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TNT... 2019 Prince Edward Island DX'pedition, logbook of Europe, Middle East, Africa, transarctic and tropical broadcast DX signals.  Antennas... Super/Ewe  Databases... When radio stations are antheming.


    TNT (Top 'Net Ten) on ¡BAMLog!

       1.  Public KiwiSDR Listings
       2.  FCC AM Query
       3.  Terminated End-Fed Moxon FM Antenna
       4.  Current Solar Forecast
       5.  AM Broadcast Tower Sites

       6.  2019 Prince Edward Island DX'pedition
       7.  MW List
       8.  USB Ground Loop Investigation
       9.  Silent MW Radio Countries
     10.  Super/Ewe Antenna


Broadcast DX Clubs

National Radio Club (NRC) - Founded in September, 1933, the National Radio Club is a non-profit organization devoted to the mediumwave DX hobby.  Publisher of DX News magazine and the AM Radio Log.  (Bruce Conti is the International DX Digest columnist for DX News.)
Boston Area DXers (BADX) - A group of SWL's and DX'ers who meet informally once a month to talk about stations we have heard, shortwave listening, and DX'ing in general.
Ontario DX Association (ODXA) - Website closed 2018, only active via social media.
International Radio Club of America (IRCA) - Check here for the upcoming DX test schedule by Lynn Hollerman, plus DX tips, the latest list of expanded band stations, and general information about BCB DX'ing.
- Free reprints from DX Monitor 1964 to present day.
Arctic Radio Club - The first medium wave DX club in Europe.
Medium Wave Circle (MWC) - Europe's premier medium wave DX club.  Select An Introduction (by RNW) for a discussion about medium wave DX'ing from Radio Netherlands.
British DX Club (BDXC) - Produces the BDXC Tape Circle, with members sharing DX and experiences on a monthly audio magazine, and publisher of Radio Stations in the United Kingdom, a guide to all UK and Irish MW and FM radio stations.
Play DX - Dal 1975 per i DXer attivi.
European DX Council (EDXC) - Maintains a worldwide radio country list.
Sveriges DX-Förbund - Publishes DX Aktuellt - allt om radio, Dansk DX Lytter Klub.
New Zealand Radio DX League - "DXing Kiwi style!"  Publisher of DX Times magazine, this site includes archived articles, history, and the South Pacific DX Report broadcast schedule.
Totsuka DX'ers Circle - TDXC Japan Propagation annual.
Grupo Radioescucha Argentino - Aficionados al hobby del diexismo y la radioescucha desde hace más de 18 años.
Asociación Española de Radioescucha (AER) - La AER es una asociación española... dedicada a la promoción del diexismo y la radioescucha en el mundo, especialmente en España y América Latina.
Irkutsk DX Circle - "An information exchange about all aspects of our hobby - DXing, in particular concerning broadcasting from/to C.I.S. and Russia."
Worldwide TV-FM DX Association (WTFDA) - "Serving the VHF-UHF enthusiast... This is the club that loves tropospheric ducting!"
Worldwide DX Club - Publisher of DX Magazine and online weekly 'Top News' MW and SW updates.


Outstanding DX Related Links

Broadcast DX Receiving Antennas


Broadcast DX Logbooks




Flora and Fauna of Mine Falls Park, Nashua NH - Nature photos.

2012 Presidential Primary: Covering the Coverage - A photo journal of media activities in Manchester, New Hampshire, leading up to Election Day.

AM Broadcast Tower Sites - Transmitter site photos.
Radio Canada International (RCI) - Shortwave transmitter site in Sackville, New Brunswick.

B.A.Conti Photography - Photo Gallery


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