vocal, in the background. [Taylor]
1440 SAUDI ARABIA BSKSA Dammam  OCT 8 0106 - Parallel to 1521 with talk in Arabic under WVEI. [Wolfish]
1449 ITALY Rai Radiouno synchros  OCT 6 2103 - Italian talk mixing with Libya. [Wolfish]  OCT 6 2051 - Woman in Italian. Recorded; fair, over Libya. [Black]
1449 LIBYA Libyan Jamahiriya, Misurata  OCT 6 1947 - Fair with Arabic pop music. [Wolfish]
1458 ALBANIA Fllakë  OCT 6 2056 - Chinese lessons in unknown language (Hungarian?). Mixing with Sunrise Radio and Gold Radio. [Wolfish]
1458 UNITED KINGDOM Gold Manchester, Ashton Moss  OCT 5 2100 - "...DAB digital radio ...This is Gold," into news from the Sky News Center. [Conti]  OCT 6 2102 - Newscast read by man, "Gold weather across Manchester." [Wolfish]  OCT 7 0300 - "This is Gold," through Sunrise Radio. [Conti]
1458 UNITED KINGDOM Sunrise Radio, Brookmans Park  OCT 5 2104 - Woman with Asian sounding song, woman in Asian language and English. Recorded; very good. [Black]  OCT 6 2000 - Good; "This is Sunrise Radio..." and jingle, time check into news. [Conti]  OCT 7 2251 - East Indian music. [Rafuse]  OCT 6 2022 - "Sunrise Radio" jingle, local Punjabi commercials with lots of phone numbers. OCT 7 2001 - "Sunrise Radio Network News." [Wolfish] OCT 7 2002 - Good; "Sunrise Radio Network News." [Conti]  OCT 8 2031 - Female singer with Bollywood type music. [Taylor]
1467 FRANCE TWR Roumoules  OCT 5 2106 - Man in Kayble per EMWG. Recorded; excellent. OCT 6 2143 - Man and woman in Tarifit per EMWG. Recorded; excellent, over Iran. [Black]  OCT 7 2059 - Excellent; Arabic program with announcement of postal, e-mail, and web addresses. [Conti]
1467 IRAN IRIB1 Isfahan  OCT 6 2143 - Farsi sounding talk and music. Recorded; poor, under France. [Black]
1467 unID   OCT 8 0058 - Koran. Didn't seem to be parallel to 1521, so don't know if this was Saudi Arabia or Iran. [Wolfish]
1476 SPAIN Euskadi Irratia, Miramon  OCT 5 2100 - Good; "...punto com" web address, time marker and fanfare into network news. [Conti]  OCT 5 2112 - Woman in Basque. Recorded; good. Verified Mauricio Sánchez via RealDX. [Black]  OCT 7 2100 - Good; intro to news with Euskadi ID, parallel 1386 kHz. [Conti]  OCT 7 2308 - Talk in Basque language. [Rafuse]
1476 UNITED ARAB EMIRATES UAE Radio, Dubai  OCT 6 2152 - Women in teletalk. Recorded; excellent, over weak chanting possibly R.Araz Azerbaijan. [Black]
1476.3 unID   OCT 7 2037 - Loud het against Euskadi. [Conti]
1485 MELILLA // SPAIN SER synchros  OCT 5 2117 - Man in Spanish. Recorded; good. [Black]  OCT 7 0300 - Time marker, fanfare, "Cadena Ser, Servicios Informativos," in pile-up with presumed Onda Cero and an unID UK. 2100 on top, triple pips due to delays between SER and/or Onda Cero synchros; "En Cadena Ser, hoy 24..." [Conti]
1485 UNITED KINGDOM BBC R.Merseyside, Wallasey  OCT 5 2100 - Over/under SER; "...DAB digital radio ...online ...BBC Radio Merseyside," and pips into news. [Conti]  OCT 6 2029 - Football match. Not sure of teams, but Colin Marr was one of the players. ID as "BBC Radio Merseyside" and phone numbers given. Spain audible underneath. OCT 7 2023 - C&W-ish female vocal and ID. [Wolfish]
1485 UNITED KINGDOM BBC Radio, various  OCT 5 2118 - Several women UK accents making fun of song titles. Recorded; very good, mixing with Melilla/Spain. [Black]
1494 CORSICA France Bleu, Bastia  OCT 5 2100 - Over/under France Info and unID; Radio France Bleu ID and jingle. [Conti]
1494 GREECE ERA Rhodes  OCT 6 2001 - Over/under France Info; ethnic vocal parallel 1512 kHz. [Conti] OCT 6 2044 - Parallel to 1512 with Greek music, featuring singing and a trumpet. [Wolfish]
1494 FRANCE France Info synchros  OCT 5 2121 - Woman in French teletalk and French pop music. Recorded; very good, mixing with man in French (presumed Corsica) and jazz from Greece parallel 1512 kHz. [Black]

East Point Wind Farm from Route 16 eastbound in Lakeville.

1503 EGYPT ERTU El Arish  OCT 6 2100 - Big Ben chimes. OCT 7 2100 - Big Ben chimes under Iran. The chimes are the same as at www.intervalsignals.net on the Egypt page. [Conti]  OCT 7 2100 - Church bell "Big Ben" interval signal only, no audio. Recorded; poor, under Iran. Verified Mauno Ritola via RealDX. [Black]
1503 IRAN IRIB Bushehr  OCT 5 2201 - Man in Farsi and music. Recorded; excellent. [Black]  OCT 5 2204 - On top of frequency. Thought I heard some English in background. [Wolfish]  OCT 6 2100 - Over Egypt chimes; Middle Eastern music. [Conti]
1503 SPAIN RNE5 Piñeira and La Línea de la Concepción  OCT 7 2052 - Woman in Spanish. Mixing with Iran and another station playing Snow Patrol "Counting Cars." [Wolfish]
1512 CHANIA (GREECE) ERA Chania  OCT 5 2121 - Parallel 1494, jazz music. Recorded; very good. [Black]  OCT 6 2001 - Fair; ethnic vocals. 2045 good; ethnic music parallel 1494 kHz. [Conti]  OCT 6 2044 - Parallel to a weaker 1494 with Greek music, featuring singing and a trumpet. [Wolfish]  OCT 7 2059 - Good, over Saudi Arabia; news/talk in Greek. [Conti]
1512 IRAN IRIB Ardabil  OCT 7 2043 - Well over Saudi Arabia; talk parallel 1503 kHz. [Conti]
1521 SAUDI ARABIA BSKSA Duba  OCT 5 1950 - Parallel 9870 and 9555, Arabic talk. Fair-good. [Black]  OCT 5 1950 - Good; discussion parallel 9555 and 9870 kHz. OCT 6 1925 - Fading up with talk parallel 9555 and 9870 kHz. OCT 7 1845 - Het fading up to audio level. [Conti]
1521 UNITED KINGDOM Gold, Duxhurst OCT 7 2100 - Under Saudi Arabia; "...this is Gold." [Conti]
1530 ROMANIA România Actualitati, Mihaileni and Mahmudia  OCT 7 2100 - Fading in with "Radio România..." ID into news. [Conti]  OCT 8 0015 - Very good signal. [Rafuse]  OCT 8 0032 - ID as "România Actualitati" by man and Ray Charles "Georgia." Parallel to 1179 kHz. IDed after time pips at 0100 as "Radio România" followed by newscast. Poor to fair above Cincinnati. [Wolfish]  OCT 8 0035 - Parallel 1179, Ray Charles "Georgia." Very good. [Black]
1530 SAO TOME E PRINCIPE VOA Pinheira  OCT 7 0259 - Yankee Doodle interval signal under R.Vaticana and Romania. [Conti]
1530 UNITED KINGDOM Pulse 2, Huddersfield  OCT 7 2100 - Under R.Vaticana; "...DAB, this is news from London ...Pulse 2." [Conti]  OCT 8 0008 - "The greatest hits for west UK of the 60s, 70s and 80s, Pulse 2." Played music by Eric Clapton and The Animals. Also surfaced with ID at 0048. Mixing with Romania. [Wolfish]
1530 VATICAN R.Vaticana, Vatican City  OCT 5 2027 - Fair and alone with Spanish broadcast. [Wolfish]  OCT 5 2159 - Good; three cycles of interval signal. [Conti]  OCT 5 2204 - Light classical religious music. Recorded; excellent. [Black]  OCT 6 2100 - Excellent; three cycles of interval signal and ID. [Conti]  OCT 7 0234 - Over Cincinnati with Slovenian broadcast. ID and interval signal at 0249. Also audible on car radio near Sydney, Nova Scotia, on Oct 3 at 2140. [Wolfish]
1539 DJIBOUTI Radiodiffusion Vision Djibouti, Djibouti  OCT 7 0300 - Through SER Spain; sign on with instrumental national anthem. [Conti]
1539 GERMANY Evangeliums Rundfunk, Mainflingen  OCT 7 2059 - Man in German with frequencies, 2100 BBC news in English. Recorded; good. [Black]
1539 SPAIN SER synchros  OCT 7 0300 - "Cadena Ser, Servicios Informativos" parallel 1575 kHz, through Djibouti. [Conti]
1539 UNITED ARAB EMIRATES R.Aap Ki Dunyaa, Al Dhabiya  OCT 5 2200 - Good; "It's 22 hours Universal Time, and here's the news from Voice of America." [Conti]  OCT 5 2216 - In Urdu. Man with many mentions of Pakistan. [Wolfish]  OCT 7 2100 - Good; "From the VOA news center in Washington..." news in English. [Conti]  OCT 8 2205 - Good on fade up; music stinger, woman announcer and full "Radio Ap Ki Dunyaa" ID, followed by jingle and man with ID and program intro. [Taylor]
1548 KUWAIT R.Sawa, Kabd-Kuwait City  OCT 5 2133 - Fair with ID. [Wolfish]  OCT 6 2227 - Man in Arabic with R.Sawa ID. Recorded; good, mixing Moldova. [Black]
1548 MOLDOVA Voice of Russia, Grigoriopol  OCT 5 2212 - Woman in Serbian per EMWG at this time. Recorded; very good, over/under R.Sawa. [Black]  OCT 7 0300 - Good; interval signal, "This is Moscow. You're tuned to the world service of the Voice of Russia," into news digest in English. [Conti]
1548 UNITED KINGDOM BBC R.Bristol, Mangotsfield  OCT 7 2100 - Poor in mix with Kuwait; BBC and Bristol mentions at the top of the news. [Conti]
1548 UNITED KINGDOM unID  OCT 7 2033 - Stevie Wonder "Living For The City" mixing with Moldova and Kuwait. [Wolfish]
1550 ALGERIA RASD Tindouf-Rabouni  OCT 7 1935 - Fair; Koranic vocal. [Conti]
1557 FRANCE France Info, Fontbonne  OCT 5 2042 - Good signal with soccer. Parallel to 1206 and 1377 kHz. [Wolfish]  OCT 5 2216 - Talk in French; very good. [Black]  OCT 7 0300 - Excellent; France Info Le Journal. [Conti]
1566 BENIN TWR Parakou  OCT 7 2050 - Poor to fair; man in French. 2100 lost to County Sound Radio. [Conti]
1566 INDIA AIR Nagpur  OCT 8 0035 - Fading in nicely during transmitter site dawn enhancement; woman with news in English until 0040, parallel 5010 kHz. [Conti]  OCT 8 0038 - Woman with news in English until 0040, parallel 5010 SW. Recorded; poor. [Black]  OCT 8 0038 - Woman reading news in English, then into music. [Rafuse]  OCT 8 0038 - Parallel to 5010 with woman reading news in English. Strains of music hard at 0042. Checked following night at same time and could not pull out any audio on 1566 kHz. 5010 and a few other 60mb AIR outlets were audible, however. 5010 signed on with AIR interval signal at 0018 on Oct 9. [Wolfish]
1566 IRAN IRIB1 Bandar-Abbas  OCT 5 2217 - Chanting; poor, mixing with PSA man in UK accent, presume County Sound. [Black]
1566 UNITED KINGDOM BBC Bristol, Taunton  OCT 8 2105 - ID heard. Mixing with County Sound. [Wolfish]
1566 UNITED KINGDOM County Sound Radio, Peasmarsh  OCT 5 2200 - Fair, mixing with unID African string instrumentals (Benin?); "On air, online... 24 hours a day, this is County Sound Radio" into news. [Conti]  OCT 8 2116 - ID, followed by "All Right Now" by Free. Mixing with BBC. [Wolfish]  OCT 8 2121 - Good, with "All Right Now" by Free. [Taylor]
1566 unID   OCT 8 2155 - Poor; woman singing Bollywood type vocal fading up and down over/under County Sound. Recorded to mp3, but not published on DXpedition page. Later heard at 2254 on small Radio Shack loop with northeast U.S. nulled and published to www.vy2hf.com/ppaudiofiles.html audio web site. Hoping it was India, but we may never know. [Taylor]
1575 ITALY Rai Radiouno synchros  OCT 5 2009 - Play by play (soccer?) over top of a second station with Middle Eastern-sounding music. [Wolfish]  OCT 7 2000 - Garbled code-like ID heard in LSB mode, same as heard on 657 and 1116 LSB. [Conti]
1575 UNITED ARAB EMIRATES R.Farda, Al Dhabiya  OCT 5 2218 - Mid East music and man in Persian per EMWG. "Radio FarDUH" ID by man. Recorded; very good. [Black]  OCT 8 2041 - Man reading news in Farsi, with Italian in the background from Rai. [Taylor]
1584 CEUTA RadiOlé, Ceuta  OCT 5 2200 - Good; RadiOlé jingle, flamenco style music. [Conti]
1593 unID   OCT 5 2200 - Pop music, fanfare into news; barely audible through presumed Germany DRM. [Conti]
1602 SPAIN R.Vitoria, Vitoria  OCT 7 0300 - Through SER; "Radio Euskadi y Radio Vitoria." [Conti]  OCT 8 2033 - Good with station promo and commercials. [Wolfish]
1710 unID   OCT 8 2306 - Stumbled onto a Scandanavian-accented man in USB giving marine weather in English. Said “good night” and there was an ID that was "(blank) (blank) Radio" (I think). Switched into Scanadanavian language (Icelandic? Norweigan?) at 2309. [Wolfish]
1720 unID   OCT 6 2105 - Pirate? Sounded like Greek female vocal. [Wolfish]

East Point Lighthouse ------------>

Pan-American DX
630 PUERTO RICO WUNO San Juan  OCT 8 0815 - Mixing with CFCO Chatham with station promos and ID. [Wolfish]
670 CUBA CMQ R.Rebelde, Arroyo Arenas  OCT 8 0802 - Poor; talk in Spanish, clear Rebelde sounder. [Conti]
760 PUERTO RICO WORA Mayaguez  OCT 7 0915 - Poor; ad string with many Puerto Rico mentions. [Conti]
820 ST. KITTS & NEVIS TBN/R.Paradise, Charlestown  OCT 6 0900 - Good; "This is Radio Paradise, broadcasting on... assigned frequency of 820 kilocycles... with 50,000 watts, our studios are located at Bath Plains, Nevis, with transmitter... on St. Kitts. We broadcast 24 hours daily. Radio Paradise is owned and operated by the Trinity Broadcasting Network... Santa Ana, California, U.S.A. Local address P.O. Box 508, Charlestown, Nevis, e-mail address radioparadise820@msn.com, local phone numbers 469-1994, 469-5425, fax number 469-1642." [Conti]
950 CUBA R.Reloj, La Habana and Mayarí Arriba  OCT 8 1001 - Through domestics; RR code with one second delay between stations. [Conti]

Transpacific DX
567 JAPAN JOIK NHK1 Sapporo  OCT 7 0945 - Good; woman parallel 594 kHz. [Conti]
594 JAPAN JOAK NHK1 Tokyo  OCT 7 0940 - Fair; woman parallel 666 kHz. [Conti]
693 JAPAN JOAB NHK2 Tokyo  OCT 6 0840 - Fair; speaker in dry Japanese parallel 774 kHz. 0925 good; news/talk parallel 774 kHz. OCT 8 0750 - The only signal from Japan at this time with transmitter site dusk approaching. [Conti]
702 JAPAN NHK2 synchros  OCT 6 0845 - Fading up to fair; speaker parallel 774 kHz. [Conti]
747 JAPAN JOIB NHK2 Sapporo  OCT 6 0847 - Through 740 slop; speaker parallel 774 kHz. [Conti]  OCT 7 0950 - Japanese/English lessons, parallel to 774 kHz. OCT 8 0947 - Japanese lessons parallel to 774 kHz. Weak. [Wolfish]
774 JAPAN JOUB NHK2 Akita  OCT 6 0840 - Good to excellent; speaker in dry Japanese parallel 693 kHz. OCT 7 0908 - Excellent; woman with "Today's Angle" feature story in English about assistance to Ma Cong, Vietnam, parallel 693 and 747 kHz. 0914 web address, "...at www.nhk.or.jp" into Spanish program. [Conti] OCT 7 0919 - Spanish broadcast. ID at 0920. Time pips and woman Japanese heard at 0930. Parallel to a weaker 693 kHz. OCT 8 0947 - Japanese lessons parallel 747 kHz. [Wolfish]
828 JAPAN JOBB NHK2 Osaka  OCT 6 0848 - Fading up to fair; speaker parallel 774 kHz. OCT 7 0913 - Good; business news in English, 0915 now in Spanish parallel 774 kHz. [Conti] OCT 7 0935 - Weak with same program as on 774 kHz. [Wolfish]
837 JAPAN NHK1 synchros  OCT 6 0910 - Poor to fair; talk in Japanese. [Conti]
954 JAPAN JOKR Tokyo  OCT 8 0950 - Fair; rock music, man and woman in Japanese. [Conti]
963 SOUTH KOREA HLCR Andong / HLKS Cheju Island OCT 9 0950 - Poor to fair; man and woman parallel 972 kHz. Both 963 and 972 faded out by 0955 UTC. [Conti]
972 SOUTH KOREA HLCA Dangjin  OCT 9 0940 - Fading up from poor; man and woman in Korean. [Conti]
972 unID   OCT 7 0936 - Very poor with woman talking, then man at 0939. [Wolfish]
981 unID   OCT 8 0944 - Woman in Oriental language heard here. Weak. [Wolfish]
1116 unID   OCT 9 1047 - Weak audio here. Sounded like a man in English. [Wolfish]  OCT 9 1047 - Poor; man talking in what sounded like English, with agreement from Chuck Hutton who listened to the audio posted to the Web. Bruce Portzer commented, "I listened to the 1116 recording and was able to make out a few English words. The inflections sounded like Aussie English to me, but that may have simply been wishful thinking. 1116 4BC is one of the easiest Aussies for us on North America's west coast, so it's a plausible catch farther inland." MP3 file emailed to 4BC to see if they might claim it, but no reply as of this writing. [Taylor]
1287 JAPAN JOHR Sapporo  OCT 8 0850 - Fair; woman in Japanese. [Conti]
1377 CHINA CNR1 Yingyang  OCT 7 0935 - Fading in/out; presumed China but not enough audio for positive ID. [Conti]
1512 unID   OCT 9 1042 - Big het here. [Wolfish]


Chris presents Bruce with the 'DX Oil' award for the first transpacific signal logged.  How 'bout some coffee?!

Canada and U.S.A.
550 KFYR Bismarck ND  OCT 6 0905 - Weather Channel forecast for Bismarck-Mandan, "The latest news on K-Fire, KFYR," into Jim Bohannon show. [Wolfish] OCT 7 1005 - Good; K-Fire Weather Channel forecast, Raspberries "Go All the Way," Saturday Night at the Oldies promo. [Conti]
560 KMON Great Falls MT  OCT 6 0915 - First noted at 0915 with C&W music. ID before top-of-the-hour as "Big Sky Country 560 KMON." Commercial and ID at 1000 as "Big Sky Country, KMON Great Falls" into ABC news. Fair underneath WGAN Portland. [Wolfish]  OCT 8 0850 [Rafuse]  OCT 8 0851 - "Big Sky Country," C&W and commercial for Rocky Mountain Garage. [Wolfish]
600 KSJB Jamestown ND  OCT 7 0957 - C&W music. Went over top of the hour with nothing more than "This is After Midnight with Blair Garner" and more C&W. [Wolfish]
600 CJWW Saskatoon SK  OCT 7 1010 - Good; callsign jingle and C&W music. [Conti]  OCT 8 1027 - Commercial for something in Lloydminster. Environment Canada weather for Saskatoon. Underneath CKAT North Bay. [Wolfish]
630 CHED Edmonton AB  OCT 8 0458 - "Coast to Coast" program, "630 Ched" news, sports at 0903 mentioning of the "Voice of the Edmonton Oilers, 630 Ched" and "630 Ched guaranteed weather." Local commercials and back into "Coast to Coast." Mixing with CFCO Chatham. [Wolfish]
650 CKOM Saskatoon SK  OCT 6 0509 - Replay of Charles Adler program under CKGA Gander. [Wolfish]
660 CFFR Calgary AB  OCT 6 0855 - Under WFAN New York; "You're listening to 660 News overnight." [Wolfish]  OCT 7 1015 - Good; sports with lead story about Calgary Flames hockey, 660news.com promo, and 660 News Overnight. [Conti]
680 CHFA Edmonton AB  OCT 7 1024 - CBC French programming heard mixing ith WRKO Boston and CFTR Toronto. [Wolfish]  OCT 8 1008 - French language programming. [Rafuse]

730 CKDM Dauphin MB  OCT 5 1028 - C&W music under CKAC Montréal. ID and weather at 1032. [Wolfish]
770 CHQR Calgary AB  OCT 6 0927 - "Coast to Coast" under WABC New York. Commercial at bottom of the hour for International Brotherhood of Electrical Worker. ID as "AM 770 CHQR." [Wolfish]
790 CFCW Camrose AB  OCT 7 1005 - "Alberta's county legend, 790 CFCW" jingle and C&W music. Mixing with CFNW. [Wolfish]
790 CFNW Port au Choix NL  OCT 7 0915 - Good; VOCM Super Radio Bingo promo. [Conti]
800 CHAB Moose Jaw SK  OCT 6 1021 - Mixing with CHRC Quebec; Bryan Adams "Cuts Like a Knife" and slogan "The Greatest Hits of All Time." [Wolfish]
860 CBKF-2 Saskatoon SK  OCT 8 0936 - CBC French programming audible under CJBC Toronto. [Wolfish]
870 CFSX Stephenville NL  OCT 7 Good; "...right here on CFSX," into local ad string. [Conti]
880 CHQT Edmonton AB  OCT 8 1035 - Weather for central Alberta. [Rafuse]
880 CKLQ Brandon MB  OCT 8 1030 - "Q Country" liner, then into news. [Rafuse]
890 CJDC Dawson Creek BC  OCT 6 1014 - C&W faded up over WLS Chicago. ID as "AM 890 CJDC." More C&W and another ID at 1018, which mentioned "Peace Country." [Wolfish]  OCT 8 0946 - C&W and "Peace Country's Country" liner. [Rafuse]

900 CKBI Prince Albert SK  OCT 7 0858 - "You're listening to 900 CKBI... a... radio station," news from Canadian Press which started before top-of-the-hour, into C&W at 0902 after the news. Mixing with CHML and CKDH. [Wolfish]  OCT 8 0755 - Top of the hour ID at 0800. [Rafuse]
910 CKDQ Drumheller AB  OCT 6 0848 - Promo for an estate kit available at CKDQ studios at 515 Highway 10 East in Drumheller. ID as "Q-91" and C&W music. [Wolfish]  OCT 7 0916 - Fair; "...radio in Drumheller, CKDQ ...Q91," and C&W music. OCT 8 1002 - Good; C&W music through the hour, "This is Q Country, Q91." [Conti]  OCT 7 0939 - Liner: "Your country is Q-Country, Q-91." Good signal. [Wolfish]  OCT 8 0812 - "...Newcap Radio ...This is Q91 Drumheller ...Royal Alberta Museum." [Rafuse]
920 CFRY Portage la Prairie MB  OCT 6 1007 - ID and C&W heard mixing with CKNX Wingham. [Wolfish]  OCT 8 0937 [Rafuse]  OCT 8 1000 - Good; "CFRY your local information station" and news from "...the Portage la Prairie news center." [Conti]
930 CJCA Edmonton AB  OCT 7 1008 - Christian/inspirational music followed by ID at 1013: "Music to live by... AM 930 the Light." Good over top of CFBC Saint John. [Wolfish]
940 CJGX Yorkton SK  OCT 6 0850 - Under CINW Montreal with C&W music, "GX-940" ID. Later at 1003 with news from the Canadian Press, sports scores with Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League teams, C&W later. [Wolfish]  OCT 8 0900 - C&W into GX94 liner, then back into C&W. [Rafuse]  OCT 8 1000 - Under CINW; "CJGX 940..." and news from the National Newsroom of the Canadian Press. [Conti]
950 CFAM Altona MB  OCT 6 0901 - Classical music noted under CKNB Campbellton. R.Reloj Cuba also in there. [Wolfish]
960 CFAC Calgary AB  OCT 5 0122 - Monday Night Football. Commercials for Canadian reserve.com and MyHDTV.ca during break in the action. OCT 6 0109 - Montreal vs. Calgary NHL hockey. [Wolfish]  OCT 6 1000 - Excellent; "CFAC 960 AM, Fan 960 and fan960.com, owned and operated by Rogers Broadcasting, we are the Fan 960 Calgary," and ESPN Sportscenter. [Conti]  OCT 8 0906 - "Telus Convention Centre... .ca..." [Rafuse]
970 KQAQ Austin MN  OCT 9 0909 - Underneath WZAN Portland with C&W music including "Harper Valley PTA" and Ann Murray "You Needed Me." Finally caught ID at 0923: "Classic Country Legends KQAQ 970 AM." [Wolfish]
970 WDAY Fargo ND  OCT 9 0600 - ID at top of the hour in mess with KQAQ and WZAN. [Wolfish]
980 WCUB Two Rivers WI  OCT 8 1023 - C&W music underneath CJME Regina. "Breakfast Club on AM 980 WCUB" heard at 1034. [Wolfish]
980 CJME Regina SK  OCT 5 0131 - In mess with ID as "News/Talk CJME 980." Announcer Wayne Morrison. Promo to "gear up for the green & white on News/Talk CJME 980." Commercial for a fertilizer product. [Wolfish]  OCT 8 0911 - Full ID. [Rafuse]  OCT 8 0922 - Commercial for Robins Donuts, into encore presentation of Charles Adler program. [Wolfish]

1000 KOMO Seattle WA  OCT 6 0944 - Over top of WMVP Chicago with commercial for West Seattle Coin.com, mention of KOMO.com and a simulcast on 97.7. Woman with traffic report mentioning "405." Mention of KOMO News Radio Network. OCT 7 1035 - Traffic report by woman and time check: "3:35 at KOMO News Radio." OCT 9 0925 - Traffic report, "10 minutes away from next traffic report." [Wolfish]
1010 CBR Calgary AB  OCT 5 0219 - Underneath CFRB Toronto and WINS New York with CBC Radio One "The Current" program. [Wolfish]
1040 CKST Vancouver BC  OCT 7 1040 - Weak with several ESPN promos, quickly "Vancouver's only sports station" type liner, into ESPN Sports Center. [Wolfish]  OCT 8 1000 - "Team 1040" liner. [Rafuse]  OCT 9 1026 - Under WHO Des Moines with Vancouver ESPN promos and Mike & Mike program. [Wolfish]
1050 CKSB St. Boniface MB  OCT 7 1038 - Mixing with WEVD New York and CJNB with CBC French programming. [Wolfish]
1050 CJNB North Battleford SK  OCT 7 0638 - Presumed with C&W music mixing with WEVD and CKSB. Faded at 1048. [Wolfish]
1060 CKMX Calgary AB  OCT 7 0542 - "Classic Country AM 1060" and old C&W music. Under KYW Philadelphia. [Wolfish]
1070 KNX Los Angeles CA  OCT 6 0834 - Commercial for Trump Network. ID: "Southern California's only all news station, KNX." Mixing with CHOK Sarnia. [Wolfish]  OCT 6 1000 - Good; "This is LA's only all news radio station, all news all the time, KNX 1070 AM and HD, KTWV HD2, Los Angeles, Orange County and all of southern California," jingle, and CBS news. [Conti]  OCT 8 0742 - "...KNX," then back into CHOK Ontario. [Rafuse]  OCT 9 0906 - Traffic report with mentions of Orange Freeway and Rancho Cucamonga. "KNX news time is 2:15." [Wolfish]
1130 CKWX Vancouver BC  OCT 6 0832 - Under WBBR New York with Vancouver traffic report. [Wolfish]  OCT 8 0916 - Mentioning Winnipeg, Toronto, Halifax, etc. [Rafuse]  OCT 9 0911 - "1130 News time is 2:11," heard underneath WBBR. [Wolfish]
1140 CHRB High River AB  OCT 7 0959 - Religious program under CBI Sydney with biblenet.org URL. [Wolfish]  OCT 8 0822 - Religious programming. [Rafuse]
1160 KSL Salt Lake City UT  OCT 6 1030 - Spot with area code 801, time check: "4:30 in the KSL newsroom." The sun was up at this point. [Wolfish]
1190 CFSL Weyburn SK  OCT 5 0208 - C&W music underneath WLIB New York. Liner/ID at 0212 mentions Saskatchewan and "All your favourites, AM 1190." More C&W followed. [Wolfish]  OCT 8 0922 - C&W and "AM 1190" ID. [Rafuse]

1200 CJRJ Vancouver BC  OCT 8 1033 - East Indian music, very likely CJRJ. [Rafuse]  OCT 8 1036 - Presumed the one here with South Asian music in underneath WKOX. Didn't last long enough for any talk or commercials. [Wolfish]
1230 CFGN Port aux Basque NL  OCT 7 0930 - Good; "CFGN AM 1230 Port aux Basque, CFGB FM 97.7 St. Andrews, and CFSX AM 870 Stephenville..." and news, "Good morning, I'm Larry Bennett and this is CFSX news," over VOCM relay on CFLN. [Conti]
1240 CKIM Baie Verte NL  OCT 7 0929 - Good; "CKIM Baie Verte, a Newcap... Communications radio station," into "VOCM First News." [Conti]
1260 CFRN Edmonton AB  OCT 7 1030 - Commercial for Diablo Boots next to Sav-On Foods on Gateway Blvd, into Fox Sports Radio at 1032. Mixing with CKHJ Fredericton. [Wolfish]
1290 CFRW Winnipeg MB  OCT 5 0114 - Under CJBK London and WKBK Keene with Frank Mills "Music Box Dancer" and Ricky Nelson "Travelling Man." ID: "The greatest oldies of all time, 1290 CFRW." OCT 8 0010 - Various oldies, including The Band, April Wine, and Chilliwack. [Wolfish]
1300 WOOD Grand Rapids MI  OCT 9 1005 - Local news and wood.radio.com promos. [Wolfish]
1320 CHMB Vancouver BC  OCT 8 1011 - Presumed with man and woman in Chinese. Mixing with CJMR Mississauga. [Wolfish]  OCT 8 1013 - Chinese programming; strongly suspect CHMB. [Rafuse]  OCT 9 1030 - Man in Chinese heard again under CJMR and others. [Wolfish]
1330 CJYM Rosetown SK  OCT 5 0216 - "We're Classic Hits 1330 CJYM," into oldie "Don't Walk Away Renee." [Wolfish]
1370 CFOK Westlock AB  OCT 7 0500 - Under WDEA; "This is 1370 CFOK..." [Conti]

1510 KGA Spokane WA OCT 8 0953 - Underneath Boston for a while with Fox Sports programming, but finally faded up with a promo for "Mitch in the Morning" on "Sports Radio 1510 KGA." [Wolfish]
1550 CBSI-8 La Romaine QC OCT 7 2000 - Over RASD Algeria; callsign and R.Canada IDs in French. [Conti]
1620 KSMH West Sacramento CA OCT 7 0919 - Presumed with strains of Rosary heard. OCT 9 1039 - Rosary heard again. Weak and no sign of WDND or KOZN. [Wolfish]
1630 KRND Fox Farm WY OCT 5 2103 - Ranchero music. ID: "Más potencia, más música, La Grande." [Wolfish]
1660 KQWB West Fargo ND OCT 6 1056 - Spot for Oktoberfest Fargo.com into ESPN Mike and Mike program. [Wolfish]
1700 KVNS Brownsville TX OCT 6 0216 - KC & The Sunshine Band song, ID: "Classic Hits 1700 KVNS," into song "Tighter, Tighter" by Alive & Kicking. [Wolfish]


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